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The Call of the Father ... The Will to Serve


									                                                                            volume 32 number 4 summer 2000

          Crusader Chronicle
Published quarterly by the Alumni Office for the alumni, parents, and friends of Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, Houston, Texas.

        The Call of the Father ...
                            The Will to Serve

Please see related stories on pages 2 and 3.
  campus life
  campus life
                                       father to serve the world. The          offer excellence in education.
                                       bronze is placed on a base of four      Finally, we have been blessed with
                                       steps (signifying the four years a      an outstanding administrative team,
                                       young man is here at Strake Jesuit)     faculty and staff who labor each
                                       and appears to have been ripped         day to do their best to guide and
                                       from the stones of the Temple in        teach the young people before
                                       Jerusalem and placed on our cam-        them. This community will always
                                       pus. Mary watches her son as his        be in my heart and in my prayers.
                                       foot takes the first step away from     May God bless us on our way.
                                       her. Mother and Son share this
                                       moment. Their fingers are inter-
                                       twined over Mary’s heart not in a
                                       grasping manner but one which
                                       says that her son will always be in
                                       her heart. Jesus’s left arm stretches
                                       outward opening his hand to the                IN MEMORIUM
From the President...                  world.                                   Jennie Adams, mother of Bessie
                                                                                Wilhelm and grandmother of John ‘91
        significant moment in every                                             and Philip ‘94 Wilhelm * Lorraine

A      boy’s life is his first step
       away from his mother’s pro-
                                        “I hope this will be a place
                                       where mothers will come to
                                                                                Bard, paternal grandmother of
                                                                                Richard ‘02 * George Leo Bazin,
                                                                                paternal grandfather of Peter ‘03 *
tective care and into the world of     pray for their children...”              Walter Briggs, father of Michael ‘66
manhood. In the life of Jesus that                                              * Hugo Coscio, paternal grandfather
moment is depicted in the infancy                                               of Matt ‘00 * Thomas C. Danie, Jr.,
narrative, when Mary asks Jesus                                                 paternal grandfather of James ‘03 *
                                           Jesus answers, “The call of the      Leo Dauphinais, father of Lori
why he stayed behind in Jerusalem      Father, the will to serve.” This         McArdle * Roger Fernandez, Sr.,
when he should have been return-       sculpture is dedicated to all of the     paternal grandfather and Ruben
ing home with his parents from the     mothers of Strake Jesuit in thanks-      Fernandez, paternal great uncle of
Passover celebrations.        Jesus    giving for all of their love and ded-    Chris ‘03 * Dorothy Fletcher, grand-
remained in the Temple in the care                                              mother of Bob Ritz ‘76 * Jack
                                       icated service to their sons and to      Gallagher, paternal grandfather of
of the kindly Temple scholars who      our community. It is placed in the       Matt ‘00 * Jose Garcia, paternal
were amazed at his learning and        heart of our campus because it will      grandfather of the Garcia- Prats: Tony
maturity. Jesus answers his moth-      remind all of us of the great debt of    ‘94, David ‘95, Christopher ‘98, Joe
er’s scolding with, “Did you not       gratitude we owe to our moms. I          Pat ‘99, Matthew ‘00, and Mark ‘03 *
know that I must be in my Father’s                                              Martha Anne Gilbert, mother of Jim
                                       hope this will be a place where          Gilbert, and grandmother of David ‘99
house?” His answer must have           mothers will come to pray for their      * Eva Nell Harper, paternal grand-
astonished Mary as it does every       children and ask Our Blessed             mother of Sean ‘02 and Michael ‘03 *
mother when her son announces his      Mother to guide their sons in the        Bobby Holland, father of Thad ‘82 *
desire to be autonomous. For           ways of her beloved Son, Jesus           Alton Jurica, step-grandfather of
mothers, it is a moment of fear,                                                Chris Alvarez ‘03 * James Kelleher,
                                       Christ.                                  father of Kevin ‘69 * John H.
hurt, and yet, great pride. Mothers          As my tenure here at Strake        Keyser, father of Stephen ‘71 *
raise their boys to be independent     Jesuit comes to an end, I am filled      Marion Benjamin Mallia, grandfa-
men, although that day sometimes       with gratitude for the honor and the     ther of M. Ben Dorr ‘97 * Lettie
comes sooner than expected. To let     privilege of serving this communi-       Malveaux, mother of Steven ‘85 *
go of that hand takes great courage,                                            Joseph Ray Nelson, maternal grand-
                                       ty. God has blessed us with won-         father of Ian Armstrong ‘01 * Agnes
for every instinct tells a mother to   derful young men who come for            Nichols, maternal grandmother of
hold on a little longer.               their education and find a warm,         Bret Morgan ‘00 * Celeste Orlando,
         On Sunday, May 14th,          loving environment in which to           brother of Father Vincent Orlando,
Mother’s Day, the Strake Jesuit        discover who God is calling them         S.J., * Clementina Riojas, paternal
community gathered to dedicate a                                                g ra nd mo t h e r of Eva Riojas *
                                       to be. It has been my privilege to       Consuelo Saldana, paternal grand-
beautiful sculpture by Robert          share in their journey towards man-      mother of Daniel Lara ‘03 * Sylvia
Nicpon. The sculpture depicts the      hood. We are also blessed by won-        Sidney, maternal great aunt of Bryan
moment when Jesus takes his first      derfully supportive friends who          Theard ‘02 * Katherine C. Tanner,
steps away from his mother and         continue to acknowledge our work         paternal grandmother of Larry ‘84
answers the call of his heavenly       here and make it possible for us to
2 • crusader chronicle • summer 2000
                                                                                                campus life
                                                                                                campus life

