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					June 2009

                          From This Day Forward

Slimming Down
For Your Big Day?
Dieting bride-to-be should
buy gown that fits now.
                   — Page 5

So You’ve Got
Big Plans
Wedding planning stress
can turn even the nicest
woman into bridezilla. Here
are some tips to help the
bride-to-be get through
this hectic time without
losing it.         — Page 6

Brides On A Budget
Having the wedding of your
dreams doesn’t have to
break the bank. These
budget-friendly ideas will
help brides save big on
their big day.     — Page 8

Going With A Green
Green weddings are a huge
trend, so here are five ideas
for a more eco-chic
                                The Perfect Dress:             Top It Off                     Our First Dance
wedding.                        Finding the right dress is a   Homemade wedding cake          All eyes are on you. Being
                   — Page 9
                                lot like finding Mr. Right.    topper adds a personal         prepared for this moment
                                Many of the same rules ap-     touch.                         can calm some first-dance
                                ply.                                                          jitters Consider these tips.
                                                                                  — Page 16
Bridesmaid Do’s &                                  — Page 12                                                    — Page 22
Tips from the pro’s on          Stylist to the Bride:          Catering Q & A                 Weddings: What’s
being a good bridesmaid.        Create bridal look that's      10 questions for your          In?
                                heads above the rest.          wedding caterer.               Survey shows popular
                  — Page 11
                                                                                  — Page 19   trends in weddings.
                                                   — Page 14
                                                                                                                — Page 23
Bride’s Guide |                                                               June 2009   5

                                                                          THE KNOT
                                                                          Carley Roney

                                         Q.   Should I hold off on buying my wedding
                                                 dress if I’m trying to lose weight?

                                            A. No way Chances are, your body isn't going to change so dra-
                                           matically that you won't be able to wear a dress you bought
                                            months before. Even if
                                              you do lose weight,         Online: More Q&A
                                               your seamstress can        Carley Roney, co-founder and editor
                                               make alterations -—
                                               something almost           in chief of The Knot, the nation's
                                               every bride needs          leading wedding resource, advises
                                               anyway Your best
                                                       .                  millions of brides on modern
                                               bet: Start shopping        wedding etiquette at
                                               about nine months
                                               before your wedding
                                               and buy a gown in a
                                            size that fits you now. Taking a dress in is a lot easier than work-
                                          ing with too little fabric, and the last thing you want is to stress
                                         over squeezing into a too-tight dress.

                                                                                           Objects Old & New
                                                                                           Bridal Registry...
                                                          Alex McLendon & Josh Phillips....................May 16
                                                          Gini Smith & Jack Langdale........................May 30
                                                          Lindsey Hiers & Kevin Moore......................May 30
                                                          Holly Holbrook & Justin Stouppe.................June 06
                                                          Amanda Eutzler & Dan Tillman..................June 26
                                                          Jenny Tankersley & Tripp Templeton ............ June 27
                                                          Wendy Palen & Nick Copeland.....................July 11
                                                          Keri Ethridge & Matthew Wilkin..............July 18
                                                          Catherine Pilcher & Woody Gayle.................July 18
                                                          Stevan McDonald & Rick VanHook...............Aug. 1
         ~Personalized Ring Pillow~
                                                          Alice Thrasher & Josh Popielarz...................Oct. 10
   ~ Flower Girl Baskets and Bows to Match~               Joanna Smith & Bill Nijem..........................Oct. 24

          ~Custom Made Garters~                           Emily Strickland & Joshua Bass..................April 10
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6   June 2009                         Bride’s Guide |

                            Say ‘I Don’t’ To
                Wedding Stress
                                   FAMILY FEATURES

                      tomach aches, headaches, sleep problems, poor con-

                S     centration, moodiness, irritability, racing
                      thoughts...Getting married is supposed to be a happy
                time, right? So why are so many brides-to-be completely
                stressed out?
                   Having to take care of endless details, manage vendors,
                handle family demands and meet the emotional needs of
                the groom - and fitting it all into an already busy schedule -
                can turn any sweet-natured woman into either a blubber-
                ing mess or the dreaded bridezilla.
                   Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way Wedding con-
                sultants and planning experts agree that there are some
                ways to manage the stress and make the planning process
                more enjoyable for everyone involved.
                   G Expect stress. If you accept the fact that this is a
                stressful time, you can let go of guilt about it and take
                some precautionary measures to deal with it. Talk with
                your fiancé and a close friend about helping you chill out
                when things get too tense. Come up with a non-judgmental
                code word they can say to let you know it's time for a
Bride’s Guide |                                                                                June 2009    7
     When you hear the code                    bride and groom. You two need to de-         stress. You'll feel more energized,
 word, stop, take a deep                       cide what is meaningful to you and           you'll be able to think more clearly
 breath and then set the                       what will express who you are. If his        and make better decisions. Besides,
 planning aside for a while                      mother wants Cousin Jennie to play         who wants to see a bride with dark
 and do something non-                              her bagpipe as you march down           circles under her eyes drag herself
 wedding related.                                    the aisle and you don't care for       down the aisle?
     G Be realistic. A lot                            the idea, it's ok to say no. Come         G Keep things in perspective.
 of brides set their ex-                              up with a polite response such        The most important thing to remem-
 pectations so high that                               as, "Thanks for your sugges-         ber is that the wedding is only a one-
 they drive them-                                      tion, but we're going in a differ-   day event. It's just a party to celebrate
 selves (and every-                                 ent direction with the plans."          the beginning of
 one around them)                                 Feelings may get bruised, but ulti-       a life together.
 crazy trying to                                  mately it's your day and it only has      Too many brides
 meet them. But                                   to please you and your fiancé.            feel enormous
 unless you have                                       G Delegate, delegate, dele-          pressure to make
 unlimited ac-                                     gate. No matter how capable you          the wedding
 cess to money,                                   are, no matter how nifty your or-         perfect and
 you're going                                   ganizer is, you can't do everything         they forget
 to have to ad-                                by yourself. Nor should you, so stop         about
 just some of                                                 .
                                               feeling guilty It's ok to ask friends,       building
 your plans.                                   family and the groom for help - as           a solid
 There are                                                                .
                                               long as you do it nicely Some church-        mar-
 a lot of re-                                  es or reception halls have a wedding         riage. Don't
 sources (Web sites,                           coordinator available to help with de-       lose yourself
 books, magazines, friends) that can           tails. They've done this hundreds of         in the details
 help you pull off a lovely wedding on         times — you haven't. Use them!               of this one day  .
 whatever budget you have.                        G Take care of yourself. It's al-         You have a lifetime of new memories
     G Don't try to please everyone.           ways important to eat right, get             to create, this is only one of them.
 It's just not possible. Nor is it reason-     enough sleep and exercise, but it's es-
 able to try The wedding is about the          pecially important during times of              Courtesy of Family Features

