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Today i was out driving in my dads bugatti veyron as he is on holiday. He left me and told me not to use his car. I did an crashed into a tree. Its a total wreck.
Luckily i got out with only a few cuts. Problem is what do i tell my dad, he gets back in 2 days?
People i need your help i am not "trolling"

Asked by Charlie Vendetta at Aug 14,2011 02:02

Best answer

Spoiled faggot

Answer from Abdul Lakosha at Aug 14,2011 02:03

You tell your dad that his son/daughter is a massive troll and has no life! Grow up.

Answer from J.C.B at Aug 14,2011 02:03

Tell him you're dumb and that you like to pretend to have a Bugatti Veyron

Answer from Dr. Brown at Aug 14,2011 02:03

Riiiiiiiiiight. Good luck with that, troll. *rolls eyes*

Answer from Master Bater at Aug 14,2011 02:03

lol either just fess up NOW so he can calm down a little before he gets back and have his major blow up away from you OR Report it stolen and hope you never
get caught

Answer from Chris at Aug 14,2011 02:03

Troll. Ok, on the off chance you're are serious.I'll help you if you help me with my mom's F22 Raptor. I just crashed it and she has to go on dooty in three hours!

Answer from evaohell at Aug 14,2011 02:03

Boo hoo rich boy

Answer from Dbl Cheez Plz at Aug 14,2011 02:03

If you're telling the truth, You're fuuuucked.

Answer from NachoFlake at Aug 14,2011 02:03

you committed murder of the highest degree. i would leave the country if i were you

Answer from Chris at Aug 14,2011 02:03

you tell him now so he might have calmed down a bit before he gets back. that is assuming you aren't trolling.

Answer from Geena at Aug 14,2011 02:04

Say your car broke down and some idiot cut you off

Answer from Joel Keeley at Aug 14,2011 02:04

there is no way possible to tell your dad you crashed his $1 000 000+ hyper-car without getting beheaded. sorry mate by the way is this real or r u joking?

Answer from Brother Ali at Aug 14,2011 02:04

I hope you have insurance. there's really no easy way to break the new. Ask him "Hey Dad! If you had to chose between me and the car, which one would you
save?" Hopefully he says you.

Answer from TheEmilyAnomaly at Aug 14,2011 02:05

I'm sure he'll forgive you eventually. Have insurance? Go to them. Your dad will find out anyway, so tell him. He'll be mad for a bit but then he'll definitely forgive
you. You're his son after all. (at least I think you're a guy.,?)

Answer from Raine Kurosu at Aug 14,2011 02:06
first of all, I'm sure your father has enough money to fix his bugatti if he had enough money to even buy one, second of all why would the son of 1 out of 600
wealthy men that have a bugatti post this on yahoo.

Answer from LoBoiMusic at Aug 14,2011 02:07

EPIC FAIL! your own fault. no sympathy for you.

Answer from gooseboy78 at Aug 14,2011 03:03

well the damage is done. don't tell him yet until he is back from vacation. at lease let him have a good vacation.

Answer from Texas Wildman at Aug 14,2011 04:07

It gives me cancer everytime I see people throwing around the word troll.

Answer from 165 at Aug 14,2011 04:27

Account less than 24 hours old? Check Random user name? Check Outlandish claims in the the question? Check Your trolling skills are weak At least make it

Answer from fodaddy19 at Aug 14,2011 06:20

Too bad you only had scratches. Actually, maybe it IS worse, here's the real story. You crashed your dad's 1983 Buick Skylark, partially because you don't know
how to drive, and partially because that pesky headlight went out again. The spare tire doesn't give much traction, so when you swerved to avoid that deer, you
went into a tree and suffered a concussion, leading you to think that you wrecked a $2 million car and that the Y!A community could help you.

Answer from It'sSupercharged!2000 at Aug 14,2011 09:11

Err.I'm gonna say you are a "Spoiled Brat" well you can tell him Just tell him that "I Crash the car" and tell him i do anything to fix it Or Get a job or a LIFE Mr/Mrs
Troll i can't believe you were So STUPID TO DRIVE HIS CAR!

Answer from Frank at Aug 14,2011 10:21

Everybody makes makes mistakes and if your father is a fair man and understanding and you explain what happened to him honestly/upfront and like a man
more then likely he will be less hard on you.Again it's all about being that son he can truly be proud of and being a man about it helps a lot in most cases.This
also means you have to offer him something due to you wrecking his car bec even if the insurance covers you and the car the chances are there is a deductible
and the insurance rates will go up unless he doesn't make any insurance claim and he absorbs the total loss out of pocket. Hope that helps and best of the
luck.By the way remember to keep your word and try to do better by your father bec really it's all about our word and honor.Try not to panic and try to figure out
what you can do to make up for it.

Answer from helpful bob at Aug 14,2011 11:15

Get someone to beat you up and tell him you were attcked and the cars keys were taken !

Answer from Neil L at Aug 14,2011 16:09

Dad's gonna pay for your crashed car.Just sing it . and then when he asks why , are you singing it . you dont want to hear dad.what ?.look of the window.

Answer from dieselman at Aug 14,2011 19:42

I will tell him the truth, and apologize to him.

Answer from Longjay Mohammed at Aug 14,2011 21:01

Yeah, happened to me too. I crashed my dad's G6 airplane.

Answer from Dimitris Madas at Aug 14,2011 22:03

Yeah. wipe off any finger prints or any other identifications that you were in the seat. Get some random person off the street and be like, "Want to touch a crashed
bugatti?" They'll be like "yeah man!" They touch the steering wheel, and your golden. Just report the car as stolen afterwards.

Answer from Devin Fore at Aug 14,2011 23:25

*rolls eyes* Oh if that happened I'll give you my Lamborghini.

Answer from U Of Eden at Aug 15,2011 00:58

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