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                                  Annual Report

                                      Supported by

                                                                                                                                             Annual Report 2004-2005


Company InformatIon  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 2

ChaIrman’s overvIew  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4

ChIef exeCutIve’s statement  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 6

member servICes  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9

admInIstratIon  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 10

fInanCIal results  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11

hIgh performanCe  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 13

development  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 17

CompetItIons & events  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 21

CommerCIal  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 23

CommunICatIons  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 24

CommIssIon reports	
	    National	Technical	Officials	Commission 	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                                     25	
	    Coaching	Commission 	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                            26	
     Promotions	Commission	  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                27	
	    Refereeing	Commission	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                              28	
	    Inclusion	Commission	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                         29	
	    English	Areas	Commission	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                 30	
	    Education	&	Development	Commission	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                                        30	
	    Kata	Working	Party	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                        31	

area         & home Country reports
	             London	Area	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    32	
	             Eastern	Area	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   32	
	             Midland	Area	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .      33	
              North	West	Area	  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .           33	
	             Northern	Area 	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       34	
	             Northern	Home	Counties	Area	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                 34	
	             Yorkshire	&	Humberside	Area	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                              36	
	             Western	Area 	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     37	
	             Southern	Area 	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       37	
              JudoScotland	  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     38	
	             Welsh	Judo	Association	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                    39	
	             Northern	Ireland	Judo	Federation 	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                    40

       British	Schools	Judo	Association	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                      41	
	      RAF	Judo	Association	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                       43	
	      Police	Sport	Judo	UK	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                       44	
	      Royal	Navy	Judo	Association	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                  44

	     Appendix	1	–	Club	Membership	Figures		 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                                       45	
	     Appendix	2	–	Club	Membership	Statistics	by	Area/HC/Affiliate	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                                                                      46	
	     Appendix	3	–	Grades	2005/2006 	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                         48	
	     Appendix	4	–	National	Dan	Grade	Register	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                                          51	
	     Appendix	5	–	British	Judo	Staff	Structure 	 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                                     52


directors:                     Densign	White	(Chair)	
	                              Brian	Davies	(Vice-Chair)	
	                              Roy	Inman	
	                              Eddie	Awford	
	                              Reuben	Davison	
	                              Malcolm	Limrick	
	                              Barry	James	
	                              Dave	Clark

secretary:	                    Scott	McCarthy

Company number:	               1393958

registered office:	            West	Walk	Building,	110	Regent	Road,	Leicester,	LE1	7LT

auditors:	                     Newby	Castleman,	Chartered	Accountants,	West	Walk	Building,		
	                              110	Regent	Road,	Leicester,	LE1	7LT

business address:	             Suite	B,	Loughborough	Technology	Centre,	Epinal	Way,		
	                              Loughborough,	LE11	3GE

president:	                    George	Kerr	

vice presidents:	              Arthur	B	Tomkinson	
	                              Colin	Draycott	
	                              Richard	Barraclough

Council members:	              David	Etchells-Butler	       Eastern	
	                              Jim	Gillespie	     	         London	
	                              Marina	Dain	       	         Midlands	
	                              Paul	Sheard	       	         Northern	
	                              Arthur	Blackburn	 	          North	West	
	                              TBC	      	        	         Northern	Home	Counties	
	                              TBC	      	        	         Northern	Ireland	
	                              Matthew	Clempner	            Police	
	                              Christine	Cox	     	         BSJA	
	                              Bill	Berry	        	         Scotland	
	                              Alan	Rickard	      	         Southern	
	                              Tony	Sweeney	      	         Universities	
	                              Ray	Harrington	    	         Wales	
	                              Dave	Allen	        	         Western	
	                              Alan	Stanbra	      	         Yorkshire	&	Humberside	
	                              John	Thacker	      	         Royal	Navy	
	                              Captain	Mark	Neal	OBE	       Royal	Air	Force	
	                              Captain	Chapman	 	           Army	
	                              Laurence	Morrell	 	          Prison	Service

The	British	Judo	Association	is	a	member	of	the	International	Judo	Federation,	the	European	Judo	Union,	the	British	Olympic	Association,	the	
Central	Council	of	Physical	Recreation,	the	Commonwealth	Judo	Association,	the	Commonwealth	Games	Council,	and	is	the	recognised	governing	
body	for	the	sport	of	judo	in	the	United	Kingdom	of	Great	Britain	and	Northern	Ireland .

                                            Annual Report 2005-2006


 The	British	Judo	Association	
 Suite	B	
 Loughborough	Technology	Centre	
 Epinal	Way	
 LE11	3GE

 Tel:	01509	631	670	
 Fax:	01509	631	680	
 Email:	bja@britishjudo .org .uk	
 Web:	www .britishjudo .org .uk

 for specific enquiries

 Chief	Executive:		      scottmccarthy@britishjudo .org .uk

 Membership:		           bja@britishjudo .org .uk

 Development:		          markbeecher@britishjudo .org .uk

 Corporate	Affairs:		    dsteel@britishjudo .org .uk

 High	Performance:		     colinmciver@britishjudo .org .uk

 Coaching:		             daveduffy@britishjudo .org .uk

 Communications:		       emmareed@britishjudo .org .uk

 Commercial:		           joduff@britishjudo .org .uk

 Events:		               events@britishjudo .org .uk

 Technical	              andrewmoshanov@britishjudo .org .uk	


 British	Judo	would	like	to	thank	Colin	Draycott,	Malcolm	Limrick,		
 and	Brian	Davies	for	their	kind	donations	to	the	Association .

 Thanks	also	to	Mike	Varey,	Bob	Willingham	and	David	Finch	for		
 their	photographs	used	throughout	this	report	and	during	the	year		
 in	BJA	marketing	and	publications .


The	year	began	with	the	start	of	the	               facilities	(Bath,	Walsall,	Sheffield)	working		
University	of	Bath	and	European	Judo	Union	         at	their	optimum	level	and	give	coach	
Foundation	degree	last	April .	More	than	           education	the	impetus	that	it	has	been	
thirty	coaches	from	the	UK	and	other	parts	         lacking	for	some	time .
of	Europe	have	taken	up	the	first	block	and	
we	are	learning	a	great	deal	about	sports	          With	this	being	an	election	year	I	was	forced	
performance	including	important	aspects,	           to	spend	time	on	activities	that	were	a	
which	sometimes	are	ignored	by	athletes	            distraction	from	the	real	work	that	needs	
and	coaches,	such	as	nutrition	and	lifestyle	       to	be	done .	But	that	is	how	our	democratic	
management .	Of	course	it	is	a	judo	course	         system	works	and	I	would	not	have	it	any	
so	there	are	many	judo	specific	mat	sessions	       other	way .	The	upside	was	that	I	got	to	meet	
delivered	by	some	of	the	most	eminent	              with	and	communicate	with	many	more	of	
people	in	our	sport .	I	am	sure	that	this	course	   you	than	I	might	normally .	Your	feedback	
will	become	a	very	vital	part	of	our	ongoing	       has	been	invaluable	on	these	occasions	and	
coach	education	initiatives .                       I	certainly	feel	that	I	have	an	even	better	
                                                    understanding	now	of	the	membership	
Once	again	our	senior	team	have	done	us	            needs	and	wants .	I	would	like	to	take	this	
proud	in	the	European	Championships	with	           opportunity	to	thank	the	membership	for	
Karina	Bryant	taking	yet	another	European	          your	continued	support	in	re-electing	me	for	
Title .	But	the	highlight	of	the	year	must	go		     a	second	term,	and	to	let	you	know	that	I	
to	the	outstanding	performance	of	Craig	            really	draw	a	lot	of	strength	from	that .
Fallon	who	won	the	World	Championships	
in	Cairo .	With	Karina’s	two	medals	in	the	         It	was	my	pleasure	throughout	the	year	to	
heavyweight	divisions	as	well,	Great	Britain	       open	some	new	dojos	the	length	and	breadth	
secured	a	very	credible	sixth	place	in	the	         of	the	country .	In	the	North	West	I	attended	
overall	medal	table	positions .	                    the	official	opening	of	the	Rochdale	JC	and	
                                                    the	John	Lawrence	JC .	Crawley	and	Chichester	
Our	young	athletes	have	also	put	in	some	           JC	received	the	Sport	England	Club	Mark	
tremendous	performances	during	the	                 awards,	which	I	have	to	say,	are	not	given	
European	Cadet,	Junior	and	under	23		               away	lightly	so	well	done	to	those	many	
years	Championships .	                              coaches	and	volunteers	who	have	made	
                                                    it	happen .	In	addition	to	those	I	was	also	
Jean-Rene	Badrick	returned	from	the	                present	at	the	opening	of	two	of	the	most	
European	Cadet	Championships	in	Salzburg	           magnificent	judo	facilities	at	Dartford	JC	and	
with	a	gold	medal,	winning	in	style	by	             Croydon	JC .	Well	done	to	Alan	Roberts	and	
throwing	his	Georgian	opponent	for	ippon	           Alan	Rickard	and	the	whole	team	of	unsung	
in	the	final	match .	There	were	many	other	         heroes	that	work	behind	them .	
successes,	too	many	to	mention	here,	but		
I	am	sure	they	will	be	covered	fully	in	the	
report	of	the	Performance	Director .	

I	am	sure	that	the	whole	membership	will	
want	to	join	me	in	congratulating	all	of	our	
champions	and	we	hope	that	this	success	will	
be	repeated	in	Beijing .

