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Spring 2011
…welcome to another packed season of entertainment.
Some of the highlights include fun and laughter with
our fantastic panto Peter Pan, Lenny Henry and the hilarious
dinnerladies Second Helpings. We have superb family
entertainment with Moscow State Circus and a 3D history
lesson with Horrible Histories. Be amazed by dance group
Flawless and engrossed with powerful dramas Journey’s End
and Goodnight Mister Tom.
Whatever your choice I look forward to welcoming
you to our venues soon, with very best wishes,                        The London Gala
                                                                      Orchestra presents
Lynda Winstanley

                                                                      NEW YEAR
Arts Manager

gREAt FOR gROUpS*                                                     SpEctAcULAR
Look out for the groups symbol over the following pages.              Tues 4 January 7.30pm
                                                                      Tickets £16, £18
For further information or to reserve your seats call
the box office today, email               Conducted and introduced
or visit                                      by Steve Bell.
*Conditions apply
                                                                       What better way to
                                                                       welcome in 2011 than

                                                                       with this magical celebration
                                                                       of romantic waltzes, popular
                                                                       songs, special effects and
                              a champagne lottery.
                                                                       By popular demand
                                                                       we are delighted to welcome                         back tenor Lynton Atkinson,
                                                                       joining him will be the
                                                                       rising star, soprano
Also, sign up to receive regular email updates, offers and more.       Paula Sides.
Visit the website to subscribe:               This exciting show includes
                                                                       Laughing Song, Blue Danube,
                                                                       Emperor Waltz, Vibration
KEY tO SYmbOLS                                                         Waltz, Zampa Galop,
                                                                       Champagne Quadrille
                                                                       and more.
Audio           Education     Friends      ArtsSpark   Group
described       & outreach    reception    member      discounts
(Fri perf only)                            offer

2                                              BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
Tickets £12.50, £18, £20                   Sat 4 Dec      2.00pm ◆      7.00pm ◆    Sun 26 Dec     2.00pm ●      5.30pm ●
- children £2 off top two ticket prices    Sun 5 Dec      2.00pm ◆      5.30pm ◆    Mon 27 Dec     2.00pm ●      7.00pm ●
- Senior citizens, students, JSA holders   Mon 6 Dec      No performances           Tue 28 Dec     2.00pm ●      7.00pm ●
  £1.50 off top two ticket prices          Tue 7 Dec      2.00pm ▼      7.00pm ▼▼   Wed 29 Dec     2.00pm ●      7.00pm ●
Super bargain matinees £15, groups         Wed 8 Dec      2.00pm ▼      7.00pm ▼▼   Thurs 30 Dec   2.00pm ●      7.00pm ●
£10.50, schools £8                         Thurs 9 Dec    2.00pm ▼      7.00pm ▼▼   Fri 31 Dec     2.00pm ●      5.30pm ●
Super bargain evenings £12.50,             Fri 10 Dec     2.00pm ▼      7.00pm ◆    Sat 1 Jan      No performances
£14, £16, groups £10.50                    Sat 11 Dec     2.00pm ●      7.00pm ●    Sun 2 Jan                    5.30pm ◆
Groups 10+ £2 off top                      Sun 12 Dec     2.00pm ●      5.30pm ●    Mon 3 Jan      2.00pm ◆      7.00pm ◆
two ticket prices and free ticket          Mon 13 Dec     No performances           Tues 4 Jan     No performances
for group organiser                        Tue 14 Dec     2.00pm ▼      7.00pm ◆    Wed 5 Jan      2.00pm ▼      7.00pm ◆▲
                                           Wed 15 Dec     2.00pm ▼      7.00pm ◆    Thurs 6 Jan    2.00pm ▼      7.00pm ◆▲
Groups 40+ £3 off top two ticket prices
                                           Thurs 16 Dec   2.00pm ▼      7.00pm ◆    Fri 7 Jan                    7.00pm ◆
and 2 free tickets for group organiser
                                           Fri 17 Dec     2.00pm ▼      7.00pm ◆■   Sat 8 Jan      2.00pm ●▲     7.00pm ●
Key:                                       Sat 18 Dec     2.00pm ● ■    7.00pm ●    Sun 9 Jan      2.00pm ●      5.30pm ◆
●      No Discounts                        Sun 19 Dec     2.00pm ●      5.30pm ●    Mon 10 Jan     No performances
◆      Discounts                           Mon 20 Dec     No performances           Tues 11 Jan                  7.00pm ◆
▼      Super Bargain Matinee               Tue 21 Dec     2.00pm ●      7.00pm ●    Wed 12 Jan     2.00pm ▼      7.00pm ◆
▼▼     Super Bargain Evening               Wed 22 Dec     2.00pm ●      7.00pm ●    Thurs 13 Jan                 7.00pm ◆
▲      Audio Description                   Thurs 23 Dec   2.00pm ●      7.00pm ●    Fri 14 Jan     2.00pm ▼      7.00pm ◆
■      Signed Performances                 Fri 24 Dec     2.00pm ●      5.30pm ●    Sat 15 Jan     2.00pm ●      7.00pm ●
                                           Sat 25 Dec     No performances           Sun 16 Jan     2.00pm ●      5.30pm ◆

ciVic tHEatrE                                                                                                            3
Formed in 1981, the russian state Ballet of siberia has quickly established itself as one of
russia’s leading ballet companies and has built an international reputation for delivering
performances of outstanding quality and unusual depth. the soloists and corps de ballet
are superb, and never fail to delight audiences with their breathtaking physical ability
and dazzling costumes and all of this accompanied by their own live orchestra.

DON QUiXOtE                         ROmEO AND JULiEt SWAN LAKE
Thurs 20 January 7.30pm             Fri 21 January 7.30pm                Sat 22 January 2.30pm & 7.30pm
Tickets £24 – £29.50                Tickets £24 – £29.50                 Sun 23 January 2.30pm
Discounts available                 Discounts available                  Tickets £24 – £29.50
                                                                         Discounts available

No ballet can equal this Russian    The greatest love story ever         The most romantic ballet of all!
showpiece of thrilling technique,   danced, Shakespeare’s timeless       This is an immortal love story
pure panache and explosive          tragedy is brought to life in this   filled with magic, emotion and
balletic fireworks. This is the     brand new production. Lavish         beauty. From the opulence and
enchanting story of an eccentric,   sets and costumes, as well as        splendour of the magnificent
yet noble old gentleman Don         the dazzling performers of one       court room to the exhilarating
Quixote. His dreams of a fantasy    of Russia’s foremost ballet          lake scenes where swans play in
world full of brave knights         companies, evoke Renaissance         perfect formation, Tchaikovsky’s
and beautiful ladies take us        Verona with all its bitter family    hauntingly beautiful music
on a chivalrous adventure with      feuds, passionate encounters         creates a truly unforgettable
his trusty servant. Love, duels     and tragic twists of fate.           experience.
and spectacular choreography        Music by Prokofiev.
combine with a dash of
Spanish passion in one
of the most beautiful and
moving of all ballets.

4                                             BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
                                     Rockman Music presents

                                                                           tHE WiNNER
                                     StEVE StEiNmAN’S
bARRicADE                            cULt ROcK SHOW
bRAND NEW 2011 SHOW                  VAmpiRES ROcK                         tAKES it ALL
Wed 26 January 7.30pm                Thurs 27 & Fri 28 January 7.30pm      Sat 29 January 7.30pm
Tickets £18, £20                     Tickets £18.50, £20                   Tickets £16.50, £18.50

Back by overwhelming public          Along with Steve Steinman,            The very best of Abba and
demand, the most successful and      a full cast of superb singers,        The Bee Gees live in concert.
popular touring show of its kind,    dancers and a formidable band,
                                                                           For the first time two of the
Beyond the Barricade returns with    blast their way through some of
                                                                           country’s greatest shows come
a brand new 2011 production.         the greatest ever Rock anthems
                                                                           together in one fantastic concert
Recreating original West End/        including We Will Rock You, Bat
                                                                           to pay tribute to two of history’s
Broadway musical hit songs with      Out of Hell, Highway to Hell, Since
                                                                           most iconic acts.
amazing authenticity, Beyond the     You’ve Been Gone, Sweet Child Of
Barricade features a cast of past    Mine, Total Eclipse of the Heart,     Get ready for a non-stop barrage
principal performers from the West   Devil Gate Drive, I Love Rock         of hits as The Winner Takes It All
End production of Les Misérables,    ‘n’ Roll, Poison and many more!       prepares to dazzle you with an
and the recent 25th Anniversary                                            evening full of the unforgettable
                                     With a twist of Rock and a hint
Concert at the 02 Arena. This                                              music of Abba and The Bee Gees.
                                     of comedy, and jam packed with
production will include songs        the greatest anthems you know         Amazing performances, a live
from Miss Saigon, The Lion King,     and love, you’re guaranteed           string section and over two
Phantom Of The Opera, Love Never     to be on your feet!                   hours of non-stop hits will
Dies, Mamma Mia, Blood Brothers,                                           have you singing and dancing
Jersey Boys and many more hit        All teamed with an amazing
                                                                           the night away.
musical productions, climaxing       stage set and pyrotechnics
with a spectacular finale from, of   to blow your mind, this Rock
course, Les Misérables! Don’t miss   spectacular is not to be missed!
the Musicals Event of the Year!
A musical masterclass
The Daily Mirror

ciVic tHEatrE                                                                                                   5
                                                                          SciENcE mUSEUm
bAcK FOR gOOD                       AFRiKA! AFRiKA!                       LiVE ON tOUR!
Wed 2 February 7.30pm               Thurs 3 February 7.30pm               Fri 4 & Sat 5 February
Tickets £18, £21                    Tickets £18 – £24                     Fri 7pm, Sat 2pm & 7pm
U16s half price Groups 1 free       Discounts available                   Tickets £12.50
with every 10 booked                                                      Groups 10+ £10

Following their smash hit 2010      A magical circus adventure            Explosive entertainment for
national tour the boys are back!    from the amazing continent.           all the family.
Recreating the magic of Take                                              Experience spectacular science,
                                    André Heller’s sensual discovery
That live in concert just for                                             dangerous demonstrations
                                    of Africa fascinates the audience
you. If you like Take That you                                            and extraordinary experiments
                                    with its tempo, energy and
will LOVE Back For Good! With                                             as London’s world famous
                                    zest for life. Experience the
their amazing dance routines,                                             Science Museum takes to
                                    continent that is the source
numerous costume changes and                                              the stage for the first time
                                    of an immeasurable wealth of
phenomenal live performances,                                             ever with a spectacular live
                                    cultural traditions and creativity.
you will be singing and dancing                                           show to blow your mind and
                                    Spectacular acrobatics and
within minutes and left with                                              challenge your brain.
                                    costumes full of fantasy –
little doubt that you are
                                    costumes that remind one of           Fast, furious and frenetically
watching ‘The Greatest Boy Band
                                    mythical creatures or of gods         fun, Science Museum Live
Of All Time’. Featuring a feast
                                    from different worlds. The            on Tour! will propel you on
of your infectious feel-good
                                    whole of Africa’s creative and        an exploratory theatrical
favourites such as Hold Up A
                                    cultural richness is on show.         adventure into the wonderful
Light, Rule The World, Greatest
                                    Over 100 artists from many            world of science. Get set for
Day, Relight My Fire, Never
                                    different African regions take        a breathtaking ride that will
Forget, It Only Takes A Minute
                                    part in the show and through          entertain, inform and inspire!
Girl, Everything Changes, Shine
                                    music and dance pay tribute
to the heart warming Babe,                                                Brought to the stage by the
                                    to the extraordinary cultural
Patience, Said It All, Love Ain’t                                         producers of Brainiac Live!
                                    diversity of Africa.
Here Anymore and A Million
                                                                          Recommended age 7+
Love Songs you will be putting      Afrika! Afrika! is an entertaining,
your hands together to Pray that    spectacular show for people of
the boys are truly Back For Good!   all ages.

6                                             BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
Mon 7 – Sat 12 February
Evenings 7.30pm,
Matinees Thurs 2pm,
Sat 2.30pm

Tickets £17 – £25
Thurs matinee
all seats £17
Discounts available
including 20%
off on first
night and
Sat matinee

                          They’re back!
                          The catering staff of BBC TV’s hit sitcom return with one of the
                          funniest stage plays currently touring following last year’s hugely
                          successful World Premiere of dinnerladies. A new production but
                          with many of the same talented cast from last year who are ready
                          to entertain you with some of Victoria Wood’s best comedy writing.
                          Starring Andrew Dunn and Sue Devaney from the original TV series
                          as Tony and Jane, who are joined by Bren, Dolly, Jean, Twinkle and
                          Anita, together with caretaker Stan, Phillippa from human resources
                          and Petula, Bren’s dreadful mother, to bring you some hilarious
                          adventures from the staff canteen of HWD Electronics.
                          Come back for more – dinnerladies: Second Helpings.

ciVic tHEatrE                                                                                   7
    Presented by Underbelly Productions
    by arrangement with ShowbizWorks

    cHASE tHE DREAm....