                                                         #1 P
                                                       To H lace
                                                       Wed ve A
                                                                               VALDOSTA’S #1 RENTALS
                                                      Rec ding

                                                                                Tents/ Large and Small
                                                                                Assorted Candelabras
       For The Total Wedding Come To                                            Bounce Rides
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8   June 2009                                                                         Bride’s Guide |

         FAMILY FEATURES                    place, and out of town guests won't       ed meal. If your ceremony is between
                                            have far to go when the party's over.     one and three in the afternoon, you

      he average wedding in America         (Negotiate a good deal on a block of      can have a tea reception. Serve tea,
      costs around $29,000, according       rooms for guests.)                        finger sandwiches, scones and mini
      to The Wedding Report, Inc., a           G Invitations. Keep them simple.
                                                                                      pastries. For a reception starting at
wedding industry research company       .   High-end paper, custom-colored inks,      four or five p.m., have a cocktail recep-
Not surprisingly, couples are looking       decorative linings and multiple enclo-    tion. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres are all
for ways to save money on their spe-        sures all cost more. Do online re-
                                                                                      you need. Make it clear on your invita-
cial day.                                   search to find the best deal - or print
    Here are some ideas to help you                                                   tion - "Tea (or cocktail) reception to
                                            them yourself. You can find plenty of
have a wonderful wedding on a budg-         affordable options at craft, hobby or     follow."
                                                                                          G Decorations and Favors. Take
et.                                         office supply stores. To keep postage
    G The Date. Having a wedding on         costs down, don't use oversized or        inventory of what you already have -
off-peak months and days can be a           heavy paper.                              and what friends and family have.
bargain. November through April are            G The Dress. It's possible to save     Borrowing is cheaper than buying or
slower months for weddings, so many         big on your dress by choosing poly        renting, so ask around. Do-it-yourself
halls, caterers and other service           satin instead of silk fabric. Another     favors are a great way to personalize
providers give discounts because they       option is to buy a discontinued design,   your wedding for less. If you do need
have fewer bookings. Some will also         rather than the latest one. These are     to buy supplies in large quantities,
have discounts for weddings held on         usually less expensive and can be         don't be afraid to talk to the store man-
any day other than Saturday   .             found at smaller dress shops or con-      ager about a bulk discount.
    G The Venue. If you know anyone         signment shops.                               You can have a fabulous wedding
with a beautiful home or a large gar-          G Flowers. Do you really need
                                                                                      for less with some planning and elbow
den, consider having the wedding            fresh flowers blanketing everything?
                                                                                      grease. But the best advice for saving
there. Be sure to factor in the cost of     Many couples opt for fresh flowers for
                                                                                      money is to make a budget and stick
renting tables and chairs. Holding the      the bridal party and silk arrange-
reception at a private place lets you       ments as decoration for the ceremony      to it. You'll be tempted to upgrade just
buy your own alcohol and hire your          and reception. Look into candles, rib-    a little here and there - but pretty soon
own bartenders, both of which can           bons, shells and decorative stones as     your bargain wedding is no bargain at
save you money Another option is to
                 .                          alternatives.                             all.
negotiate a package deal on an all-in-         G Food. Save serious money by              Courtesy of Family Features
clusive venue such as a hotel. The          planning the reception for a time             Photos Courtesy of Metro Creative
wedding and reception are all in one        when guests will not need a full, seat-   Connect

                     THE KNOT
                      Carley Roney

Q.   My fiance and I want to get married where
     we live, but that would mean most of our
      family and friends would have to travel
       and book hotels. Should we feel guilty
           about this given the economy?
    A: The real question is this: How much does
your wedding location mean to you versus having
all of your family and friends in attendance?
    You can get married wherever you want guilt-
free, but be prepared for a smaller showing if travel
and lodging are involved. One way to make the trip
more affordable is to block out rooms in hotels and
ask for a discounted group rate. This is standard
procedure, so don't be shy .                                    one? Visit to make one for free!) Of course,
    You can also create a space on your wedding Web site so     there's always the option of footing the bill for any VIPs
guests can arrange carpools and hotel shares. (Don't have       who wouldn't be able to afford the trip.
Bride’s Guide |                                                                        June 2009   9
H o s t        A     W e d d i n g             T h a t ’ s

       Eco-Chic                     BY SARAH WELCH AND
                                     ALICIA ROCKMORE

                                     f you're interested in
                                     hosting an eco-friendly
                                     wedding, simply start by
                                  having the ceremony and
                                  reception at the same venue
                                  — thus eliminating all that
                                  driving for everyone. If you
                                  are taking your vows at a re-
                                  ligious venue, find a recep-
                                  tion venue within a mile or
                                  two of the ceremony — or
                                  better yet, one you can all
                                  walk to.
                                      Green weddings are a

