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					Volume 14        Issue 6                                         September 2008 Issue                                                                         Page 1

                                                       Brookfield Citizen
                                                       Community Identity Through Communication
     Publishe d M ont hly by: A.P.P.L.E. S eed, Inc.             Average P eople P romoting a L oving E nvironment       PO Box 411       Brookfield, M A 01506
                              Funde d in part by The Gre ater W orce ster Community F ou ndat ion and the Brookfie ld Commu nit y Clu b

 Tantasqua/Union 61 Schools Kick                                                          Senator Stephen M. Brewer and
    Off Strategic Planning With                                                            Representative Anne M. Gobi
        Community Survey                                                Secure Funding for the Quaboag Historical Society’s 350th

                                                                              Representative Gobi was successful in securing $25,000
         The Ad Hoc Strategic Planning
                                                                      for the Quaboag Historical Society during the House’s budget
Committee, comprised of representatives
                                                                      debate in April. Shortly after the adoption of the Senate budget on
fro m the Tantasqua, Brimfield, Brookfie ld,
                                                                      May 22, 2008, Senator Brewer was appointed by the Senate
Holland, Sturbridge , and Wales School
                                                                      President to serve on the six-me mber Conference Committee,
Co mmittees ,      began    the     process   of
                                                                      providing him with a key position to ensure the funding re mained
identifying strategic priorities to guide the
                                                                      in the final product sent to the Governor. However, the Governor
schools over the next few years.             The
                                                                      eliminated the $25,000 earmark for the Quaboag Historical
committee will ask a broad base of
                                                                      Society, requiring a two-thirds vote by the Legis lature to overturn
community        people , bus iness     leaders ,
                                                                      this veto.
parents , teachers , and students in the five
                                                                               “I am delighted that our fellow Legislators voted to
towns to complete a short survey to analyze
                                                                      overturn this veto,” said Senator Brewer. “The Historic al Society
the strengths of the schools and to identify
                                                                      has been working diligently to plan an extraordinary event and
key areas for e mphasis.
                                                                      this money will not only enhance the celebration of the
         Danie l G. Durgin, Superintendent of
                                                                      anniversary, but it will also ensure that the area’s history is
Schools and co-chair of the committee,
along with Peter O’Connell of Brookfie ld,
                                                                               "The funds will ass ist the Quaboag Historical Society in
said “We cannot keep our schools on the
                                                                      pro moting what promises to be a grand celebration," stated
cutting edge without the advice and support
                                                                      Representative Gobi.
fro m the people of our five towns. The
                                                                               The 350th Anniversary of the Quaboag Plantation is in
voters have always supported education,
                                                                      2010 and the towns of Brookfield, East Brookfie ld, New Braintree,
even in difficult financial times , because they
                                                                      North Brookfield, Warren and West Brookfield are bus ily preparing
know that our economy is knowledge-driven
                                                                      for the year-long celebration. In 1960, the towns celebrated the
and our communities depend on an
                                                                                                                                                  (Continued on page 3)
educated citizenry. We hope to receive
hundreds of completed surveys and we will                                                                    CONTENTS
report the results in late fall. The committee                          2.  As the Pedals Turn; Dairy Farm B ill; TMA Variety Show
will review the data and begin identifying                              3.  Behind the Lens;
priorities and imple mentation steps during                             4.  Library News
the fall and w inter.”                                                  5   Fo lding Corner; BUUC Annual Yard Sale ; Contradance;
          The survey takes less than 10                                       DivorceCare
minutes to complete and can be found                                    6. Letter fro m Dad
    ; in paper
online at                                             7. Police Patrol; Co ming Soon: Serve New England; Helpful
format in each of the post offices in the five                                Te lephone numbers for Seniors
towns; or by c alling the Superintendent’s                              8. Fin, Fur, & Feathers
Office. Me mbers of the Ad Hoc Strategic                                9. Hot Issues fro m Fire Dept.; Church Services; Council on
Planning Committee will contact community                                     Aging
and bus iness leaders to encourage the m to                             10. Battle of the Bands Winners
complete the survey as well.            Parents,                        11. Fuel Ass istance ; From the Pastor’s Desk
students, and teachers will be able to                                  12. Brookfie ld Senior Citizens; DPHS 50th Reunion
complete the survey in the schools’                                     13. Unc le Phil Wants You...
computer labs at back-to-school programs                                14. Staff; Recreation News; Acting Up at Stageloft
or on other scheduled nights.                                           15. Kids’ Corner
                                                                        16. Event Listing
Page 2                                        September 2008 Issue                           Volume 14 Issue 6

            As the Pedals Turn                                BREWER ANNOUNCES DAIRY FARM
                                     Anne Gobi                 PRESERVATION BILL IS NOW LAW