In	June	of	last	year	we	began	the	process	
of	recruiting	new	high	performance	staff	to	
fill	the	positions	created	by	the	restructured	
high	performance	framework	developed	by	
Colin	McIver .	We	also	filled	the	long	awaited	
position	of	Technical	Director .	This	will	mean	
that	we	can	now	get	the	high	performance	

                                                                                                        Annual Report 2005-2006

We	took	quite	a	lot	of	criticism	last	year	over	    My	work	in	the	EJU	continues	to	go	well .		
the	National	Age	Band	Championships	on	a	           The	sports	team,	working	in	collaboration	
number	of	fronts .	I	have	to	hold	my	hand	up	       with	the	referee’s	commission,	I	believe	
and	admit	that	we	did	not	do	ourselves	any	         is	transforming	competition	judo	for	the	
favours .	But	I	was	at	the	event	at	iceSheffield	   better .	We	have	long	argued	that	the	fighters	
last	October	and	this	was	a	vast	improvement,	      should	decide	the	contest	not	the	referee	
although	we	still	had	some	moans	about	the	         with	penalties .	The	borderline	rule	is	relaxed	
temperature	on	the	contest	floor .	Although	        and	there	are	fewer	penalties	for	passivity .	
those	still	unhappy	were	in	the	minority	we	        In	Europe	this	experiment	is	working	very	
will	still	be	striving	to	make	more	                well	and	the	IJF	will	use	their	own	test	at	
improvements .	In	the	past	we	have	been	            the	Junior	Worlds	this	October .	We	are	also	
guilty	of	placing	too	much	attention	on	the	        discussing	the	possibility	of	prize	money	for	
needs	of	senior	members	at	the	expense	of	          the	medal	winners	in	the	Super	World	Cups	
the	bulk	of	our	membership	who	are	under	           starting	from	next	year	if	the	sponsorship		
sixteen .	There	will	now	be	a	concerted	shift	      can	be	found .
of	emphasis	in	the	other	direction .
                                                    The	biggest	news	of	the	year	of	course	was	
The	BJA	had	the	proud	honour	of	organising	         the	winning	of	the	London	bid	for	the	2012	
the	European	Masters	in	November .	There	           Olympic	Games .	This	has	already	begun	to	
were	some	organisational	issues,	which	             impact	on	our	sport	and	others	with	new	
we	have	learnt	from,	but	on	the	whole	it	           funding	from	the	Government	to	support	the	
was	a	good	event .	Some	of	you	may	not	             British	team’s	effort	to	finish	in	the	top	four	
see	the	importance	of	these	international	          of	the	medal	table .	It	is	a	tall	order	but	with	
tournaments	but	I	can	assure	you	that	we	           the	right	investment	and	home	advantage	
need	to	be	seen	to	be	active	and	playing	our	       I	am	convinced	that	it	is	possible,	and	
part	in	the	EJU	calendar .	This	experience	for	     hopefully	judo	will	shine	there	too .
our	staff	and	volunteers	will	pay	dividends	
should	we	decide	to	bid	for	another	World	          In	concluding	my	report	I	would	like	to	
Championships	or	Europeans	in	the	future .	         thank	all	of	the	Board	of	Directors	who	work	
The	success	of	the	GB	World	Cup	recently	in	        hard	throughout	the	year	and	are	always	
Birmingham	has	gained	us	enormous	respect	          supportive	of	me	in	my	work	even	when	at	
and	admiration	from	around	the	world	and	it	        times	they	are	not	sure	of	the	outcome	of	
is	evidence	that	we	are	capable	of	getting	it	      some	decisions .
right	and	staging	the	biggest	of	competitions .
                                                    Densign White
At	the	end	of	a	very	tight	financial	year,	and	     Chairman
heavy	activity,	once	again	the	BJA	has	made	
a	surplus	on	the	year-end	accounts .	At	the	
same	time	we	have	maintained	our	rebate	
payments	to	the	areas	achieving	the	highest	
percentage	than	has	been	the	case	for	many	
years .	I	would	like	to	thank	our	Head	of	
Corporate	Affairs	Donald	Steel	and	our	CEO	
Scott	McCarthy	for	the	wonderful	job	that	
they	have	done	in	this	area .	The	whole	staff	
team	in	fact	deserve	much	praise	for	the	way	
that	they	have	each	committed	themselves	to	
their	individual	tasks	in	a	professional	way .



                                                      awards system / awards dinner	–		                   strategic planning	–	During	the	year	we	
                                                      We	successfully	launched	the	new	BJA	awards	        beefed	up	our	planning	efforts	at	Board	and	
                                                      schemes,	to	include	Volunteer	Awards,	Honorary	     Staff	level	to	ensure	we	have	a	clear	vision,		
                                                      Life	Memberships,	and	the	Honorary	Dan	             and	a	clear	strategy	on	how	to	achieve	our		
                                                      Grades .	The	new	Bronze/Silver/Gold	scheme	was	     key	objectives .	To	become	a	top	five	in	the	
                                                      successfully	launched	at	a	gala	dinner	at	the	      world	judo	nation	will	require	a	lot	of		
                                                      beautiful	Birmingham	Museum	and	Art	Gallery .		     effort	and	a	unified	commitment	from	all	
                                                      This	was	a	great	night	and	we	look	forward	to	      Association	members .	
                                                      future	events	being	even	bigger	and	better .
                                                                                                          hIgh performanCe
                                                      london 2012 olympics	–	Certainly	a	
                                                      milestone	event	during	the	year	was	the	            hp restructuring	–	Performance	Director	
                                                      successful	bid	to	bring	the	Games	to	London	        Colin	McIver	continues	to	make	changes	to	the	
	                                                     in	2012 .	This	will	have	a	tremendously	positive	   way	we	deliver	our	elite	programmes	and	we	
During	the	course	of	2005/06	we	continued	our	        effect	on	all	of	British	sport,	particularly	all	   are	definitely	starting	to	add	more	value	during	
accelerated	progress	and	ultimately	achieved	         of	the	Olympic	sports .	We	have	been	in	close	      the	preparation	stage	to	a	greater	number	of	
a	highly	successful	year .	I	noted	in	the	last	       touch	with	LOCOG	regarding	the	appointment	         athletes .	This	is	an	ongoing	process .
report	that	we	were	undergoing	rapid	and	             of	a	judo	Competition	Manager,	the	judo	
dramatic	change	as	an	Association,	and	that	          venue,	and	the	legacy	for	our	sport	after	the	      anti-doping programme	–	We	actively	
has	certainly	continued .	The	Board	and	Staff	        Games .	One	of	the	key	legacies	for	judo	will	      participate	in	the	UK	Sport	anti-doping	
have	handled	this	change	with	great	aplomb	           be	the	configurable	indoor	arena	that	will	be	      programme	and	unfortunately	during	the	year	
and	the	Association	at	large	has	reacted	well	        designated	for	Olympic	sport	use	after	the	         we	had	a	couple	of	positive	results .	These	results	
to	structured	change	that	has	been	clearly	           games,	and	will	be	located	in	the	Olympic	park	     did	not	involve	our	elite	players	and	individuals	
communicated	and	planned .                            in	East	London .	                                   must	realise	that	it	is	possible	to	be	tested	even	
                                                                                                          at	an	Area	level .	We	publicise	this	information	
The	highlights	of	the	year,	based	on	the	             memos vIII	–	In	September	2005	the	CEO	             but	it	is	important	for	all	players	to	understand	
divisions	of	the	office	structure,	were:              completed	an	Executive	Masters	Degree	in	           the	rules	and	personal	responsibilities	on		
                                                      Sports	Organisation	from	the	University	of	         this	front .
                                                      Lyon,	France .	This	was	an	IOC	sponsored	
                                                      degree	programme	and	provided	a	fantastic	          development
one stop plan	–	This	remains	the	blueprint	
                                                      opportunity	to	see	the	Olympic	family	in	
for	the	Association .		In	this	plan	we	set	out	the	                                                       new officers	–	During	the	course	of	the	year	
                                                      operation	at	all	levels	–	from	IOC	Headquarters	
values,	vision,	key	objectives	and	strategy	for	                                                          we	welcomed	Karen	French	and	Graham	Bayley	
                                                      in	Lausanne	down	to	the	smallest	National	
the	period	2005-09 .	The	key	objective	is	simple	                                                         as	new	Regional	Development	Officers .		
                                                      Governing	Body	in	a	developing	country .			
–	to	be	one	of	the	top	five	judo	nations	in	the	                                                          Each	has	made	an	immediate	impact	and	we	
                                                      Highly	recommended!
world .	The	competition	is	fierce	but	we	are	                                                             look	forward	to	further	success	from	these		
unwavering	in	our	commitment	to	accomplish	                                                               two	officers .
                                                      bJa/bsJa meetings	–	During	the	year	a	
this	goal	by	the	year	2012 .		We	will	ultimately	
                                                      number	of	high	level	meetings	took	place	
be	measured	in	seven	key	areas;	international	                                                            schools development project	–	Our	Schools	
                                                      with	the	BSJA	to	develop	a	much	closer	
success,	membership,	events,	technical	                                                                   programme	is	growing	and	we	now	are	actively	
                                                      working	relationship	in	the	future .		This	was	
operations,	income	generation,	quality	people,	                                                           issuing	Schools	Licences .	We	are	working	hard	
                                                      accomplished	and	there	will	be	some	positive	
and	governance .                                                                                          to	develop	a	schools	specific	judo	curriculum	
                                                      announcements	during	the	course	of	this	year .
                                                                                                          with	some	experts	from	St	Helen’s	Council,	
uK sport	–	During	the	course	of	the	period	UK	                                                            the	Institute	of	Youth	Sport	and	Merseyside	
                                                      bJa/bJC meetings	–	The	Board	met	with	
Sport	assumed	full	control	of	the	performance	                                                            Council .	We	are	building	self-sustaining	business	
                                                      the	BJC	Board	members	to	discuss	the	UKCC,	
pipeline .	Sport	England	will	focus	on	                                                                   clusters	to	promote	judo	in	clustered	schools	
                                                      and	other	issues	that	affect	both	of	our	
participation	with	a	target	to	“get	the	nation	fit	                                                       to	ultimately	move	the	activity	to	individual	
                                                      organisations .	The	BJC	is	a	fully	affiliated	
and	healthy” .	The	new	arrangements	mean	that	                                                            membership	and	club	training .
                                                      member	of	the	BJA	and	it	is	envisioned	that	a	
UK	Sport	will	distribute	the	former	Potential	
                                                      closer	working	relationship	can	be	developed	
funding	and	will	influence	the	player	pathways	
                                                      over	time .
from	a	much	younger	age .		

