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									THE ROAD IS


                   SUNDAY 31 JULY 10AM-4PM
                            ECU JOONDALUP
                            270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup
    The Road is open -
    The first step of a whole new journey

    Life is full of journeys. Childhood to adulthood. School to
    uni. Starting your first job to advancing your career. All of
    these journeys require a clear path to help make sure the
                                                                            If you’re not a member of Student Edge, you can find out how
    journey goes in the direction you want it to go.
                                                                            to become a FREE member on the day and get the most out of
    Today is the day we open our doors to everyone. It’s your               your student life. Members receive a personalised Student Edge
    chance to chat, explore, watch, listen or just soak up                  card which provides discounts on big brands, as well as access to
                                                                   – online support filled with competitions,
    the atmosphere, in the company of future, present and
                                                                            study and course information, job search, gig guides and much more.
    past ECU students as well as highly-qualified lecturers
                                                                            ECU Sports Clubs
    and staff.
                                                                            Sporting clubs are an important component of university life.
    Visit our cutting-edge campus facilities, attend our                    ECU has eight sporting clubs, with membership open to all
    demonstrations and talks, and receive course and career                 students, staff, alumni and the community. Clubs cater for all levels
                                                                            of skill and experience, and provide competitive and recreational
    advice. If you need to unwind, let yourself be entertained              opportunities, as well as a great social program.
    by the Nova 93.7 Casanovas and sign up for the chance
                                                                            ECU Village
    to have a go inside Nova 93.7 Cash Grab Machine and                     ECU Village is the on-campus accommodation for students of ECU.
    win great prizes! Plus, don’t forget to pick up your                    Find out about accommodation, recreation facilities, locality and
    100% bamboo show bag from any of our blue and white                     residential life programs for student residents.
    information tents.                                                      Graduate Research School
                                                                            Is research for you? Visit the Graduate Research School tent and
    The road is open at ECU to help you realise your ambitions
                                                                            find out! The helpful staff will assist students with information
    and reach your destination, wherever that may be.                       related to higher degrees policies and procedures, training,
                                                                            support, and other relevant resources and services.
                                                                            Student Exchange – Where in the world will you go?
    STUDENT EXPERIENCE ZONE                                                 As a student at ECU you have the opportunity to study for one
    The Student Experience Zone is full of entertainment and                or two semesters at an exchange partner institution overseas.
    showcases some of the fantastic clubs and groups at ECU.                Studying overseas enables you to immerse yourself in a new
    Within the Student Experience Zone you can sign up to Student           culture, develop lasting friendships, and get a new perspective on
    Edge, get a feel for campus life, as well as talk to current students   life. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to challenge yourself,
    about the various clubs and groups that you can be a part of at         broaden your horizons, and enhance your employability.
    ECU. Plus, you can visit the Nova 93.7 Casanovas for plenty of          We have partnerships with 90 institutions in 35 countries around
    games and giveaways!                                                    the world; and if you go on exchange for two semesters, you can
    Student Edge                                                            even choose to study in two different countries. The study you
    Visit the Student Edge crew for heaps of awesome prizes and             complete at our exchange partner institution may be credited
    giveaways, play games, have fun and rock out at Open Day!               towards your ECU course, so with careful planning you should be
                                                                            able to graduate on time.

WIN iPads, iPods, vouchers and more!
Visit the Nova 93.7 Casanovas at the Student Experience
Zone to find out how you can win with their Nova 93.7 Cash
Grab competition! There are great prizes up for ‘grabs’ including
iPads, iPod Nanos, an Apple TV Media Centre, an iPhone4,
cash and a heap of vouchers!
WIN $500!
Enter the draw to win a Universal Visa gift card valued at $500!
Simply pop into one of the blue and white information tents and
complete the visitor survey.
WIN with ECU Sports!
Visit the ECU Sports stand in the Impact Zone to receive FREE
fitness class passes, including pilates, yoga, BodyPump and RPM
(spin). Plus, win other great prizes through the FREE ‘Spin the
Wheel’ competition.
WIN an Organic ‘n’ Green Box!
Visit the Environment Services Tent in the Impact Zone to enter to
win a voucher from Organic ‘n’ Green for a $45 box of organic fruit
and vegetables, including delivery to your doorstep! Come along
and ‘taste the difference’ between organic and non-organic fruit
and vegetables. Does organic food taste better? You be the judge! 