        At the beginning of August I took           Bost on – Senat or Stephen M. Brewer (D-Barre) announced today
  part in my fourth Pan Mass Challenge bike        that the bill preserving Massachusetts dairy farms is now law.
  ride from Sturbridge to Provincetown to                 “I am thrilled that the Governor has recognized the need to
  raise money for Dana Farber and the Jimmy        protect our dairy farms in the Commonwealth by signing this bill
  Fund. I often have people ask why would          into law ," said Senator Brewer. “Since July 2006, I have worked
  ride 192 miles? Two days of riding and a         hard to ensure that the dairy farms , and agriculture as a whole,
  few sore muscles is a very s mall price to       continue to be a part of the Massachusetts economy. I believe
  pay when you see people struggling with          that we are very close to accomplishing the goals set forth by the
  cancer and its side effects. Each one of us      Dairy Farm Revitalization Task Force to assist the farming
  has been affected by cancer e ither dealing      community.”
  with their own illness or knowing loved                  The Dairy Farm Revitalization Task Force , which Senator
  ones that are afflicted, and each one of us      Brewer served on, completed its work last fall. Building upon the
  has helped in one way or another to              work of the task force, this new law will enable the Department of
  combat c ancer.                                  Agricultural Resources to offer technic al ass istance and funds to
        The State budget, which all of us          farmers , mak ing the m e ligible for loans for up to $500,000; it
  have a monetary stake in, contains line          establishes the Massachusetts Dairy Pro motion Board to boost the
  ite ms for cancer screening and cancer           profile and operations of local dairy farms ; and it will both
  prevention programs. This year, the Life         improve and expand upon current dairy farm technologies , and
  Sciences Bill was passed, a bill that            fund advertis ing and the utilization of advanced farming practices
  received overwhelming support from the           in the state.
  public , the Governor, the Legis lature , the           Since 1980, the number of dairy farme rs in Massachusetts
  business and medical communities. We             has plummeted from more than 800 to fewer than 200. The bill
  are well aware we live in a State rich with      will he lp preserve existing dairy farms and promote the industry
  educational and medic al fac ilities that are    as a legitimate and essential career choice for future farmers.
  the envy of the world. We also possess the       This new statute will also establish a commiss ion to analyze and
  greatest of resources; individuals blessed       recommend options          for improvement of new           farming
  with great talents that labor to improve the     technologies.
  quality of life for others.                             Governor Patrick signed this legislation on August 14, 2008
        In 1970 my unc le Free man was             and it is now referred to as Chapt er 310 of the Acts of 2008. This
  diagnosed with brain cancer; at the time he      new law is effective immediately.
  was the only person I knew with cancer
  and it was considered a rare occurrence. A               TMA 1st Annual Community Variety Show
  decade later his brother, my unc le Walter,                                                         by JoLynn Klier
  was also diagnosed with brain cancer. In                 Tantas qua Mus ic Association is proud to announce our
  just 10 years the treatments had advanced         first annual Community Variety Show on Saturday, September
  to a degree that allowed my uncle Walter to       27 and Sunday, September 28. This show "We've Got Talent!"
  enjoy a number of years of a quality life ,       will feature area music groups , faculty performances , local
  far exceeding that of his brother.                dance studios, our first ever Adult Show Choir, and many
          Today, c ancer is not rare , and while    more. Our program will include Mallory Park (with B rookfield's
  we can engage in a discussion on the              own Elise Provost, Paul Provost, George Dellomo , and John
  various purported causes, we ultimately           Vicaire), Harmony 421, Marshall "Rick " Munnis , Tantas qua's
  are faced with the reality that cancer does       very own Hannah Montana, the Tantasqua Drum Line and many
  not discriminate and that it is necessary to      other surprises.
  somehow be a part of the quest for a cure.               Performances will be at 7:30 PM on September 27 and
        On the second day of the Pan Mass I         2:00 on September 28 at Tantasqua Regional High
  met Jack O’Riordan in Brewster, he was            School. Tickets will be $10 for Adults and $7 for Students/
  holding a s ign that read “I am 12, thanks        Seniors.    Please call Susan Murphy at 508-347-9901 for
  to you” That’s why I ride and why I will          tickets. All proceeds will benefit both junior and senior high
  again.                        Anne Gobi           music programs.
     There’s No Pun Like a Sy nony m Pun                   The Tantas qua Mus ic Association is a volunteer,
                                                    nonprofit community organization dedicated to helping enrich
  He who jumps off a bridge in Paris is in          the instrumental and choral programs at our junior and senior
  Seine.                                            high schools. Last year, we funded uniforms , instruments ,
  A man’s ho me is his c astle , in a manor of      competition fees, costumes, props, scholarships , equipment,
  speaking.                                         and much more. Spend a fantastic evening or afternoon with
  Dijon vu -the same mustard as be fore.            the best of the area's talent and help support our music
Volume 14     Issue 6                          September 2008 Issue                                               Page 3

                 Behind the Lens                      and I will upload it to my website.                    By James        I will then view all the images and choose the best
                                                               one and post the winner; and there is also a prize ....
       As mentioned in the previous artic le , today we        a $25.00 Gift Certificate from a local restaurant
are going to talk about Co mposition and the Rule of           compliments of james photographics.
       Composition – don’t just take the picture ask           So get out there and create some great images!
yourself what am I trying to achieve? Reme mber every
image you take should tell a story, whether it’s a barn         james
in the field or a beautiful sunset your image needs to
grab the attention of the person looking at it. Your        (Continued from page 1)       Quaboag Historical Funding
image should have a point of interest, like the barn or
sunset. Points of interest (subject matter) are all         300th anniversary over a three-day weekend that featured
around us , you just need to put that into an image. An     activities in each town and a parade in West Brookfield,
example would be if you were to shoot some pictures         which included monetary prizes for the best marching
of your child don’t just take the picture; put your point   unit. The Quaboag Historical Society is leading the efforts
of interest on their eyes with a wide aperture setting      to produce another spectacular event highlighting the
and your image will pop! Second, your image should          plantation. Many of these projects will have long-term
have Balance , plac ing your subject off-center rather      benefits for the region. The Steering Committee is
than in the middle creates balance. With your image         currently working on planning a parade and securing a
off-center it is balanc ing the weight with the other       band for the September finale weekend; creating historic
subject(s) within the image. Also be creative when you      tours in each town complete with guides; and publishing
shoot -- go high or low, at an angle or anything that’s a   a comme morative booklet.
little different, and your image will be in balance.
Remember what I mentioned earlier about opening to a
wider aperture ; if your came ra has manual settings it’s
actually best to operate it that way because “you” are
controlling the came ra. Leaving it on “P” does not
stand for Professional! A wider aperture focus’s on a
point and then blurs the background and possibly the
foreground giving you a different look. Making the
aperture s maller increases the depth of fie ld making
just about everything in focus , again a different look.
Can you see what we are doing here - we are “creating
a photograph” not just tak ing pictures.
       “Rule of thirds ” -- just imagine breaking down
your image into thirds both horizontally and vertically
so you have 9 equal squares in the viewfinder or LCD
screen of your camera. The theory behind this is to
place your points of interest in the intersections of the                  Lamoureux Ad
lines and giving your photograph balance. You c an
also use these lines to place your sunsets straight and
to the bottom of the image thus creating a natural way
of viewing.
       Now here is your photo assignment for
September: “Faces” -- This what you need to do, after
you photograph your image ; send it to me at

                                                              Practice safe eating - always use condiments.
                                                              Shotgun wedding: a case of wife or death.
                                                              A man needs a mistress just to break the monogamy.
                                                              A hangover is the wrath of grapes.
                                                              Does the name Pavlov ring a be ll?
Page 4                                        September 2008 Issue                              Volume 14 Issue 6