                                                                                                                              Annual Report 2005-2006

volunteer support strategy	–	We	formally	              bath university level Iv Coach                        publication	and	we	see	it	as	a	fantastic	tool	for	
launched	our	Volunteer	Strategy	during	the	            foundation Course	–	This	course	has	been	             our	coaches .	It	covers	specific	judo	techniques	in	
year	and	this	is	a	critical	piece	of	work .	We	must	   a	tremendous	success	and	really	put	us	on	            detail	and	also	raises	interesting	technical	topics	
do	much	more	to	recruit,	train,	support	and	           the	world	map	in	terms	of	coach	education .		         for	discussion .	It	will	be	inserted	into	all	future	
retain	our	volunteers .	This	document	provides	        Mike	Callan	and	the	team	at	Bath	are	to	be	           editions	of	Matside	for	all	registered	coaches .	
the	blueprint	to	do	just	that .                        commended	for	getting	this	up	and	running	so	
                                                       successfully	in	such	a	short	time	period .            CompetItIons
leicester tigers / british Judo	–	We	entered	
into	a	joint	development	project	with	the	             long term player development                          events manager	–	In	June	of	2005	we	were	
Leicester	Tigers	Rugby	Club .	The	Tigers	are	one	      programme	–	This	is	completed	and	looks	              fortunate	to	secure	the	services	of	Yvonne	
of	the	premier	rugby	clubs	in	the	world	and	we	        fantastic .	Our	Chairman	Densign	White	is	a	          Froggett	as	our	Events	Manager .	Yvonne	brings	
have	one	of	our	employees	providing	2 .5	days	a	       huge	supporter	of	the	principles	of	LTPD	and	we	      with	her	a	wealth	of	experience	working	with	
week	of	LTAD	judo	principles	into	their	academy	       now	begin	the	nation-wide	rollout	of	the	plan .		     an	events	company	and	also	on	the	staff	at	
system .		The	Tigers	believe	in	well-rounded	          The	principles	of	LTPD	are	sound	and	simple .		       Loughborough	University,	staging	high	level	
athletes	and	think	judo	is	a	critical	sport	for	       We	need	to	introduce	well	rounded	technical	          events .	Yvonne	settled	in	quickly	and	has	
core	stability,	strength,	gripping,	utilising	an	      skills	at	the	right	age	in	the	right	measure	–	and	   already	made	a	huge	contribution	to	our		
opponent’s	weight,	takedowns	and	breakfalls .          keep	it	fun	for	all	at	the	younger	age	groups .		     events	–	specifically	for	the	Fighting	Films	GB	
                                                       Coaches	need	to	understand	the	key	maturation	        World	Cup	which	was	a	resounding	success		
volunteer manager position	–		We	                      ages	for	young	judoka	and	we	will	spare	no	           and	she	was	instrumental	in	this	success	as		
advertised	this	key	position	at	the	end		              expense	to	get	this	excellent	publication	to	the	     the	Event	Manager .
of	the	year	and	are	currently	in	the		                 field	and	provide	seminars	and	workshops	to	
recruitment	process .                                  teach	the	principles .	Much	credit	must	go	to	Lisa	   gb world Cup	–	Absolutely	a	great	start .		
                                                       McIver	for	managing	this	project	from	start	to	       It	has	been	described	as	one	of	the	top	events	
pessCl development officer	–		We	                      finish .	A	fantastic	piece	of	work .	                 in	Europe	in	the	first	year	and	it	is	easy	to	
advertised	this	key	position	at	the	end		                                                                    envision	a	strong	growth	plane	for	this	one .		
of	the	year	and	are	currently	in	the		                 technical director	–	In	August	2005	we	               The	NIA	was	brilliant,	the	number	of	judoka	
recruitment	process .	                                 appointed	Andrew	Moshanov	as	the	first	               and	countries	represented	were	fantastic,	the	
                                                       Technical	Director	of	the	BJA .	Andrew	has	           execution	was	incredible	and	the	film	is	strictly	
enjoy Judo midlands schools Coach		                    a	Doctorates	Degree	in	Coaching	and	is	an	            Hollywood .	Many	thanks	to	Simon	Hicks	and	
–		Mick	Green	was	appointed	in	early	2006	to	          experienced	judoka .	Andrew	spent	the	first	six	      Fighting	Films	for	some	fantastic	camerawork	
serve	as	the	first	schools	coaching	person	for	        months	travelling	around	the	country	getting	to	      and	also	tremendous	technical	input	on	the	
the	Enjoy	Judo	programme .	Our	Enjoy	Judo	             know	our	coaches	and	clubs,	and	also	soliciting	      layout	and	lighting	in	advance	of	the	event .		
Development	Officers	have	been	tasked	with	            information	to	be	used	in	the	planning	of	            Yvonne	showed	that	she	can	run	a	major	event	
creating	business	clusters	in	Greenfield	sites	        future	technical	initiatives .	Hopefully	by	          with	great	ease	and	we	look	forward	to	bigger	
to	introduce	the	sport	to	thousands	of	young	          combining	the	best	of	the	British	systems	and	        and	better	events	in	the	future!
people	–	and	to	ensure	they	are	encouraged	to	         the	Russian	systems	Andrew	can	establish	some	
continue	in	the	sport	and	move	to	a	BJA	club .		       world	class	technical	programmes	that	will	serve	     national age bands	–	The	venue,	
We	plan	to	finance	and	hire	at	least	four		            our	Association	well	for	years	to	come .              iceSheffield,	worked	very	well	and	this		
more	of	these	positions	in	the	current	year .                                                                was	a	fantastic	event .
                                                       technical promotions	–	During	the	course	of	
teChnICal                                              the	year	the	Board	established	a	panel	to	look	       membershIp	
                                                       at	the	possibility	of	adding	a	Technical	Grading	
united Kingdom Coaching Certificate	–		                                                                      membership numbers	–	It	was	a	huge	year	
                                                       scheme	to	run	in	parallel	with	our	current	
Coaching	Officer	Dave	Duffy	and	the	Coaching	                                                                for	membership,	with	the	individual	English	
                                                       schemes,	which	are	fully	competitive	(on	the	
Commission	continue	to	move	judo	forward	on	                                                                 membership	increasing	by	14 .77% .	This	is	a	
                                                       mat)	after	6th	Mon .	Roy	Inman	is	heading	up	
this	front .	We	have	received	accolades	for	some	                                                            fantastic	result	and	it	is	directly	attributable	to	
                                                       the	panel	and	this	is	a	key	initiative	for	future	
of	our	systems	such	as	coach	revalidation .		                                                                the	hard	work	of	our	clubs,	assisted	by	the	new	
                                                       membership	growth .	
This	is	a	great	opportunity	to	revitalise		                                                                  schools	programme,	the	No	Licence		/	No	Judo	
our	coach	education	system	and	we	are	                 matside Coach	–	In	early	2006	we	launched	            campaign,	and	the	fact	that	we	have	greatly	
committed	to	taking	full	advantage	of	it .             the	first	edition	of	Matside	Coach,	a	full	           enhanced	the	benefits	of	membership	(like	the	
                                                       colour	glossy	publication	specifically	aimed	         distribution	of	Matside	to	all	members) .
                                                       at	our	coaches	and	technical	personnel .	Our	
                                                       Technical	Director	leads	on	the	content	for	this	


Child protection	–	Julie	Moores	continues	to	          Corporate affaIrs                                    In	closing,	may	I	thank	all	the	volunteers,	
lead	in	this	important	area	and	was	selected	                                                               staff,	commission	and	Board	members	for	the	
to	do	a	key	presentation	at	an	NSPCC	seminar	          We	had	another	strong	year	on	the	financial	         excellent	work	that	has	been	done	during	the	
in	the	spring	of	2005 .	We	are	amongst	the	top	        side	with	a	surplus	of	£44,445	that	will	be	         year .		In	my	three	full	years	in	post	I	have	seen	
ranked	sports	in	this	critical	area	and	we	intend	     added	to	our	reserves .		Once	again	the	Board	       much	change	and	modernisation	and	also	a	
to	stay	that	way .		Great	credit	to	Julie .            of	Directors	has	adopted	a	fiscally	conservative	    much	better	feeling	of	unity	and	excitement .		
                                                       policy	and	we	are	building	our	inadequate	           We	have	moved	past	the	years	of	political	
website updates	–	In	December	2005		                   reserves	to	a	more	satisfactory	level .		Great	      infighting	and	can	now	get	on	with	the	business	
the	front	page	was	updated	to	make	it		                credit	must	be	given	to	Donald	Steel,	who	           of	driving	this	sport	forward .
more	user	friendly	and	easier	to	navigate .		          works	tirelessly	to	ensure	we	are	financially	
We	also	added	Member	Only	Areas,	secure	               stable	and	practice	the	highest	levels	of	           Chairman	Densign	White,	and	the	entire	Board	
purchasing	and	Member	Forums	during	the	               corporate	governance	in	this	critical	area .		The	   of	Directors	have	provided	a	vision	for	this	
course	of	the	year .		This	is	an	excellent	resource	   British	Judo	Association	has	developed	a	strong	     Association	that	we	are	trying	desperately	to	
and	will	keep	growing .	                               financial	model	and	this	will	ensure	we	have	the	    achieve .		We	set	our	targets	high	–	and	will	be	
                                                       stability	and	resources	to	grow	the	sport	in	the	    highly	successful	if	we	come	close	to	achieving	
equinox database upgrade	–	In	late	2005	               future .                                             them	all .
we	completed	the	upgrade	of	our	database		
to	the	Equinox	platform .		Julie	was	the	project	      CommerCIal                                           There	are	great	members	and	volunteers	in	
manager	on	this	one	and	as	expected	it	went	                                                                the	BJA	–	and	the	tremendous	talents	of	these	
without	a	hitch .		The	new	package	is	far		            merchandising	–	The	merchandising	                   individuals	can	be	a	force	multiplied	if	we	work	
more	user	friendly	and	robust	than	the	old	            operations	continue	to	move	forward	and	             as	one	unified	team .
Delta	package .                                        we	are	actively	recruiting	a	Merchandising	
                                                       Sales	Manager	to	take	this	to	the	next	level .		     This	is	happening,	as	the	results	for	the	past	
CommunICatIons                                         We	currently	do	reactive	sales	but	do	not	           year	will	attest .
                                                       aggressively	try	to	sell	our	range .		We	have		
matside	–	In	the	spring	of	2005	the	first	pilot	       a	five	year	target	to	triple	our	current	level		     Scott McCarthy
edition	of	Matside	was	launched .		This	is	a	          of	sales .	                                          Chief Executive Officer
milestone	event	in	the	Association’s	history	and	
we	look	forward	to	many	years	of	this	truly	           british Judo trust	–	The	legal	work	is	well	
amazing	publication .		In	the	first	year	it	has	       underway	to	form	this	charitable	trust	and	
been	incredibly	well	received	and	Emma	has	            everything	should	be	completed	in	the	summer	
done	an	unbelievable	job	of	establishing	the	          of	2006 .		We	look	forward	to	using	this	tool	
publication .		Long	may	it	run .	                      to	bring	new	income	into	the	sport	for	worthy	
                                                       projects	and	players .
no licence / no Judo Campaign	–		
We	launched	an	educational	campaign	during	            Corporate training division	–	In	February	
the	year	through	the	clubs	to	ensure	that	             2006	we	commissioned	a	feasibility	study	into	
everyone	was	aware	of	the	importance	of	               the	possibility	of	establishing	a	Corporate	
membership	to	practice	judo	in	a	BJA	club .		          Training	Division	within	the	Association	to	
This	prompted	a	volume	of	queries	and	we	              provide	income	for	the	sport .		The	study	was	
spent	much	follow-up	time	advising	clubs	and	          very	favourable	and	outlined	a	strategy	to	
areas	on	the	importance	of	having	all	insured	         exploit	this	lucrative	market .	There	will	be		
members	on	the	mat .	                                  more	to	follow	on	this	one	in	the	current	year .

