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is lexus a poor mans mercedes?

Asked by Josh Josh at Aug 15,2011 07:54

It's also the rich man's Kia. They're the same

Answer from ? at Aug 15,2011 07:55

for sure

Answer from rocky m at Aug 15,2011 07:55

Best answer

Not at all. Why do you ask?

Answer from RahRahRah at Aug 15,2011 07:55

Hek no! A Lexus is a wise man's Mercedes! Did you know that a 6 year-old Lexus is still FAR more reliable than a brand new Mercedes?

Answer from stingjam at Aug 15,2011 07:56

No. It is medium to rich man's car. I know Doctors, dentist, lawyers driving Lexus not Mercedes.

Answer from D at Aug 15,2011 07:56

No actually it is the imbeciles Toyota. Only the brain dead would pay that much for a tarted up Japanese car.

Answer from Bluto B at Aug 15,2011 08:11

No, it isn't It's a high-end Japanese car, you're paying extra for "perceived value." A Camry is every bit as good as any Lexus

Answer from happy2b_white at Aug 15,2011 08:24

No.its the clever mans car, have you ever seen a rusty lexus? because i never have, i have seen loads of rusty mercs, lexus are also super reliable, unlike
mercs,which have loads of issues, electrical, cooling system to list but a few. The fact is, you will be a poor man if you buy a mrecedes, and a rich man if you buy
a lexus

Answer from Ben Barry at Aug 15,2011 10:18

is this a bad attempt at trolling? Yup.

Answer from Aleister Crowley at Aug 15,2011 12:09

you do realize lexus is jut a "luxurious" version of Toyota? They are the same company with different name you know. check out this site if you want to know the "difference" between lexus and toyota. Mercedes on the
other hand, depends on which model you're talking about. There's the "poor man's" model, and there's the rich man's model. You may compare a brand new
SL550 Roadster or a 10 year old junky mercedes. but no. when comparing top model lexus and top model mercedes, lexus is not a "poor man's" mercedes.

Answer from Catherine Chung at Aug 15,2011 16:59

No way man

Answer from alex at Aug 15,2011 18:06

Yeah, we can say it but I would call it an High Upper Middle Class man's Mercedes. It's funny how Lexus cheats the design and performance of an expensive car
and sells it in low price.

Answer from Wade 550 (God is good) at Aug 15,2011 18:53


Answer from jasmine at Aug 15,2011 19:01

That's a matter of opinion. Some say yes while others will say Lexus has evolved and is able to stand its own ground (as opposed to living in the shadow of
another manufacturer and copying their ideas).

Answer from Bandit-05 at Aug 16,2011 02:38
Lexus makes cars for people who like luxury, but don't like German cars. It's also for people who don't know much about cars at all, but have heard that Lexus are
supposed to be nice/reliable/safe/easy to drive/etc. Or as a friend of mine once said, they're the luxury cars for people who hate to drive.

Answer from Lord Helmet at Aug 17,2011 12:08

A Lexus is a fancy Toyota. so its comfortable and reliable but not sporty. a German Mercedes is more sporty.

Answer from Ryan Mclennan at Aug 17,2011 19:24

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