          Libra ry News                                         Dave Pelzer, author of A Child Called It. A
                Bre nda Metterville                             Community We llness Night is sponsored by the
                                                                Tantas qua High School and the Tri-Town Domestic
                                                                Violence Task Force. Join us in attending this event.
       Internet Safety at the                                          Tuesday, November 18, 7:00 p.m. Making H ay
 Merrick Public Library, will be                                by John Jeppson. A return vis it w ith John for all of
 presented by District Attorney                                 us who read his book this summe r! Come re minisce
 Joseph D. Early, Jr.’s Co mmunity                              with tales of Oakho lm. Books are available for
 & School Outreach Program.              A hard-hitting         purchase (Checks made out to Tide Pool Press,
 presentation for parent’s only is scheduled for                $29.40) or to borrow from the library.
 Tuesday, September 9 at 7:00 p.m. Students (and                       Tuesday, December 16, 7:00 p.m. Bob Wilder
 parents) are welcome to attend Thursday, September             will present “Going Postal in Brookfield! The military
 11 at 4:00 p.m. The presentation will highlight tips           and Benjamin Frank lin’s impact on the town of
 to use and to stay safe on-line. Trends and dangers            Brookfield and the old Post Road.”
 will be discussed, cyber-bullying, along with                         Library hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 to
 responsible use of the computer. This program is               8:00, Wednesday and Friday 11:00 to 5:00, Saturday
 being jointly sponsored by the B rookfield Library and         10:00 to 1:00, closed Sunday and Monday.
 the Brookfield Police Department.                               Telephone: 508 867 6339 Fax: 508 867 2981.
       Wednesdays 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. is SENIORS                  Reminder, it’s all FREE! Check out our blog at
 CITIZENS ONLY! ON THE COMPUTERS. Join us in                    merrickpublic
 learning how to get on the Internet, use a mouse,                                                   Thanks to a
 write e-mail, play games , tour the White House and                                                 generous donation
 whatever adventure comes along. If you have a                                                       fro m the
 particular co mputer skill you’d like to acquire, please                                            Brookfields ' Lion
 bring your notebook and join us . Our group already                                                 Club and their
 stays for the entire two hours and envoy's a fine                                                   motto "WE SERVE"!
 camaraderie.                                                                                        The library's
       Wednesdays 11:30 a.m. Pre-school story teller                                                 collection is richer
 Mrs. Cindy Kenyon, is s ponsored by Community                                                       with new large
 Partnership for Children. Mrs. Kenyon will present a                                                print books, books
 story and a craft and says she’s “super excited”                                                    on CD and books
 about reading fun stories to the young children in                                                  on cassette. Check
 our community. Sign up is not necessary.                                                            them out!
       Fridays 11:30 a.m. Pre-school music , songs
                                                             Ms. Coro will
 and laughter with Ms. Coro. Join us for a “He llo,
                                                             continue to share
 everybody! How do you do?” with danc ing,
                                                             music and fun on
 instruments , and an opportunity to catch the beat.
                                                             Fridays at 11:30,
       Fridays 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.—We’re adding a little
 more to the afternoon than just Arts and Crafts: We
                                                             September 5 and
 are going to introduce games ! Wii (of course) and
                                                             throughout the
 perhaps      a  Stratego     tournament, c hecke rs ,
                                                             school year. All
 hopscotch—maybe some Guitar Hero!              Our focus
                                                             are welcome to
 will also be on providing students with time ,
 materials and storage for school projects.
       Banister Book Group: For book choices we are
 taking a note fro m our co mmunity. We will begin
 with a couple of Tantasqua High School books, Three
 Cups of Tea & A Child Called It .
       Tuesday, September 23, 7:00 p.m. Three Cups
 of Tea: One Man’s Missio n to Promote Peace...One
 Sc hool At A Time. By Greg Mortenson and David
 Oliver Relin
        “Three Cups of Tea is one of the most
 remarkable adventure stories of our time. Greg
 Mortenson’s dangerous and difficult quest to build
 schools in the wildest parts of Pak istan and
 Afghanistan is not only a thrilling read, it’s proof that
 one ordinary person, with the right combination of
 character and determination, really can change the
 world.” -To m Brokaw
       Tuesday, October 21 at Tantasqua High School,
 Volume 14     Issue 6                          September 2008 Issue                                             Page 5

               BUUC Annua l Ya rd Sale                                                  The Folding Co rne r
                                                                                                           Philip Peirce
         The Brookfield Unitarian Universalist Church will
  hold its annual Yard Sale on Saturday, October 11                                       Pa ul Sha iler jumped in head
  fro m 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., the same day as the                            first and joined my ever faithful
  Brookfield Apple Country Fair. This multi-family sale                           re gulars , Marg ue rit e De smo nd,
  will take place rain or shine. There will be hundreds                           Barbara Cla ncy , Caroly n Murray ,
  of ite ms including gently used c lothing, books, knick-                        Neat a Campbell, Pa uline Merrick,
  knacks and collectables. There will be something for         and “The Phant um,” who shows up when he has time
  everyone.      The Brookfield Unitarian Universalist         and does a few hundred copies (thanks , Phantum). We
  Church is located on the Common in Brookfield.               also had help fro m the Hellers and the Transfer
                                                               St at ion , both groups chipping in some time to help
              Back by Popular De mand!                         get their newsletter inserts into the mix. Thank you
                                                               all for your much appreciated assistance at the
        The Brookfield Cultural Council will again
                                                               August Folding Party. It was great to have the extra
  sponsor a fall-themed contradance at the Brookfield
                                                               help, and, we did finish just shortly after 8:00 p.m.
  Town Hall. This time , however, we will inc lude a
                                                                       Our next Folding Party will be on September
  pumpkin decorating contest as part of the festivities.
                                                               24th. all we need now is the rest of the stragglers.
  The dance will be held on Saturday, October 18, 2008,
  fro m 7 to 10 p.m. Admiss ion is $3 per person. The
  contradance will be a traditional New England folk
  dance , with a caller giving the instructions for the
  dance steps. Live mus ic will fill the hall. The dance is
  open to all ages and all levels of experience. Dress is
  casual, and a danc ing partner is not necessary. Carved
  and painted pumpk ins of all s izes and shapes are
  welcome! Co me enjoy a night of good old-fashioned
  fun at town hall! For more information, contact Kate
  or    B ill  S imps o n   at   (508)     867 -689 7   or
  brookfieldc ulturalcounc

                                                               Farme rs Market, all Summe r, Sundays 11               -1
      Twelve Thursday Evenings
    Starting September 11, 2008 At
   Brookfield Congregational Church
        Most people will tell you that separation and
divorce are the most painful and stressful experiences
they’ve ever faced. It’s a confusing time when you feel
isolated and have lots of questions about issues you’ve
never faced before.      People benefit fro m DivorceCare
whether they are in the process of separation and divorce
or even if it has been many years s ince their divorce.
        DivorceCare groups meet weekly to help you face
these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life.
Each DivorceCare session has two distinct e lements:
              A Seminar with Experts
During the first 30–40 minutes of the meeting, each
DivorceCare group watches a video seminar featuring top
experts on divorce and recovery subjects. These videos
are produced in an interesting-to-watch televis ion magaz ine format featuring expert interviews, real-life c ase studies
and on-location video.
                                          A Support Group with Focus
 After viewing the video, DivorceCare group partic ipants spend time as a support group, discussing what was
 presented in that week’s video seminar and what is going on in the lives of group me mbers.
        Mrs. Priscilla Bilz , an experienced DivorceCare Fac ilitator will be leading the group. The only cost is for the
 workbook ($12.00). Please call Pastor Ellie at the church office with questions or to let us know you are interested
 in attending (508-867-6262). Advance registration is helpful in order for us to have enough workbooks available.
Page 6                                         September 2008 Issue                              Volume 14 Issue 6

