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Mary Poul, President

New do-it-yourself project facilitation software from iCanPilot guides
companies through business growth projects at a fraction of the price
of hiring a top business consultant
New software solution helps business owners and project teams implement business change with
guidance from top consultants and business authors.

(Minneapolis – October 3, 2010) A top business consultant can help a company improve processes,
create a new business strategy, improve marketing, and guide product development. But business
consulting talent comes with a high price—something fewer companies can afford in this era of
contracting markets and tight credit.

A new software model from iCanPilot creates the first truly do-it-yourself virtual facilitation solution
that guides users through complex business growth projects the same way a top-priced consultant
would—for less than $1,000.

"The same companies that need to improve processes and business results the most are often the
companies that can least afford to hire a high-priced business consultant," notes iCanPilot president
Mary Poul. "That's why we are working together with leading consultants to create software solutions
that can guide companies through complex business growth projects like creating a new business
plan or developing a value proposition. All for at least 50 times less than hiring the consultant

The software takes a project team through every step of a project, from building the team, to
assessment and identifying issues, to brainstorming solutions, and creating a final blueprint for
change. The process takes approximately the same amount of time to implement as hiring a
consultant, but at a fraction of the cost.

"If you need a new business model, and you can't afford an expensive consulting engagement with
agencies like Innosight or Bain & Company, the iCanPilot solution offers an effective and affordable
alternative," says Poul. "Our proprietary software can guide any group through a similar process."

The company's first product, "Reinvent Your Business Model with Kay Plantes," helps business
owners and project teams implement the strategic process outlined in the bestselling book Beyond
Price by Kay Plantes and Robert D. Finfrock. iCanPilot is also developing a product with the
working title "Design Your Value Proposition with Mohan Sawhney," which is scheduled to
launch in December, 2010.
"The iCanPilot methodology can also help companies facilitate a global implementation process
across an enterprise," says Poul. "iCanPilot software is more consistent and more available than
human trainers, allowing companies to provide high-quality, on-demand training anywhere in the


About iCanPilot
Former 3M colleagues Mary Poul and Rita Shor founded iCanPilot in 2010 with innovation
consultant Tomasz Rudolf. The company's mission is to help business teams achieve their growth
goals by leveraging the expertise of top business consultants translated into do-it-yourself strategy
and marketing project software. iCanPilot's first strategy projectware title, "Reinvent Your Business
Model with Kay Plantes," is scheduled for release in November, 2010.

For more information about iCanPilot, visit the company online at or call (651) 334-9966.

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