                                                                                                                          Annual Report 2005-2006


Individual membership                                 for	coach	revalidation	processing .	This	was	due	   This	training	has	been	made	possible	by	the	
                                                      to	a	most	unusual	and	unexpected	staffing	          generous	funding	support	we	have	received	
I	am	happy	to	report	that	Individual	                 problem		I	am	confident	that	this	situation	has	    from	the	NSPCC	–	Child	Protection	in	Sport	Unit .
membership	for	the	year	2005/2006	has	                now	been	resolved	and	that	we	will	be	back	on	
increased	by	14 .77%	                                 target	for	2006-07 .                                We	will	publish	our	course	calendar	by	June	
Member	Services	welcomed	one	new	member	              website
of	staff	this	year,	Leigh-Ann	Osborne,	who	is	                                                            Child protection Cases 2005/2006
responsible	for	the	processing	and	dispatching		      The	website	continues	to	go	from	strength	to	
of	gradings .	                                        strength .		The	members’	only	area	has	proved		     Report	to/Investigated	by	the	BJA:	6	cases	
                                                      a	huge	success	with	1693	members	registered .	      Adjudicated:	1	(1	guilty	0	not	guilty)	
Club membership                                                                                           Ongoing	cases:	5
                                                      The	temporary	message	board	we	tried	in		
The	introduction	of	a	penalty	for	late	club	          the	member’s	area	for	AGM	resolutions	was		         The	Association	continues	to	process	CRB	
membership	payments	has	shown	to	be	a	                a	success	and	in	April	2006	we	will	be	launching	   background	checks	for	our	coaches	and	
success	with	very	few	clubs	still	outstanding	at	     a	more	versatile	Bulletin	Board	style	forum .       officials .	Whilst	I	appreciate	that	sometimes	
the	deadline .	Club	membership	as	a	whole	was	                                                            the	completion	of	these	applications	can	be	an	
up	by	36	clubs,	which	is	an	increase	of	4 .422% .		   We	have	not	added	any	extra	functionally	           inconvenience	to	adults,	I	can’t	stress	enough	
This	year	we	introduced	Direct	Debit	payment	         during	2005-06 .	The	reason	for	this	is	the	        the	importance	of	this	procedure	in	protecting	
method	for	clubs,	and	so	far	124	clubs	have	          installation	at	Head	Office	of	our	new	member	      young	people	in	our	sport .	
joined	the	scheme .                                   services	database .	We	intend	to	link	this	
                                                      database	live	up	to	the	web	site	during	2006-07 .   bJa Crb Checks statistics as at 31 march 2006
The	2006	membership	year	saw	for	the	first	time	
BJA	Head	Office	processing	all	club	membership	       Traffic	through	our	web	site	continues	to	          CRB	checks	fully	completed:	1363
in	England,	Northern	Ireland	and	Wales .		            increase	and	we	now	have	an	average	of	30,000	
This	made	a	huge	impact	on	the	efficiency	            visits	each	month .                                 BJA	stage	completed	awaiting	CRB		
of	club	membership	processing,	with	club	                                                                 completion:	128
membership	on	the	whole	being	finalised	by	           telephone service
                                                                                                          Total	number	of	requests	for	checks	issued		
the	end	of	February .	
                                                      Our	level	of	telephone	contact	with	members	        by	the	BJA:	2144
membership service standards                          continues	to	be	very	high .		During	2005/2006	
                                                      Member	Services	received	24,995	telephone	          Julie Moores
During	the	year	licences	with	a	same	day	turn	        calls .	99 .5%	of	calls	were	answered	within		      Head of Member Services
round	of	95 .21%	was	achieved .	On	10	days	           7	rings .	Only	131	calls	were	“dropped”	and		
licences	were	sent	out	the	following	day		            picked	up	by	the	answer	phone .	
(which	very	strangely	is	exactly	the	same	
percentage	as	2004-05) .                              Child protection

Member	Services	aims	to	dispatch	gradings	to	         Child	Protection	continues	to	be	a	top	priority	
players	within	three	days	of	receipt	during	the	      for	the	Association .		During	2005/2006	the	BJA	
year,	and	we	achieved	this	target	100%	of	the	        received	the	NSPCC	Preliminary	standards	in	
time .		One	day	during	the	year	gradings	were	        Child	Protection	status .	The	CPSU	continues	to	
sent	the	day	following	receipt .	                     be	a	huge	source	of	help	and	support	to	the	
                                                      BJA	and	we	are	working	towards	our	second	set	
With	the	introduction	of	the	National	Grade	          of	standards,	which	are	due	for	submission	by	
Registration	I	was	concerned	that	we	would	           March	2007 .
struggle	to	maintain	our	standards	on	gradings	
dispatch	but	I	am	very	happy	to	report	that	this	     In	February	2006	four	of	the	six	tutors	put	
has	not	been	the	case .                               forward	for	training	qualified,	the	other	two	
                                                      will	qualify	by	June	2006 .		The	BJA	is	now	in	a	
Our	services	standards	on	coaching	from	the	          position	to	be	able	to	deliver	sports	coach	UK	
period	March	to	November	2005-06	were	                Good	Practice	and	Child	Protection	Training	to	
achieved .		However	from	November	2005	to	            judo	coaches	and	volunteers .	
March	2006	we	failed	to	meet	any	targets	set	


As	at	31	March	2006	the	Head	Office	Staff	consisted	of:

Chief executive 	                                   Scott	McCarthy

head of Corporate affairs	                          Donald	Steel

head of member services	                            Julie	Moores

events manager/pa	                                  Yvonne	Froggett

head of Communications	                             Emma	Reed

Commercial manager                                  Jo	Duff

assistant programme manager                         John	Brammall

membership officer                                  Garry	Ramp

membership officer                                  Brain	Slater

membership officer                                  Claire	Newman

membership officer                                  Leigh-Ann	Osborne

Coaching & technical administrator                  Nicola	Burlington-Hall

secretary/administrator                             Deirdre	Heffernan

finance (Contract)                                  David	Blowfield

Services	to	members	provided	from	Head	             The	Office	also	administers	the	Coach	
Office	during	the	period	included	the	              revalidation	records,	examiner	revalidation	
processing	of	licence	applications	and	club	        records,	personal	safety	records,	the	BJA	
membership	applications;	administration	of	         Tournament	Licence	Scheme,	provides	support	
the	licence	reminder	scheme;	dealing	with	          to	the	High	Performance	payments,	legal	
enquiries	made	by	members	of	the	general	           matters,	insurance	matters,	collation	of	
public	by	telephone,	mail	and	personal	visits;	     statistics,	general	copying,	circulation	of	
liaison	with	BJA	officials,	individuals,	partner	   information	and	support	services	including	
agencies,	departments,	commercial	entities	etc .    travel	and	accommodation	arrangements,	
                                                    organisation	of	Board	meetings,	the	Annual	
Other	services	included	production,	copying	        General	Meeting	and	Extraordinary	General	
and	circulation	of	merchandise	price	lists	and	     Meetings,	election	for	the	posts	of	Directors		
order	forms,	order	despatch	and	payment	            of	the	Association .		Promotion	of	the	“World	
processing,	production,	copying	and	circulation	    of	Judo”	magazine	and	administration	of	
of	competition	information	and	entry	forms,	        subscriptions .
the	BJA	calendar	of	events,	Area	Club	lists	and	
international	leaflets .                            In	addition,	Emma	Reed,	Joanne	Duff	and	
                                                    Yvonne	Froggett	run	Communications,	
In	addition	the	registration	of	the	National	       Commercial	and	Events	out	of	Head	Office .
Grading	Certificate	is	administered	at		
Head	Office .                                       Matside	magazine	is	edited	and	produced		
                                                    in-house	by	Communications .


                                                                                                          Annual Report 2005-2006


The	financial	results	for	the	year	ended	           Five	dedicated	“ring-fenced”	programmes	
31	March	2006	can	be	considered	to	                 continued	with	relatively	small	
be	satisfactory	with	a	surplus	recorded	            underspending	on	funding	carried	forward	
of	£44,445	on	a	turnover	of	£3	million,	            into	2006-07 .	Membership	will	recognise	
increasing	the	Reserves	to	£160,871 .		As	          the	efforts	being	made	to	attract	more	
was	stated	in	the	previous	year’s	report,	it	is	    junior	members	through	the	two	schools	
important	to	continue	to	drive	the	reserves	        programmes	and	this	has	been	instrumental	
up	to	a	figure	in	excess	of	£200,000	and	it	is	     in	successfully	increasing	membership	income	
encouraging	to	be	able	to	report	that	steady	       in	the	year	by	8%,	much	of	which	occurred	
progress	is	being	made .                            in	the	second	half	of	the	year	and	that	
                                                    therefore	augers	well	for	next	year .		For	the	
Several	factors	were	involved	in	enabling	the	      first	time	since	July	2003	membership	fees	
Association	to	operate	with	a	surplus	and	          were	increased	from	1	February	2006	but	of	
control	the	Performance	programme	costs	to	                                                           	
                                                    course	this	had	little	impact	on	the	fiscal	year .	
within	a	funding	budget	from	UK	Sport	that	         The	UK	Coaching	Certificate	programme	has	
was	lower	than	before	as	a	consequence	of	          begun	to	improve	the	quality	of	coaching	and	
the	failure	to	win	an	Olympic	medal		               this	will	continue	to	be	funded	separately	
in	Athens .                                         and	adequately .