                          Letter fro m Dad                        The reason I had to write was that now that I can
                                      By Patric k O’Leary    observe all that life has to offer, it gets incredibly
                                                             frustrating to be unable to partic ipate. If I knew then
                          My girlfriend’s English course     how much life I’d been miss ing, I would have lived
                   teacher thought it would be good for      differently. After all, it’s all too easy to fall into the
                   her to write an artic le ‘As her late ,   pattern of ‘work, ho me, s leep, repeat’, and forget
 great father would write it to her.’ Lacking                that there’s a whole planet out there to explore and
 imagination in this departme nt, she turned it over         enjoy. All the gorgeous women in the world are now
 to me. Let’s see what you think....                         mine to observe, yet I can’t seduce, romance , or even
      I can only regret that it took a school assignment     amuse- much less make love with- any of the m.
 for me to be able to let you know how I, your father,       Those privileges are only afforded those still
 feel. You c an hardly blame me ; If somebody came           constrained in your earthly, mortal she lls . He f’ will
 up to you on the street, saying, “’Scuse me, miss ,         never, so long as he lives, know just how packed his
 letter from your dead father here ,” you’d think they       parties at the mans ion really get, or how many
 were crazy, yeah?                                           celebrities are in attendance. Even those partic ipants
       Now that that’s out of the way, let me make a         who may only have a few months be fore joining us
 few things c lear. I see this letter has no limit. Good     on this side get to experience the simple pleasure of
 thing, too, as I could spend the 300-word minimum           a caress across the skin, which we will never feel
 just grousing about that ‘the way they used to write        again.
 ‘em!’ part. Le mme ’tell ya,’ Teach, there were some             Sometimes it gets tiresome , like being able to
 guys I grew up with that had writing skills so poor         lounge around, looking at an immense all-you-can-
 that reading ’e m would be like listening to nails          eat buffet of all the food in the world, but forbidden
 across a blackboard to you. Some could’ve written           to taste a s ingle morsel. At times , you lose interest,
 rings around Hemingway. Me, I’ve always been what           and the feeling you get is as if you’re looking across
 my wife called, ‘a little windy,’ so kick back and          the ocean, feeling your mind e mpty a little more with
 enjoy. After all, I only died three years ago- my           the rushing and receding of each wave …times a
 linguistic abilities haven’t s uffered appreciably. See?    thousand. Some spirits let the feeling seep into
       “Events relevant to my time period would              them, to the point of dis integration of sentience. It’s
 inc lude Vietnam, but those of us in Puerto Rico            how we finally die , forever.
 didn’t have the daily deliveries of bagged ho metown             True writers are often those whose minds are
 heroes arriving the way the Continental U.S. of A.          exquis itely tuned to our world, and those of us who
 did. We worried about getting nuked by a wayward            choose to become ‘muses’ can channel our stories ,
 miss ile, and occasionally the rum producers would          making the authors our mediums , so to speak. I
 cite a mysterious war-induced shortage to jack up           don’t wish to use you for anything more than to say,
 prices, but I, for one, was rather unaffected by the        “Hey, Elizabeth, don’t get so wrapped up in your little
 whole thing. Sorry, Liz , but dear ole Dad didn’t get       world that you forget all the possible adventures in
 too affected by much until I met your Mo m, settled         life. Be a partic ipant while you can, and for God’s
 down, and had my two little girls and a son. And, of        sake, turn off the T.V. After all, eternity stretches
 course, dying gave me a good case of wanderlust.            before you to be a mere s pectator. Love without
 Righty-O.                                                   limits. Affect others. Remember that I’ll always love
    “ Y’see, Death is the ultimate passport. All I have      you.”
 to do is focus on where I want to be, or hitch a ride            And if your teacher has a proble m with how I
 in the mind of so mebody going that way, (as we are         wrote this …. Send her to talk to me.
 non-corporeal entities, we can only see and hear
 what goes on around us, but ‘hearing’ people’s
 thoughts comes with the territory), and it’s just like
 floating there , unnoticed. Hope it doesn’t blow
 anyone’s mind that those of us dearly departed do
 not, in fact, spend all our time watching over little
 Johnny’s third-grade math tests. We can, and do,
 have an entire world to check out. Can anyone
 blame me for pre ferring to be a spectator to all the
 carnal antics at Carnival in Braz il, Tobago , Trinidad,
 etcetera? Co me on, if you could be either doing A -
 Watching a World Cup finalist team play, B-Behind
 the scenes at any film set, (you’re my daughter,
 don’t make me say it), C- At the war room of any
 country, as they try to figure out how to start or
 avoid World War Three, or D- watch over Trent’s
 tonsillectomy, where would you be? You get the
Volume 14     Issue 6                           September 2008 Issue                                           Page 7

                    Police Patrol                                                       Coming Soon to
                                   By: Officer Nic k Abair                               the Brookfie ld
       Bells are ringing… and they aren’t sle igh bells
quite yet. They’re school bells ! September brings the                      S erve New E ngla nd
start of the school year for all you Brookfield k ids.
Hope you had a great summer vacation! For all you
students readying yourself for the new school year            Place your October Serve order between
and for all you parents preparing to send your kids           September 23rd and October 4th by one of
off, here are a few safety tips to start the year off         the following methods:
right.                                                       1. Order at the Brookfield Congregational
       Brookfield kids for the most part all take the           Church hall on 9/23 between 1:00 and 2:00
bus , or travel in a vehic le to school. Here are a few         PM
tips to make sure you all get to school on the BUS           2. Call Art at 508-867-4294 or
                                                                Linda at 508-867-9553
      Do not play in the street while waiting for the       3. On-line at
                                                                24 hours a day.
     Carry all loose belongings in a bag or backpack.       Accepted methods of payment        are: Cash,
      This is to prevent anything fro m being able to           Bank Check, Money Order and Food
      roll out in the road into traffic.                        Stamps.
                                                             Pick-up day is October 25 at the church from
     Once off the school bus , get onto the sidewalk           8:00 - 9:00 AM
      or in your driveway or yard, out of the road.

     Wait until the school bus lights are flashing and                 Volunteers always needed.
      the bus driver gives you a signal, so you may                     Brookfield’s Community First
      safely cross the street in front of the bus.                         Chapter Number 2951

     *Reme mber to follow all safety rules and bus
  driver rules while riding on the bus !*

  For all you k ids who WALK to school, here are some                    From Senator Brewer’s Office
  safety tips for you to follow:

       Before sending your child walk ing off to
         school. Walk the route with the m so they are
         familiar with it.

       Choose the most direct route with minimal
         street crossings

       If possible, find a friend, ne ighbor, or
         sibling, and use the buddy system to walk to

       Make sure you discuss “stranger danger”
         with your k ids. Teach the m never to accept
         rides from strangers.