    Tues 15 – Thurs 17 February 7.30pm

    Tickets £18, £20

                                                                     A NigHt At
                                                                     tHE mOViES
                                                                     WitH tHE SOUNDpOWER ORcHEStRA

                                                                     Fri 18 February 7.30pm
                                                                     Tickets £16.50, £18.50

                                                                     James Bond, Slumdog Millionaire,
                                                                     Star Wars, Mamma Mia,
                                                                     Schindler’s List... these are
                                                                     just some of the memorable
                                                                     big screen hits to which
                                                                     The Soundpower Orchestra
                                                                     pays harmonious tribute in a
                                                                     magnificent evening of music
                                                                     from the movies.
                                                                     The Soundpower Orchestra
                                                                     is a professional contemporary
    Flawless have starred in the Number One UK Box Office            orchestra featuring 35 of the
    Smash StreetDance 3D, worked with some of the biggest names      North East of England’s most
    in the business including Madonna, Beyonce and Leona Lewis       talented musicians and singers.
    and won the nation’s hearts in Britain’s Got Talent.             They will take you on an
    Now’s your chance to see the UK’s hottest dance act as never     emotional, magical, musical
    before, as they fuse stunning street with jazz and ballet in a   journey from the magic
    show that is breathtaking, funny and moving. Then it’s your      and mystery of Harry Potter
    turn as you join Flawless on a journey through time and space    to the huge musical punch
    to chase the dream!                                              of the theme from Rocky
                                                                     and many more.
    Dazzling... Don’t miss it                                        You will be astonished and
    News Of The World                                                moved by the musical life-force
                                                                     that is Soundpower.

8                                              BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
                                   tHE mOScOW StAtE ciRcUS
                                   Legenda – Once in a Life time

                                   Mon 21 – Wed 23 February
                                   Mon 8pm, Tues & Wed 5pm & 8pm

                                   Tickets £14 – £26
                                   Family ticket (4 patrons) £70
                                   Discounts available


Sat 19 February 7.30pm
Tickets £18, £20

The Counterfeit Stones theatre
show is essentially a musical
mockumentary of the Rolling
Stones’ colourful history from
1962 and chronologically
includes the biggest hit songs,
fashion and vintage instruments
from nearly five decades.          The Moscow State Circus returns to the UK with this once in
                                   a lifetime opportunity to see this award winning show Legenda.
A series of humorous spoof film
                                   Bringing with it a huge cast of Russia’s greatest and most
clips depicting the events that
                                   talented circus performers.
turned a scruffy Blues band
into a legend, cover the costume   The show includes The Didyk, a double Russian swing troupe,
and set changes. You’ll rock       Gregory’s Girls with mid-air floating silks, Doctorovs
with laughter!                     unbelievable human statues and breathtaking balancing
                                   action which defies gravity, and Bortnikova body twisting
Four out of five stars
                                   contortionists. Also, award-winning clowns Valik & Valerik
The Times
                                   and the unbelievable crossbow act of The Popazovs.
Better than the originals
                                   The world’s most famous circus collides with the legendary
The Guardian
                                   Russian folklore figure Rasputin to create a sensational show
The most famous Stones             that combines contemporary and classical circus at its very best.
band in England
                                   Genuinely eye popping
Sir Mick Jagger
                                   The Evening Standard
                                   The Times

ciVic tHEatrE                                                                                          9
                                      Derek Block proudly presents

                                                                           tHE ciRcUS
LENNY HENRY iN                        SALLY mORgAN                         OF HORRORS
cRADLE tO RAVE                        pSYcHic SALLY ON tHE ROAD            tHE FOUR cHAptERS FROm HELL

Thurs 24 February 7.30pm              Fri 25 February 7.30pm               Sat 26 February 7.30pm
Tickets £21.50, £23.50                Tickets £18.50, £20.50               Tickets £14 – £26
                                                                           Discounts available

Lenny Henry returns to his            New date added due to                Following on from the huge
musical roots in his new one          performance on 20 April              success of The Asylum and The
man comedy show.                      selling out.                         Day of the Dead, The Circus of
Music has always been a huge          Fresh from her new TV Series         Horrors has had a major revamp
                                      – Psychic Sally On The Road          and is back rockin’ and shockin’
part of Lenny’s life. Lenny won
                                      on Living TV, Britain’s best         with a special brand new show
the New Faces talent show at
                                      loved celebrity psychic, Sally       created especially to celebrate
16 years old and has been a
                                      Morgan visits Darlington for         its 15th anniversary.
comedian ever since.
                                      the first time. Sally has used her   The show contains some of
An accomplished comedian,
                                      gift over the years to help many     the greatest, most bizarre and
actor, writer, TV presenter and
                                      people, most notably famous for      beautiful circus acts on earth.
fund-raiser, Lenny still cites
                                      her work with the late Princess      From dare-devil flying trapeze
his first love as music.
                                      Diana. Her reputation has been       to a vampiric crow woman
Cradle To Rave, which Lenny           built from her close relationship    suspended only by her hair,
co-wrote with Jon Carter, will        with many high profile               from whirlwind roller skaters
take audiences on a voyage            celebrities. Sally now brings        to sword swallowers. All this
through the decades, exploring        her amazing abilities and her        plus pickled and bendy people,
the exact role music has played       tremendous personality to the        voodoo warriors, knife throwers
in his life, and continues to play.   stage with a unique theatrical       and an almighty cast of 26 of
It is a touching journey but, in      experience, which is both hugely     the wildest, weirdest but most
true Lenny style, there are plenty    entertaining and enlightening.       of all greatest performers
of laughs and lots of funky tunes.                                         on Earth.
                                      Sally Morgan has taken the
                                      UK by storm!!                        Contains some nudity
                                               and strong language

10                                              BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK

Tues 1 – Sat 5 March
Evenings 7.30pm,
Matinees Wed
& Thurs 1.30pm,
Sat 2.30pm

Tickets £15 – £22
Wed & Thurs matinees
£15, school groups £10
with 1 free seat for
every 10 booked
Discounts available
including 20% off on first
night and Sat matinee

David Grindley’s superb         In the days leading up to the last great German offensive of the
production – arouses emotions   First World War, Raleigh, an 18 year old soldier joins a besieged
that go too deep for words      company of soldiers in the British trenches at St Quentin.
Daily Telegraph
                                There he finds his new comrades being led by his old school
As compelling and moving as
                                friend Stanhope, but discovers the man in army greens is much
anything today. Don’t miss it
                                changed from the boy he left behind in cricketing whites.
Financial Times
          A donation for each   Based on the author’s own experience of the Front and life in
          ticket sold will be   the trenches, it celebrates humour and courage in the face of
          made to the poppy
          appeal - supporting
                                certain tragedy, and remains an important reminder of the
          The British Legion    horrors of war and the real, unromanticised heroes who fought it.

ciVic tHEatrE                                                                                       11
The Birmingham
Stage Company presents


Tues 8 – Sat 12 March
Tues 7pm, Wed & Thurs 10.30am
& 1.30pm, Fri 10.30am & 7pm,
Sat 2.30pm & 7pm

Adults £12.50, children £9,
family ticket £37 (4 patrons,
min 1 adult), schools and
groups £7.50 with 1 free ticket
with every 10 booked

The auditorium seems fit to       We all want to meet people from history. The trouble is everyone is dead!
combust spontaneously in an       So it’s time to prepare yourselves for Horrible Histories live on stage!
explosion of joy and excitement   Using actors and ground-breaking 3D special effects, these two
The Times                         astounding shows – The Awful Egyptians and The Ruthless Romans
Performance schedule:             – are guaranteed to thrill you and your children. Historical figures
The Awful Egyptians               and events will come alive on stage and hover at your fingertips.
Tues 7pm, Wed 10.30am,            The Awful Egyptians
Thurs 1.30pm, Fri 10.30am,        From the fascinating Pharaohs to the power of the pyramids,
Sat 7pm                           discover the foul facts of death and decay with the meanest mummies
The Ruthless Romans               in Egypt. Are you ready to rumble with Ramesses the Great?
Wed 1.30pm, Thurs 10.30am,        Dare you enter through the Gates of the Afterlife?
Fri 7pm, Sat 2.30pm               The Ruthless Romans
See a trailer of the shows at     From the evil Emperors to the gruesome gladiators, find out why           there’s no place like Rome! Experience the terrible tactics of the
                                  Roman army, hold on tight for a jaw-dropping journey into
Recommended age 5+
                                  Roman Britain and prepare to meet sword-slaying Spartacus!

12                                          BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
EJB Entertainment & Charles Aerts
Concerts Present... In Association
with Ampersand Productions Ltd
tHe ‘aLL-neW’ ORiginaL tRiBUte tO
2011 UK tOUR

Mon 14 – Sat 19 March
Mon – Thurs 7.30pm, Fri 5.30pm
& 8.30pm, Sat 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Tickets £17 – £25
Fri 5.30pm all seats £17
Discounts available
including 20% off
on first night and
Sat matinee

A rip-roaring, foot stomping boogie   The legendary Original Tribute to The Blues Brothers is back in the
Daily Mail                            UK at last! Yes folks, the show that started it all has been playing
                                      sell-out tours all over Europe these past few years, but Jake and
                                      Elwood Blues know that home is where the heart is – so they’re
                                      back in town on a serious mission to entertain you!
                                      Featuring cast members from the original hit West End run,
                                      this all-new show brings you all those amazing, favourite and
                                      classic moments and more; including a brand new set, new twists,
                                      new moves, new songs – and freshly laundered suits!!
                                      The boys are joined by one of Europe’s finest seven piece bands
                                      and the sassy ‘Bluettes’; playing all your favourite songs, including
                                      Everybody, Shake A Tail Feather, Sweet Home Chicago, Think, Respect,
                                      Gimme Some Loving, and loads, loads more!
                                      So dust off your pork pie hat, dig out your shades and prepare to party
                                      like never before! Join the Blues Brothers for a night of the finest music,
                                      moves, thrills and spills you’re likely to see this side of Chicago!

ciVic tHEatrE                                                                                                  13
Tues 22 – Sat 26 March
Evenings 7.30pm,
Matinee Sat 2.30pm

Tickets £19 – £23.50
Discounts available
including 20% off
on first night and
Sat matinee

                         Starring Rikki Loney (X Factor), Nikitta Angus (X Factor), Andy
                         Scott Lee (Pop Idol), Emma Beard (Pop Stars – The Rivals), Shaun
                         Smith (Britain’s Got Talent), Stacey McClean (X Factor), Anthony
                         Kavanagh (Grease Is The Word), Kimberley Southwick (X Factor),
                         Aaron Bayley (Pop Idol) and Trevor Francis (Last Choir Standing).
                         Ten of the biggest stars of reality TV shows, including The X Factor and
                         Britain’s Got Talent, have been brought together to create the ultimate
                         pop group for a spectacular concert inspired by the smash hit TV
                         phenomenon Glee.
                         This high-octane, feel-good production showcases jaw-dropping
                         choreography and brilliant new arrangements of classic tracks
                         including Don’t Stop Believin’ and Gold Digger.