Pure and Natural – Located in Building 22
Can’t decide between a salad or a burger? Then why not
have both! Open from 10am onwards.
Aroma Café – Located in Building 31
Open from 10am, Aroma has something for everyone,
including toasted sandwiches, coffee and cakes.
Six Street Café – Located in Building 6
In the mood for some hot chips or a freshly squeezed juice?
Then pop in and say hi to the friendly team in Six Street Café.
Churro Central – Located near the Impact Zone
Looking for something sweet? Churros are a Spanish doughnut,
coated with delicious cinnamon sugar and served hot. For an extra
indulgence try one with whipped cream and chocolate.
                                                                          PATHWAyS TO ECU SESSIONS
                                                                          Future student information including course advice and entry
ECU Australian University Games Team BBQ
                                                                          pathway information.
– Located in the Impact Zone
Buy a sausage sizzle and help ECU Sports raise money to support
                                                                            11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm           Building 4, Room 4.238
ECU’s student athletes competing in this year’s Australian
University Games on the Gold Coast (Halal options available).
Tav101 – Located in Building 9
Enjoy a social drink and have a chat, listen to music or play pool at   ENTERTAINMENT
Tav101. Open from 12pm onwards.
                                                                        ECU Unplugged
Slice of Italy – Located in Building 9
                                                                        Listen out for acoustic performances that will be taking place
Fancy pizza by the slice? Maybe a cappuccino or a milkshake?
                                                                        around the campus throughout the day.
Slice of Italy will be open from 10am.
                                                                        NOVA 93.7 Casanovas
                                                                        Visit the Nova 93.7 Casanovas in the Student Experience Zone
                                                                        for plenty of games and giveaways. Plus, go in the running to win
                                                                        great prizes in the Nova 93.7 Cash Grab competition!
                                                                        The Junkadelic Collective
                                                                        Since 2002, the Junkadelic Collective has been taking Funk on
                                                                        Junk all over WA. Proving that anything is possible with a little
                                                                        imagination and effort, the Junkadelic Collective perform with
                                                                        instruments made from recycled materials. Performances will be
                                                                        taking place in the Impact Zone at: 11am, 12pm, 1pm.

                                                                        KIDS’ ZONE
                                                                        For the young at heart, the Kids’ Zone is the place to be. Get your
                                                                        face painted, visit the baby animals in the Old McDonald’s Animal
                                                                        Farm petting zoo, or enjoy the thrill of the Circotron ride!

    THE IMPACT ZONE                                                       Nutrition Australia
    Find out what impact your choices can have on your health and         Nutrition Australia WA Division is a not-for-profit,
    the environment as well as discover how ECU and its partners are      non-government organisation offering expertise in public health
    working together to make a positive impact on the environment         nutrition, dietetics, health promotion and education. One of their
    and in the community.                                                 goals is to significantly contribute to minimising the economic,
                                                                          social and health impact of nutrition-related disease in WA.
    „„ECU Sports
                                                                          This is achieved by researching, designing and implementing
    „„Environment Services
                                                                          practical nutrition education and food skills through mediums of
    „„Joondalup Early Learning Centre
                                                                          presentations, cooking demonstrations, supermarket tours and
    „„Nutrition Australia WA Division
                                                                          topic-specific community cooking programs.
    „„The Junkadelic Collective
    „„St John Ambulance First Aid Service
                                                                          OTHER THINGS TO SEE & DO
    ECU Sports
    $14 for 14 days at the ECU Fitness Centre – if it doesn’t work out,   Fantastic Library Facilities – Building 31
    walk away! Take advantage of all the facilities at ECU’s              Check out our amazing library facilities and see what it’s like
    Fitness Centre, including group fitness classes such as yoga,         to study in comfort. You’ll never want to leave! Take a self-guided
    pilates, BodyPump and more. Community members welcome.                tour, or alternatively half hour guided tours will be running from
    Speak to the ECU Fitness team to find out more.                       the main enquiries desk at 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm
                                                                          and 2.15pm.
    While you are there you can also:
    „„‘Spin the wheel’ for free and receive great prizes
                                                                          Student Fees and Scholarships – Building 18
    „„Get your blood pressure checked
                                                                          Wondering how much your studies will cost you? Did you know
    „„Take a tour of the gym, sports hall and crèche from 10am to 2pm.
                                                                          you may be able to defer your fees to a loan or receive a discount?
                                                                          Could there be a Scholarship that might help pay for your study
    Environment Services                                                  related expenses? Find out all the options that are available from
    Have you considered how the University of your choice manages         the Fees and Scholarships team. We can even calculate the cost
    their environmental impacts? At ECU we are proud of our               of your study for you!
    commitment towards sustainability and the environment. Visit the
    Environment Services display for loads of information and learn
    how ECU manages its own environmental impact.

         The             ME                      Project

       That’s the big one. A question that stumps school leavers the world over. For some it inspires soul-searching backpack
       expeditions, and others use all of their powers of procrastination to avoid it.
       Now, imagine something simpler. Imagine if somebody could show you how all the stuff in your room could lead you
       to an amazing future. This is what ‘The ME Project’ does. Just upload a shot of your room and our team will tailor-tag
       your stuff with uni courses that suit your interests.