  PHOTO COURTESY METRO CREATIVE                        ECO-CHIC | 10

         Wedding, Groom & Shower Cakes, Catering,                       Come pick up a gift card for a great wedding gift!
             Invitations, Party Room Available
        3123 N. Oak St. Ext. • 229.247.4613                            2236-B Bemiss Road • Valdosta • 229-244-6226
10   June 2009                                                                                   Bride’s Guide |

                                                                                                        4. Send E-vites
             Eco-Chic                                                                                        This tip may be shock-
             Continued from page 9                                                                       ingly unconventional, but
                                                                                                         sending electronic invita-
              a huge trend, so here are five ideas for host-                                             tions will save a great deal
             ing a more eco-chic wedding:                                                                of paper. This will also
             1. Go Local                                                                                 keep more money in your
                                                                                                         pocket. If you have rela-
   If your venue allows you to bring your own alcohol,                                                   tives or friends who don't
bring locally brewed beers and locally grown wines. This                                                 use e-mail, make your own
cuts out the shipping emissions and supports local busi-                                                 simple invitations to send
nesses. Don't be afraid to haggle with these businesses, ei-                                             to those few people. Also
ther. They will get exposure to everyone at the wedding, so                                              create an online wedding
use that to your advantage when negotiating prices.                        Web site where you can feature your wedding style as
                                                                           well as maps to venues, menus, photos, etc. This will be a
2. Go Natural                                                                                                                   .
                                                                           perfect electronic touch to your eco-friendly big day On
                                                                           your wedding Web site you can also feature a section on
    Many flowers in floral arrangements are shipped all the                all of the ways you are making your wedding green so
way from South America, Asia and Europe, so                                guests will know why they didn't get a paper invitation in
the pollution impact from the shipping is high. In addi-                   the mail.
tion, you have no way of knowing what kind of environ-
mentally harmful chemicals are used on the flowers. In-                    5. Attire
stead, use flowers that are in season and grown naturally                                                                       .
                                                                              The bridal gown sets the stage for the whole day But
in your area. For example, if you live in the South, pick                  since the bride is only wearing it once, it's OK to wear
magnolia flowers from local trees and float the blossoms                   one that's vintage or already worn.
in vases on tables for centerpieces. Wildflowers from a                       If the money saved doesn't sell a bride on this idea,
friend's garden can also add                                               maybe this one will: Try a charity like "Brides Against
a unique, personal and beau-                                               Breast Cancer," where sample gowns and donated previ-
tifully natural touch to your                                              ously worn gowns are auctioned and all proceeds go to
wedding. If you want a more                                                breast-cancer research.
structured look, do an Inter-
net search for "organic
florist" in your region.
3. Favors, Favors                                                                                                                Best Pla
                                                                                                                                  to get a e
    Favors are a nice touch to                                                                                                    steak!
any wedding, but they usual-
ly just get shoved in a closet                                                                                              09

— or worse, adding to al-
ready overflowing landfills. If
you were planning to spend,
say, $5 per favor on 200
guests, instead spend $1 each for tiny live pine trees that
guests can plant. Take the other $800 you would've spent                                       A Local Restaurant
on favors and donate it to a local or national forest, a
save-the-animals foundation or some other organization.                                         with Local Flair.
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Bride’s Guide |                                                                         June 2009   11

  The Professional Bridesmaid
           COLLEEN LONG                      eat before the wedding; the rehearsal    par-
           Associated Press Writer           doesn't actually mean things will run    ty
                                             smoothly the day of; and uncomfort-

 N          EW YORK (AP) — I was hair-
           done, sash-tied ready in my
           chocolate brown bridesmaid
 dress. The bride had slipped into her
 exquisitely tailored gown and was
                                             able shoes are a serious no-no.
                                                 Oh, and by the way, you'll never
                                             wear that dress again, but you have to
                                             tell the bride you will or she'll feel
                                             bad. (I have seven gathering
 putting on her shoes. The other mem-        dust in my closet right now.)
 bers of the wedding party were wait-        And you may not get along
 ing, and we were heading out the            with some of the other
 door when she suddenly looked               bridesmaids, but you have
 stricken: She really had to use the         to be nice to them because
 bathroom.                                   it's your friend's big day —
     So I did what any good friend           and you're lucky enough
 would do: I squashed in next to the         to be part of it.
 toilet, lifted up miles of tulle from her       Things often get hectic
 dress and held it high while she did        or go wrong, and you have                                                       in
 the business.                               to be prepared, because the                                                    case
     Welcome to the life of a brides-        last thing the poor bride                                                    any-
 maid.                                       needs is added stress.                                                     thing
     Glamorous, exciting, occasionally           Here's a list of do's and                                    needs a last-
 tedious. Believe me, after standing up      don'ts for bridesmaids, thanks                                   minute fix. "The
 in 14 weddings — the 15th is this sum-      also to wedding experts Bee                                     bride shouldn't
 mer — I'm practically a professional.       Kim, who writes the blog Wed-                                  have to coordinate
 I started as a flower girl and worked       ding Bee, and Rebecca Dol-                                    those things on the
 my way up the chain, and I have a big       gin, executive editor of                                    day of," says Kim.
 family and apparently a lot of friends.     print for The Knot Inc.,                                     DO: Be specific
     The thing about being a brides-         which puts out wed-                                       when offering to help
 maid is you wear a lot of hats. You're      ding publications and                                     the bride with pre-
 a social secretary, personal assistant,     a Web site.                                                wedding chores. "You
 therapist-on-call, occasional seam-                                                                    don't want to just say
 stress and sometimes the party po-                                                                     'What can I help you
 lice. You're expected to perform these      BRIDESMAID DOS:                                          with?' It incites stress
 tasks with grace and finesse, which            DO: Be prepared. Pack a little                because then she's got to fig-
 can be exhausting, but also rewarding       emergency kit with things the bride            ure it out. Ask if you can stuff
 as long as you remember: It's not your      may need, says Kim. Like a stain         envelopes. Or if you can go dress
 wedding.                                    stick for a dress mishap, some extra     shopping       with her after work one
     For the wedding party novice,           cash, safety pins and lip gloss. Get a   day," Dolgin says.
 there's a lot to know. For example:         schedule of the day's events, and con-
 You'll be starving to death if you don't    tacts for vendors and the wedding
                                                                                                                 BRIDESMAID| 21