14                                 BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
The Children’s Touring
Partnership presents
The Chichester Festival
Theatre production of

miStER tOm
By Michelle Magorian
Adaptation by David Wood
Directed by Angus Jackson

Tues 29 March – Sat 2 April
Tues 7pm, Wed & Thurs
1.30pm & 7pm, Fri 7pm,
Sat 2.30pm & 7pm

Tickets £15 – £20
Wed & Thurs matinees £15,
schools £10 with 1 free
seat for every 10 booked
Discounts available including
20% off on first night and
Sat matinee

Oliver Ford Davies              Set during the dark and dangerous build up to the Second World
                                War, Goodnight Mister Tom follows sad William Beech, who is
                                evacuated to the idyllic English countryside and builds a remarkable
                                and moving friendship with the elderly recluse Tom Oakley.
                                All seems perfect until William is devastatingly summoned by
                                his mother back to London. A tale of two broken souls at very
                                different ends of the age scale, Goodnight Mister Tom celebrates
A marvellous story that knows   the value of love and proves that friendship knows no barriers.
just how to grab the emotions
                                First published in the UK in 1981, this is an enduring classic for
The Guardian
                                both children and adults alike. Starring Olivier award winning
                                Oliver Ford Davies (Star Wars and Kavanagh QC) in the role
                                of Tom Oakley.
Recommended age 8+
                                This brand new production marking the 30th Anniversary of
                                Goodnight Mister Tom is a heart-warming and inspiring evening,
                                perfect for everyone who loves theatre.

ciVic tHEatrE                                                                                          15
Darlington OS presents

Wed 6 – Sat 16 April
Evenings 7.15pm

Tickets from £10

                         Broadway comes to Darlington with this all-time classic American
                         musical. Tony Award Winner for Best New Musical when it premiered,
                         42nd Street combines high octane choreography and one show-
                         stopping number after another with irresistible razzamatazz.
                         A celebration of the stuff that dreams are made of, 42nd Street is the
                         timeless, inspiring story of small-town girl Peggy Sawyer’s meteoric
                         rise from the anonymity of the chorus line to the spotlight of the
                         Broadway star.
                         Deliciously uplifting and joyful, 42nd Street also has the edginess
                         of New York City itself – sexy, glamorous, seductive.
                         Toe-tap and foot-stomp to Lullaby Of Broadway, We’re In The Money
                         and the spectacular title number, 42nd Street.
                         Ticket hotline 01325 244659
                         Book online

16                                 BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
Amande Concerts presents

                                   tHAt’LL bE tHE DAY JOE bROWN
tHE big bALLEt
                                                      iN cONcERt
                                   25tH ANNiVERSARY

Mon 18 April 7.30pm                Tues 19 April 7.30pm                Thurs 21 April 7.30pm
Tickets £20, £22                   Tickets £18, £20                    Tickets £20.50, £22.50

A ballet like no other ever seen   The legendary That’ll Be The Day,   This country’s premier Rock ‘n’
before in the UK, an ensemble      the UK’s most successful            Roll legend Joe Brown comes to
of 16 Corps de Ballet dancers,     touring Rock ‘n’ Roll production    us after another remarkable year
each weighing no less than         returns with their 25th             even by his own high standards.
16-stone and united in a           Anniversary show.                   Over the last couple of years
common cause: not to lose          Trevor, Gary and the gang return    he has celebrated his 50th
a single pound.                    with the show’s greatest hits,      anniversary with sell-out tours,
From Russia, The Big Ballet        featuring the most popular          achieved a Gold Record for
formed in 1994 and set out         feel-good comedy routines and       sales of his Very Best Of album
to deliberately and, above all,    favourite hits from the 1950s,      and in 2009 received both
self-confidently challenge         60s and 70s which have been         MOJO magazine’s coveted
accepted social standards in       performed in the show over          Outstanding Contribution
a world where the pursuit          the last 25 years.                  To Music Award and an MBE.
of slenderness and beauty          We guarantee you’ll be on           Join Joe and his band for an
seems obsessive.                   your feet and dancing before        evening of timeless classics,
These ladies perform classical     the night is over!!                 Gospel, Country, Folk and Rock
and modern ballet pieces                                               ‘n’ Roll music, don’t miss your
                                   25 years and still rocking!! –
in a hilarious comedy show                                             chance to see one of the all
                                   DON’T MISS THIS
full of fun and astonishing                                            time great talents perform live.
                                   BIRTHDAY PARTY!!
choreography, proving that                                             This is a sensational show,
you shouldn’t take life,           Non-Stop Nostalgia!
                                                                       one you should not miss.
or yourself, too seriously.        The Express
Enjoy the show! It will both
surprise and thrill you!

ciVic tHEatrE                                                                                         17
                                       tHE cHUcKLE
                                       bROtHERS                           JOHN HYLtON
                                       bARRY pOttY & HiS FULL
                                       bLOOD bROtHER pAUL iN              REAL DiAmOND
KAtE RUSbY                             tHE gHOStLY SHADOWS                tHE JAzz SiNgER tOUR

Sat 23 April 7.30pm                    Tues 26 April 2.30pm & 5.30pm      Wed 27 April 7.30pm
Tickets £17, £19, U16s £12             Tickets £12.50                     Tickets £14.50, £16.50

The defining voice of                  Barry Potty and his best friend,   Neil Diamond is an icon. His fan
contemporary English Folk              brother Paul accidentally arrive   base in the UK is exceptionally
Music, Kate Rusby’s exquisite          at Pigsnorts School of Magic.      large and loyal, and John Hylton
interpretations of traditional songs   They were on their way for an      is the very best Diamond tribute
and finely wrought self-penned         interview at a different school    act in the world.
tunes have won her an audience         as handy-men and actually          In 1980, Neil Diamond starred
that reaches beyond the genre.         took a wrong turn on the           with Sir Laurence Olivier in the
In November 2010 Rusby                 motorway and now they              film The Jazz Singer. Neil wrote
released her much anticipated          are totally confused!              all the songs for the film...
new album, Make The Light.             It is the wrong school and         which became his most
It features Rusby’s all-new band       strange things start to happen     successful album.
who have been drawn from               with magical illusions and         Tonight, join John, together
the cream of Britain’s Folk            a story that could be an           with his talented band, as we
instrumentalists. Accompanied          episode of ChuckleVision.          celebrate together the music of
by these players tonight’s
                                       Watch out! There are ghosts,       Neil Diamond's The Jazz Singer,
performance will feature songs
                                       ghouls, fun, laughter and          performing all the songs from
from Make The Light together
                                       some mess on the way!              the album, with a selection of
with much loved favourites. 
                                       And it could hit you!!             Neil's other well-known hits!
Her wondrous singing ensures
a truly remarkable and uplifting       Don’t miss this new show with
concert experience.                    full supporting cast. A Chuckle
                                       Brother’s show to remember!
Folk music doesn’t get any cooler
than Kate Rusby
Q magazine

18                                               BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK

Thurs 28 April 7.30pm Tickets £19.50, £21.50
Family ticket £65 (4 patrons)

Direct from China! The internationally acclaimed
production returns with a brand new show before
embarking on a new European tour.

FOStER AND ALLEN                                   cORRiE!
Fri 29 April 7.30pm Tickets £16.50, £18.50         Mon 2 - Sat 7 May

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend a wonderful   Evenings 7.30pm
evening being serenaded and entertained by this    Matinees Thurs 2pm, Sat 2.30pm
well-loved Irish duo.                              Tickets £17 – £25
                                                   Thurs matinee all seats £17
                                                   Discounts available including
                                                   20% off first night and Sat matinee

                                                   Celebrating 50 Golden years of Britain’s
                                                   longest-running and most loved soap, the
                                                   World Premiere of this brand new comedy
                                                   play is not to be missed. Relive those magic

                                                   moments from ‘the Street’ – see the tram run
                                                   over Alan, Tracy kill Charlie, Todd kiss Nick
                                                   and Gail marry Brian, Martin, Richard and Joe!
Sat 30 April 3pm & 8pm Tickets £19.50 – £23.50     Corrie! It’s right up your street.
The show features the unforgettable talents        A hilarious roller coaster. Go and see Corrie!
of Dave Berry, Chris Farlowe, Wayne Fontana,       William Roache (Ken Barlow and original
Terry Sylvester (formerly of The Hollies) all      cast member)
backed by Vanity Fare and The Merseybeats.

ciVic tHEatrE                                                                                       19
                                                           tHE gLObAL pHENOmENON cOmES tO DARLiNgtON
     JUNgLE bOOK
     Tues 10 – Sat 14 May Tues 7pm,
     Wed & Thurs 10.30am & 1.30pm,
     Fri 10.30am & 7pm, Sat 2.30pm & 7pm

     Tickets Adults £12.50, children £9,
     family ticket £37 (4 patrons min 1 adult),
     schools and groups £7.50 with 1 free
     with every 10 booked

                                                           Mon 16 – Sat 21 May
                                                           Evenings 7.30pm,
                                                           Matinees Thurs 2pm, Sat 2.30pm

                                                           Calendar Girls has been the fastest selling tour
                                                           ever and has triumphed in the West End. Now,
                                                           it’s coming to Darlington for one week only.
                                                           A group of ordinary women do something
     The Birmingham Stage Company is proud
                                                           extraordinary and spark a global phenomenon
     to present Rudyard Kipling’s classic story
                                                           when they persuade one another to pose for
     about Mowgli, a young boy who is raised in
                                                           a charity calendar with a difference! Based
     the jungle by a family of wolves. When Sher
                                                           on an inspiring true story, Calendar Girls
     Khan the tiger swears to kill the child, Baloo
                                                           is quirky, poignant and hilarious.
     and Bagheera agree to take the boy to the
     man village for his safety. But the jungle            Calendar Girls has sold out in every theatre
     holds dangers and surprises for them all              it’s visited before opening. Don’t miss out and
     and Mowgli’s extraordinary adventure                  book today for the show the Mail on Sunday
     has just begun!                                       said is ‘marvellous theatre, guaranteed to make
                                                           you laugh, cry and come out singing Jerusalem!‘
     If you’re looking for a magnificent
     experience for all the family, then don’t             Cast to be announced.
     miss this acclaimed theatrical production             A show I could see over and over again
     of Kipling’s timeless story!                          – and I hope I will!
     Recommended age 5+                                    Sir Cliff Richard

20                                                BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
              The Arts Centre continues to offer an extensive
              range of entertainment from live music and theatre
              to visual arts, films, courses and activities for young
              people. Group discounts are also available at selected
              performances at the Arts Centre, ask for details.
              With lots to see and do, why not call in and
              enjoy what’s on offer? Browse the galleries, see a
              performance or visit the Lounge, a relaxing place
              to meet friends and enjoy fabulous food and drink.

arts cENtrE                                                             21
StiLL timE tO cAtcH…

Brother Wolf presents

as tOLd By JacOB maRLey (deceased)                  zOë giLbY QUiNtEt
Tues 7 December 8pm                                 Fri 17 December 8pm
Tickets £10.50                                      Tickets £12.50
Discounts available                                 Discounts £10.50 

A unique one man show adapted and performed         Zoë Gilby is a tremendous young jazz vocalist
by award-winning actor/writer James Hyland.         who has been making a real impression on the
                                                    current jazz scene with her superb interpretations
Told from the perspective of Scrooge’s deceased
                                                    of the great American songbook.
business partner, this critically acclaimed
theatrical adaptation promises thrills, chills      Part of Jazz Nights Season, 25% discount
and excitement aplenty for all age groups.          available, ask for details

ROcKiN’ iN RHYtHm                                   cHRiStmAS cROONERS
Wed 8 December 8pm                                  Wed 22 December 8pm – sold out
Tickets £17                                         Extra performance added at 2pm Tickets £14

Blues/pop legend Paul Jones teams up with           A fantastic cast of West End singers perform over
Digby Fairweather’s Half Dozen for a new            30 Christmas hits including Chestnuts Roasting on
show Rockin’ In Rhythm.                             an Open Fire, Little Drummer Boy, White Christmas,
                                                    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Silent Night and many
A must for all Blues, Rock, and Jazz fans.
                                                    more festive favourites.
Last few seats remaining.