       Check it out at                                                             Upload your room,
                                                                                                                download a future.
Time           Event                                                                                                                   Venue

11am, 12pm,    Pathways to ECU: Future student information including course advice and entry pathway information.                      Building 4,
1pm, 2pm and                                                                                                                           Room 4.238

10.30am,       Tour: Library Facilities - come along and see what it’s like to study in comfort with our amazing library facilities.   Building 31
1.30pm and

All Day        Student Fees and Scholarships: Find out all the options that are available. We can even calculate the cost of your      Building 18
               study for you!

Time           Event                                                                                                                   Venue

11am -         Microbrewery Tour: Learn about the brewing process and see how we brew our award-winning beers in the                   Building 9,
11.45am and    Degrees Brewery. Yes, our students really do make their own beer!                                                       Room 9.226
2pm - 2.45pm

12pm - 1pm     Chemistry Show: Celebrate the International Year of Chemistry with our spectacular reactions and                        Building 32,
               demonstrations!                                                                                                         Room 32.101

1.30pm - 2pm   Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream: Make it and eat it!                                                                          Building 19,
                                                                                                                                       Level 2
                                                                                                                                       (upstairs from
                                                                                                                                       the fish tank)

All Day        Slime and Stuff: Hands-on chemistry to make you go “ooh!”                                                               Building 19,
                                                                                                                                       Level 2
                                                                                                                                       (upstairs from
                                                                                                                                       the fish tank)

All Day        Ask our Academics: Meet our staff and get important information on courses and subjects in Biology, Brewing,            Building 19,
               Chemistry and Environment.                                                                                              Room 19.201

All Day        How Toxic are You? Just like a TV crime show… only real! We will use our portable GC-MS (gas chromatograph-             Building 19,
               mass spectrometer) to identify some chemicals that may be coming from your body and clothing.                           Room 19.201

All Day        Displays and Activities: Follow our Tour Guides and the balloon trail up to our laboratories for tissue culture,        Building 19,
               microscopes, animal studies and more on the living world in the School of Natural Sciences.                             Room 19.201

All Day        Life on the Beach: See the wet and dry critters that live on our beaches.                                               Building 19,
                                                                                                                                       Room 19.201

All Day        Fish and Animal Traps Display: See how Natural Science researchers safely trap, study and release animals in the        Building 19,
               wild.                                                                                                                   Room 19.201

All Day        Plant Tissue Culture: Can you really grow a plant in a jar? Learn about tissue culture techniques used in real-life     Building 19,
               research.                                                                                                               Room 19.201

All Day        Lake Life: Get a close look at the creatures living in our campus lake (weather conditions permitting).                 Campus Lake

All Day        Science on a Boat: Climb aboard our research vessels to learn how we study aquatic systems.                             Pines Park,
                                                                                                                                       near Impact

Time           Event                                                                                                                   Venue

11am - 4pm     Who’s at the Business Tent? Speak with ECU students, Aggrey Masi and Pamela Carrera, about their journey in the         Study Area
               Business majors of International Business and Human Resource Management (HRM).                                          Zone

11am -         Are you a Leader? Discover the strengths you bring to a team. Are you a good negotiator, an effective persuader         Building 8,
11.30am and    or a natural director? This fun, team-based activity demonstrates the core Management principles of ECU’s               Room 8.302
1pm - 1.30pm   Business courses. Prizes awarded to budding leaders!

    11.45pm -       Lost in Space: How would you cope in a crisis situation? This fun, team-based activity demonstrates the key            Building 8,
    12.15pm and     principles of ECU’s Business Edge program which is core to ECU Business courses. It highlights the employability       Room 8.302
    2.30pm - 3pm    skills that businesses are looking for in graduates. Prizes awarded to participants who exhibit key business

    11.50am -       Create Career Opportunities while you Study: Find out how you can grow your CV while you study, so that when           Building 8,
    12.10pm         you graduate, you’ll stand out from the competition. The Faculty of Business and Law offers unique opportunities       Room 8.101
                    to network with industry and get hands-on experience via work placements, internships, competitions and more.

    12.20pm -       Talk: Business is Different at ECU - ECU’s Bachelor of Business degree offers the freedom to specialise from 13        Building 8,
    12.40pm         majors, or to choose a broad-spectrum option that allows you to develop your own program. Plus ECU’s unique            Room 8.101
                    Business Edge program focuses on the key employability skills employers are seeking in graduates.

    12.30pm - 1pm   Deal or No Deal: Just like the Game Show on TV! Think you can beat the bank? Learn more about financial risk and       Building 8,
    and 2pm -       strategy and see if you can walk away with a virtual fortune. Prizes awarded to skillful participants!                 Room 8.305

    12.50pm -       Meet Aden Parker, ECU Human Resource Management (HRM) student and find out why Aden chose ECU for his                  Building 8,
    1.10pm          Business degree.                                                                                                       Room 8.101

    1.20pm -        Explore Management Specialisations: Are you thinking about a career in Human Resource Management (HRM),                Building 8,
    1.40pm          Management, International Business, or Management of Information Technology (MIT)? Find out what makes ECU             Room 8.101
                    Management majors relevant, practical and professionally accredited. Plus, meet with our special guest from the
                    Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).