                                                                                               Yes it’s Cake!
                                                                                              You dream it...
                                                                                                        we’ll create it!

                                                                                                 Let us be
                                                                                               a part of your
                                                                                              Sweet Celebration!

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12   June 2009                                                                      Bride’s Guide |

            Wedding day bliss starts with a

                       Dream Dress

                                                                                                COURTESY OF DAVID’S BRIDAL

       Experts: The ideal gown should make you feel like a million bucks
       BY METRO CREATIVE SER-              your wedding. This allows time to        time. If you can barely stand in
               VICES                       order the dress and arrange for al-      your gown because it’s so heavy, it’s
                                           terations.                               probably not the best choice.

     B      rides-to-be very often state
            that finding their perfect
            wedding gown is one of the
     most anxiety-inducing parts of
     planning a wedding, but it can also
                                               G Know what you like. While it’s
                                           advisable to keep an open mind and
                                           listen to recommendations from a
                                           store’s bridal consultant, go in with
                                           a list of starting off points such as,
                                                                                       G Have a set budget in mind. Re-
                                                                                    member, the most expensive gown
                                                                                    isn’t always the best. There are
                                                                                    many retailers that offer beautiful
                                                                                    gowns in price ranges for every
     be an amazing adventure. With a       “I like ivory, strapless, A-line         bride.
     simple plan in hand, gown shop-       gowns.”                                     Consider gowns from David’s
     ping can be that much easier.             G Don’t forget comfort. You will     Bridal (pictured above). To learn
         Here are some tips to consider.   be spending the entire day in your       more about these styles, visit
         G Start shopping for your gown    gown, so make sure it looks beauti- or a store
     at least six to nine months before    ful and is comfortable at the same       near you.
Bride’s Guide |                               June 2009   13

                                              Select the Perfect
                                               Wedding Gown
                                             Finding a wedding gown that makes
                                         you feel like a princess does not have to
                                         be stressful. In fact, it can be a whole
                                         lot of fun -- if you know the secrets of
                                         navigating the sea of bridal salons, de-
                                         signers and outlets. Even better, your
                                         dream wedding gown does not even
                                         have to cost a fortune. Really!
                                             Finding the right dress is a lot like
                                         finding Mr. Right. Many of the same
                                         rules apply:
                                             1. It's all about the right fit. Most
                                         likely, you have fantasized about your
                                         wedding dress from the time you were
                                         a little girl. But now that you're actual-
                                         ly getting married, you probably feel
                                         overwhelmed by all the choices -- and
                                         unsure of what looks best on your body
                                         type. You should start your search by
                                         scouring bridal magazines and Web
                                         sites for photos of all different types of
                                         dresses. Keep a file of all the styles that
                                         are appealing to you, and bring those
                                         images with you when you actually go
                                         to a bridal salon or dress shop. Use
                                         magazine and online sources to find
                                         suggestions for bridal salons in your
                                         area, but also ask friends and family for
                                         referrals, suggest experts. Then, make
                                         appointments with a few of them.
                                             You can bring mom and the maid of
                                         honor to the appointment. But do not
                                         bring too many people because it's ulti-
                                         mately your decision. Try on various
                                         styles to see what looks best and use
                                         those images you pulled as a guide. You
                                         may want to bring a pair of shoes that
                                         are about the same height as the ones
                                         you'd like to wear on your wedding day
                                         but keep in mind that alterations are
                                         done after you pick a gown.
                                             2. Good manners and charm
                                         count. The gown you select should also
                                         reflect the formality of your reception.
                                         If you are having an evening reception
                                         with more than 200 guests, then you
                                         can opt for a floor-length dress with a
                                         long cathedral train, according to the
                                         magazine Contemporary Bride. But
                                         daytime or semiformal brides should
                                         choose simpler dresses with chapel- or
                                         sweep-length trains that are shorter.
                                             3. It should make you feel like a
                                         million bucks. Most people cannot af-
                                         ford a custom-made couture dress but
                                         that does not mean you have to forego
                                         designer gowns altogether. Keep an eye
                                         out for trunk shows or sample sales
                                         held at bridal salons in your area.