22                                           BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
AN EVENiNg                              ANDREW O'NEiLL                          JOSEpHiNE DAViES
WitH KAtY LiED                          OccULt cOmEDiAN                         QUiNtEt
Sat 8 January 8pm                       Wed 19 January 8pm                      Fri 21 January 8pm
Tickets £10                             Tickets £10                             Tickets £12.50
                                                                                Discounts £10.50

An amazing evening of                   Andrew O’Neill is, quite simply,        Tenor saxophonist and composer
music from emerging Roots-              British comedy’s hottest property       Josephine Davies, a Guildhall
Rockers Katy Lied, who have             right now. In 2010 he toured the        graduate and Perrier Award
completed their third studio            world, with appearances at the          Winner, leads this exciting and
album Winter Lightning.                 Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne,             dynamic quintet through varied
                                        Sydney, Brisbane and New                and intricate originals, in which
The new album marks the close
                                        Zealand Comedy Festivals, and           can be heard influences of Dave
of a fiercely prolific two year spell
                                        the Hollywood Fringe. Don't
since Katy Lied first entered the                                               Holland and Walt Weiskopf.
                                        miss this chance to see the most
public consciousness with the                                                   The band was formed in 2008
                                        exciting young comedian around.
radio hit Late Arrival in 2008.                                                 and released their debut album
With the line up now settled            Probably the best actual jokes          Perspective in 2010. Featuring
and featuring guitarist/                I’ve heard on the Fringe this year...   trumpet player Robbie Robson,
songwriter Duncan Hamilton,             his skill with language is on a par     pianist/organist Ross Stanley,
lead singer Katie Harnett,              with the best of Peep Show or           veteran Dave Whitford on
drummer Paul Burgess and                The Day Today
                                                                                bass and E17 Jazz Collectives’
bassist Jo Wadeson, Katy Lied           The Guardian
                                                                                drummer Nick Smalley.
have been gigging solidly for the       O’Neill packs in more gags and info
last twelve months as their fan                                                 A winning combination of great
                                        than anyone else on the circuit...
base broadens. Winter Lightning                                                 writing and a band good in
                                        I doubt you’ll find a funnier (and
affirms this has been time well                                                 ensemble and solo work
                                        more thought-provoking) show
spent, boasting, as it does a                                                   The Northern Echo
                                        – a Must-See Show
tougher, often stripped down            The Stage                     
and more unified sound.
With support from Dayve Dean.                        Part of Jazz Nights Season, 25%
                                                                                discount available, ask for details

arts cENtrE                                                                                                       23
                                      Yellow Earth presents

cALL mR RObESON                       WHY tHE                               LOUiSE JAmESON iN
A LiFE WitH SONgS                     LiON DANcED                           pULLiNg FAcES
Tues 25 January 8pm                   Wed 26 & Thurs 27 January             Wed 26 January 8pm
Tickets £10.50                        Wed 1.30pm & 6pm                      Tickets £12.50
Discounts available                   Thurs 10am & 1.30pm
                                      Tickets £5

Written and performed by Tayo Aluko. Celebrate Chinese New Year with        Louise Jameson (EastEnders)
                                     Yellow Earth!                          plays 12 different characters,
Paul Robeson is a famous actor,
                                                                            and tells us what has brought
singer and civil rights campaigner.   Every thirteenth moon the
                                                                            her to this critical point in her life.
When he gets too radical and          dreaded monster Nian pays a
                                                                            Should she go under the knife
outspoken for the establishment's     visit to the village. The audience,
                                                                            to enhance her looks, or...
liking, he is branded a traitor,      cast in the role of villagers,
                                                                            to hell with it, go on a date
harassed, and denied opportunities    must protect themselves.
                                                                            with her toy boy?
to perform or travel. This journey    Which animal can save them?
through his life highlights how                                             Louise plays Joanne Taylor –
                                      The story behind The Lion Dance
his activism caused him to be                                               a former TV Diva who is on
                                      is brought to you with all the
disowned and disremembered.                                                 the verge of her 55th birthday,
                                      excitement, colour and sounds
                                                                            seriously single, 'hot-flushing'
It features some famous songs and     of the Chinese New Year by
                                                                            and about to make some drastic
speeches, including a rendition of    Yellow Earth, the UK’s award-
                                                                            changes in her life.
Ol’ Man River, and a spectacularly    winning British East Asian
defiant testimony to the Senate       Theatre Company.                      Pulling Faces is an acerbic, topical
House Un-American Activities                                                comedy about society’s obsession
                                      After the show, join the
Committee. Tayo Aluko, who has                                              with youth, beauty and
                                      performers in celebrating. Learn
sung as baritone soloist with the                                           transformation.
                                      some Lion Dance steps and
Hallé Orchestra, brings one of the    help scare away the monster!          Bridget Jones 30 years on!
20th Century’s most impressive                                              Hackney Gazette
but overlooked figures back to        Written by Carey English
life in this powerful, compelling     Directed by Kumiko Mendl
performance.                          Recommended age 5+
     Recommended age 12+
     Post show Q&A

24                                              BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
Ensemble presents                                                            Lyngo Theatre Company presents

EDitH piAF & bERtOLt bREcHt              StAN tRAcEY tRiO WAtcH tHE biRDY
Thurs 3 February 8pm                     Fri 4 February 8pm                  Sat 5 February
Tickets £10.50                           Tickets £12.50                      11am & 2.30pm
Discounts available                      Discounts £10.50                    Tickets £5

Performed by Elizabeth Mansfield         Stan Tracey was honoured this       It is almost winter but egg is still
Accompanied by Stephen Rose              year with an OBE to add to          egg: ‘What’s wrong with you?’
                                         the CBE he was previously           asks Mum, ‘Are you shy, are you
Elizabeth Mansfield’s gripping
                                         awarded. Now one of our most        worried or are you just lazy?’
portraits of Edith Piaf and Bertolt
                                         eminent jazz musicians, Stan        She can’t wait to find out – it’s
Brecht bring each vividly to life in a
                                         has been a regular visitor to       getting late and egg can’t stay
full, dramatic evening, interwoven
                                         the Arts Centre for over 20         all by himself in the big forest.
with their unforgettable songs.
                                         years, appearing with several       There are bears and wolves
About as far apart as you can get,
                                         different ensembles.                and eagles! And Percy... no, you
Piaf and Brecht, two great figures
                                                                             can trust Percy, he looks after
of European chanson and ballad,          This year we’re delighted to
                                                                             all the small things and lives
connect by contrast. Piaf engages        present his long established trio
                                                                             in the forest with his friends...
the heart, Brecht engages the            with son Clark on drums and
                                                                             Can they all help Birdy to hatch?
mind.Yet his songs, like Piaf’s,         Andrew Cleyndert on double
                                                                             And can they stop him from
are full of fantastic theatricality      bass, and we’re also hoping
                                                                             ending up as an eggy breakfast?
and drama... and through the             to hear some solo piano music
single voice of the performer two        and duets for piano and drums.      Performed by Patrick Lynch
powerfully different world views                                             (CBeebies Razzle Dazzle) this is
emerge. The songs will be                                                    a show full of magic, surprises
sung in English, many in new             Part of Jazz Nights Season,         and our special ‘theatre-toys’,
translations by award-winning            25% discount available,             with songs and original music.
writer Steve Trafford.                   ask for details
                                                                             Come and watch the Birdy!
Mansfield delivers the famous                                                Recommended age 3+
songs superbly                                                               In the Studio
The Guardian
Free post show talk

arts cENtrE                                                                                                    25
                                       The Royal Geographical Society       Appetite Dance Productions
                                       (with IBG) presents                  presents

                                                                            LiFE AFtER LiFE &
LONDON cOmmUNitY HUmAN pLANEt                                               tHE HEARt OF Him
gOSpEL cHOiR     WitH DALE tEmpLAR                                          DANcE DOUbLE biLL

Sat 5 February 8pm                     Tues 8 February 8pm                  Thurs 10 February 8pm
Tickets £14.50, £16.50                 Tickets £10.50, discounts £9.50      Tickets £10.50
                                       RGS-IBG members £8.50                Discounts available

From humble beginnings in              Dale Templar is the series           North east based Appetite
1982 as Britain’s first concert        producer of Human Planet. After      Dance is led by Chinese born,
gospel choir to singing at             finishing her post graduate          north east England based dance
Wembley at the FA Cup Final,           degree in journalism she joined      creator Apple Yang.
The London Community                   BBC News and Current Affairs.        Life After Life takes us on the
Gospel Choir have grown to             She then worked in both BBC          hero's journey from birth,
be a world-wide phenomenon.            Science and Documentary              through childhood and the
                                       departments before joining the
Renowned for their funky gospel                                             arrogance of youth, to the
                                       Natural History Unit in Bristol.
flair, swing-beat, R‘n’B traditional                                        struggles in adult life to balance
                                       For the first time the BBC Natural
and soulful arrangements,                                                   the quest for individuality with
                                       History Unit has produced a
invigorating choreography and                                               the demands of tradition.
                                       landmark series about humans.
vocal gymnastics, this dynamic
                                       Human Planet took three years to     In The Heart Of Him, Apple Yang
group have performed at Live 8
                                       make and was filmed in over 70       depicts the hero through the
and Glastonbury. Now you
                                       locations, including many of the     eyes of his lover, the hero of
can catch them in Darlington
                                       remotest places on earth. The        one woman’s life-story, and
for one night only.
                                       series is about man and nature,      asks does she believe in him
Energetic, professional, inspiring     and the surprising connections       because she loves him, or
and spirit filled... whatever word     between the two. Join her as         does she love him because
you choose to describe the             she reveals the stories that lie     she believes in him?
sound and vision of the London         behind the making of this            Performance will also coincide
Community Gospel Choir, ‘there         remarkable production.               with the Chinese New Year.
ain’t no stopping them now’.
Book now - don’t miss this show.

26                                               BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
                                    Chapterhouse Theatre Company present

                                    pRiDE AND pREJUDicE
                                    bY JANE AUStEN

                                    Wed 16 February 8pm
                                    Tickets £12
                                    Discounts available

StARRiNg tHE bEAt cLUb

Fri 11 February 8pm
Tickets £11
Discounts available

Following last year’s sell-out
performance. Merseymania
makes a welcome return to
the Arts Centre.
Within minutes of this show
starting, you’ll know exactly why
Merseymania swept across the
globe in the 1960s. This is how
the beat groups really sounded
                                    Adapted by Laura Turner
at the most famous club in the
world – The Cavern in Liverpool.    Take a step back in time with Chapterhouse Theatre Company
                                    as we meet Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters. Whilst their
Fronted by scouser Steve
                                    interfering mother engineers various courtships, sisters
Quillon, Merseymania spotlights
                                    Elizabeth and Jane must pursue their own quest for true love.
the exciting times of 1965 and
1969. Featuring great songs by      Amongst misunderstandings, mistakes and miscommunications,
The Beatles, The Searchers, The     the two girls must fight for the men they love, until Elizabeth
Stones, The Drifters, The Who       can finally surpass her prejudices to see past the proud
and many more, along with           exterior of the enigmatic Mr Darcy. After all, it is a truth
a stageset to help recreate the     universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession
Club’s atmosphere!                  of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.
Not to be missed.                   Free post show talk

arts cENtrE                                                                                           27
                                                                       The People’s Theatre Company

NEiL iNNES                                                             HOW tHE KOALA
A pEOpLE’S gUiDE tO                                                    LEARNt tO HUg
WORLD DOmiNAtiON                    JULiAN SmitH                       bY StEVEN LEE

Fri 18 February 8pm                 Wed 23 February 8pm                Fri 25 February 2.30pm
Tickets £15                         Tickets £15                        Tickets £7

A wry, poignant, humorous and       Star of Britain’s Got Talent.      Adapted from the book How The
topical one man show, spiced                                           Koala Learnt To Hug and Other
                                    Julian Smith’s distinctive
with anecdotes of Neil’s life                                          Australian Fairytales by Steven
                                    soprano saxophone sound has
and times in the worlds of                                             Lee and written especially for
                                    been heard all over the world
media and show business.                                               parents to enjoy with their
                                    on Sony’s Classic Chillout
Neil is best known for his                                             children, How The Koala Learnt
                                    Series, under his previous stage
collaborative work with Monty                                          To Hug is a charming, tale about
                                    name Joolz Gianni. He became
Python, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah                                          the magic of family and the
                                    better known after achieving
Band and The Rutles while his                                          importance of a nice warm hug!
                                    runner up place in the 2009
TV shows for BBC 2, The Innes       series of Britain’s Got Talent.    So join us and a host of wild
Book of Records have become                                            characters including Natascha
                                    Since the show, he has been
cult classics.                                                         the Witch and Karen the Koala
                                    invited to play for the Prime
Neil’s solo shows tickle the                                           for some great stories, sing
                                    Minister and Prince Charles and
emotions with a potent mix                                             along songs, superb games and
                                    has toured arenas with the other
of fine musicianship and                                               first class hugging! All you need
                                    BGT finalists. He also duetted
enlightened lyricism, packed                                           are your ears – and your arms!
                                    with Kenny G at The Albert
with sharp observations                                                As an extra treat get your book,
                                    Hall, and has released his
celebrating the absurdities of                                         which will be available at a
                                    album Chilled 2 The Sax.
modern existence. Neil says                                            special price, signed by Steven
                                    Don’t miss out on this             after the show!
‘If I could describe what it is I
                                    great evening of music.
do on stage in a sentence or two,                                      Recommended age 4 to 104!
or even a cleverly constructed      A Huge Talent                      In the Studio
paragraph, then there would         Simon Cowell
be absolutely no need for me        Stunning... Absolutely Stunning
to go on stage and do it’.          Amanda Holden

28                                            BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
Fresh Glory Productions presents