  Dedicated to the
  Mothers of Strake Jesuit
                                     by Fr. Vincent Orlando, S.J.
       hroughout the 1990’s the
T      Strake Jesuit Mothers’ Club
       developed the concept and
                                            expressed so well in this work of
                                            art. On the one hand, there is the
                                            care and nurturing of a loving par-
worked to finance a piece of art to         ent that help the child grow. There
be placed on the campus and dedi-           is also the example of one’s own
cated to the Mothers of Strake              faith and dedication that implant in
Jesuit students. The result was this        him the desire to become a person
expressive and deeply moving                who does something worthwhile
bronze sculpture beautifully exe-           with his life. He is a source of great
cuted by Mr. Robert Nicpon, a               joy, and one has great hopes and
young artist who was raised and             expectations. On the other hand,
schooled in Chicago. Mr. Nicpon             there is the desire to protect and to
was trained in the classic style            hold on to or possess him. There is
which is very evident in this exqui-        the pain of letting go and recogniz-
site piece of art.                          ing his own independence. There
   Mary, kneeling at the narrow end         is the anxiety about what lies ahead
of the V-shaped and stepped                 for him and the path he will take.
pedestal base, draws her Son Jesus’                                                                Crusader
                                                “I see Mary in this piece as also
hand to her heart, as He is respond-                                                               Chronicle
                                            representing the school,” said Mr.
ing to the call within Him to serve         Nicpon. Strake Jesuit, as an Alma            The Crusader Chronicle is published
His Father. The work bears the              Mater (a Sweet and Gentle                         quarterly by Strake Jesuit
name Call of the Father--The Will           Mother), provides a nurturing envi-                 College Preparatory.
to Serve.                                   ronment for the growth of her sons.
    The young adolescent Jesus has          She fosters and encourages in them                         President
heard the call of the Father. “I must       the response of faith to the call of               Fr. Brian Zinnamon, S.J.
be about my Father’s business,” he          their Father to do something worth-
tells his mother. His gaze, his             while with their lives, to be “Men                      Richard Nevle
attention, his thoughts are directed        for Others.”
now toward that call. He is drawn               Yet there is also silence and awe                 Alumni Director
to it; his soul is on fire with the stir-   before the mystery of their person-                  Mary Linda Portner
rings of the Spirit to serve His            hood unfolding as they mature.
                                                                                                  Alumni Chaplain
Father. The future, and whatever it         Likewise, there is a certain sadness                 Fr. Chris Billac, S.J.
holds, opens before him.                    mixed with pride and joy as they
     His mother, Mary, points back          take those first steps away from us                 Development Director
home to the security of the past,           toward the future and the realiza-                    Gary Broussard
and she clutches His hand tightly to        tion of their call to serve.
her heart expressing her love and              “The students are moving away,”                  Visit our web site at
concern for Him. Her face speaks            continued Mr. Nicpon, “from the           
of the hopes and also the anxieties         point of the V, which represents the
that she feels for her Son Jesus,           past and all that is trying to hold              DEADLINES for articles,
now boy turned man. It also speaks          them back, into the widening part               photos, and news releases are
of the mystery that she has seen            of the V which opens to the future,               September 7, November 7
slowly revealed in Him as He has            to their growing independence and                  February 7, and May 7
grown. She wants to hold on to              fruitful lives as adults.” As they
                                                                                               Please mail enclosures to:
Him, and yet she knows that she             leave us, we must trust that they                       Alumni Office
must let go.                                have indeed experienced the call of            Strake Jesuit College Preparatory
    Every Strake Jesuit mother, and         the Father and now have the will to                   8900 Bellaire Blvd.
indeed every mother, has experi-            serve.                                                Houston, TX 77036
enced the tension and ambivalence
                                                                                     summer 2000 • crusader chronicle • 3
  campus life
  campus life

Abounding Sounds of Success...                                                            Repinecz Rules!
  Strake Jesuit Musicians Take Sweepstakes                                                     unior flutist Martin Repinecz

C     ongratulations to the Strake
      Jesuit / Saint Agnes Crusader
                                                All-State 2000!                           J    is scorching the music scene at
                                                                                               Strake Jesuit by placing first
      Band, Jazz Ensemble and
Wind Ensemble on their outstand-
ing performance at the Texas
                                                F      ifteen Strake Jesuit/Saint
                                                       Agnes band members and six
                                                       orchestra members were
                                                                                          chair in the Texas Private School
                                                                                          All-State Band and becoming
                                                                                          Jesuit’s first public school All-State
Private School Music Educators                  selected to the 1999-2000 Texas           Band member placing 6th in the
Association’s State Concert and                 P r i v a t e S c h o o l M u s i c Edu-  TMEA All-State Band. This was
Sight Reading Competition. All                                                            an exceptionally notable accom-
                                                c a t o r s A s s o c i a t i o n’ s A l l -
the bands merited First Division                State Band and Orchest ra. Under          plishment, as he was competing
(Superior) ratings at the contest in            the direction of Mr. Robert Peri, the     with the best flute players from all
both the performance and sight                  Crusader band placed 15 of 92 stu-        4-A public schools in the state.
reading portions. Outstanding indi-             dents into the All-State Band,
vidual performances were given by               including first chair honors by
Carl Lewis (tenor sax) and Matt                 Martin Repinecz (flute) and Eric
Johnson (alto sax) in Jazz                      Fr ied l a n d er ( f r e n c h
Ensemble, Michael Dyer (trumpet)                hor n) . M r s . Nanc y A n g e r s t i e n
and Martin Repinecz (flute) in                  placed 6 out of 54 into the All-State
Wind Ensemble, and Dan Worrall                  Orchestra including first chair hon-
(trombone) and Salil Bhandari                   ors by Michael Aguhar (bass).
(percussion) in symphonic Band.                        On a blue note, Strake Jesuit
                                                bids farewell to Orchestra Director
                                                Mrs. Nancy Angerstein. Mrs.
                                                Angerstein has been the orchestra
                                                director since 1997 and has led the
                                                orchestra to 3 straight Division I
                                                ratings in performance at the State
                                                Concert and Sight Reading
                                                Contest. She also assisted with the
                                                Crusader Concert Band as a wood-
                                                wind specialist.
                                                   Nancy Angerstein came to Jesuit
                                                after 20 years of teaching at The                Award winner Martin Repinecz ‘01
                                                Kinkaid School and leaves us to
                                                become the orchestra director at                   After the All-State scene was
                                                Alief Elsik High School. We wish conquered, Martin then placed first
                                                her well in her endeavors.                   in the 6th Annual Crusader
                                                                                             Concerto Competition. The com-
Band Pictured L-R, front to back:                                                            petition is sponsored by the Strake
SAA’s Maya Valerie, Celia Llorens, Joanna                                                    Jesuit Music Department to chal-
Crowley, SJCP’s Eric Friedlander, Martin
Repinecz, Andre Mouton, Jeremy Crawley,
                                                                                             lenge the most talented musicians
Matt Johnson, Adam Aurisano, Brandon                                                         in the department. He was amazing
Wingate, Dan Skarbek, J. Edwards Bates, Salil                                                in his performance of Concertino
Bhandari, Nick Shaver, Matt Chladek                                                          by Cecile Chaminade, and all of
   Both the orchestra and band had                                                           this after only having played the
outstanding performances in their                                                            flute for a year and a half. Look for
Spring Concerts, and their magic                                                             better things to come from him in
has been captured on video and CD.                                                           his next year of flute playing.
Copies of the video ($16) and CD                                                          Orchestra pictured L-R, front to back:
($20) are on sale in the Music                                                            Jadah Odom, Dennis Shaver, Jimmy
Department. Contact Mr. Peri for                                                          Thang, Alex Kuo, Michael Aguhar, David
more information.                                                                         Ashe, and Mrs.Nancy Angerstein.

