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I smell gas after fuel pump replace, 1996 Camaro?

Can you help?

Asked by Brenda at Aug 10,2011 09:58

Well seeing how a lot of mechanics are crooks and take advantage of people I would deff take it back if u think something is wrong. However camaros are known
to smell like gas, just not excessive

Answer from travis pack at Aug 10,2011 10:01

Best answer

Changing the fuel pump properly is a BIG job in a Camaro; the rear end about has to come out first. A lot of mechanics will cut a big hole in the body over the fuel
pump (the high part center in the trunk area) and cut the lines to change it that way, saving time. After that, the fuel lines are repaired with hose and clamps and
almost always leak fuel vapors into the car through the carpet. I would look under that carpet in the trunk and make sure they didn't cut your car up. If they did
raise hell. It's not safe (exhaust will come in, if nothing else) and they should be made to put your car back right.

If this is not the case, and I hope so, there is probably just an EVAP line off. The smallest of the three on the tank.

Answer from Six String Bandit at Aug 10,2011 10:27

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