The	Elite	Performance	Programme	budget	             A	key	business	programme	has	been	the	UK	
was	reduced	by	almost	£250,000	in	2005-             Sport	funded	Modernisation	(Commercial)	
06	and	as	a	consequence	the	directorate	            project	which	enabled	the	Association	to	
was	restructured	with	payroll	costs	reduced	        begin	replacing	all	non-financial	systems,	
enabling	expenditure	on	international	              further	develop	merchandising	and	almost	
competitions	and	training	camps	to	be	              complete	the	work	required	to	launch	both	
maintained	at	the	previous	level .                  the	Corporate	Training	Division	and	the	
                                                    British	Judo	Trust .	The	largest	part	of	the	
It	may	be	recalled	that	the	Potential	and	          expenditure	in	the	year	went	into	the	IT	
Start	programmes	were	combined	under	               Equinox	Development	on	which	£103,000	has	
Sport	England	funding	and	in	this	part	of	          been	spent	up	to	31	March .	A	small	amount	
the	Association’s	activities,	the	funding	levels	   will	be	committed	to	in	2006-07	and	that	
were	maintained	and	therefore	expenditure	          will	complete	a	system	that	will	support	
was	able	to	be	kept	at	the	same	high	levels .       the	Association	for	many	years	to	come	in	
                                                    its	administrative	control	of	membership,	
In	2006-07	funding	is	once	again	restructured	
                                                    coaching,	refereeing	and	performance		
and	as	you	may	be	aware,	the	Start	
                                                    group	athletes .
programme	will	be	separated	and	the	
Performance	and	Potential	programmes	will	          As	always,	central	costs	are	the	critical	
be	grouped	together .	The	Start	programme	          element	in	controlling	the	surplus	in	the	
will	continue	to	be	well	funded	and	the	            statutory	accounts .	The	surplus	this	year	has	
additional	funds	provided	to	prepare	for	           been	generated	in	spite	of	spending	nearly	
London	2012	will	mean	we	are	adequately	            £60,000	(net)	on	the	initial	year	of	Matside	
funded	for	the	main	Performance	effort	             magazine	and	paying	out	Area	rebates	of	
through	to	Beijing .                                £64,194	–	the	highest	amount	ever	which	
                                                    equates	to	17 .8%	of	related	income .			
                                                    It	is	planned	to	increase	this	Area	income		
                                                    in	2006-07 .


Matside	has	not	been	the	only	aspect	of	         The	Area	Accounts	this	year	have	all	been	
increased	communications	with	members		          received	in	good	time	and	members	will	be	
and	prospective	members	and	as	a	                pleased	to	note	that	both	Area	reserves	and	
consequence	postage	and	printing	costs		         overall	profitability	has	increased .		It	is	hoped	
are	significantly	higher .                       that	Areas	will	use	the	increased	wealth	to	
                                                 develop	the	sport	now	that	the	Association		
Merchandising	figures	continued	to	improve,	     is	in	a	financially	sound	position .
being	56%	higher	than	the	previous	year	at	
nearly	£100,000	contributing	almost	£20,000	     At	the	time	of	writing,	not	all	Home	Country	
to	the	year’s	surplus .                          accounts	are	to	hand	but	it	is	understood	
                                                 they	will	be	available	before	the	AGM .
During	the	year	the	Association	had	audits	
conducted	by	both	Customs	&	Excise	for	VAT	
compliance	and	the	Inland	Revenue	for	PAYE	
compliance	and	happily	both	visits	provided		
a	clean	bill	of	health .

brItIsh Judo assoCIatIon

home CountrIes

summary of statutory aCCounts for the year end 31 deCember 2005

                                                     Judo sCotland                              welsh Judo         n . Ireland Judo
                                                                                               assoCIatIon           federatIon

profIt & loss aCCounts
                                                       2005         2004                       2005       2004      2005      2004
	   INCOME	                                                  	   376,961	                   161,350	    243,867	   75,240	   68,243
	   EXPENDITURE	(NET)	                                       	   346,864	                   198,779	    244,491	   65,350	   65,406
	   SURPLUS/(DEFICIT)	                                       	     30,097	                  (37,429)	     (624)	    9,890	    2,837

balanCe sheet

	   FIXED	ASSETS	                                            	        411	                     5,152	    10,147	      706	    1,058
	   NET	CURRENT	ASSETS	                                      	     28,030	                     5,812	    38,245	   28,303	   18,061
	   RESERVES	                                                	     28,441	                   10,964	     48,392	   29,009	   19,119

At	the	time	of	print	the	BJA	had	not	received	the	statutory	accounts	from	Judo	Scotland	for	2005 .

                                                                    Annual Report 2005-2006


IntroduCtIon                                         for	a	‘no	compromise’	approach	based	on	
                                                     a	very	narrow	focus	for	maximum	effect .	
Our	successes	at	the	Senior	European	                At	the	same	time	UK	Sport	has	taken	over	
Championships	and	the	Senior	World	                  responsibility	for	the	World	Class	Potential	
Championships	and,	of	course,	the	awarding	          Programme	(and	associated	funding)	from	
of	the	2012	Olympic	Games	and	Paralympic	            Sport	England	and	the	English	Institute	of	
Games	to	London	were	the	main	highlights	of	         Sport .	Although	this	change	has	caused	
what	was	otherwise	a	very	challenging	year .	        some	initial	problems,	in	the	long	term	
                                                     it	makes	good	sense	for	one	agency	to	
The	European	and	World	Championships	                have	responsibility	for	all	aspects	of	the	
results	were	particularly	pleasing	coming	as	        performance	pathway .
they	did	after	the	disappointment	of	the	
Athens	Olympic	Games .	We	class	both	of	             It	was	a	year	of	considerable	uncertainty,	
these	events	as	the	‘milestone	events’	against	      as	we	have	struggled	to	adopt	the	very	
which	we	measure	our	performance	and	I	am	           significant	changes	that	were	taking	place,	
pleased	to	report	that	we	surpassed	the	set	         we	have	had	to	cope	with	significantly	
medal	targets .	The	results	at	these	events,	I	      reduced	funding,	reduced	staff	numbers,	
believe,	show	that	British	Judo	is	still	capable	    changes	in	our	performance	structure	and	
of	delivering	medals	at	the	highest	level	and	       the	adoption	of	the	new	‘no	compromise’	
worthy	of	the	continued	investment	from	our	         approach .	The	structural	changes	that	we	
funding	partners .                                   were	in	the	process	of	implementing	early	in	
                                                     2005	were	largely	overtaken	by	events	and	
The	awarding	of	the	2012	Olympic	Games	              considerable	work	has	had	to	go	into	aligning	
and	Paralympic	Games	to	London	will	have	            our	World	Class	Performance	Pathway	with	
an	enormous	impact	on	sport	in	the	UK .	It	is	       UK	Sport	Model .	The	key	changes	that	were	
already	having	a	major	impact	on	the	high	           required	are	now	in	place	—	the	good	news	is	
performance	aspect	of	judo	and,	as	time	goes	        that	we	will	receive	some	increase	in	funding	
on,	it	will	impact	on	the	wider	aspects	of	the	      for	the	period	up	to	2012 .	
sport .	British	Judo	will	have	many	possibilities	
to	use	Games	as	a	vehicle	for	the	promotion	         Although,	we	still	have	some	changes	to	make	
of	the	sport	—	we	need	to	be	ready	to	               as	we	have	to	re-align	the	World	Class	Start	
capitalise	on	every	opportunity .                    Programme	and	introduce	a	new	World	Class	
                                                     Talent	Programme,	most	of	the	hard	work	has	
For	any	judoka	with	aspirations	of	performing	       been	done	and	we	look	forward	to	an	exciting	
at	the	highest	level,	I	can’t	think	of	anything	     and	challenging	time	for	British	Judo .
more	motivational	or	inspirational	than	
the	possibility	of	competing	in	either	of	           world Class performance programmes
these	events .	As	host	nation	we	have	the	
opportunity	to	enter	full	teams	without	             The	primary	goal	of	the	British	Judo	
having	to	qualify,	we	have	set	ambitious	            Association's	World	Class	Performance	
medal	targets	for	both	events	and	we	will	           Programme	is	to	deliver	medals	at	the	2008	
receive	a	significant	increase	in	funding	from	      and	2012	Olympic	and	Paralympic	Games .	It	is	
UK	Sport	to	help	us	deliver .	                       on	the	premise	that	we	deliver	Olympic	and	
                                                     Paralympic	medals	that	we	receive	funding	
Following	the	announcement	that	London	              from	UK	Sport .	To	achieve	these	objectives,	
had	been	awarded	the	2012	Olympic	Games	             we	target	resources	and	activity	solely	at	
and	Paralympic	Games,	UK	Sport	successfully	         players	capable	of	delivering	medal-winning	
made	the	case	to	government	for	additional	          performances	at	the	highest	level		
funding	for	performance	sport .	They	have	           of	competition .
set	very	ambitious	medal	targets	for	2012	
and,	to	ensure	that	they	deliver	these	
targets,	they	have	developed	a	new	model	
for	performance	sport .	The	new	model	calls	