      Follow these safety tips so you can ensure your
children get to school safely. And to all you k ids make
sure that you follow these tips and FOLLOW THE RULES
OF THE SCHOOL! Lets start the year off right and have
fun and most importantly LEARN!
                                                             Dancing cheek-to-cheek is really a form of floor play.
       And reme mber, Brookfield Citizens, SAFETY
                                                             Condoms should be used on every conceivable
FIRS T! IF YOU NEED US , CALL US, 24 hours a day, 7
days a week.
                                                             Reading while sunbathing makes you well red.
   P.S.-- Kids , re me mber to listen to your parents!!
                                                             When two egoists meet, it’s an I for an I.
                                                             A bicycle can’t stand on its own because it’s two tired.
                      Your Friend,
                                                             Definition of a will: A dead giveaway.
Page 8                                         September 2008 Issue                              Volume 14 Issue 6

                              Fin, Fur, and Feathers             going across the same area at just before the time
                                                                 we got there. To the average person, it would
                                           By Jo hn O’Leary      appear to be just an afternoon rain shower moving
                                                                 through, but we knew better.
                                     What a difference a                Everyone has an opinion on what c aused the
                             year makes.                         fish k ill at North Pond and the river. The state labs
                                     Last year at this time ,    work as of this date does not come up with a
                             the streams were so low that        conclusive answer, but everyone that brings up the
                             a few that rarely dried up          subject has an opinion. Many think that it was a
were of the same moisture level as an overdone                   combination of the che mic al treatment done at the
tollhouse cookie, and just about as hard and colorful.           lakes, compounded by the dead material in the
Most lawns were brown-spotted, and people were                   water, c logging the gills and caus ing the m to
hoping for fall rains to replenish the water table.              suffocate. Another theory simply lays the possible
        If the weir were down at South Pond, the water           blame on materials that might have been tossed
would have been flowing over it for months now, this             down a storm drain or improperly buried in a back
year. Meadows are absolutely lus h, the berry bushes are         yard, coupled with the high water tables , the
full of plump fruit; in fact, I’ve seen Raspberries larger       substances may have leached into the ponds. I
than I c an re me mber from years past. Life is good,            don’t know.
especially if you don’t mind weeding, and mowing the                    But, I do know that a Bass tournament held
lawns constantly.                                                there since, had a lot of very good fishermen
        The question all of this mo ist goodness brings to       competing, and while some good fis h were taken,
mind, though, is if we will continue with this mo isture-        the numbers were way down from what is expected
rich weather into the winter? I s ure hope not. As               fro m a tournament draw ing this caliber o f entry,
enriching as this moisture is now, tons of snow will             and they all re marked on the dark brown color to
have a negative effect on the flora and fauna in our             the water that they haven’t seen before. The only
backyards and woodlands. Buried food supplies cause              thing that comes to mind that would cause the
some wildlife to work harder to get the calories they            discoloration would be dead vegetation.
need to live, and some species will sustain great losses.               Well, that is different, anyway, fro m the blue
        This subject came up while we were traveling in          green algae that had formed after the treatments ,
Vermont, recently. Vermont’s wildlife agency tries to            in the past. Perhaps the dilution caused by so
regulate their game seasons so that hunters will                 much moving water kept the blue green algae from
effective ly keep the game populations at levels the             forming, and instead, caused some areas of the
habitat can sustain, the same as any other agency of             lake to stockpile the material in so me areas , killing
their k ind. One has only to look at the topography of           the fis h there. Personally, I’d rather have some
the state to realize that the majority of its mountainous        weeds, some algae , and the fish; in other words,
regions probably don’t have a boot print put on the m            stop tinkering with North and South Ponds.
regularly, or during hunting season, or maybe for years                 See you in September. Please put the
at a time. The end result is that a s mall percentage of         MassWildlife expo on your “go see” list for
the state gets the brunt of the pressure , while the             September 28 at the Hamilton Rod and Gun Club.
harvest figures are supposed to indic ate a kill                 You can shoot, fish, build a duck nesting box,
statewide, or by county. The point is , that a county of         practice archery, game calling, see the birds of
let’s say 2,000 square miles may actually have 700               prey exhibit, or many other exhibits , or just get
square miles that actually gets hunted, or less. There an        your face painted…….JTO
awful lot of deer and other game species whose only
concerns are natural predation and the weather. They
die of old age without ever having been exercised by
some nimrod with a s moke pole in his hand. For years ,
they treated their fe male deer like sacred cows. Too                            C A R O LE ’ S
late , they figured out that these antlers-less monsters                    Professional Dog Grooming
were eating the mselves out of house and ho me. A                               And Boarding Kennel
series of tough winters cost them a huge percentage of
the deer herd, and brought to light the concept that                A LL B RE ED GR O O M IN G
does have to be managed, too.
        While up there August 16, we were greeted along                              Breeder of:
a mountain top highway by the sight of snow along the                        A.K.C. Reg. Cocker Spaniels
side of the road for a distance of several hundred yards ,
in AUGUS T. We stopped the vehicle to get a picture of
it, and then a c lose-up when I scooped up a double             Tel. (508) 867 -9734      195 Fiskdale Rd. (Rte.148)
handful to hold up to the camera. It was hail, three
inches deep. That evening at ho me , as I watched the
radar on the Weather, it showed a small blob of green
Volume 14    Issue 6                           September 2008 Issue                                                   Page 9
      Some Hot Issues fro m Fire Dept.                                  Calendar of Church Services
                                      Chief Peter Martell
                                                             St. Mary’s Catholic Church              Lincoln Street
        The Brookfield Fire Department wanted to take
                                                               867-3188                              4:30 p.m. Saturday
some time to clarify so me of the different ins pections                                             9:30 a.m. Sunday
that residents may need to have done.
        The fire department inspects oil burners and         Quaboag Valley Baptist Church           175 Fiskdale Road
oil tanks after they have been replaced or had                 867-5920                              9:00 a.m. Family
significant work done on them. The paperwork and                                                             Ministries
fee for these is submitted by the service that did the                                               10:15 a.m. Sunday
work.                                                        Brookfield Unitarian Universalist       Upper River St.
        We also inspect larger propane tanks that may              Church
be used for heating, stoves, dryers , or fireplaces that       867-5145                              10:30 a.m. Sunday
use propane. Similar to oil work, the paperwork and          Children’s Religious Education          10:30 a.m. Sunday
fee is submitted by the service that provides the
                                                             Brookfield Congregational Church         Common St.
propane. The appliance and piping fro m the tank
would be inspected by the gas /plumbing inspector.             867-6262                              10:00 a.m. Sunday
                                                             Sunday School                           10:00 a.m.
The s mall tanks used for outdoor cooking grills aren’t
inspected.                                                   First Congregational Church           36 N. Main St.
       Smoke      and c arbon        mo noxide    detector   Of West Brookfield UCC                W. Brookfield
                                                                867-7078                           10:00 a.m. Sunday
inspections fall under the fire departme nt. These
                                                                Sunday School and Youth Group available
need to done when a home is sold or refinanced. The
seller is responsible to have the units in place and         Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
arrange the inspection before the closing can go thru.
                                                             209 Main Street                         North Brookfield, MA
If you do need this inspection, call the station (508-       508 347-9759                            9:00 a.m. Sunday
867-7306) to arrange a day and time. There is a ten
dollar fee for the inspection. You can also call to
check to make sure that you have the correct units ,              Council on Aging of Brookfield
the correct number of units , and that they are in the                        presents
correct location(s). The certificate you get is only valid
for sixty days , so don’t bother getting an inspection         Information of special interest to elders
as soon as you put a home on the market. We
recommend waiting until you have a firm c losing
                                                                  Tuesday, September 30, 2:00 p.m.
date. Most homes have battery powered units , while             Followed by entertainment at 3:00 p.m.
newer or remodeled home will have hard-wired
systems. Questions about the wiring behind these                        Brookfield Town Hall
systems should be addressed to the wiring inspector.
 While the preceding paragraph spells out the
inspection part of s moke and carbon monoxide                     Fuel Assistance—application assistance
detectors, it is important to point out that c arbon                        Evacuation Routes
monoxide detectors are required in all dwellings and
the importance of the m and s moke detectors cannot                              Elder Bus
be over stressed.
       Inspections and questions about woodstoves,
pellet stoves, wood burning fireplaces, as well as any
building alterations you may consider to make them
more effic ient need to taken up with the building
inspector. He can be reached at 508-967-8342. These
alterations have involved wanting to cut holes in
floors, walls , or ceiling to allow for air flow.
 Thanks for your time ,
Chie f Peter Martell.
 Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
 In de mocracy your vote counts, but in feudalis m,
 your count votes.
 She was engaged to a boyfriend with a wooden leg,
 but broke it off.
 A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.
 If you don’t pay your exorcist, do you get
Page 10                                    September 2008 Issue                              Volume 14 Issue 6

