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									                                              PROVISIONING LIST

Contract no:

Type of the yacht:

Name of the yacht:


Date of delivery:

Time of delivery:

DRINKS                QUANTITY                         CONDIMENTS       QUANTITY

WATER WITH GAS                   Liter                 SALT                        Packung / packet
WATER WITHOUT GAS                Liter                 PEPPER                      Packung / packet
COLA                             Liter                 FLOUR                       Kilo
COLA LIGHT                       Liter                 SUGAR                       Kilo
SPRITE                           Liter                 KETCHUP                     Flasche / bottle
ORANGE JUICE                     Liter                 MAYONNAISE                  Glas / jar
ORANGEADE                        Liter                 SUNFLOWER OIL               Liter
RED WINE                         Liter                 OLIVE OIL                   Liter
WHITE WINE                       Liter                 VINEGAR                     Liter
BEER                             Liter                 MUSTARD                     Glas / jar
                                                       MIXED HERBS                 Packung / packet

CORNFLAKES                       Packung / packet      HOUSE KEEPING    QUANTITY

APRICOT JAM                      Glas / jar
STRAWBERRY JAM                   Glas / jar            TOILET PAPER                Rollen / rolls
HONEY                            Glas / jar            PAPER NAPKINS               Packung / packet
COFFEE                           Packung / packet      PAPER TOWELS                Rollen / rolls
TEA (black tea)                  Packung / packet      GARBAGE BAGS                Packung / packet
NESCAFE                          Glas / jar            ALUMINUM FOIL               Packung / packet
LONG LIFE MILK                   Liter                 MATCHES                     Packung / packet
CACAO (powder)                   Packung / packet      LIGHTER                     Stück / pieces
TOAST BREAD                      Packung / packet      COFFEE FILTERS              Packung / packet
BUTTER                           Gramm / grams
EGGS                             Stück / pieces
BACON FOR BREAKFAST              Gramm / grams

                                          PROVISIONING LIST

VARIOUS              QUANTITY                      DAIRY PRODUCTS         QUANTITY

SPAGHETTI                       Kilo               PARMESAN CHEESE                     Gramm / grams
MACCARONI                       Kilo               GAUDA                               Gramm / grams
PEAS                            Dose / can         EMMENTALER                          Gramm / grams
RICE                            Kilo               YOGURT NATURE                       Becher / mug
SARDINE IN OIL                  Dose / can         MOZZARELLA                          Gramm / grams
TOMATO SAUCE                    Dose / can
TUNA FISH                       Dose / can
PEELED TOMATOES                 Dose / can         MEAT & CHICKEN         QUANTITY

GREEN BEANS                     Dose / can
MUSHROOMS                       Dose / can         CHICKEN BREAST                      Stück / pieces
                                                   HAMBURGER MEAT                      Gramm / grams
                                                   SAUSAGES                            Stück / pieces

GARLIC                          Bund / bunch       SNACKS                 QUANTITY

CARROTS                         Kilo
ONIONS                          Kilo               COOKIES                             Packung / packet
BANANAS                         Kilo               PEANUTS                             Packung / packet
APPLES                          Kilo               POTATO CHIPS                        Packung / packet
POTATOES                        Kilo               CHOCOLATE                           Tafel / bar
TOMATOES                        Kilo
LEMONS                          Stück / pieces
ORANGES                         Stück / pieces     Please notice that we will charge
CUCUMBERS                       Stück / pieces     10 % service delivery fee
LETTUCES                        Stück / pieces     (minimum fee € 20,-)

                                                   In case that the ordered product or size is
                                                   not available, a similar product
                                                   will be bought.


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