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					                                                                       August 2011
Dear New Sixth Grader and Family,

        Hello! I hope that you are having a fabulous summer vacation. My name is Mrs.
Alu, and I will be your sixth grade teacher this year. I am very excited to spend your
final year at Arrowhead with you. We will have a great year filled with educational
projects, exciting events and many wonderful memories for you to take with you as you
move on from elementary school.

       These are some things you will need to bring with you on the first day of school.
Please be sure to have all your supplies with you.

                                      You will need…
              (You can find this list on our school website as well)

      Two packages of blue and or black pens
      Thin Markers (crayola makes the best)
      Colored Pencils (crayola makes the best)
      Crayons (crayola makes the best)
      Four packages of number two pencils (sharpened)
      Three holed Soft Pencil case to fit in Trapper Keeper
      Two black Sharpie Markers
      Scissors
      One Trapper Keeper to hold an Agenda Book and Folders
      Four three holed folders with pockets
      Four marble notebooks (at least 100 pages each, Mead makes the best quality)
      One five subject notebook (math)
      Ruler (inches/metric)
      Two boxes of tissues
      2 packages of large glue sticks
      2 Highlighters
      3 Post- It Pads (3x3)

       Please enjoy the rest of your summer and get ready for a wonderful year!!

                                                    Mrs. Alu

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