                        Prima l Fate Emerges Victorious at Battle of the Bands
                                                                                                      By Cindy Scott

    On August 16, 2008, the Brookfield Rod & Gun Club hosted a Battle of the Bands contest that featured 8
 bands w ith over 100 proud parents , re latives and friends in attendance.
    In true form of a battle, the winner was awarded a c ash prize of $550.00. The bands that played were from
 many areas in the state eager to showcase their talent. The list inc ludes ; Wasted Ammunition fro m Dudley,
 Subject to Interpretation fro m North Brookfie ld, With No Remorse fro m North Attleboro, In Delirium fro m
 Hopkinton, Harbinger fro m Sturbridge, Primal Fate fro m North Brookfield, CTA fro m Charlton, and Sixte enth and
 Parker fro m Sudbury. John V icaire and Paul Provost voluntarily provided the sound for the show.
    The show was broken down into 3 sets of 3 groups in whic h the audience filled out voting slips at the end of
 each set. Once the initial voting was complete, the three bands that had the most votes in their group,
 performed one last song as they battled for the prize. The top three bands were; With No Remorse, CTA and
                                                                             Primal Fate. In the end it was Primal
                                                                             Fate with band me mbers; Kyle and
                                                                             Cody Buteau, Stan Bruchi , Jared
                                                                             Brunelle    and A.J. When asked what
                                                                             they would do with their prize money,
                                                                             the band said that they would use it for
                                                                             studio time to record, and for some
                                                                             equipme nt.
                                                                                A pleasant surprise of the evening
                                                                             was Subject to Interpretation. This was
                                                                             the band’s first gig and they proved to
                                                                             be a crowd favorite as they had the
                                                                             second most votes in their tier. With
                                                                             just 4 votes shy of winning the tier,
                                                                             they are an up and coming band to
                                                                             watch for.
                                                                                   With the success of the 2 youth
                                                                             shows at the Brookfield Rod and Gun
                                                                             Club, there will be more to follow
                                                                             along with entertainme nt for the
                                                                             adults. Keep up to date with these
                                                                             events and more at:
                                                                              w w w . m y s p a c e . c o m /

                                                                            And vis it the band’s my space sites to
                                                                            keep up with their music and news.
                                             GOOD STUFF                     www.myspace/wastedammunition
                                                                            www.myspace/inde lerium
                                                AT GREAT                    www.myspace/harbinger


                                                                              With her marriage , she got a new
                                                                              name and a dress.
  Volume 14     Issue 6                            September 2008 Issue                                                Page 11

   Fro m the Brookfield Council on Aging                                         What Really Matters
               Fuel Assistance                                                                      By Reverend Dean Mc Isaac
                                     By Barbara Clancy                An 80-year-old man was sitting in his boat fishing
        Fuel Assistance, also known as the Low               when he heard a voice say, 'Pick me up." He looked around
 Income Home E nergy Assistance Program (LIHEAP),            and could not see anyone. He thought he was dreaming when
 is a federally funded program to help low income            he heard the voice again, "Pick me up". He looked down into
 households with their heating bills. The program            the water and saw a frog. He asked, "Are you talking to me "?
 begins in the fall and ends early spring of each            The frog said, "Yes , pick me up and k iss me and I'll turn into
 year. All heating types are included in the fue l           the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. I'll marry you,
 assistance program, even households that have               your friends will all be jealous and I will make you incredibly
 heat inc luded in rent.                                 .   happy."
        Fue l assistance can only pay for the cost of                 He thought for a mo ment then reached over and
 the heat you actually use for the winter months. If         picked the frog up c arefully, placing it in his front breast
 the cost of heating your ho me is less than your            pocket. The frog said, "Are you nuts ? Didn't you hear what I
 benefit amount, we will only pay that amount. For           said? I said kiss me and I'll love you for eternity." He looked at
 example, if you are eligible for $400 and the               the frog and said, "At my age I'd rather have a talk ing frog."
 heating bills s ubmitted by your heating co mpany                    Now, that one makes you s mile , doesn’t it? It’s true
 total only $350 then the $50 left over would be             that as we age , our priorities are certainly mo dified just a bit.
 re t ur ne d     to    our     fu n d i n g   so ur ce .    An important question to consider is whether or not our
        Any low-income household whose gross                 choices will be the right or best ones – an important matter
 yearly income falls at or be low the income                 when one factors in consequences – the ancient principle of
 guidelines may be e ligible. Ho meowners and                cause-and-e ffect. Recently, I have been perus ing King David in
 tenants are both eligible to receive fue l ass istance.     ‘his final fifteen,’ that is , in the final fifteen years of his life
       If you be lieve you could be e ligible for fue l      and k ingship.
 assistance ,you may vis it the office located at 484                 Have you noticed in your reading of the Old Testament
 Main Street 2nd floor, Worcester, MA. Hours for the         Kings and Chronic les, that of the 39 kings mentioned, each
 Worcester office are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday          king’s life would be summarized by a phrase like , “Amon was
 through Friday, except holidays. If you live in a           22 years old when he became k ing … he did evil in the eyes of
 surrounding town covered by our service area, you           the LORD …” or “Josiah was eight years old when he became
 may call the Worcester office at (508) 754-1176 and         king … he did what was right in the eyes of the LORD …” (II
 schedule an appointme nt at one of our four                 Kings 21-22) Listen to three descriptions of King David’s life –
 outreach locations in Southbridge, Spencer,                 “David, the man of God;” “God said … ‘I have found David, a
 Webster or Warren.                                          man after my own heart.’” And “David shepherded (Is rael) with
      Please join us on Sept ember 30 for more               integrity of heart.”      What a legacy!        What a way to be
                      informat ion!                          reme mbered!