    1.50pm -        More than just Numbers - Accounting and Finance: Find out more about the range of careers offered in the time-         Building 8,
    2.10pm          honoured areas of Accounting and Finance. Plus, meet with our special guest from the CPA.                              Room 8.101

    Time            Event                                                                                                                  Venue

    12pm -          Talk: David Elder - Studying Languages at ECU                                                                          Building 7,
    12.30pm                                                                                                                                Room 7.102

    12.30pm -       Talk: Clive Barstow - Communications and Arts Degrees at ECU                                                           Building 7,
    1.30pm                                                                                                                                 Room 7.102

    Time            Event                                                                                                                  Venue

    11am - 12pm     Adventures in Physics: Come into the Physics lab and get your hands dirty (actually no dirt involved!). Get hands-     Physics Lab,
    and 1pm - 2pm   on experience playing with physics experiments covering everyday phenomena, such as how sunglasses work,               Building 21,
                    human motion, falling under gravity, and the physics of music.                                                         Room 21.251

    12pm, 1pm and   Physics Tricks: Demonstrations of Physics concepts explaining everyday phenomena such as how air bags work,            Building 5,
    2pm             cloud formation and more!                                                                                              Lower Level

    12pm and 2pm    Engineering from Nature: Learn how scientists and engineers are ‘borrowing’ from nature’s wisdom to find               Building 5,
                    solutions to the water, energy and environmental crises we are now facing, to help our athletes win medals, and to     Room 5.142
                    combat terrorists.

    2pm - 2.30pm    Making Retaining Walls with Sand - Is it Possible? Retaining walls are usually constructed using cement concrete,      Ground Floor,
                    which makes the project expensive and time consuming. These days, it is possible to make walls using mainly sandy      Building 5
                    materials with geosynthetic materials as reinforcement. Come along and view a presentation on this technology.

    2.30pm - 3pm    Civil Engineers’ Life in Mining Engineering: Open excavations and tunnelling are challenges for civil and mining       Ground Floor,
                    engineers. The stability of geotechnical structures poses a great difficulty. Drop in and view a presentation on how   Building 5
                    Civil Engineers solve these problems in an environmentally-friendly manner.

    All Day         Mathematics: Geostatistics, simulation, and scheduling are examples of mathematics relevant to day-to-day              Ground Floor,
                    mining operations in WA. Visitors will be provided with examples that show how mathematics is applied to               Building 5
                    real-world problems.

    All Day         Robotics for Everyone: Robots become more popular and prevalent every day. Come and visit the ECU robotics lab         Building 5,
                    to see and interact with a range of different robots.                                                                  Room 5.142

    All Day         Field Programmable Gate Arrays - When Hardware becomes Soft: Discover how a chip can be transformed from               Ground Floor,
                    a video processor to a PC CPU, to a communication encoder/decoder or any number of other systems, purely               Building 5
                    through software control.

    All Day         The Art of Communication: Learn about the technology behind smart phones, WiFi networks, digital TV, satellite         Ground Floor,
                    radio, GPS navigation etc. Also, discover just how much wireless traffic is going on around us all the time.           Building 5

    All Day         Energy Generation - Power to the People: The electrical supply grid that we take for granted in our everyday           Ground Floor,
                    lives is actually a complex integrated system. Come and see, in miniature, the complex processes that must be          Building 5
                    undertaken to bring a new generator online to meet an increase in peak load, and how the amount of power being
                    transferred can be controlled.

All Day        Engineering Civilisation - The Role of Civil Engineers: Civil Engineers play a fundamental role in the development         Ground Floor,
               of modern civilisation and society. Drop by and try your hand at some surveying and field testing activities. Also         Building 5
               learn about some major civil engineering structures such as the Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world.

All Day        The Art of Control: This demonstration will illustrate how large industrial plants can be run and automatically            Seimens Lab
               controlled from one control room.                                                                                          - Building 5,
                                                                                                                                          Room 5.139

All Day        Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance Engineering: Infra-red thermography is an important diagnostic tool                 Ground Floor,
               and used for condition monitoring of engineering systems. Discover an infra-red camera in action.                          Building 5

All Day        Motorsports - Race in to ECU: View the 2010 ECU FSAE race car, designed and built by ECU students. Visitors over           Ground Floor,
               12 years of age have the opportunity to drive 2 simulated laps of the Barbagallo Raceway in an ECU Formula Ford            Building 5
               car. Participants will receive a record of their fastest lap time and the fastest lap of the day will be rewarded with a
               complimentary double pass to the car racing at Barbagallo Raceway for the remainder of the 2011 season.