4 • crusader chronicle • summer 2000

Wu Earns
Golf All-State
      trake Jesuit Golf Team of
S     1999-2000 finished their sea-
      son by posting their two low-
est scores of the year at the State
Tournament in El Paso. The first
day score of 306 is the 4th lowest
round in school tournament history.
Senior Jonathan Wu’s round of 71
(below) tied Sam MacNaughton

                                       From the lower left moving clockwise: Greg Davis ‘02, Chad Marti ‘03, Peter
                                       Andrews ‘02, Mr. Bill Wu and his son Jonathan Wu ‘00, and Chris Calderwood ‘03,
                                       on the practice tee.

                                          The Jesuit Golf Team wishes to             Track and Field
                                       thank everyone who helped make
                                       this year so successful. Included in      The Crusader Track and Field team
                                                                                 composed of 36 athletes finished
                                       that list are the people at Suga r        2nd in the state meet in Dallas on
                                       C reek, Swee twa te r, Bra eBu r n,       April 29, 2000. The team compet-
                                       Riverbend, a nd West -wood                ed very well and dominated many
                                       Count ry Clubs as well as                 events. State champions were: 110-
                                       Hackberry Golf Course. They               hurdles-Stefan Doerr, 3200 meters
                                       were very generous in letting us          -Justin Urrutia, high jump-Sean
                                       practice at their fine facilities.        Long, triple jump, pole vault-
                                                                                 Keeson Jurick.
‘87 a n d Rob Chisholm ‘94 for
the school record for the lowest
round in a state tourney. Wu’s sec-
                                                             Strake Jesuit
ond day round of 77 ea r ned him
All State Honors.                                           Football Camp
    This year’s t eam wa s one of
the largest in Texas. Thirty-nine       Any boy who has finished grades 1 through 8 can partici-
golfers played in 32 tournaments.       pate. The camp runs from June 5 through June 8, from 9:00
The Crusaders also played in 3 dif-     a.m. to 11:30 a.m. This is a NON contact football camp.
ferent 2-day tourneys, making           Cost is $60.
SJCP the largest golf team at a pri-
vate school in the state. The           Strake Jesuit will have The Athletes Course right here on
Varsity Crusaders finished in the       campus, a 6-week course from June 12 to July 20. TAC
top six in four tournaments this        offers young athletes high quality training. Any boy enter-
year, and the Junior Varsity fin-       ing grades 7 through 12 can participate.
ished in the top four.
     While the Crusaders lose Wu,       There will be two sessions: 8-10 a.m. and 5-7 p.m. Cost is
Bernado Cordero and Derek               $185. If you have further questions call Ron Counter at
Lyons to graduation, the team will
return 6 juniors, 12 sophomores,        (713) 774-7651, extension 249.
and 14 freshmen.
                                                                               summer 2000 • crusader chronicle • 5

    Jesuit Baseball Captures Final TCIL                                        seniors Ryan Brhlik, Alex Grivich,
                                                                               Greg Highberger, and Jason
            State Championship                                                 Terrell joined Junior Mark
                                                                               Chmiel and sophomore Colin
                                                                               Matheny on the 1st team.
T     he Strake Jesuit Baseball
      Team capped off a successful
      season by capturing the final
                                       recent history with St. Thomas (16-
                                       6) as the #2 seed, defending champ
                                       Dallas Jesuit (15-10) as the #3
                                                                               Honorable Mention recognition
                                                                               went to seniors Kevin Bannan,
TCIL Championship in baseball.         seed, and El Paso Cathedral’s (20-      Matt Hawthorne and Bennett
The season record of 24-10 was         6) best team in school history as the   Wood, along with Sophomore
compiled while playing one of the      #4 seed.                                Matt Cavanaugh.
toughest schedules in the school’s         The opening round began with a          The end of the season and the
history. The Crusaders played 4 of     match-up with El Paso Cathedral,        excitement it brought also brings
the area’s top ten 5A teams (going     and a 4-2 win over the Irish. In the    the bittersweet reality of the end of
2-2 against them). This included       second round, the Crusaders             the high school careers of 11 fine
an exciting 6-4 victory over the #1    defeated the Dallas Jesuit Rangers      seniors. Best of luck to Kevin
team in the nation and defending       2-1. This victory ensured a place in    Bannan, Ryan Brhlik, Fernando
“national champion” Bellaire. This     the championship game as the            Grijalva, Alex Grivich, Matt
was the only loss during the season    undefeated team, meaning the            Hawthorne, Greg Highberger, José
for Bellaire and their #1 pitcher.     opponent would have to earn two         Salazar, Clark Samuelson, Jason
The Crusaders also defeated #6         victories. That opponent, fittingly     Terrell, James Tisius, and Bennett
Katy. Other wins over 5A playoff       enough, was the St. Thomas              Wood. They will have the honor
teams included Sam Houston and         Eagles. The Crusaders had earned        of bringing the final TCIL
Austin. In addition, several teams     a sweep of the annual home series       Championship back where it
that earned recognition in the top     a week before with two very hard        belongs.
ten of the 4A/others poll in the       fought wins. After the flurry of
Greater Houston area during the        runs scored in the first three
season fell victim to the Crusaders.   innings, the pitchers settled down              1999-2000
These teams included St. Thomas,       to take control of the game. Pitcher
SPC State Champion Kinkaid,            Ryan Brhlik gave up one more run               Swim Season
Second Baptist, Channelview, and       to record the team’s third straight
Houston Christian.                     complete game, the 10-5 victory,
    The tough schedule paid off as
the Crusaders traveled to Dallas as
the #1 seed in the state tournament.
                                       and the final TCIL State
                                          Post-season awards were numer-
                                                                                T       he 1999-2000 swim season
                                                                                        marks the first year back
                                                                                        with the Strake team for
There was no doubt this would be       ous for the Crusaders. When the         Coach Bob Horn who spent the
the most competitive tournament in     All-State Team was announced,           last 8 years as the St. Agnes coach.
                                                                               It was an outstanding year, cul-
                                                                               m ina t i n g wit h a t r i p t o
                                                                               Phi l a d el p h i a to at ten d the
                                                                               Eas t er n P r ep Sch oo ls ’ C ham-
                                                                               p ion ships. This year marks the
                                                                               100th year of the Eastern meet
                                                                               which is attended by over 60
                                                                               teams from the East Coast area
                                                                               and beyond.
                                                                                     Strake placed 9th at the meet.
                                                                               Our highest team finish in the ten
                                                                               years that Strake has been attend-
                                                                               ing the meet was sixth. To place in
                                                                               t h e top ten a t a m eet of th is
                                                                               caliber is a grea t a ccomplish-
                                                                               ment. Congratulations to the
                                                                               s wim t e a m for a n ou ts ta nd in g