               DAVE’S                                                 But there’s another piece of David’s journey. It’s found
                                                             in II Kings 15-18. The final 15 years were no piece of cake.
                                                             David’s skill and integrity would be tested and there would be
           APPLIANCE, INC.                                   serious consequences for his mistakes and s in. Did you know
                                                             that David was probably in his early-to-mid-50’s when his eyes
                          Full Appliance Service             caught Bathsheba bathing on the top of her roof one night in
   New & Used
                                SEBO VACS                    Jerusale m? Did you also know that David’s adultery and the
                                                             murder of Uriah would cost him the lives of four of his sons
                                                             and the hopes of his daughter, Tamar? II Kings 15-18 paints
    Route 9 —Brookfield 1 -888-263-3122                      the picture of David on the run, and this time he was not on
                                                             the run fro m a jealous King Saul or hostile nations. This time
  Visit our new, 7,000 square foot showroom.                 he was running for his life from his son, Absalom, and fro m
                                                             his trusted counselor, Ahithophel. It would bless you to take
   PHONE: (508) 867-3122 FAX: (508) 867-5397                 time to read the events of this tumultuous time in David’s life
                                                             … and after your reading, to consider that this David was the
        Here at Quaboag Church we sing a song that           very one God would re me mber with deep affection.
reflects life honestly. It’s called, “Life Is Hard, God Is            And how about you? Have you made mistakes that
Good.” One line goes like this – “Life is hard, the          have left you with consequences? Have things become so
world is cold. You’re barely young and then you’re           intense you wish that so mehow, you could step off the
old.”    This past week, our c hurch family has              treadmill and go back to a simpler season of your life?
experienced the deaths of three friends , two of the m                I think that would describe David’s final fifteen years ,
were sudden and tragic. The hope of God’s presence           too. And yet, he finished well. He did not do everything right
and love are foundational for every one of us. My            but there was one underlining quality of character that always
prayer is that this hope -God’s eternal hope -will be        brought him back – it was his love and devotion to God. It was
yours … right in the midst of your life today.               his re lationship with his Heavenly Father; w ith Yahweh, his
.                                                            Shepherd.
Page 12                                      September 2008 Issue                               Volume 14 Issue 6

           Brookfield Senio r Citizens                        me mbers.
                                        By Bertha Nolan
                                                                     I re minded everyone of the Barbeque on
                                                              Sunday, August 24, and also the September meetings
       On August 5, at 1:30, I welcomed all and
                                                              will be on the second Tuesday, September 9, and on
introduced Ellen Paquette who spoke to us about
                                                              the fourth Tuesday, September 23. These were
“Serve New England,” a program where food packages
                                                              changed because of Labor Day. I also reminded
can be purchased at reasonable prices. Sign up dates
                                                              everybody of the 2 seats, President and Treasurer,
are: Saturday, August 23 at 10:00 a.m. at Wagon
                                                              coming up, to be filled. At this point in the meeting,
Wheel Recreation Hall, and Tuesday, August 26 fro m
                                                              we needed some laughs. Joe read two great pieces --
1:00 to 2:00 p.m. at the Congregational Church. The
                                                              it worked!
food pick up date is September 20, from 8:00 to 9:00
                                                                     The Money Raffle and 20-Club drawings were
a.m. at the Congregational Church. Ellen had reading
                                                              held, and the 50/50 was won by Norm Barry.
material to pass out explaining the program. If there
                                                              Refreshments were enjoyed.          ……’Till next time
are any questions , you may c all Ellen at 508 867-8053.
A thank you to her for her time.
       Our meeting opened at 1:50 with prayer by                     David Prouty High School 50th
Loretta followed by the Pledge to our flag. Songs today                         Reunion
were “Sunny Side of the Street” and “My Blue Heaven.”                                            By Sandra Burnham
Marguerite and I tried to lead the singing without
Roland at the piano; it was not too good --- as a matter           David Prouty High School Class of 1958 will hold
of fact, it was “awful.” We all had a good laugh on that.   their 50t h Reunion September 20-21, 2008. Kicking off
Assistant Secretary Carol revealed the s ign-up sheet       the weekend festivities will be Friday afternoon Golf and
with 36 me mbers present. She announced birthdays           Evening Bowling. Registration/Open House takes place
and anniversaries for August.                               at The East Brookfield Senior Center at 11:00am,
       Secretary Marguerite and Treasurer Joe gave          Saturday, September 20t h.          Class mates will travel
their reports. I made the Sunshine report. Our              through the Towns of West Brookfield, Brookfield, East
sympathy to Carol and Jim Chaplin on the loss of their      Brookfield and Spencer, re minisc ing the first 18 years of
son. Vice President Jeanne reported on the progress of      their youth, w ith familiar territory and places.
the 20-Club. We need more people to take part. She                 The Historical Bus Tour will inc lude vis its to the
reported that Bingo on Friday nights at the Recreation      Quaboag Historical Society Museum, Hodgkins School
Hall had begun. Ticket Lady Shirley was having the          and Richard Sugden Library and Museum. Dinner w ill
final s ale of Barbeque tickets. That will be Sunday,       follow at the Leicester Country Club, 6:00pm.
August 24th at the Rod and Gun Club. It’s always a          Entertainment is provided by Champagne Toast DJ
good time. Trave l Lady Betty gave her update of            Michael Messina.
coming trips. Under new business , I announced we will             A Breakfast Buffet is scheduled for 10:00am,
need a Treasurer for the New Year (2009). Joe is            Sunday, September 21st , at the Leicester Country Club,
experiencing health proble ms and is giving up his          to inc lude me mbers of the Class of 1956, 1957 and
office. His books are in perfect shape, as he has done      1959.
a great job. He will finish the year. I also announced             Recognition will be given to me mbers of the DPHS
that I would not run for the President seat again. We       Basketball Team fro m 1956-1959. David Prouty holds
will have no minations in November. We will need            the record as being the only school that has won the
someone to fill these seats to continue our club.           Clark Tournament four years in succession.
       The Money Raffle was held, and a 50/50 was                  Monies raised through a Raffle conducted over
won by Shirley Waytina.                                     the weekend will be awarded to a DPHS graduating
       Refreshments were Pizza - yes, we had a great        senior in 2009. Donated items consist of Jacob Knight’s
feast of pizza and cold drinks. Hamburg, pepperoni,         prints and Co mme morative Plate of R ichard Sugden
veggie, and c heese were the varieties. It was fun time     Library, Emile Gaucher’s framed print of David Prouty
for all.                                                    High School, Cats Meow of DPHS, books on Images of
       On Tuesday, August 19, I welcomed all at 1:30        Americ a THE BROOKFIELDS and SPENCER and Spencer,
and called our meeting to order. Prayer was given by        Massachusetts Notecards of ‘Scenes of Days Gone By’.
Jackie , followed by the Pledge to our flag. Songs were     For further information, contact Sandra Burnham at
“Pack Up Your Troubles” and “That Old Gang o f Mine ,”      508-892-1878.
and I must say that with Roland back fro m vacation          Every calendar’s days are numbered.
and at the piano, it was really good. Assistant              A lot of money is tainted - it taint yours and it taint
Secretary Caro l was absent, V ice President Jeanne          mine.
announced the sign up sheet had 19 me mbers                  A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat.
present. Jeanne also made the Secretary report in the        A midget fortune teller who escapes from prison is a
absence of Marguerite. The Treasurer report was given        small medium at large.
by Joe and the Sunshine report by me. We have several        Those who get too big for their britc hes will be exposed
me mbers not well. Vice-President Jeanne talked about        in the end.
the 20-Club, and also about having a drive for new
Volume 14   Issue 6   September 2008 Issue   Page 13
Page 14                                      September 2008 Issue                                 Volume 14 Issue 6