All Day        Red Bull Air Race Videos                                                                                                   Building 5
                                                                                                                                          Screen in
                                                                                                                                          Aviation Foyer

All Day        Flight Simulators: Have an ECU Aviation student guide you through a flight on a PC based simulator while you are           Aviation Lab
               at the controls.                                                                                                           - Building 5,
                                                                                                                                          Room 5.127

All Day        Paper Aeroplane Launcher - Pilot or Engineer: Who can make a plane that flies better? Try your hand in the paper           Ground Floor,
               aeroplane competition. A $50 prize for the paper plane with the greatest endurance from an electric launcher.              Building 5

All Day        Darklight Quiz: Enter the Darklight Quiz and have a chance in winning one month’s free entry to Darklight Laser            Study Area
               Games in Joondalup!                                                                                                        Zone

Time           Event                                                                                                                      Venue

10am - 11am    Learn how to Jive/Tango                                                                                                    Building 17,
                                                                                                                                          Room 17.104

11am - 12pm    Meet some of the Perth Glory players and get some great coaching tips!                                                     Building 17,
                                                                                                                                          Room 17.104

11am and 2pm   Information Sessions: Occupational Therapy - Talk to current OT students and staff about the course at ECU and             Building 21,
               what a career in OT can offer.                                                                                             Room 21.112

12pm -         Information Sessions: Sports Science Courses - Exercise and Sports Science, Sports Science and Football, and               Building 17,
12.30pm and    Exercise Science and Rehabilitation.                                                                                       Room 17.101
3pm - 3.30pm

12pm -         Join in a Pilates Class                                                                                                    Building 17,
12.45pm                                                                                                                                   Room 17.104

12pm - 1pm     Can you Juggle better than Perth Glory Players?                                                                            Building 19,
                                                                                                                                          Room 19.149

1pm - 1.45pm   Have a Sports Massage                                                                                                      Building 17,
                                                                                                                                          Room 17.104

2pm - 2.45pm   Join a Group Fitness Training Circuit: Fitball/Boxing                                                                      Building 17,
                                                                                                                                          Room 17.104

3pm - 4pm      Talent ID Testing - Are you as agile as an AFL player?                                                                     Building 17,
                                                                                                                                          Room 17.104

All Day        How Good is your Balance?                                                                                                  Building 19,
                                                                                                                                          Room 19.149

All Day        Legume Stand: Get fact sheets on the health and environmental benefits of legumes, and go in our                           Building 21,
               mini-competition to identify various beans and what you can do with them. Plus, get recipe handouts and                    Room 21.101
               free food samples of lentil curry and bread!

All Day        Food Miles and Carbon Cost: Find out how far food travels with our display of carbon costs. We focus on bottled            Building 21,
               water, chocolate, coffee and an apple.                                                                                     Room 21.101

All Day        Have you got the Ticker? How’s your heartrate? Participants can have their heartbeat measured at the fingertip,            Impact Zone
               as well as their lung function tested.

All Day        How High can you Jump? Compare yourself to the best!                                                                       Building 19,
                                                                                                                                          Room 19.149

All Day        How Coordinated are You?                                                                                                   Building 19,
                                                                                                                                          Room 19.149

    All Day         How Fast are You?                                                                                                       Building 19,
                                                                                                                                            Room 19.149

    All Day         How Quick is your Reaction Time?                                                                                        Building 19,
                                                                                                                                            Room 19.149

    All Day         View the latest technology in 3-Dimension Motion Analysis (Biomechanics)                                                Building 19,
                                                                                                                                            Room 19.149

    All Day         Sprint Cycling                                                                                                          Building 19,
                                                                                                                                            Room 19.149

    All Day         Food Tasting: Lentil Soup and Herb and Cheese muffins                                                                   Building 21,
                                                                                                                                            Room 21.101

    All Day         Course Information: Nutrition and Dietetics                                                                             Building 21,
                                                                                                                                            Room 21.101

    All Day         Food Waste Stand: Find out the amount of food waste produced in certain processed foods. Pick up fact sheets and        Impact Zone
                    posters on food waste and sustainability, as well as practical information on how individuals can reduce food waste.

    All Day         Visit the Nutrition Australia stand for great nutrition and lifestyle information.                                      Impact Zone

    All Day         Interactive Displays: Experience how Occupational Therapists use technology to enable people who are                    Building 21,
                    experiencing limitations. Some examples include; Head Mouse - type hands free using the SmartNav head mouse             Room 21.107
                    technology, Sound Beam - create music simply by moving, and E Link - play computer games while improving your
                    hand strength.