                                                                          DRESS | 14
14    June 2009                                                                          Bride’s Guide |

                                                  Be a knockout
                                                    bride with
Shopping for a wedding gown can be
stress free and even within your budget
if you know where and what to look for.            hairstyle tips

Dress                                                 Every bride wants to
                                                  look her best on her wed-
                                                  ding day That's why she'll
Continued from page 13
                                                  spend endless hours
    An older-style gown or one that's been        searching for the perfect
previously tried on at a show or sale can be      gown, accessories and veil.
just the gem you're looking for — and it          What the prepared bride
will cost much less. Consider wearing a de-       knows, however, is that her
signer bridesmaid gown in ivory or white,         finished look can come off
which can make a simple yet stunning              as incomplete if she does-
wedding dress. Simple is the key word.            n't have a beautiful wed-
Avoiding lots of beading or sequins, which        ding-day hairstyle.
require lots of detail from seamstresses,             To ensure the right
can keep the price of your dress down. You        style, you just might have
can also settle for a silk blend instead of       to put your hair into the
pure silk. Making concessions and being           hands of a professional
flexible will help you keep your budget in        stylist who has the expert-
check. And you can certainly consider de-         ise to design a look to com-
signer knockoffs or bridal outlets such as        plement your gown and
David's Bridal, which sells off-the-rack          wedding theme. To get you            Create a look that's
gowns for a few hundred dollars instead of        started, here is some ad-
a few thousand.                                   vice from hair-product               heads above the rest
    4. Never settle for less than the best. No    manufacturer Joico.
matter what your budget, you should al-                                              BY METRO CREATIVE SERVICES
                                                      1. What styles are
ways pay attention to the quality of the           good for a bride with
gown. Look closely at the dress to make                                                 Hairbands and other unique hair acces-
                                                   short hair?
sure the seams are straight, and any beads,                                         sories are popping up all over the fashion
                                                      Keep it sexy and femi-
sequins or details are fastened tightly  .                                          world, from gala openings to red carpet
                                                   nine. Add a little bit of lift
There should be no loose threads. And the                                           walks. A blushing bride who wants to explore
                                                  and volume if it coordi-
hems — particularly after you've been fit-                                          new possibilities to complement her wedding
                                                  nates with what you're
ted — should stay in place even after a                                             day look can experiment with hair acces-
firm tug. You have to walk down an aisle,         wearing. Keep it loose and
                                                  free (not too fixed) because      sories, which add beauty and originality to
dance, and spend an entire day — one of                                             her big day.
the most important days of your life — in         you'll feel more comfortable
                                                  that way Lighten it up and
                                                            .                           While bridal veils and tiaras are common
this dress. It should be durable and fit you                                        adornments for a stroll down the aisle,
well.                                             spice it up with some color.
                                                      2. What styles are            trendy brides are realizing the versatility and
    Once you pick a dress, it has to be or-
                                                  good for a bride with             affordability of haibands. One to try is this
dered (unless it's off-the-rack or a sample).
                                                  long hair? Long hair is           vintage inspired band of champagne beaded
When it arrives, you will go through three
to four fittings. Schedule your last dress fit-   fascinating because you           Austrian crystals on a silk ribbon halo from
ting one week before your wedding day Of-  .      have lots of choices. Wear        band-do. Shimmer and sparkle as you cele-
ten, because of nerves, brides tend to lose       it sleek, tight and in a          brate your marriage union. Country sensa-
or gain a little bit of weight just before the    bun. Or go for volume and         tion Taylor Swift wore this very halo as she
big day So it's important to test the fit as
        .                                         movement. Wear it half-           made the party rounds after the American
close to your wedding date as possible.           up, half-down. Go retro.          Country Music Awards in April.
Plus, this way the shop or tailor will hold       Go modern. If you have                Pairing simplicity of detail with amazing
your dress until almost the last minute —         long hair, show it off;           sparkle enables this accessory to comple-
and you don't have to worry about getting                                           ment a wide variety of gowns, whether you
anything on it or having your husband-to-                                           prefer an ethereal gossamer fabric or a Gre-
be see it before the big day!                               HAIRSTYLE | 15          cian-inspired sheath.
    Images courtesy Metro Creative Connect
Bride’s Guide |                                                                      June 2009   15

Hairstyle                                                                          hair up in the crown; just keep hair
                                                                                   away from the nape. Braid it, curl it,
Continued from page 14                                                             wave it, straighten it, and then pull it
                                                                                   back. It's an instant face lifter and
don't hide behind your veil too much.                                              makes the body look more stream-
Let the world know your long hair is                                               lined.
part of your look. A loose and soft                                                   6. What styling products would
movement indicates sexy and fresh.                                                 you suggest for taking the bride
    3. What would be a great classi-                                               through the whole day without
cal look?                                                                          reapplication?
    A ponytail with a bun and a small                                                 Joico's K-Pak Smoothing Balm
twist with a pin or accessory looks                                                smoothes and conditions the hair, giv-
very classic. Sleek and smooth are                                                 ing it sexy shine. K-Pak Protective
great with a stronger wedding gown.                                                Hair Spray by Joico is light and
Don't make the hair too complicated if                                             brushable. You'll also want to choose a
the dress is the focus or the show-stop-                                           styling mousse, such as K-Pak Ther-
per.                                                                               mal Designing Foam. It's like founda-
    4. What would be a great mod-                                                  tion for the style: It will hold but won't
ern look?                                                                          be rigid.
    Simplicity in the movement, the                                                   7. Is there any hair advice that
flatness, the volume and taking the                                                you can suggest to the bride?
hair away from the face. All of those                                                 Rehearse the hairstyle before the
make the silhouette, and the flow of       shouldn't dominate the other.                   .
                                                                                   big day Keep it loose and soft, and
the bridal hairstyle look more graph-         5. What styles would you sug-        don't overdo it. As long as it doesn't
ic, stylish and right now. Don't overdo    gest for a strapless dress?             overpower the makeup and clothes,
it with hair products, and don't have it      Up and away because you want to      then it should look great. Do what you
conflict with makeup. Both should          show off that beautiful long neck and   want to do. It's your day  .
seamlessly work together — one             skin. Pin hair at the nape or build        Courtesy of Metro Creative Connect

                                                                        invites you to experience the
                                                                    ultimate in edible arrangements
                                                                  Put Our Experience to work for you.