6 • crusader chronicle • summer 2000
                                                        Q. My company’s matching gift program will not
FAQ’s --                                                match my gift to Strake Jesuit. Is there anything else
   Giving to Strake Jesuit                              I can do?
                                                                A. Yes. Consider making your gift to the Strake
                                                        Jesuit Art Museum, Inc. This art/cultural institution is a
Q. Will my gift be tax deductible?                      separate entity and holds a separate 501 (c) 3 exempt
        A. Strake Jesuit is a charitable organization status with the IRS. Most matching gift programs will
and has 501 (c) 3 status with the IRS. Gifts are tax match your gift to charitable art/cultural institutions.
deductible to the extent of the law.
                                                        Q. Does Strake Jesuit accept gifts of stock?
Q. How does a matching gift program work?                       A. Yes. We accept shares of commonly traded
        A. Many companies give to charities sup- stocks. In fact, gifts of stock may be among the wisest
ported by their employees by matching an employees ways to give to Strake Jesuit from an income tax point
gift to a charity - often doubling and sometimes of view - be sure to check with your tax advisors. For
tripling your initial gift! This is a wonderful benefit more information on how to transfer gifts of stock to
and Jesuit received over $50,000 from matching gift Strake Jesuit contact the development office at (713)
programs in 1999-00.                                    774-7651.
        Generally speaking, a company’s matching
gift program must be initiated by the employee Q. Can I give to Strake Jesuit with my credit card?
through the Human Resources office. Once the                    A. Yes. At this time we accept MasterCard and
proper forms are filled out and sent to Jesuit, then we Visa. Who knows? It may lead to a free airline ticket.
will handle the processing from that point.

                                                                           Moonlight and Magnolias
                                                                              oonlight and Magnolias, the 20th Annual
                                                                       M      Fantasy Auction, held on April 15, 2000,
                                                                              at the Westin Oaks had as the guest mas-
                                                                      ter of ceremonies Don Nelson of KTRK-TV.
                                                                      Special honors went to Fr. Brian Zinnamon, S.J.
                                                                      President, for his 10th and final auction.
                                                                      Chairpersons for all the 19 previous fantasy auc-
                                                                      tions were honored for their hard work. This
                                                                      year’s chair couple, Joann and Helmuth
                                                                      Goepfert, did a tremendous job of leading all the
                                                                      numerous volunteers. Many thanks to all who
                                                                      help ed ma ke th is wonder fu l evening a huge
                                                                      su ccess.
Moonlight and Magnolias Fantasy Auction 2000 Chair Couple Joann and Helmuth
                                                                                   The Last Word
Goepfert celebrate a successful evening at the Westin Oaks Hotel with Fr. Brian
Zinnamon, S.J., President of Strake Jesuit.                                                         on Spring Fling

 Strake Jesuit Alum Mother’s Club is beginning its third year. If you have
 not joined and are interested in becoming a part of this group, please consid-
                                                                                   K       udos to the Ambassadors
                                                                                           and their teams for making
                                                                                           Spring Fling 2000 a big suc-
 er becoming a member for the 2000-2001 year. Membership questions may             cess and adding nearly $90,000 to
 be directed to Judy Girotto at 713-667-9974. We hope to see you in the year       the funding for student financial
 ahead.                                                                            aid. This year’s raffle winners
                                                                                   were: Michael Richardson--Ford
 Your Name:___________________________________________
                                                                                   Mustang, John Gilroy--27” color
                                                                                   television, and Michael Grant--CD
 Phone: (_____) - _____________
                                                                                      Finally, a note of appreciation to
 Son(s) Name and Graduation Year(s):
                                                                                   the two individuals who coordinat-
 ________________________________________________ __________
                                                                                   ed and pulled this whole thing
 ________________________________________________ __________
                                                                                   tog e t h e r, tour d i re c t o r s L iz
 Dues Enclosed $_______________($10.00)
                                                                                   Schlotzhauer and Paula Gochnour.

                                                                                  summer 2000 • crusader chronicle • 7
The Easter Egg Hunt
for SJAA’s Children...

                                                                                 An Eggceptional Event!

                           From the Alumni Director
   A     s I view the powerful sculpture, The Call of
         the Father–the Will to Serve, I am amazed at
         the impact such a molding of bronze and
                                                            will be special evenings at each reunion when
                                                            alumni can again experience the warmth of the
                                                            SJ community and re-connect with each other in
   stone can have on a campus and a community.              the familiar environment of the campus. And,
   And yet it should not be amazing because it is a         alums will also be able to experience the Strake
   reflection of the impact this community and insti-       Jesuit of today.
   tution has on the lives of young men.                       This year let’s return Homecoming to its orig-
        This a particularly poignant time of year, as       inal purpose–a time when alumni come home to
   exuberant seniors move away from all that is             Jesuit. Prior to the game on Friday, October 6,
   familiar and embrace unknown futures. They are           there will be a special party open to all alumni
   leaving a community, which like Mary in the              and their guests. Members of our 5-year reunion
   sculpture, has nurtured them and watched their           classes–‘65,’75,’85, and ‘95–are invited to
   growth and maturity with pride. It is a communi-         attend as special guests of the SJAA and Strake
   ty which will always hold the presence of these          Jesuite College Preparatory and will be recog-
   young men in its heart. And it is one in which our       nized during the game.
   graduates can always find security and accept-              Of course, we are always happy to have alum-
   ance.                                                    ni on campus, and they are often spotted here,
         Graduates racing toward the future quickly         whether for luncheons, committee meetings or
   become alumni returning to their alma mater,             any of the many events held on campus. I would
   most commonly for reunions. Plans are evolving           like to extend a personal invitation to our alum-
   for full-scale reunions for four Strake Jesuit class-    ni at the next possible occasion to come home to
   es: ‘70, ‘80, ‘85, and ‘90. While all these reunion      Jesuit. You are always welcome.
   weekends will involve visits with old classmates
   and their families, parties, and activities, this year
   there will be a renewed emphasis on returning to
   the alma mater, on coming home to Jesuit. There

