; Central Processing Unit _CPU_
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Central Processing Unit _CPU_


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									Central Processing
         Unit (CPU)
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
   ‘Brain’ of the computer
   Performs the change of data into information
   Accepts data from any input device, changes
    this data according to instructions given by
    the user and send the result to an output
Explains how computers process data (input- raw text, numbers)
into information (output)
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
   Consists of the
         Control Unit
         Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
         Registers
Control Unit
   Directs and coordinates the entire hardware
   Organises the flow of data in a computer
   Similar to traffic lights controlling the flow of
   It interprets each instruction given by a
    program and gives appropriate action to be
    carried out
     Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
   Performs data calculations including addition,
    subtraction, division and multiplication
   Performs comparisons on data items
   Temporary storage area for small amounts of
    data or instructions before and after
   Some of the different registers are:
        Accumulator Register – stores data to be processed
        Buffer Register – stores data coming from or being
         sent to primary storage, e.g printing a document
        Address Register – stores location of data in primary
        Instruction Register – stores the address if the next
         instruction to be processed
   A central processing unit contained on one
    integrated circuit
   If the processor is built onto a single
    microchip it is called a microprocessor
   Used in PC’s, cameras, DVD players etc.
Development of CPU speeds
   Moore's Law - the number of transistors per
    integrated circuit doubles about once every
    two years, while the price of the chip remains
    the same.
    Development of CPU speeds
   Intel's graph showing growth in the number of transistors over the
    past 35 years
Development of CPU speeds
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
1. Describe the role of the CPU.

2. List and explain the three parts of the CPU

3. What is a microprocessor and where are
   they used?

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