Thurs 24 – Sat 26 February

Tickets £12
Discounts £10

****                                 A truly remarkable and sparkling piece of theatre which celebrates
The British at their absolute best   an extraordinary episode in Britain’s history – the Women’s Land Army
The Daily Telegraph                  of World War II.
                                     This delightful play charts the personal journeys of four women
                                     who sign up to become Land Girls, determined to work endless,
                                     backbreaking hours on farms across the country in a bid to do their
                                     best for the War Effort.
                                     Based on hundreds of letters and interviews with the original Land
                                     Girls along with songs from the period, Lilies on the Land is a revealing,
                                     funny, wonderfully moving and utterly captivating portrait of some
                                     of Britain’s pluckiest, unsung heroes. Simply unmissable, this is theatre
                                     at its most memorable.
                                     Free post show talk

arts cENtrE                                                                                                   29
                                     The Nuffield Theatre,
Out of Joint Theatre                 Southampton and Forest Forge
Company presents                     Theatre present                      Routes Music presents

A DiSH OF tEA                        tHE WOLVES OF
WitH DOctOR                          WiLLOUgHbY cHASE
JOHNSON                              bY JOAN AiKEN                        4 pARtS gUitAR
Tues 1 March 8pm                     Wed 2 March 1.30pm & 7pm             Thurs 3 March 8pm
Tickets £10.50                       Tickets 1.30pm £5                    Tickets £15
Discounts available                  7pm £8 Discounts £5

By James Boswell, with               A thrilling adventure set in an      4 Parts Guitar features Raymond
additional material by Russell       alternative history of England,      Burley, Clive Carroll, John
Barr and Ian Redford.                The Wolves of Willoughby Chase       Etheridge and Gordon Giltrap.
                                     is the story of two brave and        Since the success of 3 Parts
Meet Samuel Johnson – poet,
                                     determined girls who have to         Guitar in 2009 Ray, John and
essayist and compiler of the
                                     struggle against ferocious wolves,   Gordon thought they would like
first English dictionary. This
                                     snowy wastelands and a very          to do it again. A concert with
evening of anecdotes and witty
                                     evil guardian, Miss Slighcarp. The   Clive led to the inclusion of
conversation brings to life one
                                     story imagines that the opening of   yet another guitarist and three
of the most colourful figures
                                     the Channel Tunnel has led to        became four! All have had
of the eighteenth century:
                                     dangerous wolves roaming Britain.    previous collaborations with
irritable, generous, depressive
                                     This is not the only danger that     artists such as John Williams,
yet hilarious. And meet
                                     cousins Bonnie and Sylvia, and       Rick Wakeman, Stephane
characters from his life, from
                                     their friend Simon the Goose-boy,    Grappelli and Cliff Richard.
biographer James Boswell and
                                     must face as they encounter
painter Joshua Reynolds, to                                               The concert will be a mix of
                                     unforgettable characters
the society hostess who was                                               solo, duo, trio and quartet pieces
                                     and mysterious scheming.
Johnson’s final, unrequited, love.                                        and the music is spontaneous,
                                     Reminiscent of Dickens and           exciting, and very lovely with
Ian Redford is as close to the       Edward Gorey, thrilling, funny       all four players bringing their
real Dr Johnson as one could         and spectacular with lush music      individual magic to the mix.
ever hope to see on stage            and innovative staging.
Time Out
                                     Recommended age 5+
Free post show talk
                                     Free post show talk

30                                             BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
                                                                         Seabright Productions and
                                                                         Barbershopera Productions

StEVE FiSHWicK                                                           bARbERSHOpERA
QUiNtEt                             VERVE 2011                           ApOcALYpSE NO!
Friday 4 March 8pm                  Tues 8 March 8pm                     Wed 9 March 8pm
Tickets £12.50                      Tickets £10.50                       Tickets £10.50
Discounts £10.50                    Discounts available                  Discounts available

Steve has performed here            Verve, the award winning             Barbershop’s funniest quartet
before but this will be the first   postgraduate performance             is back, in a double award-
appearance by his co-leader         company of the Northern School       winning new show that
Osian Roberts and their quintet     of Contemporary Dance, features      follows international tours
with Dave Chamberlain on bass,      dancers fresh from intensive         and a BBC Radio 4 broadcast.
Matt Fishwick on drums and          technical training, who will go on   God summons four dastardly
Mike Gorman on piano.               to work with some of the UK’s        horsemen to unleash total
                                    most highly regarded dance           destruction, but unfortunately
The quintet has built a strong
                                    companies. Energetic, thought        Beth turns up instead of Death.
reputation as one of the most
                                    provoking, contemporary dance        Cue mistaken identity, four-part
consistent and exciting live
                                    performed by some of Europe’s        harmony and at least one
acts on the UK Jazz scene.
                                    most talented young dancers.         hobby horse.
They play mainly original music
                                    A mixed bill of new dance works
with some standards, the                                                 Barbershopera played to rave
                                    created by leading international
emphasis being on swinging                                               reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe
                                    choreographers. The variety of
improvisation with a 1950s/60s                                           and in London’s West End.
                                    choreographic styles and ideas
‘hard bop’ sensibility.
                                    will appeal to all.                  Sharply funny one-liners and                                                flawless a cappella singing ****
                                           The Scotsman
Part of Jazz Nights Season,
25% discount available,                                                  As much fun as it’s possible
ask for details.                                                         to have in a theatre ****
                                                                         Edinburgh Evening News

arts cENtrE                                                                                                 31
Theatre Hullabaloo presents

FiVE                                miLES JUpp                             tHE mAN WHO
A LAbORAtORY FOR tHE SENSES         FibbER iN tHE HEAt                     WAS HAmLEt
Sat 12 March 11am & 2.30pm          Tues 15 March 8pm                      Tues 22 March 8pm
Tickets £5                          Tickets £12                            Tickets £10.50
                                    Discounts £10                          Discounts available

What is this? What does it look     After pulling a few strings and        Written and performed by
like? How does it feel? Does it     telling some little lies, an           George Dillon who for twenty
make a noise? Join two dancers      unprepared and unqualified             years has been wowing
and a live musician as they use     Jupp heads to India with the           audiences and winning awards.
their eyes and ears, noses and      English press to embark on a           The Man Who Was Hamlet
mouths, fingers and feet to         month long, sun-soaked                 is another superbly crafted solo
discover a world of play that       disaster (and some minor               show. Which tells the comical,
makes the ordinary extraordinary.   triumphs). A sorry tale of how         tragical and utterly scandalous
The show introduces our five        he attempted to become a               history of the man some
human senses in a fun and           cricket journalist by the unlikely,    believe was the true William
interactive way and transforms      ill – thought out and dishonest        Shakespeare – Edward de Vere,
the theatre into a laboratory for   method of pretending to be one.        17th Earl of Oxford.
the senses, where the dancers       Miles Jupp is an award winning         If you are interested in theatre,
move among the audience and         stand up and actor who has             literature, history or just great
music fills the air. Performances   recently appeared in the feature       story-telling, don’t miss
available for Darlington schools    film Made In Dagenham and the          The Man Who Was Hamlet!
1 – 18 March. Please call Theatre   BBC’s The Thick Of It, Mock The
Hullabaloo on 01325 352 004         Week, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy        Truly masterly... amazing...
for details.                        Roadshow as well as appearing          electrifying... wicked!
                                    as a regular character in Rev.
                                    ****                                   MUST SEE! A clever script...
Recommended age 3+                  His script is exquisite, full of       a masterful performance!
and their grown-ups                 elegant metaphor, and his oration      The Stage
In the Studio                       of it is compelling... a classy hour
                                    of storytelling                        Free post show talk

32                                             BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
                                                                               Phil McIntyre Entertainment
                                       Tavaziva Dance presents                 presents

JONi mitcHELL                                                                  mARK tHOmAS
pROJEct                                DOUbLE tAKE                             EXtREmE RAmbLiNg
                                                                               (WaLking tHe WaLL)

Wed 23 March 8pm                       Thurs 24 March 8pm                      Wed 30 March 8pm
Tickets £12                            Tickets £10.50                          Tickets £15
                                       Discounts available                     Discounts £10

Sally Barker (The Poozies)             There are two sides to every story...   Following his sell-out nationwide
presents a captivating evening                                                 show The Manifesto, award-
                                       Through adversity...
of Joni Mitchell’s poignant                                                    winning comedian and activist
                                       there comes triumph
early songs in a show dedicated                                                Mark Thomas returns with his
to one of the truly great              Through pain... there comes love        brand new show: The Wall.
singer songwriters.                    After a storm... comes a calm           Never one to take the easy
                                                                               option, Mark decided to go
Sally is joined by Glen Hughes         Double Take is an intensely             rambling in the Middle East
on piano and dulcimer and              courageous double bill                  and walked the entire length
Debbie Cassel on banjo and             surveying the impact of                 of the Israeli Separation Barrier
backing vocals. These musicians        black dance and Bawren                  crossing between the Israeli and
take you on a dynamic journey          Tavaziva’s contribution to              the Palestinian side. This is the
through the heart and mind.            the contemporary dance                  story of 300,000 settlers; a 750 km
This celebration of Joni Mitchell's    landscape in Britain.                   wall; six arrests, one stoning; too
genius is much more than just a        Heavyweight choreographer               much hummus and a simple
tribute act. Sally Barker takes some   and musician Bawren Tavaziva            question...‘Can you ever get away
of the most iconic and challenging     unravels an inspirational               from it all with a good walk?’
songs in Joni's catalogue...           soundtrack accompanied by the           ***** Moving and inspiring...
the result is an evening of music      sweet sounds of African vocalist        as gripping as any live performance
that respects the original             Tsungai Tsikirai and his                you will see
arrangements... Joni Mitchell          fantastically exuberant dancers,        The Guardian
would be proud of what she             in this celebration of culture,
has inspired                           hardship, agony and joy.                ... A brilliant investigative
Peter Doggett, MOJO                                                            journalist disguised as a
                                                                               comedian... very funny indeed
                                                                               Daily Telegraph

arts cENtrE                                                                                                     33
                                      Mind the Gap presents                 Hull Truck Theatre presents

RObERt FOWLER                         AN AWARD WiNNiNg ADAptAtiON
                                      OF JOHN StEiNbEcK’S                   LADY cHAttERLEY’S
QUARtEt                               OF micE AND mEN                       LOVER
Fri 1 April 8pm                       Tues 5 April 8pm                      Wed 6 April 8pm
Tickets £12.50                        Tickets £10.50                        Tickets £10.50
Discounts £10.50                      Discounts available                   Discounts available

Although Robert had appeared          An extraordinary tale of              By D.H. Lawrence, adapted
here before with Alan Barnes          friendship, loyalty and the           and directed by Nick Lane
and Karen Sharp, it was his           power of dreams.                      Lady Constance Chatterley is
performance a year ago, when he                                             trapped in a loveless marriage.
                                      George and Lennie are drifters
deputised at very short notice for                                          Injured in battle, her husband
                                      who have only each other and
Scott Hamilton, which won him                                               Clifford is unable to satisfy her
                                      their shared search for the
most new fans. He’s performed                                               sexual desires and so she finds
                                      American Dream. George is
with a variety of bands including                                           herself in the arms of another.
                                      the sharp little guy who looks
Humphrey Lyttelton and he                                                   Her paramour is her husband’s
                                      out for Lennie, his big-hearted
played clarinet on Harry Potter                                             gamekeeper! As their passionate
                                      companion who, unaware of his
and the Half Blood Prince.                                                  love affair reaches its climax, the
                                      own strength, seems unable to
Featured on both tenor                                                      constraints of Constance’s
                                      keep out of trouble. A tragic trail
saxophone and clarinet, Robert                                              class-led society are broken
                                      of events threatens to destroy
will be appearing this time with                                            down as the two lovers find
                                      the very dream that unites them.
his regular quartet with Robin                                              fulfilment with each other.
Aspland on piano, Matt Skelton        Mind the Gap is an award-             Written in 1925, D.H. Lawrence’s
drums and Jeremy Brown bass.          winning theatre company that          controversial work was banned
                                      works with learning disabled          from sale until 1960 for its frank
The first thing anyone notices
                                      and non-disabled artists as           and explicit depiction of sex and
about his tenor saxophone playing
                                      equals. This original and             its portrayal of a passionate and
is the tone. It's broad, warm and
                                      inspiring re-telling was the first    adulterous love affair. Years
juicy, a perfect fit for his calm,
                                      to feature a full cast of actors      ahead of its time, this work deals
measured phrasing
                                      with a learning disability.           with sexual taboos that are still
Dave Gelly
                                      Recommended age 11+                   present in society even today.
Part of Jazz Nights Season, 25%
discount available, ask for details   Free post show talk                   Contains strong language
                                                                            Recommended age 14+

