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Chevy Blazer K5 1991 Performance?

How should i upgrade my Chevy Blazer k5 1991? Im trying to find ways that can increase performance and fuel economy, or dnt effect fuel economy put still
improve performance. I already thought of installing a new exhaust system a,d maybe better air intake but i need more help/info. ill take any comments and
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Asked by Brandon Nelson at Aug 14,2011 19:24

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You can't really put an air intake on a K5 like that if it has a fuel injected 350. It has throttle body injection and a round air filter housing on top, just like on an old
carbureted 350. Headers and exhaust would help a bit, make sure to check the smog laws in your state. You could also switch to larger fuel injectors or a more
aggressive cam, but that would definitely hurt your gas mileage.

Answer from blc420 at Aug 14,2011 20:30

you know much about it

Answer from Samz Sulavania at Aug 14,2011 21:10

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