8 • crusader chronicle • summer 2000

                                          Men for Others
                                             Traveling with as many as 80         strate their faith by making caring
Putting Faith                           packed foot lockers, these medical        and service an intentional part of
       in Practice                      professionals bring all the supplies      ministry to the needy. The organi-
                                        and as much medication as possible        zation seeks to foster friendships
                                        for their tour of duty. Each week         and mutual understanding among
      erhaps there is no more inti-                                               patients and volunteers “There is
P     mate means of service than
      caring for the sick, disabled,
                                        different surgical teams which
                                        focus on a particular specialty are
                                        formed, with patients being seen on
                                                                                  certainly no greater gift than giving
                                                                                  to a community that is so in need
and vulnerable. Those who extend        the first day and the remainder of        and is so thankful of these efforts,”
that service, along with comfort        the week devoted to surgery.              concludes Brian.
and compassion, to the world out-            “It has been a very rewarding
side their own community truly          experience for me to be involved in       For more information on Faith in
embody the Ignatian ideal of men        this program over the past several          Practice, visit the web site at
for others. As a member of Faith in     years,” Brian comments. “I certain- 
Practice, Dr. Brian Parsley ’74 is      ly feel that the good Lord has given
doing just that.                        me special gifts in the field of med-          Alumni Event Calendar
      An orthopedic surgeon in          icine, and I have been drawn into a
Houston practicing with the             profession that allows me to utilize                   Tuesday, July 11
Arthritis Institute, Brian has just                                                         Networking Breakfast
                                        those gifts to the best of my ability.                  7:00-8:30 a.m.
returned from his third mission trip                                                        Executive Dining Room
to Guatemala with Faith in                                                                      Williams Tower
Practice. Brian, along with other
physicians, nurses, therapists, and                                                 Friday, August 11 & Saturday, August 12
                                                                                             Class of ‘85 Reunion
support personnel from Houston,                                                          Please see web site for details
work to improve the physical, spir-
itual, and economic conditions of                                                   Friday, August 25 & Saturday, August 26
                                                                                             Class of ‘90 Reunion
the poor in Guatemala. They oper-                                                        Please see web site for details
ate out of Hermano Pedro Hospital
in Antigua, Guatemala, a multi-                                                            Tuesday, September 12
service facility which provides a                                                          Networking Breakfast
permanent home for more than 400                                                               7:00-8:30 a.m.
                                                                                           Executive Dining Room
people–among them abandoned                                                                    Williams Tower
and orphaned children, the elderly,
and the mentally and chronically                                                       Friday, Sept. 15-Sunday, Sept. 17
ill.                                                                                         Class of ‘70 Reunion
                                                                                        Please see web site for details

                                                                                           Sunday, September 24
                                                                                                 10:30 a.m.
                                                                                         Family Mass and Barbecue
                                        Being involved in a medical mis-                        SJ Campus
                                        sion service such as Faith in
                                                                                                Friday, October 6
                                        Practice has always been a desire of                     Homecoming
                                        mine since I entered the field of                 Honoring Reunion Classes
                                        medicine.”                                            ‘65, ‘75, ‘85 and ‘95
                                                                                         Alchediak - Crusader Stadium
                                            Faith in Practice is an ecumeni-
                                        cal organization which believes                       Friday, October 20
                                        that people of God are called to                        Tailgate Party
“Blanky” and Dr. Parsley all smiles     practice love and compassion as an                    SJ vs. St. Thomas
 following foot surgery and recovery,                                                            Rice Stadium
                                        outward sign of God’s presence
above and right.
                                        among us. Its members demon-
                                                                                 summer 2000 • crusader chronicle • 9

                                             way for additional development            Alumnus of the Year
                                             and investment in the community.
 Dentist Making News                         Alan grew up in the neighborhood
                                             and already owns two Shipley
                                             Donut shops.
                                                                                      E     ach year members of the
                                                                                            Strake Jesuit Alumni
                                                                                            Association seek to recognize
                                                                                      one of their peers who is the first
                                              Mucci Walks for Life                    among equals through the Alumnus
                                                                                      of the Year Award. This award is

                                             L      ed by Ron Mucci ‘75, teams
                                                    of Williams’ employees and
                                                    their families took the walk
                                                                                      given to an alum who best embod-
                                                                                      ies the Ignatian ideal of a Man for
                                                                                      O the r s th rough h i s persona l,
                                             t h a t s a v e s b a b i es’ live s--   professional and spiritual life.
                                             WalkAmerica on Sunday, April 30.
                                             In his keynote remarks Ron, who is       Nominations for Alumnus of the
                                             Senior Vice President for Shared         Year are being accepted through
                                             Services at Williams, stated, “The       August 31, 2000. Candidates will
                                             March of Dimes is saving babies’         be judged on the following criteria:
Andy Doerfler, ‘70, right, with John         lives. That’s why we are here.”          1) His life exemplifies the aca-
Bradshaw, nationally known speaker           This year more than $2.5 million            demic, religious and social
                                             was raised through Houston’s                values of the Jesuit tradition;
      t the invitation of Andy               WalkAmerica event, making it the         2) His life exemplifies outstanding
A     D o e r f l e r ‘7 0, J o h n
      B r a d s h a w, w e l l - k n o w n
                                             most successful walk yet.                   generosity to the community;
                                                                                      3) His professional achievement
speaker and former Strake Jesuit                                                         has contributed to the advance-
faculty member offered the keynote                                                       ment of his area of expertise;
address at the Greater Houston                                                        4) He exemplifies A Man for
Dental Meeting at the George R.                                                          Others.
Brown in February this year. Andy,
a dentist in Spring, TX, commented                                                    Nominations, along with brief
on his former teacher, “Mr.                                                           explanations of the nominee’s qual-
Bradshaw was awesome! He real-                                                        ifications, may be submitted by let-
ly had total control of the audience,                                                 ter, fax or e-mail to the following:
just like when he’s on Oprah!”                                                                  The Alumni Office
During his stay in Houston, John                                                       Strake Jesuit College Preparatory
Bradshaw’s hosts were Dr. and                                                                   8900 Bellaire Blvd.
Mrs. Russell Hollenbeck (parents                                                               Houston, TX 77036
of Russ ‘86, Joel ‘90, and Tim                                                                  713-270-4489 (fax)
‘95).                                        Ron Mucci ‘75, right, Williams        
                                             Gas Pipeline Senior Vice
    Bergeron Brings                          President--Shared Services, relax-       The Alumnus of the Year Award
      Business to                                                                     will be awarded at the Family Mass
                                             es at the table after completing the     and Barbecue on Sunday,
  Houston’s Third Ward                       March of Dimes WalkAmerica               September 24, 2000.
                                             2000. More than 800 Williams
       l a n B e rg e ro n ’77 has
A      brought some excitement to
       the Third Ward in Houston
                                             employees and their families and
                                             friends joined more than 8,000
                                             marchers on the six mile trek that
                                                                                      Want to be a Mentor?
                                                                                      The SJAA is finalizing plans to initiate a
with the opening of his new                                                           mentoring program with the start up of
Denny’s franchise at 2316                    started and ended at the                 school in August. If you are interested in
Southmore. The $1.5 million proj-            University of Houston on Sunday,         participating, please return the survey
ect has been warmly greeted by               April 30, 2000.                          found in the last issue of the Crusader
neighborhood        residents    and                                                  Chronicle. For more information or
applauded by community leaders.                    Project I Want Mail!               another copy of the survey, call the
The franchise is the first in many           Send an Email to:                        Alumni Office at 713-774-7651 x 153 or
years to come into the Third Ward,                   e-mail
and it is hoped that it will pave the        for listing in our Email Directory.

