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windows failed to start?

ok well my dell inspiron 1545 hard drive broke or my operating system crashed or something. it says windows failed to start and just says it over and over agian i
cant get on windows at all. i just turned it on and it said it.please help.

Asked by Hunter Schure at Aug 14,2011 20:32

find someone to reinstall your os . Use hiren bootable cd to check your hdd status

Answer from Nikolai at Aug 14,2011 20:35

if the hard drive connection is lost then such things can happen. try checking hard disk by yourself or get it checked by any pro. in case the OS is crashed a CD
will do the thing

Answer from JUNGSTEN MARSHALL at Aug 14,2011 20:39

Restart the computer, when it's starting up tap the F8 key until a window appears that says to Run In Safe Mode.

Answer from Aaron at Aug 14,2011 20:39

Best answer

if it says windows failed to start, then your hard drive is fine. how else would it recognize that windows is/was installed. now before you start this procedure, let it
to be noted that i'm not responsiblele for any data loss. Now with that said, you should start be inserting the recovery disk that came with your computer, reboot
your computer and follow the wizard. it's pretty easy trust me. the downside is that you might loose all your files that were still on your hard drive. good luck

Answer from Christiaan Neijens at Aug 14,2011 20:40

probably, your ntldr file is corrupted. replace it with the previous version, under the command mode good luck

Answer from inyma a at Aug 14,2011 20:47

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