34                                              BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
                                    Travelling Light and
                                    Polka Children’s Theatre present    London Classic Theatre present

LEt ‘Em ROLL, HitS,                 LOSt AND FOUND                      AFtER miSS JULiE
JAzz AND bLUES tOUR                 bY OLiVER JEFFERS                   bY pAtRicK mARbER

Thurs 7 April 8pm                   Fri 8 & Sat 9 April                 Tues 12 April 8pm
Tickets £18.50                      Fri 10am & 1.30pm                   Tickets £10.50
                                    Sat 11am & 2.30pm                   Discounts available
                                    Tickets £5

The Manfreds, with original         Once there was a boy and            Seduction. Passion. Obsession.
Manfred Mann ‘front man’ Paul       one day he found a penguin          July 1945. A country house near
Jones, will be performing many      at his door...                      London. Celebrations for the
of their hits along with a mix of   He didn’t know where it came        Labour Party’s landslide election
Jazz and Blues songs from some      from or who it belonged to.         victory are in full swing. The lady
of their best-known albums.         The penguin looked sad and          of the house, Miss Julie, descends
Paul Jones, with his unique         the boy thought it must be lost.    into the servants’ kitchen to seek
harmonica sound, will be            So he decided to help it find its   out John, her father’s chauffeur.
joined by fellow Manfred Mann       way home, even if that meant        As the night draws in and
members, Mike Hugg on               rowing all the way to the           flirtation turns to passion,
keyboards and Tom McGuinness        South Pole.                         the two lovers embark on a
on lead guitar, plus Rob                                                consuming and deadly dance
                                    Travelling Light teams up with
Townsend on drums, Marcus                                               of desire. Sex, class and ambition
                                    Polka Children’s Theatre to
Cliffe on bass guitar and Simon                                         battle for centre stage as Patrick
                                    create an enchanting new show.
Currie on saxophone and flute.                                          Marber relocates Strindberg’s
                                    Based on the award-winning
                                                                        brutal, sensual love story to
All are excellent musicians         book by the popular author/
                                                                        post-war England.
who will provide a full             illustrator Oliver Jeffers, Lost
evening’s entertainment             and Found is a heart-warming        An unforgettable night of
with a few ‘surprise’ renditions    tale of adventure, bravery,         white-hot theatrical intensity
of their music.                     and true love.                      Daily Telegraph
                                    Recommended age 3-7                 Contains some strong language
                                    In the Studio                       Recommended age 16+

arts cENtrE                                                                                              35
                                 FORtHcOmiNg HigHLigHtS... bOOKiNg NOW

                                 tHE pUppEt LAb pRESENtS         HA HA HOLmES!
                                 LOSt SOcK pRiNcESS              tHE bEASt OF tHE bLiStERViLLES
trestle unmasked presents
                                 Wed 27 April 11am & 2.30pm      Wed 4 May 8pm
                                 Tickets £5                      Tickets £14
tHE biRtHDAY                                                     Discounts £12

OF tHE iNFANtA                   Who wants to be different?      a marvellous comedy thriller
                                 Wear odd clothes? Have a pet    in two acts. Book now for a
Thurs 14 April 8pm               sock? Wear a red crown...?      fantastic night out. Bring your
Tickets £10.50                   Meet the lost sock Princess!    friends and family for this is a
Discounts available              recommended age 3+              sure fire hit!
                                 in the studio
Adults and young people
alike are invited by the
Infanta, the Spanish princess,
to her twelfth birthday party.
This is the only day of the
year she is allowed to play
with other children, but
mixing with those not of her
own rank comes at a price.
Adapted from the bittersweet     cERi DUpREE
story by Oscar Wilde and
performed in Trestle’s unique
                                 DiVALiciOUS!!!!                 DAVE bARRY’S FOUR
physical style, The Birthday
of the Infanta captures a        Thurs 5 May 8pm                 Fri 6 May 8pm
transitional moment of           Tickets £15                     Tickets £12
choice when the heart            Discounts £13.50                Discounts £10
could melt or freeze.
                                 the uK’s leading female         ‘Four’ refers not only to the
Drawing on the passion and       impersonator, the fabulous      band which features dave
rhythms of Spain, Trestle        and flamboyant, ceri dupree     himself on drums, Mornington
Unmasked takes you on a          is back on the road with his    lockett on saxes, John
compelling journey, through      New One Man, One dozen          donaldson piano and arnie
the constraints of social        diva’s show!                    somogyi on bass, but also to the
hierarchies to the price                                         inspiration behind the music.
paid for love.                                                   Part of Jazz Nights season, 25%
Recommended age 9+                                               discount available, ask for details

36                                         BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
There is so much on offer for young people at
the Arts Centre. Challenge yourself and take
part in term time theatre and dance classes,        Get messy and crafty... with ArtsSpark
or fill your holidays with performance projects     BCreative. Try out drawing, painting, ceramics,
and art activities.                                 3D arts and crafts in our weekly Art-A-Tac and
You can also join our membership scheme and         Clay Play classes.
access free theatre tickets for a great choice of
theatre shows. What are you waiting for? Check
out our website at
or contact Bonnie Davies, Education and
Outreach Officer on (01325) 348848.                 Looking for A Night Less Ordinary... become
                                                    an ArtsSpark member! Darlington Arts Centre and
                                                    Civic Theatre are giving away FREE Theatre tickets
                                                    to young people under the age of 26 until the end
                                                    of February 2011. Look out for the spark symbol
                                                    on brochure pages highlighting shows that have
                                                    FREE Theatre tickets available. Check out the
Learn, create and have fun... with ArtsSpark        website for full details.
Youth Theatre. Sessions are available to all
young people aged 5-19, regardless of previous
                                                              North East Regional Youth Theatre
experience or ability.                                        Festival - 29th Jan 2011
                                                    ArtsSpark at Darlington Arts Centre will be
                                                    hosting the first Regional Youth Theatre Festival
                                                    (RYTF) in partnership with NAYT on 29th January
                                                    2011. The Festival is a fantastic opportunity for
Discover, achieve and get active... with            youth theatres from all corners of the region to
ArtsSpark Youth Dance, Hip Hop, Break,              come together to participate in professional
or Contemporary Dance, whatever your                creative workshops and share performances.
style. Or ‘Mix It Up’ at our youngest class.        For more information contact Lyndsey Middleton,
Sessions available for ages 7-18.                   Arts Engagement Officer on (01325) 348874.

arts cENtrE                                                                                           37
ViSUAL ARtS -                          Visual & Public Arts Officer 01325 348845
                                       Gallery open 9am - 9pm, Mon - Sat, closed Sun


L'Hermitage (detail), Paul Collinson   Carnival 1966, James Selby        Mr Rude, Graeme Hopper

ENgLAND’S                              DARLiNgtON
FAVOURitE                              bOROUgH ARt                       RUDE mAN AND
LANDScApE                              cOLLEctiON                        OtHER WORKS
pAUL cOLLiNSON                         YOUNg cURAtORS EXHibitiON         gRAEmE HOppER

Fri 21 January – Sat 19 March          Fri 25 March – Sat 21 May         Fri 27 May – Sat 23 July
Preview and refreshments:              Preview and refreshments:         Preview and refreshments:
Thurs 20 January 6-8pm                 Thurs 24 March 6-8pm              Thursday 26th May 6-8pm
FREE Gallery Talk:                     FREE Gallery Talk:                FREE Gallery Talk:
Fri 21 January 12noon-1pm              Fri 25 March 12noon-1pm           Fri 27th May 12noon-1pm

England’s Favourite Landscape          As part of ongoing initiatives    An independent artist,
features paintings with a              to widen access, young people     blacksmith and sculptor for
strong element of the real and         will be invited to work on a      more than 20 years, Graeme
experienced landscape mixed            project to curate an exhibition   Hopper specialises in functional
with references to historic and        of The Borough Collection;        and sculptural ironwork. His
contemporary English landscape         opportunities will include        style is fresh and unique and he
ideologies, design and use.            working with regional artists,    has completed many pieces of
However the views presented            gallery visits and creatively     public art which successfully
are made-up model landscapes,          responding to the Collection.     unify contemporary design
low-tech miniature follies,            The exhibition will span both     with the natural environment.
captured by the camera for             Myles Meehan Gallery and          This exhibition will showcase
the process of painting.               the Centre for Local Studies,
                                                                         a breadth of unusual and
                                       Darlington Library.               extraordinary ironwork.

All welcome to previews and Gallery talks
For information on the Lounge Gallery, Glass Corridor Gallery and Craft Cabinet
exhibition programmes please visit

38                                                BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
FOLK                                                                      SpRiNg tHiNg
The club meets every Thursday         Thurs 3 February                    Wednesday 16 – Sun 20 March
at 8pm, alternating guest             JUDitH HASWELL                      SpRiNg tHiNg 2011
nights and singarounds. At            Now a regular solo guest at the     A festival of entertainment with
singarounds entry is free and         club, laid back guitar style with   dance displays, singarounds,
everyone is welcome to sing,          a gorgeous voice.                   ceilidhs, stalls, Camra Bar,
play along or just watch the          Tickets £5                          Morris/Sword/Clog dancers and
performance. Singarounds are                                              children’s events. Look out for a
held in the Club Room. All                                                leaflet in the new year with full
tickets available in advance.                                             times, tickets and details.
Dec 16, 23 & 30, Jan 13 & 27,
Feb 10 & 24, Mar 3, 10 & 31,
Apr 7 & 21

                                      Thurs 17 February
                                      ALLAN tAYLOR
                                      The world renowned song poet
                                      returns with his songs old and
                                      new and sublime guitar
Fri 17 Dec

                                      Tickets £6
ViN gARbUtt
                                      Thurs 24 March

                                                                          @ tHe aRts
The most popular folk
entertainer in the country,           OtHER ROADS

his shows are a sheer delight.        Top class three piece band led
Book early!                           by Pete Abbott.
Tickets £11 East Hall                 Tickets £6
Thurs 6 January                       Thurs 14 April
Penni mcLaRen-WaLkeR                  miRANDA SYKES                       Splinter continues its series of
                                                                          concerts featuring jazz and
A warm welcome to award-              AND REX pREStON
                                                                          improvised music from the best
winning singer songwriter             First visit from this duo
                                                                          of the dynamic young groups
Penni, her first visit to the club.   who have been taking the
                                                                          who’ve emerged in the North
Tickets £5                            folk world by storm.
                                                                          East over the past five years.
                                      Tickets £6
Thurs 20 January                                                          Organised by regional jazz
tOm mccONViLLE                        Thurs 28 April                      development agency JazzAction,
AND DAViD NEWEY                       ANtHONY JOHN cLARK                  the programme will cover a
Tom is one of the busiest folk        Singer songwriter John              wide range of styles.
fiddle players around, tonight        is a class act, his songs are       Mondays at 8pm on the
he will be accompanied by             recognised as some of the           following dates: Jan 10 & 24,
David Newey on guitar.                best new songs around.              Feb 7 & 21, March 7 & 21.
Tickets £6                            Tickets £6                          Tickets £4 on the door

arts cENtrE                                                                                               39
All at 8pm in the Garden Bar unless stated

Sat 18 December                     Friday 4 February                    Fri 29 April
NicKY mOORE’S bLUES                 JAmES O’HARA bAND                    LaRRy gaRneR (Usa) WitH
cORpORAtiON pLUS SUppORt            For the past twenty years            tHE NORmAN bEAKER bAND
gREEN mAc                           James has been at the forefront      American Bluesman Larry
Still time to get tickets for our   of British Blues, with his rousing   Garner has found a true musical
Christmas gig in the East Hall,     feel for the guitar and his awe      soul mate in British Blues
so book now and enjoy a             inspiring voice.                     veteran Norman Beaker.
master at work!                     Tickets £10.50                       Put them on stage together,
Tickets £10                                                              and they are definitely drawing
                                    Fri 18 February                      from the same musical roots.
                                    SmOKiN’ HOgS                         Tickets £12.50
                                    Rocky and punchy Blues with
                                    a distinctive sound which has its
                                    roots in the late 60’s and early
                                    70's British Rock & Blues era.
                                    Tickets £10.50
                                    Fri 4 March
Fri 7 January                       pAUL LAmb &
tHE ALLigAtORS                      tHE KiNgSNAKES
This local band recently
                                    A refreshing mixture of youth
reformed, with Dr. Feelgood                                              Thurs 30 December 8pm
                                    and experience, the experience
front man Robert Kane leading
                                    of Paul Lamb who has spent the       tHE migHtY SmOKiN’ SpitFiRES
the band. Come and enjoy,
                                    last thirty-something years          Tickets £8.50 East Hall
you know an entertaining
                                    playing in clubs, and the youth
evening is guaranteed.
                                    from his son Ryan who is now
Tickets £9
                                    the lead guitarist in the band.
Fri 21 January                      Tickets £12.50
tHE bLUE biSHOpS                    Fri 25 March
The Blue Bishops work at the
rocky end of the R’n’B and Blues
                                    KYLA bROX bAND
                                    A heady mix of moody, classic
spectrum. Yet, at the same time,
                                    Blues, songs that showcase
they are acknowledged for the
sensitivity and dynamics of         an awesome performance,
performances that can go from       brimming with heart and
a whisper to a roar in just a       soul and bursting with energy.
few moments.                        Tickets £10.50
Tickets £10.50                                                           Fri 11 February 8pm
                                    Fri 15 April
                                    HOKiE JOiNt                          tHE pAUL RODgERS StORY
                                                                         Plus Support Victims Of The Fury
                                    A new band to the R’n’B Club,
                                                                         Tickets £8.50 East Hall
                                    Hokie Joint cover all corners
                                    of the Blues, from perfectly         Fri 8 April
                                    executed slow Blues to               bLAcKDOg
                                    high-energy upbeat numbers.          Tribute to Led Zeppelin.
                                    Tickets £10.50                       Tickets £7.50 Garden Bar