10 • crusader chronicle • summer 2000

News and Notes from our Alumni...       Spring, Texas. He celebrated his        and Julia, one year old, live in
                                        17th ordination anniversary on          Pflugerville, Texas. Kevin is a
                                        May 7, 2000.                            realtor with Keller Williams, in
66 r iCarle is in the geological/
            Marrullier, whose
expe enc
geophysical area, does consulting
                                        76 and isMuckle hasin an inter- 81 Tim Richards, his wife
                                               Jim           returned to
                                        Texas      involved
work for several oil companies in       net-based  business-to-business Margaret, and their son Partick
the greater Houston metroplex.          web site based in Houston, called       Joseph, live in Mandeville, LA.
Thomas F. Taylor has gone into          BBCN (Business to Business              Marc Granberry and his wife
business for himself as a Security      Commerce Network). He can be            Leslie reside in Atlanta, Georgia.
Consultant. He lives in Houston.        found at Bret E.
Steve Gurasich is the Chairman          Broussard and wife Deborah and
and CEO of GSD&M Advertising.
GSD&M is the largest advertising
                                        three children live in San Antonio,     82 in Houston, where he is a
                                                                                       Kim and Frank Corredor
                                        Texas. He has his own business,         reside
agency in the Southwest, and it is      Broussard Group Office Furniture        practicing physician.         David
in the top 25 nationally. Clients         & Services, which provides prod-      O’Brien has just returned from
include Southwest Airlines,                  ucts and services to the busi-     working in England for two years.
Wal-Mart, Chili’s, Pennzoil,                   ness community of the            He now lives and works in Norfolk,
D r e a m w o r k s ,                             greater San Antonio area.     Nebraska. In February, 2000, Ray
Southwestern Bell, Land                                                         Winters took on the new job of

                          News          &
Rover, PGA Tour, and                                                            Vice President of Quality
Fannie Mae. Fiscal
                                                        77        R i ck        Management for Bank United.

year 2000 billings                                                              This is a new department formed to
will exceed $1 bil-                                     Mobley and his
                                                     wife Stacy have four       minimize losses and improve cus-
lion. Edward F. Stuart,                                                         tomer service levels. Ray and his
Ph.D., of Northeaster                             children and live in
                                                Kingwood, Texas. Glenn          wife Susan also informed us of the
Illinois University, just fin-                                                  birth of their second child, Morgan
ished a field trip tour to                   Mathews is a vice president
                                           of a construction firm in San        Grace, born December 10, 1999.
Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Berlin,
Germany (March 18-26). He notes,        Francisco. He and Johanna have
“Leading 28 students and faculty
proved very demanding. The new
                                        lived there for 15 years.
                                                                                84 Michael           Persicano, a
                                                                                Systems manager     for Proctor &
Berlin is awesome.” D. Drue
Pollan is currently working for         78 Anna their two and Bill
                                                   Marie                        Gamble, lives in Cincinnati, Ohio,
                                                                                with his wife Phyllis and their two
McKenzie/Scott, LTD, as a vice          Kvinta and         daughters
                                        live in Houston. Bill is the C.F.O.     daughters. They have started a
p r es id e n t i n t h e C a r e e r                                           small gourmet coffee business and
Ma nageme nt Service s.                 for Tadiran Microwave Networks
                                        Inc., in Stafford, Texas.               can be reached on line at www.cof-
70 Reunion                              79estate appraisal business the
                                             Tim J. Bradley is in                Correction: The Spring issue of
Andy Doerfler is a family dentist       real                         in          the Crusader Chronicle incor-
in Spring, Texas. He has been mar-      Jackson, Wyoming. His reason for         rectly listed John Stinebaugh
ried 23 years to Mary. (Fr. Billac      moving there in October 1999 was
                                        “to snowboard more often and to          ‘84 as Tom. We apologize for
performed the Pre Cana discus-
sions!) He and Mary have three          justify the purchase of a mountain       the error.
children. Andy was recently voted       bike.”
Houston Academy of General
Dentistry Dentist of the Year.
                                        80 Reunion                              85 Reunion
                                                                                Greg Strake is the founder of
74 Parochial Vicar at Christcur-
       Rev. John Upton is               Rita and Kevin Nonmacher and            Austin Outbound/Adventure excur-
rently                       the        their three daughters, Stephanie, 5     sions. He and his wife and their
Good Shepherd Catholic parish in        years old, Jacqueline, 3 years old,     two children live in the Austin area.
                                                                              summer 2000 • crusader chronicle • 11

