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									Aarkstore Enterprice announce a new report:

The Metal Packaging Market 2011-2021


The Metal Packaging Market 2011-2021 is our brand new materials report investigating one of the key
industries behind numerous consumer markets. Our detailed study explores the potential of emerging
markets to strengthen overall metal packaging demand, as a result of rising GDPs and corresponding
developments in activities relating to packaging. Countries continue to invest in metal industries and
growing demand is expected for metal packaging, allowing for healthy market development. Furthermore,
innovations driven by consumer preferences and environmental concerns will create new and exciting
opportunities. Company’s analysis has concluded that the global value of the metal packaging market will
reach $165.4bn by 2021.

Metal packaging is a vital industry characterised by a well connected and complex web of manufacturers,
retailers and suppliers that interact closely together to serve a wide range of customers. The report analyses
industry trends prevailing in the global metal packaging industry and anticipates the progression in the
market over the next decade. The report also surveys recent market trends among major companies and
reveals where the market will experience growth, laying out the market’s strengths and weaknesses with
targeted forecasts.

Table of Contents :
1. Executive Summary

1.1 Metal Packaging Market Overview

1.2 The Benefits of this Report

1.3 Who Is this Report For?

1.4 Methods

1.5 The Global Metal Packaging Market 2011-2021

1.6 Metal Packaging Submarkets 2011-2021

2. Introduction

2.1 Metal Packaging

2.2 Timeline of the Metal Packaging Market

2.3 Reasons for Development of Metal Packaging

2.3.1 Raw Materials

2.3.2 Packaging Waste

2.3.3 Prevention / Saving Resources

2.4 Trends Leading the Packaging Industry

2.5 Alternatives to Metal Packaging
2.5.1 Paper Packaging

2.5.2 Plastics Packaging

2.5.3 Glass Packaging

2.5.4 Mixed Materials Packaging

2.6 Advantages of Metal Packaging

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