40                                            BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
DARLiNgtON                      DARLiNgtON                      DARLiNgtON
piANO                           mUSic                           NEW ORLEANS
SOciEtY                         SOciEtY                         JAzz cLUb
Sat 15 January 7.30pm           Sat 22 January 7.30pm           All events at 12.30pm
ALEXANDRA DARiEScU              pLANE DUKES RAHmAN              Sat 5 February
                                cLARiNEt tRiO
Beethoven, J S Bach,
                                Mozart, Enesco, Ireland,
                                                                tHE YOUNg RED ONiON
Chopin, Schumann, Liszt
                                Schumann and Bruch.             JAzz bAND
and Wagner.                                                     Some fine young musicians
                                Sat 19 February 7.30pm          from the north east, be
Sat 12 February 7.30pm
                                Pei-Jee ng (ceLLO) &            prepared to be amazed
LibOR NOVAcEK                   cHiaO-ying cHang (PianO)        by this quality group.
Haydn, Janacek and              Beethoven Bartok, Bruch,        Tickets £6 (Garden Bar)
Mussorgsky.                     and Prokofiev.
                                                                Sat 5 March
Sat 12 March 7.30pm             Sat 26 March 7.30pm             miLLENNiUm EAgLE JAzz bAND
SARAH bEtH bRiggS               tHE StANFORD StRiNg QUARtEt     A welcome return to this quality
Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart        Beethoven, Sally Beamish        band from the Midlands led by
and Liszt.                      and Elgar.                      ace reed player Matt Palmer.
Sat 2 April 7:30pm                                              Tickets £8 (Garden Bar)
                                Sat 16 April 7.30pm
yURi PateRsOn–OLenicH           tHE bOREAS tRiO                 Sat 9 April
Masterclass at 10.30am          (viOLin OBOe & PianO)           mARtiN LittON AND
Schubert, Granados,             Bach, Beethoven, Grovlez,       tOm [sPats] LangHam
Medtner and Liszt.              Elgar & Salieri.                Tom amazed everyone with his
All tickets £12,                All tickets £10, OAPS £9,       virtuosity at the club last year
U21s & JSA £6                   under 26s free                  and for this visit teams up with
                                                                Martin one of the country’s
Season tickets available from   Season tickets available from   finest pianists. Martin is a
Pauline Duffy 01388 602809      Mr R Tooze 01325 467163         committed disciple of Jelly Roll
Single tickets available from   Single tickets available        Morton and can equally capture
the Box Office                  from the Box Office             the magic of other greats such
                                                                as Fats Waller, Teddy Wilson
                                                                and Duke Ellington.
                                                                Tickets £8 (Theatre)
                                                                Sat 30 April
                                                                JEFF bARNHARt & JOHN HALLAm
                                                                An extra special event. Return
                                                                of the amazing American
                                                                pianist Jeff Barnhart with
                                                                outstanding reed man John
                                                                Hallam. A truly classic
                                                                combination who always thrill
                                                                with exquisite musical dexterity
                                                                and lively banter from Jeff.
                                                                Tickets £8 (Club Room)

arts cENtrE                                                                                    41
ARtS cENtRE                        Wed 2 March 7.30pm                    ADULt ARtS cOURSES
                                   VANE WOmEN                            From painting to pottery, textiles
Thurs 23 December 7.30pm
                                   Two members of Vane Women,
WELcOmE YULE!                      Jackie Litherland and Marilyn
                                                                         to tai chi, stained glass to glass
tHE DARLiNgtON                     Longstaff will be giving readings
                                                                         painting, learn something new
cLARiNEt ENSEmbLE’S                from their latest publications.
                                                                         or develop existing skills. The
                                                                         term starts 17 January and runs
cHRiStmAS cONcERt                  Entry is free and there will be
                                                                         for 10 weeks. Booking opens on
The ensemble will be conducted     an opportunity to buy books
                                                                         7 December, book online, on the
by John MacKenzie to give a        on the evening. 
concert of music for the festive                                         phone or in person.
                                   Wed 20 – Sat 23 April
season. Proceeds will go to the                                          For further information visit our
                                   Wed, Thurs, Fri 7.30pm,
Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust.                                          website or call the Box Office.
                                   Sat 2pm
Tickets £8, discounts £6
                                   Spennymoor Youth Theatre
Thurs 27 January 1pm
                                   Group presents
Each year Darlington Borough
Council holds an event to
commemorate Holocaust
Memorial Day. The event
seeks to remember those
who suffered as a result of the
Holocaust and recent genocides.    RENt
For further information            A chance to be part of one of
tel 01325 388 287                  the most moving and exciting
                                   musical theatre experiences
Wed 2 February 7.30pm
                                   of all time! Jonathan Larson’s        OpENARt StUDiO
                                   exuberant East Village rock
Conducted by David Plews.          version of Puccini’s opera La         The Openart Studio is an
The orchestra present an           Bohème. Larson’s stirring and         initiative for anyone over
evening of soulful music with      life-affirming score captures the     the age of 18. A partnership
a northern European flavour,       heart and spirit of a generation      working with PCT Darlington
along with show stopping swing     of struggling artists, addicts, and   Health and DBC to promote
numbers from Irving Berlin.        impoverished young people living      community inclusiveness for
The perfect antidote to the        in the shadow of AIDS, battling       people with mental health
February blues.                    the coming wave of gentrification.    issues and anyone who has
Tickets £6 discounts £4            A time capsule of a world where       an interest in the arts.
                                   hope crawls out of dark despair,
                                                                         For further information visit our
                                   these Bohemians find the
                                                                         website or call the Box Office.
                                   salvation of love within each
                                   other and prove there can be a
                                   better world where art thrives,
                                   and everything good is free.
                                                                         DARLiNgtON mEDiA gROUp
                                   Tickets Wed and Sat £8                A community facility for public
                                   Thurs and Fri £12                     use, for further information
                                   Discounts £10                         tel 01325 488139.

42                                           BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
            pLEASE tAKE A SEAt

            Civic Theatre

            Arts Centre Theatre                                                                                                                                           Arts Centre Studio
    U   1   2   3       4       5       U       1 72 83 94 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 U 13 14 15 16 17 U
                                                            5        7 8 9 10 11 12                                                                                       J   1   2   3   4   5   6J 71 82 J3       4    5    6   7   8    J
    T   1   2   3       4       5       6T 71 82                3   4 95 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 T 12 13 14 15 16 T
                                                                          6 7 8          9 10 11                                                                          H   1   2   3   4       H 51 62 73 84 9 10 11 12 13 H
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      5 6 7 8                        9 10 11 12 13
    S   1   2   3       4       5       6S 71 82                3   4 95 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 S 12 13 14 15 16 S
                                                                          6 7 8          9 10 11                                                                          G   1   2   3   4       G 51 62 73 84 9 10 11 12 13 G
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      5 6 7 8                        9 10 11 12 13
    R   1   2   3       4       5       6 71 82
                                         R                      3   4 95 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 R
                                                                          6 7 8          9 10 11                 12   13   14   15   16   R                               F   1   2   3   4       F 51    62   73   84   9 10 11 12
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 5 6      13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           7    F8   9 10 11 12 13
                                            U 1                 2   3 4 5           7 8 9 10 11                  12   13   14   15   16   17 U                            E   1   2   3   4          J     1    2    3   94 10 11 12
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               5 6 7        8    J
    P   1   2   3       4       5       6P 71 82                3   4 95 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 P
                                                                          6 7 8          9 10 11                 12   13   14   15   16   P                                                       E 51    62   73   84           5 6      13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           7    E8   9   10   11   12   13
                                            T 1                 2          5 6 7 8
                                                                    3 94 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 N
                                                                                             9 10                11   12   13   14   15   16 T                                1   2   3   4          H     1    2    3     4 10 11 125      6   D7   8    9   10   11   1
                                                                                         9 10 11                 12   13   14   15   16   N                               D                       D 51    62   73   84   9       5 6      13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           7     8   9   10   11   12   13
                                                S           1   2   3 4 5 6 7 8              9 10                11   12   13   14   15   16 S                                1   2   3   4          G     1    2    3     4 10 11 125      6   C7   8    9   10   11   1
                                                                                                                                                                          C                       C 51    62   73   84   9       5 6      13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           7     8   9   10   11   12   13
                                                7R 8 1 M
                                                       2            3 4 5 6 7 8              9 10                11   12   13   14   15   16 R                                1   2   3   4          F     1    2    3   94 10 11 12 5      6   B7   8    9   10   11   1
                M       4       5       6                           4 95 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 M
                                                                          6 7 8          9 10 11                 12   13   14   15   16   M                               B                       B 51    62   73   84           5 6      13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           7     8   9   10   11   12   13
                                                7P 8 1 L
                                                       2            3 4 5 6 7 8              9 10                11   12   13   14   15   16 P                                1   2   3   4          E     1    2    3   94 10 11 12 5      6   A7   8    9   10   11   1
                L       4       5       6                           4 95 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 L
                                                                          6 7 8          9 10 11                 12   13   14   15   16   L                               A                       A 51    62   73   84           5 6      13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           7     8   9   10   11   12   13
                K       4       5       6       7       8                                    9 10                11   12   13   14   15   16 N                                                       D     1    2    3     4         5      6    7   8    9   10   11   1
                                                                K   4 95 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 K
                                                                          6 7 8          9 10 11                 12   13   14   15   16   K
                J       4       5       6       7       8               95   10    11    12    13 14 15    16 J 12 13 14 15 16 J                                                                     C     1    2    3    4           5    6     7   8    9 10 11 1
                                                                J   4         6     7     8            9    1011
                H       4       5       6       7       8           M    4
                                                                        95   105   116   127     8
                                                                                               13 14 15    169H 12 13 14 15 16 16 M
                                                                                                               10 11 12 13 14 15                                                                     B     1    2    3    4           5    6     7   8    9 10 11 1
                                                                H   4         6     7     8            9    1011                      H
                                                                    L    4     5     6     7     8           9G 12 13 14 15 16 16 L
                                                                                                               10 11 12 13 14 15                                                                      A    1    2    3    4           5    6     7   8    9 10 11 1
                                                                                               13 14 15
                                                                                               13 14 15
                                                                                                               10 11 12 13 14 15
                                                                                                              F 12 13 14 15 16 16 K
                E       4       5       6       7       8           J    4
                                                                        95   105   116   127     8
                                                                                               13 14 15    169E 12 13 14 15 16 16 J
                                                                                                               10 11 12 13 14 15
                                                                E   4         6     7     8            9    1011                      E
                D       4       5       6       7       8           H    4
                                                                        95   105   116   127   138 14 15   D9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 H
                                                                D   4         6     7     8            9    1011 12 13 14 15 D
                C       4       5       6       7       8           G    4
                                                                        95   105   116   127   138 14 15   C9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 G
                                                                C   4         6     7     8            9    1011 12 13 14 15 C
                                                                    F    4     5     6     7     8         B9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 F
            EE 4 5 6 AA                                         B   4   95   10
                                                                              6    11
                                                                                    7    12
                                                                                          8    13 14 159    10  GG HH 14 15 MM GG HH JJ KK
                                                                                                              11 12 13JJ KK LLB                              LL MM
11 11 11                                                            E    4     5     6     7     8         A9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 E
            11 A 4 5 6 7 8
               11 11 11 11 11                                   A   4   95   10
                                                                              6    11
                                                                                    7    12
                                                                                          8    13 14 159    101111 11 11 11 11A11 11 11 11 11
                                                                                                                  12 13 14 15                                11 11
10 10 10                                                            D    4     5     6     7     8           9 10 11 12 13 14 15 D
                                                                                                                10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
            10 10 10 10 10 10                                                                                                                                10 10
9   9   9                                                           C    4    5     6     7     8           9 109 119 129 139 149 159 C
            9   9       9       9 9 9                                                                                                   9 9 9 9              9 9
8   8   8       FF      EE      DD CC BB                AA          B    4    5     6     7     8           9 108 118 128 138 148 158 B   GG HH JJ           KKLL MM
            8   8       8       8 8 8                                                                                                   8 8 8 8              8 8

