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How to fix my turn signals on my motorcycle?

My blinkers were working fine, then they only started lighting up, but not blinking and now they don't come on at all. It was showing on the odometer panel that
they were on, but they werent, and now it doesnt even show that. I thought it was because I would leave the bike on acc, because I bought used and was told that
was off, then I began leaving it on off and it still does nothing. It starts right up and the headlights and breaklights work.

Asked by Chris Waldron at Aug 15,2011 14:51

Best answer

Your battery is discharged. Connect a trickle charger to it.

Answer from James at Aug 15,2011 15:30

Try replacing the flasher relay. You should be able to get a substitute at an auto parts store for a lot less money than what the dealer will want. And it's "brake"

Answer from bikinkawboy at Aug 15,2011 22:14

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