Players	are	selected	on	ability	and	stage	of	     world Class performance                            world Class potential
personal	development	rather	than	age .		          - visually Impaired
This	is	detailed	in	the	BJA's	high	performance	                                                      During	the	months	of	April	to	December	2005	
strategy	document	'Beijing	and	Beyond'	           The	main	competitions	for	the	visually	            the	BJA’s	World	Class	Potential	Programmes	
which	was	published	towards	the	end	of		          impaired	players	were	the	European	                ran	as	normal	with	the	players	in	this	squad	
2005	and	is	available	on	the	BJA	website .	       Championships	in	Holland	(1	gold,	2	silver,		      representing	Great	Britain	in	a	fairly	intense	
                                                  1	bronze)	and	the	World	Cup	in	Brazil	(2	          programme	of	international	competition .	
During	the	period	covered	by	the	report	          silver,	1	bronze) .	Simon	Jackson,	our	most	
many	of	our	players	have	performed	with	          successful	visually	impaired	player,	added	        After	the	British	Trials	in	January	2006	we	
distinction	at	every	international	level	of	      another	European	Medal	to	his	already	             took	the	opportunity	to	establish	a	new	
competition	from	cadet	through	to	senior .		      impressive	tally	and	it	was	good	to	see	           Squad	(World	Class	Development	Squad)	in	
It	is	not	possible	to	name	them	all	but	we	       him	back	to	his	winning	ways	after	his	            line	with	UK	Sport’s	new	Performance	Model .	
recognise	and	congratulate	them	on	their	         disappointing	result	in	Athens .	(Simon	was	       This	new	Squad	is	being	led	by	Kate	Howey	
achievements .	(All	results	have	been	            not	available	to	participate	in	the	World	         MBE	and	Darren	Warner .
published	on	BJA	website	and	in	Matside	          Cup) .	Paralympic	silver	medallist	Ian	Rose	
magazine .)                                       performed	consistently	throughout	the	year	        Initial	selection	of	players	was	made	for	a	
                                                  winning	medals	in	every	event .	Darren	Harris,	    probationary	period	of	6	months .	During	this	
world Class performance                           Maxine	Ingram	and	Ben	Quilter	were	the	            probationary	period	each	player's	potential,	
                                                  other	medal	winners	who	made	sure	that		           technical	ability,	fitness,	commitment	and	
As	mentioned	in	the	introduction,	the	main	       we	reached	our	medal	targets .                     other	attributes	will	be	assessed	and,	if	
events	during	the	period	were	the	Senior	                                                            considered	suitable,	players	will	be	offered	a	
European	Championships	and	the	Senior	            Despite	reduced	funding	overall,	we	have	          full	place	on	the	Squad .	
World	Championships	and	perhaps	it	was	not	       increased	our	investment	in	the	visually	
too	much	of	a	surprise	that	the	most	notable	     impaired	programme .	We	have	a	significant	
performances	came	from	Craig	Fallon	and	          programme	of	international	training	camps	
Karina	Bryant .	Both	these	players	have	shown	    and	competitions	in	place	for	the	players	and	
that	they	can	consistently	produce	results	in	    we	are	one	of	the	few	sports	that	have	a	full	
major	events .	                                   time	coach	for	this	group .	Having	a	full	time	
                                                  coach	has	allowed	us	to	adopt	a	different	
Craig	Fallon’s	World	Championships	win	was	       approach	to	working	with	the	players	and,	
the	result	of	an	outstanding	performance .	       rather	than	bringing	the	players	together	for	
Craig	is	an	exceptionally	talented	young	         monthly	squad	sessions,	the	coach	has	been	
player	who	is	still	improving	and	I	am	sure	      visiting	them	in	their	club	environment	on	
we	can	look	forward	to	similar	performances	      a	regular	basis .	This	has	allowed	for	a	more	
in	the	future .	Karina	Bryant’s	European	         personalised	approach	and	for	individualised	
Championship	win	once	again	confirmed		           training	programmes	to	be	implemented .	In	
her	as	one	the	best	players	in	the	World .		      conjunction	with	the	international	training	
The	fact	that	Karina	has	not	been	on	her	best	    camps	and	competitions,	this	approach	is	
form	lately,	only	adds	more	credence	to	her	      producing	good	results .
performance .	
                                                  We	have	a	very	small	base	of	visually	
                                                  impaired	players	with	which	to	work	and	we	
                                                  are	actively	trying	to	attract	more	players	
                                                  into	the	squad .	We	are	currently	working	
                                                  on	various	initiatives	in	this	area	and,	if	you	
                                                  have	any	visually	impaired	players	(regardless	
                                                  of	their	age	or	judo	experience)	in	your	club	
                                                  who	you	think	may	be	interested,	please	
                                                  contact	us	for	advice	on	how	to	proceed .

                                                                                                                 Annual Report 2005-2006

world Class start                                 During	the	year	there	were	several	staffing	    talented athlete scholarships
                                                  changes .	Rowena	Birch	was	promoted	to	the	
The	World	Class	Start	(WCS)	programme	            position	WCS	Manager,	while	still	continuing	   During	the	period	covered	by	the	report,	
has	continued	to	develop,	providing	high	         in	her	coaching	role .	Kate	Howey	MBE	(who	     forty	players	received	Talented	Athlete	
quality	training,	coaching,	education	and	        was	Regional	Co-ordinator)	moved	from	          Scholarship	(TASS)	funding .	Sixteen	of	these	
international	experience	for	our	talented	        WCS	to	concentrate	on	working	with	the	         were	Scholars	and	twenty-four	Bursars	
young	players .	The	main	emphasis	of	the		        WC	Development	Programme	and	Graeme	            who	received	respectively	£3000	and	£1000	
WCS	Programme	is	development	and	the		            Randall,	who	was	a	WCS	Coach,	left	to	take	     worth	of	support	services .	This	funding	has	
sole	objective	is	to	give	the	players		           on	the	role	of	High	Performance	Coach	at	the	   enabled	our	players	to	access	additional	
the	preparation	that	will	allow	them	to	          Scottish	Institute	of	Sport .	                  coaching,	expert	strength	and	conditioning	
perform	in	the	future	at	senior	World		                                                           guidance,	Performance	Lifestyle	Mentoring	
and	Olympic	level .	                              The	WCS	Programme	has	benefited	greatly	        and	physiological	testing .	It	has	also	helped	
                                                  from	the	dedication	and	expertise	of	many	      to	fund	competition	and	training	programs	
The	main	International	events	during	             support	coaches	who	regularly	give	up		         and	provided	each	player	with	British	Olympic	
this	period	were	the	Cadet	European	              their	weekends	to	help	our	young	players .		    Association	Medical	Cover .	
Championships	(ECC)	and	the	European	             Our	players	have	been	able	to	learn		
Youth	Olympics	(EYO),	where	excellent	            from	some	of	our	most	experienced		             In	addition	to	the	players	supported	via	
performances	were	produced	by	our	teams .	        ex-international	players	including	Chloe	       TASS,	5	players	were	supported	through	the	
At	the	ECC,	gold	medals	were	won	by	Jean-         Cowen,	Jamie	Johnson,	Nigel	Donahue,	John	      TASS	2012	programme .	These	players	can	
Rene	Badrick	and	Laura	Haynes	and	bronze	         Buchanan,	Karen	Roberts	and	Joyce	Heron	        receive	up	to	£10,000	of	services	per	year,	
medals	by	Megan	Fletcher,	Toni	Prince	and	        who	have	all	coached	at	WCS	training	           coordinated	via	the	BJA .	The	key	objective	
Ashley	McKenzie .	Two	weeks	later	and	the	        sessions .	On	more	than	one	occasion	World	     of	this	particular	programme	is	to	prepare	
EYO,	Jean-Rene	Badrick	and	Toni	Prince	were	      Champion	Craig	Fallon	has	trained	with	the	     the	selected	players	for	success	in	the	2012	
able	to	rise	to	the	occasion	once	again,	both	    WCS	squads,	inspiring	the	boys	and	girls		      Olympics .
winning	bronze	medals	for	Great	Britain .         and	allowing	them	to	see	and	feel	the		
                                                  level	of	skill	and	fitness	that	they	are		      During	the	year	Rowena	Birch	replaced	Kate	
In	December	2005	following	a	review	of	the	       working	towards .                               Howey	MBE	as	the	BJA’s	TASS	Lead	Officer .
WCS	Programme,	Andrew	Moshanov,	BJA	
Technical	Director,	has	overseen	the	delivery	    Centres of excellence
and	technical	content	of	WCS	programme .	
He	has	introduced	a	‘Technical	Development	       In	September	2005	Centres	of	Excellence	
Scheme’,	which	requires	the	players	to	           were	established	at	the	University	of	Bath,	
complete	a	new	‘Technical	Workbook’	to	           the	English	Institute	of	Sport	in	Sheffield	
assist	their	development	and	awareness	           and	at	Wolverhampton	University	in	Walsall .	
of	their	skills	and	vulnerabilities	and	to	       Full	time	coaches	were	employed	with	the	
focus	their	training .	This	complements	the	      remit	of	developing	high	performance	judo	
‘Competition	Record	Book’	used	previously .	      programmes	at	each	of	the	Centres .

In	addition	to	the	full	National	Squad	           The	programmes	at	the	Centres	have	not	
Training	Sessions,	the	Regional	Squad	Training	   been	fully	developed	and,	in	the	light	of	
Sessions	introduced	the	previous	year,	has	       the	other	changes	that	are	taking	place,	
continued	to	provide	quality	training	for	our	    we	will	shortly	be	reviewing	this	particular	
top	players	with	the	advantage	of	reduced	        programme	to	see	how	it	might	be	improved	
travelling	times	and	costs .	Talented	players	    and,	if	possible,	further	developed .
who	have	not	yet	made	the	Squads	but	have	
shown	potential	were	identified	and	invited	
to	train	with	the	Squad	players	at	these	
Regional	trainings .	Several	of	these	visitors	
have	since	been	co-opted .	