Class news & notes continued...         Scoutmaster of Troop 99. Mark           He has plans to be in Houston for
                                        enjoys playing guitar and singing       a visit this summer. Christopher
86 JohnMaster’s degree in
         J. Meyer is working
                                        in a western trio that includes his
                                        father, Bill.
                                                                                writes, “I’m trying to get out to
                                                                                Asia–I need to work on my
toward a                                                                        Chinese.... Please give my best
Physical Therapy. He is also a free-                                            to everyone at ‘The Prep’.”
lance writer, most recently publish-
ing an article in the October 1999
                                        88 Charleswith Arzu lives in
                                        Austin, Texas,    his wife Janell
issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife
entitled “Well Kept Secrets.” He
                                        and their daughter Haley. He is a       92 Justin Factorasnowdevel-
                                        f ina nc ia l a na lys t.  Michael      in Atlanta, Georgia, a
and his wife, Beth, have one child,     Newhouse resides in Notre Dame,         oper for an aviation development
a daughter named Haynes                 Indiana, where he is a graduate stu-    real estate firm. Kevin Khajavi
Elizabeth. Joe Trahan was pro-          dent of divinity.                       graduated summa cum laude
moted in February, 2000, to Sports                                              from Duke University in 1996.
Director at WVUE-TV, Fox 8, in                                                  He will graduate in the AOA
New Orleans, LA.
Vaughn Solcher and his wife,
                            Patrick     89 W. King Satterwhite lives            Honor Society from Baylor
                                        in Wharton, TX. For the past four       College of Medicine this May.
Brooke, live in the Houston area        years, he has successfully owned        His residency in Orthopedic
where he is a practicing physician      and operated a golf driving range       Surgery will be at Stanford.
of internal medicine.         Russ      called Debbi’s Golf Center. He is       Brian L. Hillendahl has just fin-
Hollenbech and his wife Sarah           also in the insurance business.         ished his second year of a three
have one child, Emily Marie, who                                                year program at South Texas
is one year old. Russ works for                                                 School of Law. He works part-
Ramsey-Murray and his wife              90 Reunion                              time as a law clerk in the County
works for the First Court of                                                    Attorney’s office.         Michael
Appeals; both are attorneys. Chad       Don Perlick is currently employed       Lacey has received the Kenan
Knipe and Stormy are expecting          as a calibration engineer at Ford,      Award from Union Carbide
their first child in September of       working on Ford E x p l o r er s. H e    Corp., on April 6th; this award
2000. He works for EBI Medical          exp r es s ed his and his mother’s          consists of a trophy and a
Systems in Houston.                     g r ea t a p p r ec ia t i o n to             cash honorarium. He is
                                        Brother Casey for atten d -                      completing his fourth
                                        i n g h is father’s memo-                           year of doctoral work
87 Dionne, Smajstrla andtheir
                                                                  News          &
      Troy                his           rial service last year.                                i n A n a ly t i c a l
wife,       are expecting               He wrote, “Thank                                          Chemistry at the

first child in September 2000.          y o u, B r o t h e r                                       University of
Winston Huh is finishing his            Casey. Th a t r e a lly                                   Illinois
Pediatric residency and will then       made us appreciate the
become chief            resident at     Strake Jesuit community.”
Children’s Medical Center of
Dallas. He hopes to have a fellow-
                                                                                         93      Peter Morgan
ship in pediatric hematology/oncol-     91graduate May 2000, from the
                                             Luke Joseph Neslage
                                                                                   has been accepted to the
                                                                                 University of Texas Medical
ogy. Mike Boudreau has been liv-        will                                    School in Galveston. He will
ing in the Los Angeles area for the     University of Texas Law School.         begin his studies in the fall.
past four years and is having a great   After taking the bar exam, he plans
time working in the entertainment       to travel to Africa. Beginning in
industry. John Edward Neslage II
has recently built a townhome near
                                        September, he will work for the
                                        International Section of the            95 Reunion
                                                                                Matthew Wong lives           in
Shepherd and San Felipe and is          Houston Office of King and              Cambridge,      Massachusetts,
enjoying his short commute to           Spalding. Alex Montoya is the           while attending graduate school
work in downtown Houston for            regional Vice President for Van         at MIT.
Enron. Mark Dessens is a profes-        Kampen Funds in New York City.
sional engineer managing design         Christopher Bishop is in his
projects for PBS&J. He has been         fourth year of graduate school at
involved with Boy Scouts most of
his life and is currently
                                        Yale University; he is a Ph.D. can-
                                        didate in the History Department.
                                                                                96 Joe the University of
                                                                                         Gaines is a music
                                                                                major at
12 • crusader chronicle • summer 2000
Class news & notes continued...    degree in Biology and a minor in
                                   Ethics. He will start his medical           98 JaTexasMiday is currently
                                                                                           so n
Houston. He was in his first three school training at Baylor College of        enrolled at      A&M University,
operas this year at the UH Moores Medicine in Houston, in the fall.            in the College of Science where he
Opera Center. Joe has also been This past February, Brian became               placed on t h e Dea n ’s Ho no r
awa rded a Rot ar y F o undation e ng a ged to J u lie Reising of              R o l l for t h e f a ll s emest e r.
Ambassador ia l Scholarship to Phoenix, AZ. They are planning a                Marcus J. Gill took a semester off
study abroad for one year. After     wedding in the summer of 2001.            from Xavier to work for MTV
graduating in 2001, he will be          David Louis Westra graduat-            “Real World” in New Orleans, LA.
going to Germany to study                  ed from U.T. at Austin, on          In March, he traveled to Capetown,
opera at the graduate level                   May 19, 2000.          He        Africa, to film Road Rules for
for the 2001-2002 aca-                           ea rne d a Ba c h e l o r     MTV, which will air in the autumn

                          News         &
demic year. He plans                               of Science d eg re e        line up of MTV.
to return to the                                      in C h e m i c a l

United States to
pursue a Master’s
                                                                               99 attending Pre-Med School at
                                                                                      Henry De Ocampo is cur-
degree in opera per-                                                           rently
formance.      Woong-Sae
John Jung will graduate this
                                                97    Benjamin Dorr is         Washington University in St. Louis,
                                          in his junior year at Harvard.
May from the University of             If you are in the New England
Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of  area, give him a call at (617) 493-                 Save This Date
Science     degree     in   Radio, 2660. Sean Tanoos, a Loyola                         Sunday, Sept. 24
Television, and Film. He hopes to Marymount University student, will                Family Mass & Barbecue
pursue a mus ica l ca reer. Brian graduate in May of next year. He                     Food, Games, & Fun
Bausano is graduating from Notre lives in Los Angeles, California.
Dame with a Bachelor of Science                                                        for the Whole Family

   Weddings                                               Mark Dessens ‘87 and Yvette Gonzalez were mar-
                                                          ried on March 25, 2000 at St. Thomas More
                                                          Catholic Church in Houston. The Wedding Mass
                                                          was concelebrated by Father Douglas Hypolite,

       to                                                 S.J. and Father Vincent Orlando, S.J. Mark and
                                                          Yevtte will continue to live in Houston close to
                                                          family and friends.

