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Car Amplifier For Home Use?

basically how does the sound get to the speaker on my stereo, on the amp do I need a speaker wire going from the amp to the stereo at home to make the sound

Asked by at Aug 12,2011 16:37

Best answer

Don't use a car amp for home theatre use. Trust me, it'll be cheaper in the long run if you buy one $100 to use at home.

Answer from Faiz Hasmani at Aug 12,2011 17:46

Well assuming you have the power supply taken care of.(car battery and trickle charger at least) then you connect the RCA cables from the stereo to the amp. If
the stereo does not have RCA outputs then you could use headphone -> RCA cables and plug that into the headphone jack of the stereo for the same result.if
your stereo does not have that.well.take it to an antique show and get thousands of dollars then buy a nice onkyo setup

Answer from burntrose2 at Aug 12,2011 17:58

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