    All Day         Try your luck with Fatal Vision Goggles and Spin the Safety Wheel!                                                      Building 21,
                                                                                                                                            Room 21.201

    All Day         Occupational and Environmental Monitoring System                                                                        Building 21,
                                                                                                                                            Room 21.201

    Time            Event                                                                                                                   Venue

    11am - 2pm      Who’s at the Law & Justice Tent? Speak with ECU student, Glenn Stevens, about his journey with ECU’s                    Study Area
                    Criminology and Justice.                                                                                                Zone

    11.30am -       Pick the Suspect: Test your powers of observation. As the witness to a crime, see if you can pick the suspect from      Building 8,
    12pm, 12.30pm   a line-up. You’ll find out how offender profiling is used in criminal investigations. Prizes awarded to the clue-iest   Room 8.303
    - 1pm and       witnesses!
    1.30pm - 2pm

    12pm -          Mock Criminal Law Trial: Ever imagine yourself on the side of justice, in a scene for Silent Witness or Law & Order?    Building 8,
    12.30pm         See ECU Law students apply their knowledge to a real-life case study in a mock trial.                                   Room 8.301

    2.20pm -        Beyond the Courtroom: ECU’s Law and Justice courses will open doors to a range of exciting careers in and               Building 8,
    2.40pm          beyond the courtroom. Find out why you should make ECU your first choice for a Law or Justice degree. Plus,             Room 8.101
                    meet with our special guest from the Department of Corrective Services.

    2.40pm - 3pm    Meet Nella Watson-Lowe, ECU Law student, and hear what she has to say about ECU’s Law degree, teaching staff,           Building 8,
                    support services and more.                                                                                              Room 8.101

    Time            Event                                                                                                                   Venue

    10.30am -       Come and participate in the pregnancy journey using our Empathy Belly, Birthing and Newborn Simulators.                 Building 21,
    3.30pm                                                                                                                                  Room 21.318

    All Day         Demonstration: Check out our life-like 3G Sim Man!                                                                      Building 21,
                                                                                                                                            Room 21.321

    All Day         Blood Pressure, Height and Weight Checks                                                                                Building 21,
                                                                                                                                            Room 21.317

    Time            Event                                                                                                                   Venue

    11am - 12pm     Talk: Craig Speelman - Studying Psychology at ECU                                                                       Building 4,
                                                                                                                                            Room 4.224

    12pm - 1pm      Talk: Beth Armstrong - Studying Speech Pathology at ECU                                                                 Building 4,
                                                                                                                                            Room 4.224

    1pm - 2pm       Talk: Vicki Banham - Studying Social Science at ECU                                                                     Building 4,
                                                                                                                                            Room 4.224

    2pm - 3pm       Talk: Ken Robinson - Applying Psychology to your Career                                                                 Building 4,
                                                                                                                                            Room 4.224

Time          Event                                                                                                            Venue

11am - 12pm   Web Development: Technology, Opportunities and Reaching Your Potential                                           Building 8,
                                                                                                                               Room 8.211

12pm - 1pm    Cybersecurity: Who’s responsible?                                                                                Building 8,
                                                                                                                               Room 8.211

1pm - 2pm     Ethical Hacking: What is it?                                                                                     Building 8,
                                                                                                                               Room 8.211

1pm - 2pm     Click and Run Web Dev - PHP in 5 Minutes: Check out the technology that powers the web by loading, running       Building 19,
              and then customising a cool web application based on the PHP web programming language and MySQL database         Room 19.108

All Day       FREE Netbook Computer Competition! Enter at the Security and Computing Study Area Tent.                          Study Area

Time          Event                                                                                                            Venue

10am - 1pm    Who’s at the Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management Tent? Speak with ECU students, Jenny Hong                 Study Area
              and Michelle Francis, about their journey with ECU’s Event, Sport and Recreation Management and Sport            Zone
              Management courses.

11am -        Explore a world of possibilities with ECU’s Sport, Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management degrees: Find out   Building 8,
11.20am       how you could land yourself a career in some of the world’s fastest growing and vibrant industries.              Room 8.101

11.20am -     Meet Michelle Francis, ECU Sport Management graduate, and hear some of Michelle’s tips on choosing the right     Building 8,
11.40am       course for you.                                                                                                  Room 8.101

11.40am -     Tour: Degrees Restaurant - Take a tour of ECU’s on-campus Degrees Restaurant, where Hospitality Management       Building 9,
12pm          students get hands-on experience across all aspects of the industry.                                             Room 9.207

Time          Event                                                                                                            Venue

10am - 2pm    Course Information Session: Talk to our staff about the courses at ECU and what a career in Teaching and         Building 22,
              Education can offer.                                                                                             Outdoor
                                                                                                                               Grassed Area

11am - 12pm   Information Session: Health & Physical Education - Teaching fundamental movement skills.                         Building 22,
                                                                                                                               Grassed Area

11am and      Primary Drama: Introductory drama workshop and demonstration by third year students.                             Building 8,
1.30pm                                                                                                                         Room 8A.404

11.30am -     Education and Teaching as a Career - Information on ECU’s teaching degrees in Early Childhood Studies, Primary   Building 7,
1.30pm        and Secondary courses including specialisations in Drama & Dance, Health & Physical Education and Music.         Room 7.101 
              Enquire about our Graduate Diploma and Post Graduate Education study opportunities. Q&A session to follow.