uK sports elite Coach programme                   appreciation and thanks

The	development	of	our	performance	coaches	       We	are	most	grateful	to	UK	Sport,	the	Home	
is	something	which	we	take	seriously	and	we	      Country	Sports	Councils,	the	Home	Country	
have	been	providing	support	for	our	staff	and	    Institutes	of	Sport	and	our	other	partners	
support	coaches	to	attend	the	University	of	      for	their	support	for	our	high	performance	
Bath’s	Judo	Foundation	Degree	Course .	           judo	programme .	Their	support	allows	us	
                                                  to	complete	an	extensive	performance	
We	were	also	pleased	when	Kate	Howey	             and	excellence	programme	and	to	provide	
MBE	was	selected	for	UK	Sport’s	Elite	            access	to	a	wide	variety	of	support	and	
Coach	Programme .	Kate,	who	joins	Graeme	         other	services	for	our	performance	players .	
Randall	MBE	who	is	on	his	second	year	of	         The	support	of	these	partners	is	gratefully	
the	Programme,	will	spend	50%	of	her	time	        acknowledged	and	much	appreciated .
working	for	the	BJA	and	50%	of	her	time	
being	educated	through	the	Programme .	           Success	at	this	highest	level	can	only	be	
Towards	the	end	of	2005	Graeme	resigned	          achieved	through	team	work	and	I	would	like	
as	World	Class	Start	Coach	to	take	up	the	        to	acknowledge	and	thank	all	those	involved;	
position	of	High	Performance	Coach	for	the	       the	staff,	support	coaches,	personal	coaches,	
Scottish	Institute	of	Sport .	An	agreement	was	   medical	personnel	and	volunteers	who	have	
reached	with	UK	Sport	which	would	allow	          made	a	contribution .
Graeme	to	remain	on	the	Programme		
-	he	can	now	spend	25%	working	for	the	BJA .      Colin McIver
                                                  Performance Director
The	BJA	is	supportive	of	UK	Sport’s	Elite	
Coach	Programme	and	is	grateful	for	the	
opportunity	to	be	involved .

bJa world Cup

After	many	years	the	BJA	have	been	awarded	
the	right	to	host	a	World	Cup	—	this	is	an	
important	development	for	high	performance	
judo .	Having	our	own	World	Cup	will	help	
to	raise	standards	by	allowing	more	British	
players	to	experience	this	level	of	judo	and	
there	will	also	be	benefits	when	it	comes	to	
Olympic	qualification .	The	full	importance	of	
having	our	own	event	will	be	fully	realised	in	
future	years .

player awards

Over	£400k	was	awarded	to	players	in	the	
form	of	training	and	subsistence	grants	to	
support	their	development,	training	and	
competition .	This	is	a	considerable	amount	of	
money	and	the	BJA	is	extremely	grateful	and	
wishes	to	acknowledge	the	support	of	all	the	
agencies	that	have	made	this	possible .	

                                                                                                     Annual Report 2005-2006


This	year’s	development	programmes	
grew	in	strength	building	on	the	previous	
year’s	successes .	Each	and	every	one	of	the	
programmes	is	establishing	itself	in	its	own	
right	as	well	as	combining	to	provide	the	
Association	with	a	totally	‘holistic’	approach	
to	development .

In	the	development	and	delivery	of	these	
programmes	sustainable	partnerships	have	
been	established	across	the	country	with	
the	DCMS,	Sport	England	and	its	regional	
network,	Youth	Sport	Trust,	County	Sports	
Partnerships,	Sports	Colleges	/	School	Sports	
Co-ordinators	and	local	authority	leisure	and	
community	departments .

This	year	saw	the	culmination	of	three	
year’s	facility	work	coming	to	fruition	
through	the	Community	Club	Development	            We	also	saw	the	opening	of	K2	Leisure	
Programme	(CCDP),	which	was	funded	by	the	         Centre	in	Crawley,	which	accommodates	a	
Government	Department	for	Culture,	Media	          permanent	matted	dojo	and	home	to	Crawley	
and	Sport,	Department	for	Education,	and	          Judo	Club	and	Kim	Ryu	Judo	Club .
Sport	England .	
                                                   The	lottery	Awards	for	All	programme	still	
Through	this	unique	funding	opportunity	           proves	to	be	the	most	successful	funding	
for	the	BJA,	linked	to	the	Facilities	Strategy,	   opportunity	for	clubs .	The	aims	of	the	Awards	
published	in	2003,	four	clubs	have	achieved	       for	All	grant	scheme	are	to:
their	dream	of	having	a	purpose	built	dojo .	
The	creation	of	these	dojos	will	assist	these	     •		extend access and participation
clubs	and	the	development	of	our	sport	             by	encouraging	more	people	to	become	
through	the	implementation	of	the	detailed	         actively	involved	in	local	groups	and	
development	and	business	plans	presented	           projects,	and	by	supporting	activities	that	
to	access	the	funding .	In	total	the	BJA	has	       aim	to	be	open	and	accessible	to	everyone	
had	an	investment	of	£6,468,323	of	which	           who	wishes	to	take	part;
£2,268,652	came	from	the	CCDP .	This	total	
                                                   •		 ncrease skill and creativity	by	
award	from	CCDP	is	the	largest	amount	given	
                                                    supporting	activities	which	help	to	develop	
to	all	Phase	2	Governing	Bodies .	Our	original	
                                                    people	and	organisations,	encourage		
programme	allocation	was	£1 .66m
                                                    talent	and	raise	standards;
Those	clubs	benefiting	from	this	investment	
                                                   •		 mprove the quality of life	by	supporting	
were	Dartford,	Kendal,	SKK	and	Redbridge	
                                                    local	projects	that	improve	people's	
Judo	Clubs .
                                                    opportunities,	welfare,	environment		
Other	facility	developments	included	the	           or	local	facilities,	for	example	through	
opening	of	Croydon	Judo	Club’s	new	£1 .5	           voluntary	action,	self-help	projects,		
million	venue,	offering	some	of	the	best	           local	projects	or	events .
martial	arts	facilities	within	the	greater	
London	area .	The	new	facility	gives	the	club	a	
permanent	home	after	moving	from	various	
temporary	facilities	over	the	last	30	years .	


To	date	223	British	Judo	Association	Clubs	have	accessed	well	over	£920,000 .		
The	following	provides	a	breakdown	Area	by	Area	(based	on	Sport	England	Areas)

                      Awards	for	All	Distribution	up	to	31st	March	2006

Over	the	coming	year	it	is	hoped	we	will	pass	the	£1million	mark	with	the	new	scheme	
providing	up	to	£10,000	per	award .

The	number	of	Clubs	involved	and	achieving	the	Bronze	Award	level	within	the	Association’s	
Club	Recognition	Scheme	is	growing	at	a	remarkable	rate .	22	Clubs	have	achieved	the	Bronze	
Award	level,	which	also	gains	Sport	England	Clubmark	recognition,	with	118	clubs	working	
towards	achieving	the	Bronze	level .	This	scheme	is	proving	a	valuable	development	tool	for	our	
clubs	and	they	are	gaining	great	support	from	County	Sport	Partnerships	through	educational	
and	funding	support .

Congratulations	to	the	following	clubs	who	achieved	the	Bronze	Award	Level:	

 Redbridge	JC	               Crawley	JC	                     Samurai	Warrington	JC
 Melbourne	JC	               Chichester	Ronin	JC	            Anfield	Youth	Activity	Centre	JC
 Dartford	Judokwai	          Ipswich	JC	                     Greenbank	JC
 Croydon	JC	                 Renkeido	Judokwai	              Samurai	Liverpool	JC
 Rising	Sun	JC	              Bath	Judokwai	                  Judo	Excellence	
 Court	Lane	JC	              Vale	JC	                        SKK	JC
 Dorking	JC	                 York	Railway	Institute	JC	      Glossop	JC
 Redcar	JC

                                                                                                                      Annual Report 2005-2006


The	Enjoy	Judo	programme	is	developing	           In	November	the	BJA	launched	its	first	
well	taking	our	sport	into	the	education	         Volunteer	Strategy	2005	–	2009 .	The	strategy	
sector .	The	objective	of	the	programme	is	       was	produced	after	a	membership	wide	               A	detailed	analytical	report	was	produced	
to	initiate	judo	classes	in	schools	and	link	     consultation .	Four	surveys	were	circulated	to	     demonstrating	the	raw	statistics,	any	
these	schools	to	local	clubs	to	increase	         provide	baseline	information	on	the	current	        trends,	highlighting	the	key	issues	for	judo	
individual	membership	numbers	and	the	            status	of	volunteers	and	volunteering	within	       volunteering .	This	formed	the	basis	for	the	
number	of	lifelong	judo	enthusiasts .		Our	       the	sport .                                         development	of	the	volunteer	strategy .	
officers	are	working	with	both	primary	                                                               Volunteers	are	the	lifeblood	of	sport	and	
and	secondary	schools,	speaking	to	key	              A
                                                   •		 n	individual	audit	which	identified	           judo	cannot	sustain	the	development	of	
decision-makers,	doing	demonstrations,	and	          people	interested	in	volunteering	in		           juniors,	clubs,	officials	and	competitions	
signing	up	new	schools	in	which	to	deliver	          judo	as	well	as	barriers	to	volunteering		       without	this	willing	workforce .	This	strategy	
classes .	Throughout	the	year	over	14,000	           in	the	sport .                                   lays	out	how	judo	will	develop	its	current	
young	people	have	been	‘exposed’	to	a	                                                                volunteer	workforce	and	seek	to	develop	
quality	demonstration	of	our	sport	followed	         I
                                                   •		dentifying	training	needs	and	barriers .	       more	volunteers	to	support	the	growth	in	the	
up	by	either	curricular	or	extra	curricular	                                                          sport	as	well	as	how	it	will	look	to	reward	
                                                   •		 	coaches	survey	identifying	coaching	          and	retain	those	involved .
programme	of	sustained	activity .	As	a	result	
                                                     skills,	gaps,	barriers	to	coaching	and	
of	this	activity	we	have	seen	1,848	Schools	
                                                     education	and	support .                          To	assist	in	the	implementation	of	this	
Licences	issued	with	311	of	these	taking	out	
a	full	Junior	Licence .	The	aim	now	through	                                                          strategy	and	development	of	the	aims	and	
                                                   •		 	club	survey	circulated	to	club	secretaries	   objectives	within	it,	funding	has	been	sourced	
working	with	the	clubs	is	to	retain	these	new	
                                                     which	identified	club	volunteers,	their	         to	recruit	a	Volunteer	Co-ordinator	who	will	
judokas	in	the	sport .	
                                                     skills	and	abilities,	current	recruitment,	      ensure	there	is	a	structured	pathway	for	
                                                     support	and	reward	programmes .                  people	to	get	involved,	stay	involved	and	
                                                                                                      reach	their	full	potential	in	our	sport .
                                                   •		 	senior	volunteer	survey	circulated		
                                                     to	BJA	board	members .