                                                                            “BERRY PERFECT PAIR”
                                                                     Let us help make your bridal showers
                                                                      & wedding reception special times
                                                                            you’ll always remember.

16   June 2009                                                          Bride’s Guide |

sweet love
    Homemade wedding cake
  topper adds a personal touch
                 For The Associated Press

W         eddings often are costly affairs, but with
          enough advance planning and a little home-
          grown ingenuity, you can make things in-
stead of shelling out for them.
   Wedding magazines and Web sites help, too.
   “There’s nothing you can’t craft for your wed-
ding,” says Darcy Miller, editorial director of
“Martha Stewart Weddings” magazine. Among oth-
er items, she mentions gifts, decorations, flowers
and the cake.
   Ah, the cake.
   The Knot Inc., which runs two wedding-related
Web sites, surveyed the spending habits of 18,000
couples who got married last year, and found that
on average couples spent more than $500 on a
professionally decorated cake. There are
ways to limit that cost, Miller and other
experts say .
   For starters, craft your own cake
topper, and end up as well with a keep-
   A recent “Martha Stewart Wed-
dings” favorite, for example, was
clustering colorful, craft-store
butterflies along one side of a
fondant cake, Miller says. An-
other: Top the cake with a tea
cup, either from grandmother’s
inherited china or from your
own, registered china.
                     ASSOCIATED PRESS
     This product image released
Martha Stewart Living shows a Silk
           Butterflies cake Decor.

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                                                                                We will cater your
                                                                               Wedding Receptions
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601 E. Park Avenue • Valdosta • 229-333-2594                             229-242-0578
Bride’s Guide |                                                                           June 2009   17

     Another lively topper comes from                                                     It was crowned with two, iron-crafted
  “Real Simple Weddings,” an annual                                                       figurines — hair-tousled caricatures
  guide published by “Real Simple”                                                        flying off their bikes — that
  magazine: Deputy Editor Jaimee                                                          Garvin purchased from an online
  Zanzinger suggests placing tiny im-                                                     shop.
  ages of the bride and groom in ele-                                                         “That’s how life is,” Garvin says,
  gant frames on top of the cake. She’s                                                   explaining her cake. “You’re fooling
  also seen small cornhusk dolls adorn                                                    around on your own path and then
  a cake’s top, and notes that many of                                                    crash! You meet someone who
  these craftsy items can be commis-                                                      changes your life. Luckily, we weren’t
  sioned.                                                                                 on our bikes falling head over heels
     Teri Bellman Garvin, 38, of Gold-                                                    when we met.”
  en, Colo., ordered a simple fondant                                                         Both Miller and Zanzinger note
  cake from a baker for her own April                                                     that wedding cakes are getting small-
  wedding, then personalized it herself                                                   er: Brides are straying from the tradi-
  with a mountain-biking theme. In-                                                       tional three tiers and supplementing
  stead of paying the baker nearly $100                                                   cake with other desserts.
  for chocolate-covered strawberries                                                          Cakes also are getting more color-
  that were supposed to mimic boul-                                                       ful as brides shun the traditional
  ders, she and her husband, John                                  AP PHOTO/REAL SIMPLE   white or ecru in favor of something
  Garvin, substituted chocolate truffles    This product image released by Real           more daring. Sugared flowers, which
  from their local Whole Foods Market.      Simple shows a new take on the                pop up the cost of a cake, are losing
     Garvin says the design represent-      wedding cake: Smaller cakes dress             favor. And cupcakes or mini-cakes —
  ed the couple’s passion for cycling on    up the dining tables as centerpieces          one per seated table — are gaining in
  trails near their home and the force      that allow guests to find their seats.        popularity .
  with which they fell in love.             Keeping with a sweet theme, this
     The cake had two trails running        cake is topped with a numbered
  up either side and meeting at the top.    cookie.                                                                     CAKES | 18

  Have a Destination Wedding?

     We have a tuxedo
    rental plan for you!

                                    (Sugar Creek Plaza)
                                     Mon.-Sat. 10a.m.-6p.m.

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18   June 2009                                                                          Bride’s Guide |

                                                                   Dove Topper (adapted from MarthaStew-
                                                                 Supplies:                         spread the foam glue in a 1-
                                                                                                   inch band completely around
                                                                 Small block of Styrofoam
                                                                                                   the Styrofoam birdbath. At-
                                                                 Foam glue
                                                                                                   tach the strands of white
                                                                 Scrap of cardboard for
                                                                                                   beads by spiraling them
                                                                 spreading the glue
                                                                                                   around the birdbath. Continue
                                                                 Two hanks of white seed
                                                                                                   adding the glue and coiling
                                                                                                   the beads up the sides and
                                                                 6 stems of cotton lily-of-the-
                                                                                                   onto the top until you have a
                                                                                                   1/4-inch-wide band on top.
                                                                 2 branches of silk maidenhair
                                                                                                   3. Arrange the lily-of-the-val-
                                                                                                   ley and fern branches into two
                                                                 Hot-glue gun
                                                                                                   half-arches; insert their stems
                                                                 Hank of alabaster-colored
                                                                                                   into the center of the Styro-
                                                                 seed beads
                                                                                                   foam birdbath and secure
                                                                 2 millinery doves
                                                                                                   them, using the hot-glue gun.
                                                                                                   4. Glue on the strands of al-
                                                                 1. Carve the Styrofoam into
                                                                                                   abaster beads to fill in the top
                                                                 the shape of a birdbath, trying
                                                                                                   of the birdbath, spiraling to-
                                                                 to keep edges rounded and
                                                                                                   ward the center.
                                                                                                   5. Hot-glue doves in place.
                                                                 2. Working from the base,

                                                                              AP PHOTO/MARTHA STEWART LIVING,JONATHAN LOVEKIN
                                                                This product image released by Martha Stewart Wedding
                                                                shows a Dove Cake Topper.