                Recreation News                                           Acting Up at Stageloft
                                      By Denise Senos k
                                                                Our current show running is Bright on Beach
        Current Recreation Committee Members              Memoirs . It runs August 15 thru September 7, each
 would like to welcome 2 New me mbers , John              Friday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m., each Sunday at 2 p.m.
 Quevillion, and Leslie Murray. We look forward to        We are located at 450A Main St. Sturbridge , Ma.
 w o r k i n g        w i t h      y o u      b o t h .   Reservations can be made by c alling 508-347-9005.
        Lewis Field - We would like to thank the          From le ft to right ; Rob Latino, Katherine Waters , Peter
 Brookfield Po lice Department for the ir fine work in    Arsenault, Fred D,Angelo, Kate D,Ange lo and Jackie
 finding our vandals. As you may have read there          Johnson.
 were three (two minors) and one "adult." They will
 hopefully be working with us , possibly doing some
 community service. Repairs are in the works. We
 have noticed that the basketball court has been
 very busy, and that is great. However we do ask
 that the people using the court, please be sure
 your trash makes it to the barrels. Thank you.
        Soccer - We had a very good turnout for kids
 signing up. This Season 121 k ids are playing for
 the town of Brookfield in the TRI soccer league. We
 would like to thank Laura Coulombe (aka Po lly
 NIchols) for a job well done. As most of you may
 know, Laura is expecting her second child,
 (congratulations !! ), therefore she will be stepping         Cleveland......... 4. only 1 species.......5. Cleveland,
 down as our town’s coordinator for the next                   1.John Lloyd Wright ........ 2. 24 zeros...... 3. Grover
 season. WE NEED YOU ! Please step up. One, two                             Answe rs to Kids’ Page
 or even three people can work together to keep
 this sport going. Laura , all your hard work and
                                                                 Brookfield Recreation Sponsors a Basketball
 effort has not gone unnoticed. We do apprec iate
                                                          clinic with former professional Cedric Ball. Cedric has
 all you have done and wish you and your family
                                                          been working with some of our k ids on a regular bas is
 well. But you will be missed !!! Also Thank you
                                                          for almost a year now.          We have seen great
 John Gauthier for hanging the new nets !!!
                                                          improvement in confidence and ability to "take that
        FOX WOODS - Back by popular demand, I
                                                          shot" as well as defense. This is a great opportunity
 planned another trip. It is set for Saturday,
                                                          for your children to work on their sk ills offensively
 September 27th. Again, seats are $25 per person,
                                                          and defensive ly.
 which inc ludes bus ride down and back , free buffet
                                                                 Groups are 6 students or less for a one hour
 or $10 meal ticket, a $10 match play or a $10
                                                          session and kids are divided into groups by age. We
 Keno. Please contact Denise @ 508-867-7955 to
                                                          will hopefully be moving back ins ide at BES mid
 book your seat.
                                                          September. If interested or for more information,
 John Senosk, James and Nicole Murray run a               please contact Denise Senosk @ 508-867-7955.
   play during basketball clinic with Cedric
                         Ball .                                       The Brookfield Citizen Staff
                                                          Treasurer & Ass istant Editor……….………... Linda Peirce
                                                          Managing Editor ..…....................................Philip Peirce
                                                          Reporters, Columnists & ontributors …...................
                                                                                   Sue Fogwill, Phil Peirce, Bertha Nolan,
                                                                        Brenda Metterville, John O’Leary, Denise Senosk,
                                                                                Patrick O’Leary, Nick Abair, Linda Peirce,
                                                                              Cindy Scott, Sandra Burnham, JoLynn Klier
                                                                   Peter Martell, Anne Gobi, James , Barbara Clancy
                                                                  Published monthly by A.P.P.L.E. Seed, Inc.,
                                                             P.O. Box 411, B rookfield, MA 01506 and sent to all
                                                          residents free of charge. The Brookfield C itizen welcomes
                                                            advertis ing and articles of interest to the residents of
                                                           Brookfield. We do, however, reserve the right to refuse
                                                                     submissions , at the staff’s discretion.
                                                                For advertis ing rates and information, please
                                                                     leave a message at 867-9553. e-mail:
                                                                        brookfieldcit izen@chart
                                                                Send Mail t o Box 411, Brookfie ld, MA 01506
Volume 14    Issue 6               September 2008 Issue                                       Page 15

            TRIV IA
1. Who invented Lincoln Logs?
2. How many zeros does a
     septillion have?
3. What President served two
     terms, but not in a row?
4. How many species of dog
     are there?
5. Where’s the Rock and Roll
     Hall of Fame?

 Once you’ve see one shopping
 center, you’ve seen a mall.       Answers on      When a c lock is hungry, it goes back four seconds.
 Bakers trade bread recipes on a     Page 14       The man who fell in an upholstery machine is fully
 knead-to-know basis.                              recovered.
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Page 16                              September 2008 Issue                     Volume 14 Issue 6
The Brookfield Citizen
  PO Box 411                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
  Brookfield, MA 01506                                                              PAID
                                                                                PERMIT #23

                                 POSTAL CUSTOMER
                               BROOKFIELD, MA 01506

                           Promoting Community Involvement
                               Through Communication

  Starting September 11 at B rookfield
                                                    September 8, Radisson Hotel in Boston. 10
  Congregational Churc h
                                                    to 3. Career Fair and Networking Event.
  DivorceCare - A seminar with experts, a
  support group with focus. Contact Pastor
                                                    Saturday, September 27 - group trip to
  Ellie at (508) 867-6262 if interested. Details
                                                    Foxwoods. See details inside on Page 14.
  on Page 5.
                                                    Until September 7 at the Stageloft in
  Serve New England - Order between
                                                    Sturbridge, Brighton Beach Memoirs. See
  September 23 and October 4 for your
                                                    detail on Page 14.
  October order. See details on Page 7.
                                                    October 11, BUUC Annual Yard Sale 8 - 2.
  September 30 at the Town Hall, Council on
  Aging presents information of special             October 18, Contradance returns, 7:00 to
  interest to seniors: Fuel assistance,             10:00 p.m. at Town Hall. Details on Page 5
  evacuation routes, Elder Bus. 2:00

 October Issue Articles Due:                       October Issue Folding Party:
       September 15                                       September 24

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