12pm - 2pm    Music: Display using interactive music applications.                                                             Building 8,
                                                                                                                               Room 8A.402

1pm - 2pm     Outdoor Education: Using the campus as the course, visitors can orienteer their way around using basic map and   Building 22,
              compass skills.                                                                                                  Outdoor
                                                                                                                               Grassed Area

Time          Events                                                                                                           Venue

All Day       Who’s at the Urban and Regional Planning Tent? Speak with Don Newman from the Planning Institute of Australia    Study Area
              (PIA) about careers and ECU student, Shane Edwards, about his journey with ECU’s Planning.                       Zone

     STUDY AREA                                                    EnginEERing & TEchnologY

                                                                                       „„Civil Engineering
                                                                                       „„Computer Systems
                                                                                       „„Electrical Power
     Looking for information on the different                                             Engineering
     courses on offer at ECU? Come and check out                                       „„Electronics & Computer
     the Study Area Zone and talk to representatives                                   „„Electronics &
     from the 13 different study areas.                                                  Communications
                                                                                       „„Instrumentation Control &
                                                                                         Automation Engineering
 BiologY, chEmiSTRY &                                                                  „„Maintenance Engineering

 EnviRonmEnTAl SciEncE                                                                 „„Marine & Offshore Systems
                                                                                       „„Mechanical Engineering
                         „„Applied & Analytical Chemistry
                                                                                       „„Mechatronics Engineering
                         „„Biological Sciences
                         „„Catchment & Land Management
                                                                                       „„Naval Architecture
                         „„Coastal Environment Science
                                                                                       „„Ocean Engineering
                         „„Conservation & Wildlife Biology
                         „„Environmental & Biological
                         „„Environmental Management
                         „„Environmental Science
                         „„Marine & Freshwater Biology             ExERciSE, BiomEDicAl
                         „„Surf Science
                                                                   & hEAlTh SciEncES

 BUSinESS                                                                              „„Addiction Studies
                                                                                       „„Biomedical Science
                                                                                       „„Exercise & Sports Science
                         „„Accounting                                                  „„Exercise Science &
                         „„Economics                                                     Rehabilitation
                         „„Event Management                                            „„Environmental Health
                         „„Finance                                                     „„Sports Science & Football
                         „„Hospitality Management                                      „„Health Promotion
                         „„Human Resource Management                                   „„Health Science
                         „„International Business                                      „„Human Biology
                         „„Management                                                  „„Nutrition
                         „„Management of Information                                   „„Nutrition & Dietetics
                           Technology                                                  „„Occupational Health & Safety
                         „„Marketing                                                   „„Occupational Therapy
                         „„Marketing, Advertising & Public                             „„Physiotherapy
                           Relations                                                   „„Public Health
                         „„Marketing & Creative Services                               „„Strength & Conditioning
                         „„Sport Management
                         „„Tourism Management

 commUnicATionS & ARTS
                         „„Advertising                       „„Film & Video            „„Media, Culture & Mass
                         „„Animation                         „„French                     Communications
                         „„Arts                              „„Game Design & Culture   „„Photomedia
                         „„Broadcasting                      „„Graphic Design          „„Politics & International Relations
                         „„Communications                    „„History                 „„Public Relations
                         „„Contemporary Fashion & Textiles   „„Interactive Media       „„Screen Studies
                         „„Creative Industries               „„Japanese                „„Scriptwriting
                         „„Creative Services                 „„Journalism              „„Visual Arts
                         „„English                           „„Literature & Writing    „„Writing
                         „„Environmental & Spatial Design

lAW & JUSTicE                                         SPoRT, ToURiSm &
                                                      hoSPiTAliTY mAnAgEmEnT
                „„Criminology & Justice
                „„Criminology & Juvenile Justice                    „„Event Management
                „„Forensic Investigation                            „„Event, Sport & Recreation
                „„Law                                                 Management
                                                                    „„Hospitality Management
                                                                    „„Hospitality & Tourism
                                                                    „„Sport Management
                                                                    „„Tourism Management

nURSing, PARAmEDicinE &
miDWifERY                                             TEAchER EDUcATion
                                                                    „„Early Childhood Studies
                „„Nursing & Midwifery
                                                                    „„Primary to Middle Years
                „„Paramedical Science
                                                                       Specialisations available in:
                                                                       – Biological Science
                                                                       – Design & Technology
                                                                       – Drama
                                                                       – English
                                                                       – Health & Physical Education
PSYchologY & SociAl SciEncE                                            – Home Economics
                                                                       – Mathematics
                „„Children & Family Studies
                                                                       – Music
                „„Human Services
                                                                       – Physical Science
                „„Psychology                                           – Social Sciences
                „„Psychology & Addiction Studies                       – Visual Arts
                „„Psychology & Counselling
                „„Psychology, Criminology & Justice
                „„Psychological Science               URBAn & REgionAl PlAnning
                „„Social Science
                „„Social Work
                                                                    „„Community Planning &
                „„Speech Pathology
                „„Youth Work
                                                                    „„Environmental & Physical
                                                                    „„Governance & Policy
                                                                    „„Project Development
                                                                    „„Project Development &
SEcURiTY & comPUTing                                                   Management
                                                                    „„Urban & Regional Planning