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Cakes                         especially something like
                              the wedding cake,” says
                                                                         OUR BRIDAL PACKAGES
                              Miller. For other ideas and
Continued from page 17
                              crafting techniques, con-
   “Couples today are         sult the new “Martha               FEATURING MAGIC                           Smart Tan
                              Stewart’s Encyclopedia of
wanting everything per-       Crafts” (Crown Publishing             SPRAY TAN                               Certified
sonalized in their wedding,   Group).

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        for your Showers, Rehearsal                             Salon by
           Dinners or Receptions!                               ETS Inc.
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Bride’s Guide |          June 2009   19

Catering to             Brides

                                   PHOTO COURTESY OF DAWN WEBER

       10 Questions for Your
         Wedding Caterer
                  BY FAMILY FEATURES

A      great caterer will do more than just make good food.
       He or she will pay great attention to details, making
       sure the presentation is just right, the food and wine
are served at the right temperature, the servers are well-
groomed and attentive and that clean-up is efficient and
   So how do you make sure the caterer you hire is a great
one? By asking the right questions.

May I have references?
   Most caterers get their business from word of mouth.
Ask for at least 10 former clients and call as many as you
can. Ask questions such as

   G Was the caterer easy to work with?
   G Was the service efficient and non-intrusive?
   G Was the food delicious, and did it arrive hot?
   G Were there any problems that came up and how did
the caterer deal with them?

Do you have a business license and liability
   Caterers should be licensed by the state. Usually licens-
es are displayed in the office, but if you're not positive, then
ask to see it. Make sure you see proof of liability insurance

as well.

Can we sample from a typical wedding
   Catering can be a large part of your wedding budget.
Make sure you know what it is you'll be getting for your
money Take your spouse-to-be and a friend with you to the
tasting so that you can get varied opinions. Some caterers
will charge a tasting fee, but it's worth it.

                                                     CATERING| 20
20    June 2009                                                                           Bride’s Guide |

                                  ly's ethnic traditions. Find
Catering                          out if your caterer will per-
                                  sonalize your menu with
Continued from page 19            these kinds of items.

May I see photos of               Do you offer cakes?
your table displays?                 Ask if your caterer offers
                                  wedding and groom's cakes,
   Some caterers who pro-         and find out if they are in-
vide buffets or food stations     cluded in the price.
include floral arrangements
and other decorations. It's al-   Will you pack us a
so a good idea to discuss
your color theme so that dec-     “doggie bag” for af-
orations and floral arrange-      ter the reception?
ments coordinate.                     Sometimes the wedding
What does the price               couple is so busy at the re-
                                  ception that they have very
per person include?               little time to eat anything.
   Is the cost strictly for       Attentive caterers will pre-
food, or does it cover tables,    pare small boxes of food for
chairs, linens, tableware,        the couple to enjoy when
punch service, table dis-         they are finally alone.
plays, etc.?
                                  What are the pay-
What other fees do                ment arrangements?
you charge?                          You need to find out how
   Are tips and taxes includ-     much of a deposit is re-
ed in the price? Some cater-      quired, and if it's refundable                                          METRO CREATIVE CONNECT
ers will charge a cake-cut-       or not. Ask when the final
ting fee or corking fee for       payment is due and what the
wines. Make sure you get all
fees in writing up front.
                                  caterer's preferred form of
                                  payment is.                             Plan your entire wedding with...
                                     When you finally settle
Do you handle spe-                on a caterer, make sure you
                                  have a written contract to
                                                                                PERFECT SETTINGS
cial menu requests?
                                  sign. This guarantees that
   You may have guests            they will provide the food,
with special menu needs,          timelines and details you
such as food allergies, vegan     discussed.
or kosher requirements.              Asking these 10 ques-
Make sure your caterer will       tions will help you choose
accommodate these needs.          the right caterer to help
Some couples want to have a       make your wedding a truly
special family recipe at the      special celebration.
reception - grandma's meat-
balls or foods from the fami-     Courtesy of Family Features

Let us help make your party special!
Bridesmaid Luncheons, Rehearsal Dinners
         & Wedding Receptions                                              Paper consultants & bridal specialists!