      Bryan Rowe ‘94 and Sarah Elizabeth Rives were
  united in holy matrimony on April 1, 2000, at the
  Cathedral of Christ the King, in Lexington, Kentucky.

      Vanessa Weaver and Shawn Michael Vacek ‘91
  announced their marriage on December 17, 1999, at St.
  Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, in Houston, Texas.

      On Satur day, Apr il 29, 2000, Alex Montoya ‘91
  and Heather Schmitt were married in Sacred Heart Co-
  Cathedral in downtown Houston. In attendance were
  Robert Montoya ‘89, and from the class of ‘91 Shane

                                                                             summer 2000 • crusader chronicle • 13

                         Babies, Babies, . . .
                                                                                                          Kelly Van Epps ‘88
                                                                                                             & his wife
                                                                                                                   the birth
                                                                                                                    of their
                                                                                                                   Ruby was
                                                                                                                  born on the
     William Albert Eveld was born on March 20th, the                                                           14th of
     first day of Spring. His parents are Ardis and David                                                     December ,
     Eveld ‘84. The whole family moved to their new                                                       1999.
     home in Seguin, Texas, this May.

                                                                                                                 Pictured with
                                                                                                                 her older
                                                                                                                 sister Isabel,
                                                                                                                 is the new
  Carlos                                                                                                         daughter of
  Garcia ‘87                                                                                                     Cathy and
  and his wife                                                                                                   Ben Walter
  Lila announce                                                                                                  ‘80. Iris was
  the birth of                                                                                                   born on June
  their first child,                                                                                             23, 1999, in
  Sofia Margarita, on                                                                                            Portland,
  September 1, 1999.                                                                                             Maine.

    Raquel and Gregory George ‘86 moved to Friendswood, Texas, just in time for the birth of their baby boy on October 8,
    1999. Joseph Gregory weighed in at seven pounds and three ounces. His brother Edward is very excited “to have a new
    toy to play with.”

    On February 5, 2000, Trevor Joseph was born into the family of Larry Merkel ‘86. Tamara and baby are doing well and
    big sister Clarize is very proud of her little brother.

    Michael Newhouse ‘88 writes of the birth of his daughter Isabel on July 13, 1999. He says, “At nine months, she is 20
    pounds of laughter and smiles. She’s beautiful.”

    Phil Clinton ‘88 i nforms St rake Jes uit of a new a dd i t io n to his family. Victoria Hope was bo rn on Marc h 19, 2000.
    Mother Jackie and baby are doing well. Big sister Caitlyn loves her baby sister and gets mad when she is not allowed to
    help change the baby.

    Mark Dulworth ‘73 and Carole send regards to all and announce the birth of their son Matthew Henry, on April 13,
    2000. Matthew’s older siblings are Nicolaus Taylor, age six, and Peter Sebastian, age two.

14 • crusader chronicle • summer 2000

birth of
child is
a great
for joy
Paul G .
Machalec ‘79 and his wife Elizabeth.
Sophie Christina has one older sister              Karen and Trey Magee ‘80 have a new daughter, Katherin, who was
and two older brothers.                            baptized by Fr. Billac, S.J. at SJCP Chapel on February 13, 2000.
                                                   The Godparents are Wade Upton and Katherine Delorenzo.

                                                    Denise and Michael
                                                    Malone ‘85 write,
                                                    “On April 7,
                                                    2000, our third
                                                    daughter was
                                                    born. Lydia
                                                    Malone was
                                                    born at 8:35 in
                                                    the morning in
                                                    Lewisville, Texas.”
                                                    Mother and child are
                                                    doing great.

Christopher Michael Hines, born on the
19th of December, is the first child for
Christopher ‘84 and Lisa Hines.
                                                  . . . and
                                                        Nancy and David Dini’s ‘84 daughter, Claudia Marie, was baptized by
                                                        Fr. Billac in February, 2000, in the Chapel at Strake Jesuit. Mark
                                                        Dini ‘79 is the godfather and Renee Danielson is the godmother.

 Mary and Tim Callaghan ‘82 announce the
 Baptism of their son, Timothy Scott, at Strake
 Jesuit, on April 8, 2000.

 Megan Elizabeth Hanratty, born to Marti and
 Sean Hanratty ‘81, joins her brother Matthew,
 and her sister Andrea, in making a full house
 for the Hanratty’s.
 Julie and Kevin McMahon ‘88 and big broth-
 er Joseph announce the birth of Gwyneth
 Olivia on February 11, 2000.

                                                                                    summer 2000 • crusader chronicle • 15
                                             Class Reunions
                           Class of 1970                               Class of 1990
                    30 year Reunion                                    10 year Reunion
     Friday, September 15 - Sunday, September 17           Friday, August 11 & Saturday, August 12
    Reunion Contacts: John Elford              Reunion Contacts: Carl Giesler
          and Frank Rynd      phone 713.984.8741
                  phone 713.755.1748                      Steve Patterson
                                                                     phone 713.658.7746

                           Class of 1980                        Classes of 1965, 1975, 1995
                     20 year Reunion                            Homecoming, Friday, October 6
                     To Be Announced                 Alumni and their guests from these reunion classes
            Reunion Contacts: Robert Livingston      will be the special guests of Strake Jesuit and SJAA
                    phone 713.985.3403                         at a pre-game party and during the
          Jeb Bashaw                       Homecoming festivities.
                   phone 713.985.3400

                           Class of 1985              Look for reunion announcements throughout the
                       15 year Reunion                           summer via e-mail and snail.
           Friday, August 11 & Saturday, August 12             If you have not already sent us
                      Reunion Contact:                       your e-mail address, please do so.
               Eric Hathorn              Write to us at
                     phone 713.430.6716                    to be included in our e-mail directory.
                                                                   And visit our web page at
                                              for details and updates.

STRAKE JESUIT COLLEGE PREPARATORY                                                             Non profit
8900 Bellaire Boulevard                                                                    Organization U.S.
Houston, Texas 77036                                                                           Postage
Please Forward - Address Service Requested                                                   Houston, TX
                                                                                           Permit No. 11441

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