                „„Computer Science
                „„Computer Security
                „„Computer & Network Security
                                                      WESTERn AUSTRAliAn
                „„Counter Terrorism, Security &       AcADEmY of PERfoRming ARTS
                „„Games Programming                                 „„Aboriginal Theatre
                „„Information Services                              „„Acting
                „„Information Technology                            „„Arts Management
                „„Library Technology                                „„Broadcasting
                „„Network Technology                                „„Costume
                „„Networking Science                                „„Dance
                „„Records Management                                „„Design
                „„Security                                          „„Lighting
                „„Security & Justice Studies                        „„Music
                „„Security Management                               „„Music Theatre
                „„Security Technology                               „„Performing Arts
                „„Software Engineering                              „„Props & Scenery
                „„Web Technology                                    „„Sound
                                                                    „„Stage Management

                                         900M TO
                                          RAILWAY                        TAFE
                                                                 OVERFLOW PARKING

                                                    HERE         KENDR
                                                                                EW CR                                                                  STUDY AREA ZONE
                                                                                      E SC                         ENT

                    N                                                1
                                                                                                                                                                         POLICE ACADEMY

                                                                                                                                                                          THE IMPACT ZONE


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        E S ID
                                   UL                                                                          2



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 IV E



          TO FREEWAY                                                                                               32
              EXIT                                                                                                                          5

                                                                                                                                 30                                         20

                                                                                                                                                                                KIDS’ ZONE
          STUDENT EXPERIENCE ZONE                                                                i                 31
                                                                                                                                                                    18     18a

                                                                                                                                      STUDENT CENTRAL

                                              RE R

                                            HE TE


                               EN MA
                                                                                                                                      SPORTS FIELD
                                 TR IN                             JO                                                                                                UNDER

                                   AN                                   O

                                      CE                                        D


                                                                                                                                                                 UNIVERSITY VILLAGE

     Car access                         Free parking                                    Wheelchair access path

                                   18                                    i
     Shuttle bus          Building numbers                      Information tent                                             First aid                 Toilets               ATM             Refreshments              Nova 93.7 Casanovas

open day - Quick Reference Guide
Building                                                                                                                              Student Experience Zone                                         Study Area Zone
4    Talks: Pathways to ECU - Future Student Information                                                                                        NOVA 93.7 Casanovas                                         Biology, Chemistry & Environmental Science
     Talks: Psychology & Social Science                                                                                                         Student Edge                                                Business
5    Activities: Engineering & Technology                                                                                                       ECU Student Clubs and Groups                                Communications & Arts
7    Talks: Communications & Arts                                                                                                               ECU Village                                                 Engineering & Technology
     Talks: Teacher Education                                                                                                                   Graduate Research School                                    Exercise, Biomedical & Health Sciences
8    Activities: Security and Computing                                                                                                         ECU International: Student Exchange                         Law & Justice
                                                                                                                                      The Impact Zone                                                       Nursing, Paramedicine & Midwifery
     Activities & Talks: Business, Law & Justice and Sport,
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Psychology & Social Science
     Tourism & Hospitality Management                                                                                                           ECU Sports
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Security & Computing
     Activities & Talks: Teacher Education                                                                                                      Environment Services
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sport, Tourism & Hospitality Management
9    Tours: Degrees Brewery and Degrees Restaurant                                                                                              Joondalup Early Learning Centre
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Student Recruitment
     Activities: Exercise, Biomedical & Health Sciences                                                                                         Nutrition Australia WA Division
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Teacher Education
17   Activities: Exercise, Biomedical & Health Sciences                                                                                         St John Ambulance First Aid Service
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Urban & Regional Planning
18   Student Central: Fees and Scholarships Information                                                                                         The Junkadelic Collective
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Western Australian Academy of
19   Activities: Biology, Chemistry & Environmental Science                                                                           Kids’ Zone                                                            Performing Arts
     Activities: Exercise, Biomedical & Health Sciences                                                                                         Circotron
21   Activities: Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine                                                                                              Face Painting
     Activities: Exercise, Biomedical & Health Sciences                                                                                         Old McDonald’s Animal Farm
22   ECU Sports Centre
     Activities & Talks: Teacher Education
31   Tours: Library Facilities

                                                                                                                                      GREENING ECU: Edith Cowan University is committed
                                                                                                                                      to reducing the environmental impact associated with
                                                                                                                                      its operations by conducting its activities in a socially
                                                                                                                                      and environmentally responsible manner. This includes
The information contained in this brochure was correct at the time of printing.                                                       implementing strategies and technologies that minimise waste
CRICOS IPC 00279B                                                                                                                     of resources and demonstrate environmentally sensitive
key2design_32214_07/11                                                                                                                development, innovation and continuous improvement.

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