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Bride’s Guide |                                                                        June 2009   21
Bridesmaid                                                                                                        ,”
                                                                                      really cost a lot of money says Kim.
                                                                                      “You have to be prepared to pay And if
                                                                                      you can’t, you have to be upfront
Continued from page 11                                                                about it.” It’s perfectly OK to opt out of
                                                                                      some festivities if you can’t foot the
                                                                                      bill. Also, don’t expect the bride to pay
    DO: Be honest. You’re allowed to                                                  for your hair and makeup on the day
tell the bride that you don’t like the                                                of the wedding.
bridesmaid dress. And you’re allowed                                                      DON’T: Get trashed at the recep-
to alert her to bridezilla behavior.                                                  tion. As a member of the wedding par-
“You don’t have to cut your hair if the                                               ty you are essentially an extension of
bossy bride asks you to,” Dolgin says.                                                the bride. “You’re kind of on stage,
    DO: Walk slowly know your role,                                                   playing a role, and it’s important to be
and smile, smile, smile. “People get                                                  respectful,” Kim says.
nervous, but you have to take it easy                                                     DON’T: Take on too much. Tasks
and let people look at you down the                                                   will come up that you must delegate to
aisle,” Kim says. “The photographer                                                   your fellow maids, even if you are the
needs a photo.” If you’re the maid of                                                 maid of honor. One woman deals with
honor, be ready to fluff the bride’s                                                  lunch while everyone’s getting ready     ,
dress and hold her flowers.                                                           and another runs errands to fix a bro-
    DO: Get on the dance floor. “The        PHOTO COURTESY METRO CREATIVE CON-        ken button and get safety pins. If you
wedding party can really set the tone                                     NECT        do it all yourself, you’ll get resentful
for the event, and should help get peo-                                               watching everyone else have fun.
ple involved,” says Kim. Dolgin           about how you hate the color of the             DON’T: Wait until the day of the
agrees. “The bride really is counting     dress. “It’s especially tricky on e-mails   wedding to tell the bride her dress is
on you to make sure people have a         — you can hit ‘reply to all’ and end up                                       .
                                                                                      too tight, or her hairdo is ugly “She
good time,” she said. Direct guests to    sending the message to her,” Dolgin         needs to know, but telling her on her
the bar or the bathroom. And stand up     says. “The bride is planning a huge         wedding day is going to send her into
for the bouquet toss.                     event and she’s under a lot of stress,      a panic,” Dolgin said. “Let it go if you
                                          so be sensitive to her feelings.”           haven’t spoken up.” Speak up in the
BRIDESMAID DON’TS:                           DON’T: Expect everything to be           weeks and months before the wedding
   DON’T: Badmouth the bride. No                                 ,
                                          free, or, alternatively agree to pay        if you notice the dress is too tight or
saying she’s so bossy no gossiping        when you can’t. “Bridesmaid showers,        her panty line is showing. She’ll thank
                                          bachelorette parties, these things can      you for it.

22     June 2009                                                                         Bride’s Guide |

 7 Tips for the couple’s
   First Dance
   BY METRO CREATIVE               Consider these tips.
       SERVICES                        1. Choose a wedding song
                                   that is romantic but also has a

B       allroom dancing's pop-
        ularity has increased in
        recent years and be-
come a component of pop cul-
ture. Thank dance-inspired
                                   steady beat to make following
                                   along easier.
                                       2. First dance, mother-son,
                                   father-daughter, and any other
                                   special songs should be kept
movies or the popular televi-      to a 2 to 3 minute maximum
sion shows "So You Think You       each. Songs that are too long
Can Dance" and "Dancing            may end up boring guests.
With the Stars" for the revived        3. Practice your chosen
interest, but enrollment in        wedding song with your
dancing classes has grown.         spouse-to-be, this way you can
Many are lining up to learn        gauge the length of the song
the fox trot, passa doble and      and figure out what steps you
waltz.                             will use during the dance.
    Fans of ballroom dancing       Make sure your band or DJ
enjoy the social aspects as        plays the same version of the
well as the physical benefits.     song so that you will not be
They can gain confidence           caught off-guard.
when mastering steps and al-           4. Practice dancing to
so work toward a toned             songs of different tempos so
physique. Others take their        that you will be able to hold
enjoyment of ballroom danc-        your own on the dance floor
                                   during the reception. Guests

ing to their wedding day --
brushing up on steps for a         will expect to see the happy
flawless first dance together.     couple joining in the festivi-
    Weddings present many          ties.
all-eyes-on-you moments, but
at the reception none is more
                                       5. If you feel your dancing
                                   skills are subpar, sign up for
                                                                                Dining & Catering
prominent than a couple's          dancing lessons at a local stu-
first dance. Being prepared for    dio.
this moment can calm some              6. Keep your calm whatev-
first-dance jitters and present    er may happen. Remember,
a couple who is relaxed and        your guests won't know what
ready for their life together.     you're planning in terms of
    Because music and danc-        dance numbers.
ing are large components of            7. Have fun! Looking too
the wedding day practicing
                  ,                serious or intent on mastering
your songs of choice and           steps can ruin the show for
brushing up on some dancing        guests. You're not being
techniques will be beneficial.     judged on your dance moves.

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Bride’s Guide |                                                                              June 2009   23

     T h e To p We d d i n g T r e n d s
 Survey shows popular
  trends in weddings                                                                                    on the Internet, continues
      BY METRO CREATIVE                                                                                 to grow in popularity
                                                                                                            G fashions from the
                                                                                                        1980's are making a come-
                                                                                                        back, as textured dresses,
      When it comes to wed-
                                                                                                        bright colors, big jewelry,
   ding trends, it's all up to                                                                          and cover bands playing
   personal preferences of the                                                                          1980's music are becoming
   bride and groom. Weddings                                                                            popular once again.
   can range from ultra-for-                                                                                G all-inclusive packages
   mal affairs to more casual                                                                           offered by resorts are help-
   laid back oceanside gather-                                                                          ing to increase the popular-
   ings.                                                                                                ity of destination weddings
      In a 2008 survey examin-                                                                              G popular wedding gifts
   ing wedding trends, Fres-                                                                            include high-end kitchen conducted                                                                             gear and practical cooking
   third party surveys of                                                                               items as well.
   brides and grooms to get a                                                                               G consistently designed
   better grasp on which                                                                                invitations, save-the-date
   trends are growing in pop-                                                                           cards, menus, and thank
   ularity as the first decade                                  PHOTO COURTESY METRO CREATIVE CONNECT   you notes are rising in pop-
   of the 21st century draws                                                                            ularity.
                                  traditional wedding, while            the biggest trend is the
   to a close. The following                                                                               G more and more video
   tidbits are some of the sur-   just 3 percent planned to             wear-again dress.               services are offering cine-
   vey's findings.                have a theme wedding.                    G online photo showcas-
                                                                                                        matic videography as an al-
      G 51 percent of respon-        G when it comes to                 ing, which allows friends       ternative to more tradition-
   dents said they will plan a    dressing the bridesmaids,             and family to view photos       al video services.



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