7   7   7       11      11      11 11 11                11          A    4    5     6     7     8           9 107 117 127 137 147 157 A   11 11 11           1111 11

6   6   6
                                7 7 7
                                10 10 10
                                6 6 6
                                                        10                                                       6 6 6 6 6 6
                                                                                                                                        7 7 7 7
                                                                                                                                          10 10 10
                                                                                                                                        6 6 6 6
                                                                                                                                                               10 10
                                                                                                                                                                          Yellow seats are restricted view.
5   5   5   5   5
                         9       9 9 9
                                5 5 5
                                                            9                                                    5 5 5 5 5 5               9 9 9
                                                                                                                                        5 5 5 5              5
                                                                                                                                                                9 9       Grey seats are only available on
                 8       8       8 8 8                      8                                                                              8 8 8              8 8 8
4   4   4   4   4
                                4 4 4
                                 7 7 7                      7
                                                                                                                 4 4 4 4 4 4            4 4 4 4
                                                                                                                                           7 7 7
                                                                                                                                                                7 7
                                                                                                                                                                          certain productions. Full size A4
3   3   3   3   3       3       3 3 3                                                                            3 3 3 3 3 3            3 3 3 3              3 3
                 6       6       6 6 6                      6                                                                       2      6 6 6              6
                                                                                                                                                                6 6       seating plans are available, please
                                                                                                                                      1          5
                                                                                                                                                             5 5 5
                                                                                                                                                             4 4 4
                                                                                                                                                                          call the Box Office for details.
                    3       3       3       3       3       3                                                                                    3   3   3   3    3   3
                    2                                                                                                                                                 2
               1                                                                                                                                                      1                                                                              43
HOW tO bOOK                                          AccESS
We charge a £1.75 booking fee on bookings over       ciVic tHEAtRE – There is level access into the
£5 when paying by cheque, credit or debit card.      stalls and the Conservatory Bar. We regret that
                                                     the theatre has no lift. There is an adapted toilet on
ONLiNE –                    the ground floor suitable for wheelchair users and
bY pHONE – Call 01325 486555 Mon-Sat 9am-            people with mobility difficulties. An induction loop
8pm. Calls are answered in strict rotation and       for use with hearing aids and an infrared hearing
may be recorded for your protection and              system which requires a headset (advance booking
                                                     required) are available.
training purposes.
                                                     ARtS cENtRE – There is level access to the theatre,
iN pERSON – Arts Centre Reception,                   East Hall, the Lounge, the Studio and other ground
Civic Theatre Box Office Mon-Sat 9am-8pm             floor rooms. There is a lift up to the Garden Bar and
(On Sun 2 hours before the performance)              other rooms are up one or more flights of stairs.
Dolphin Centre Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-3pm          An audio loop is available in the theatre for use
Cornmill Box Office Mon-Sat 10am-4pm                 with hearing aids.
bY pOSt – Box Office, Darlington Civic Theatre,      gENERAL – Brochures are available in Braille, large
Parkgate, Darlington, DL1 1RR.                       print and audio. Wheelchair spaces are available
Cheques payable to Darlington Borough Council.       at both venues. Guide, hearing and other working
                                                     dogs welcome. Some performances are BSL
tHROUgH A ticKEt AgENt                               interpreted or audio-described. Please make sure
Libraries; Bishop Auckland, Crook, Durham City       you advise Box Office of your requirements at the
(Clayport and Belmont), Horden, Peterlee,            time of booking to ensure availability and that all
Sedgefield, Willington and Spennymoor.               aspects of your booking can be met.
Tourist Information Centres; Guisborough,
                                                     FRiENDS OF DARLiNgtON ciVic tHEAtRE AND
Leyburn, Middlesbrough, Middleton in Teesdale,
                                                     ARtS cENtRE – Benefits of joining include
Northallerton, Peterlee, Redcar, Richmond,           advance booking, discounts, opportunities to
Saltburn, Stockton and Thirsk.                       meet the cast, a regular newsletter and Friends
Other agents at                                      events. For further information please contact
Appleby – Appleby Travel, 16 Boroughgate             Peter Parlour on 01677 422 367.
Barnard Castle – Kyle Travel, Galgate
Bedale – Motel, Leeming                              cHANgE OF pROgRAmmE – Due to circumstances
Hartlepool – Art Gallery & Information Centre,       beyond our control it is sometimes necessary
Church Square                                        to alter cast and programmes. Whenever it is
Stanhope – Durham Dales Centre, Castle Gardens       reasonably possible advance notice of any
                                                     changes will be given.
Stokesley – Derek Wills Travel, High Street
tHEAtRE tOKENS – The perfect present –
                                                                                                                                                                    NORTH RD

the gift of entertainment.                                       A1M


LAtEcOmERS – Latecomers will not be admitted


                                                                                             E RD

until a suitable break in the performance.
                                                                            VANE TER





                                                                                                           DUKE ST                                                                                   CIVIC
                                                                       ABBEY RD

                                                                                                                  LARCHFIELD ST

                                                         AND AVEN


purchased, theatre tickets cannot be exchanged
                                                                         SWINBURNE RD

                                                                                                                                                                                    S WA




nor money refunded.                                                                                              EL



                                                                                                                                                VICTORIA                       S


KEEp iN tOUcH – Email sign up for regular updates                                       R
                                                                                            NE                                                                                               VICTO
                                                                                                                                                                                                  RIA RD
                                                                                                                                  A66 A1M

and special offers

44                                            BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK
tHEAtRE tOURS                                         A NigHt LESS ORDiNARY
Tours can be arranged for schools and groups.
Tours take in all areas of the theatre and include
a visit backstage, where you will hear about the
history of the 103 year old Edwardian Theatre.
Learn what is involved in getting a production
set up on arrival, how it works during its run
and taking it down at the end.
Tours can be tailored to suit individual groups.
For further information please contact Peter Tate
on 01325 387731.

ciVic tHEAtRE – Signor Pepi’s Bar and the
Conservatory Bar are open one hour before
performances for pre-show drinks. For your
convenience we offer a pre-order system for
interval drinks from both bars.
ARtS cENtRE – The Lounge is a great space
for Arts Centre visitors to meet, relax and enjoy
a great range of food and drink.                      The scheme runs until the end of February 2011

More than 170,000 patrons attend more than 70         Join Corporate Partner The Northern Echo –
Civic Theatre productions annually. The Arts Centre   looking forward to a great season of theatre.
currently welcomes approximately 55,000 visitors
to more than 250 productions every year.
Through Sponsorship and Corporate Partnership         For all your regional entertainment news and
of the Civic Theatre and Arts Centre we can raise     previews from the Civic Theatre and across the region.
the profile of your business, reach your company’s    Previous sponsors include BHP Law,
target market and offer a number of complimentary     Latimer Hinks Solicitors, Capita, Northgate,
tickets to a diverse programme of theatre             and Darlington Building Society.
throughout each season.
                                                      For full Sponsorship and Corporate Partnership
You may wish to join our Corporate Partnership        Scheme options and details, please contact
Scheme, or choose to sponsor a production or          the Sponsorship Team on 01325 348 885 or
single performance.                                   email:

iNFOrMatiON                                                                                              45

JANUARY                              PAGE   DATES     FEbRUARY                            PAGE   DATES
Peter Pan                             3     1 – 16    How the Koala Learnt to Hug          28      25
New Year Viennese Spectacular         2       4       The Circus of Horrors                10      26
An Evening With Katy Lied             23      8
Andrew O’Neill: Occult Comedian       23      19      mARcH                               PAGE   DATES
Don Quixote                           4       20      A Dish of Tea with Doctor Johnson    30      1
Romeo and Juliet                      4       21      Journey’s End                        11     1–5
Josephine Davies Quintet              23      21      The Wolves of Willoughby Chase       30       2
Swan Lake                             4     22 & 23   4 Parts Guitar                       30       3
Call Mr Robeson                       24      25      Osian Roberts/Steve Fishwick         31       4
Beyond the Barricade                  5       26      Verve – 2011                         31       8
Why the Lion Danced                   24    26 & 27   Horrible Histories                   12     8 – 12
Pulling Faces                         24      26      Barbershopera Apocalypse No!         31       9
Vampires Rock                         5     27 & 28   Five                                 32      12
The Winner Takes It All               5       29      The Blues Brothers                   13    14 – 19
                                                      Miles Jupp                           32      15
FEbRUARY                             PAGE   DATES     The Man Who Was Hamlet               32      22
Back For Good                         6       2       GleeMania                            14    22 – 26
Afrika! Afrika!                       6       3       Joni Mitchell Project                33      23
Portraits in Song                     25      3       Double Take                          33      24
Stan Tracey Trio                      25      4       Goodnight Mister Tom                 15    29 – 2/4
Science Museum Live on Tour!          6      4&5      Mark Thomas                          33      30
Watch the Birdy                       25      5
London Community Gospel Choir         26      5       ApRiL                               PAGE   DATES
dinnerladies                          7     7 – 12    Robert Fowler Quartet                34       1
Human Planet with Dale Templar        26      8       Of Mice and Men                      34       5
Life After Life & The Heart of Him    26      10      Lady Chatterley’s Lover              34       6
Merseymania                           27      11      42nd Street                          16     6 – 16
Flawless                              8     15 – 17   The Manfreds                         35       7
Pride and Prejudice                   27      16      Lost and Found                       35     8&9
A Night at the Movies                 8       18      After Miss Julie                     35      12
Neil Innes                            28      18      The Birthday of the Infanta          36      14
The Counterfeit Stones                9       19      The Big Ballet                       17      18
The Moscow State Circus               9     21 – 23   That’ll Be the Day                   17      19
Julian Smith                          28      23      Joe Brown in Concert                 17      21
Lenny Henry in Cradle to Rave         10      24      Kate Rusby                           18      23
Lilies on the Land                   29     24 – 26   The Chuckle Brothers                 18      26
Sally Morgan                         10       25      John Hylton Real Diamond             18      27

46                                            BOOK NOW – 01325 486 555 / WWW.darliNgtONarts.cO.uK

JANUARY                             PAGE    DATES     ApRiL                         PAGE   DATES
Penni McLaren-Walker                 39       6       Yuri Paterson-Olenich          41      2
The Alligators                       40       7       Blackdog                       40      8
Alexandra Dariescu                   41       15      Martin Litton & Tom Langham    41      9
Tom McConville & David Newey         39       20      Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston    39      14
The Blue Bishops                     40       21      Hokie Joint                    40      15
Plane Dukes Rahman Clarinet Trio     41       22      The Boreas Trio                41      16
Holocaust Memorial Day               42       27      Rent                           42    20 – 23
                                                      Anthony John Clark             39      28
FEbRUARY                            PAGE    DATES     Larry Garner/Norman Beaker Band 40     29
Darlington Orchestra                 42       2       Jeff Barnhart & John Hallam    41      30
Judith Haswell                       39       3
James O’Hara Band                    40       4
The Young Red Onion Jazz Band        41       5
The Paul Rodgers Story               40       11
Libor Novacek                        41       12
Allan Taylor                         39       17
Smokin’ Hogs                         40       18
Pei-Jee NG & Chiao-Ying Chang        41       19

mARcH                               PAGE    DATES
Vane Women                           42       2
Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes           40       4
Millennium Eagle Jazz Band           41       5
Sarah Beth Briggs                    41       12
Spring Thing                         39     16 – 20
Other Roads                          39       24
Kyla Brox Band                       40       25
The Stanford String Quartet          41       26

Key:      Civic Theatre       Arts Centre

Darlington Civic Theatre
Parkgate, Darlington DL1 1RR
Darlington Arts Centre
Vane Terrace, Darlington DL3 7AX

OtHEr EVENts                                                                                      47

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