                                                                                                      In	the	latter	part	of	the	year	a	Visually	
Linked	with	the	Enjoy	Judo	programme	                                                                 Impaired	Judo	Development	Programme	
we	received	additional	funding	through	                                                               is	being	developed	in	conjunction	with	
Sport	England	to	develop	a	government	                                                                the	national	organisation	Action	for	Blind	
programme	entitled	‘PESSCL’	(Physical	                                                                People .	The	plan	is	to	deliver	judo	through	
Education	School	Sport	Club	Links) .	This	                                                            their	network	of	‘Actionnaires’	clubs	across	
initial	funding	has	been	used	to	create	                                                              the	country	and	support	to	this	programme	
localised	coaching	programmes	through	the	                                                            is	being	received	from	Ian	Rose,	World	and	
employment	of	part	time	coaches	connected	                                                            Olympic	medallist	and	Steve	Gawthorpe,		
to	a	local	club .	Through	the	success	of	this	                                                        	BJA’s	High	performance	VI	Coach .
programme	additional	funding	has	been	
secured	for	2006	onwards	to	develop	the	                                                              Mark Beecher
programme	across	the	country	and	this	will	                                                           Head of Operations
be	co-ordinated	by	a	full	time	PESSCL	Officer .


This	year	saw	the	BJA’s	‘Technical’	Department	    Matside	and	sent	only	to	Coaches .		              The	course	was	warmly	received	and	the	
triple	in	numbers	(to	three)	–	I	am	delighted	     Matside	Coach	is	the	brainchild	of	Andrew	        candidates’	feedback	was	most	encouraging .	
to	be	able	to	report	that	we	now	have	in	          Moshanov	and	will	serve	as	a	‘Technically	        A	further	pilot	is	planned	in	the	near	future	
place	a	new	Technical	Director	Dr	Andrew	          based’	publication	solely	for	Coaches	whereas	    and	will	be	held	at	the	Walsall	Campus,	we	
Moshanov	and	a	dedicated	Technical	                my	Coaching	pages	in	Matside	will	remain		        will	also	at	that	point	be	beginning	our	
Administrator	supporting	both	Andrew	              a	general	‘News’	based	service	for	the		          tutor	induction .	Resource	development	is	
and	myself	in	Nicola	Burlingham-Hall .	Both	       whole	membership .	                               well	under-way	but	we	have	consciously	
of	them	settled	into	their	new	roles	very	                                                           held	off	producing	any	glossy	literature	as	
quickly	and	you	are	no	doubt	aware	of	the	         As	I	reported	last	year,	work	continues	at	       we	aim	to	take	on	board	the	feedback	from	
immediate	impact	they	have	both	made .             pace	towards	the	introduction	of	the	UK	          prospective	tutors	and	sportscoachUK	advisors	
                                                   Coaching	Certificate	for	judo .	All	in	all	31	    following	the	remaining	pilot	courses .	It	is	
Andrew	Moshanov	has	a	wealth	of	                   National	Governing	Bodies	of	Sport	in	the	UK	     important	that	the	package	evolves	not	only	
experience .	He	completely	overhauled	the	         have	signed	up	to	deliver	this	in	keeping	with	   to	the	point	at	which	we	roll	it	out	but	on	an	
Russian	Coach	Education	systems	during	his	        the	Governments	2012	vision	for	Coaching .	       ongoing	basis	beyond	then .
role	as	Sports	Director	for	the	Russian	Judo	
Federation .	He	also	has	International	High	       Another	very	significant	appointment,	which	      The	Coach	Education	Course	Licensing	scheme	
Performance	Coaching	experience	having	            has	helped	drive	the	UKCC	Development	            in	its	first	full	year	of	operation	saw	over	70	
worked	in	previous	posts	with	the	National	        forward	this	year	is	that	of	Peter	Gardiner	      dedicated	Coach	Education	events	licensed .		
Squads	of	the	USSR,	Russia	and	The	Republic	       who	has	taken	on	the	role	of	Coach	               Licensed	events	govern	the	revalidation	
of	China	and	also	as	the	National	Coach	of	        Development	Manager	for	JudoScotland .	           process	and	provide	a	system	whereby	the	
Taiwan .	Andrew	will	be	directing	all	Technical	   He	has	been	a	very	valuable	addition	to	the	      BJA	can	effectively	track	attendances	at	
aspects	of	the	Association	and	brings	to	          source	group	we	have	in	place	developing	         authorised	courses	and	eliminate	falsified	
the	table	many	innovative	concepts .	Nicola	       the	UKCC .	Peter	will	be	well	known	to	many	      claims	of	attendance .	The	plastic	Coaching	
Burlingham-Hall,	who	has	now	taken	up	             of	you	already	as	he	has	previously	worked	       card	system	has	been	well	received	and	has	
her	position	at	BJA	Head	Office	as	Technical	      as	National	Youth	Development	Officer	for	        now	incorporated	the	Coach	Accreditation	
Administrator	will	be	the	first	port	of	call	      the	BJA	and	the	BSJA .	During	that	period	        pass	system,	which	has	ceased	to	exist	as	a	
for	all	your	coaching	and	technical	queries .	     he	developed	the	Kano	club	scheme	and	            bolt-on	scheme .
She	is	an	experienced	Business	and	Finance	        revamped	the	Schools	star	awards .	Peter	
Administrator	and	has	already	proved	to	be		       then	took	up	the	role	of	National	Coach	for	
a	great	addition	to	the	team .                     Denmark	and	during	that	period	carried	
                                                   out	workshops	and	seminars	on	behalf	of	
Communication,	or	the	lack	of	it,	has	for	a	       the	EJU	and	the	IJF .	He	has	recently	been	
long	time	been	considered	to	be	a	weakness	        involved	in	the	production	of	the	new	
within	the	BJA .	The	launch	of	the	Matside	        IJF	Coach	Education	DVD	which	has	been	
magazine	afforded	a	platform	whereby	we	           launched	Worldwide .	For	the	UKCC	to	satisfy	
could	begin	to	address	this	across	the	board .	    endorsement	conditions,	it	truly	needs	to	be	
Emma	Reed	works	hard	to	pull	this	together	        a	UK	wide	development .	This	is	now	ensured	
and	the	publication	is	a	credit	to	her .	          since	the	Welsh	Judo	Association	recently	
                                                   appointed	Tony	Higgins	to	the	position	of	
Previously,	in	order	to	get	information	to	        Coaching	Coordinator .	Having	worked	with	
Coaches,	I	would	often	need	to	spend	three	        Tony	in	the	past,	I	am	certain	that	the	skills	
days	at	a	time	photocopying,	collating	            he	brings	with	him	will	enhance	the	process	
information,	filling	and	franking	envelopes	       considerably .
ready	for	mailing	however,	Matside	means	
that	this	does	not	need	to	be	done	any	            With	the	UKCC	Level	2	Learning	Programme	
longer .	As	with	anything	in	life,	a	little	of	    agreed	in	principle	with	SportscoachUK	
a	good	thing	can	prove	‘moreish’	and	the	          and	1st4sport	qualifications,	(who	will	be	
recent	addition	of	‘Matside	Coach’	will,	I	am	     responsible	for	endorsing	the	UKCC	for	
certain,	prove	to	be	an	invaluable	supplement	     judo	and	ensuring	it	is	accepted	by	the	
to	the	one-page	allocation	Coaching	has	           Qualification	and	Curriculum	Authority	as		
in	each	edition	of	Matside	–	although	the	         a	qualification	respectively),	we	ran	a	course	
first	edition	of	Matside	Coach	was	mailed	         piloting	most	of	the	proposed	modules	at	
separately	it	will	in	future	be	bundled	with	      JudoScotland’s	Ratho	HQ .	

                                                                                                                        Annual Report 2005-2006

                                                    COMPETITIONS & EVENTS

After	much	consultation	and	expert	advice	          fighting films gb world Cup                         Former	Junior	World	Champion	America’s	
from	Dr	Istvan	Bayli,	our	Long-term	Player	                                                             Rhonda	Rousey	and	GB	World	Cup	Gold	
Development	(LTPD)	programme	was	recently	          No	doubt	you	will	all	agree	that	the	highlight	     medallist	quotes:	“I loved Birmingham.
highlighted	with	the	production	of	an	A5	           in	the	Events	Calendar	this	year	was	the	           It was a good tournament for me. I loved like
four	page	flyer .	Much	of	the	credit	for	           Fighting	Films	GB	World	Cup	that	took	              the lights and the little light show with the
pulling	this	massively	important	piece	of	          place	at	the	beginning	of	April	at	the	NIA	in	      spotlight on you as you came onto the mat.
work	together	has	to	go	to	Lisa	McIver .	The	       Birmingham .	The	hosting	of	an	annual	World	        I love that stuff, it gets you pumped up.
full	programme	will	be	launched	at	the	BJA	         Cup	event	in	Great	Britain	was	long	overdue	        It feels really cool. It was like a highlights
Technical	Congress	in	September	and	it	is	          and	after	the	huge	success	of	our	first	World	      film and it felt like you were in one.”
anticipated	that	it	will	have	a	massive	and	        Cup	we	now	have	our	sights	firmly	set	on		
positive	impact	on	Judo	within	the	BJA .            a	Super	World	Cup	in	a	few	years	time .	            Fighting	Films	the	official	sponsors	of	the	
                                                                                                        event	provided	some	excellent	footage,	which	
The	EJU	Education	and	Administration	               With	financial	support	from	UK	Sport,	              was	shown	on	Sky	Sports	2	a	week	after	the	
seminar	in	Malta	emphasised	that	there	is	          Birmingham	City	Council,	Fighting	Films	and	        event .	This	was	an	excellent	overview	of	
a	real	intention	to	raise	the	profile	of	Kata	      William	Smith	(Event	Patron)	we	were	able	to	       the	event	as	well	as	a	great	opportunity	to	
throughout	the	EJU’s	National	Governing	            put	on	a	fantastic	show	for	the	competitors	        promote	the	sport	of	judo .
Bodies	and	this	year	the	BJA	hosted	the	            and	spectators	alike .	
European	Kata	Championships .	British	                                                                  Next	years	World	Cup	held	in	September	
representatives	performed	admirably	but	it	         The	NIA	and	the	City	of	Birmingham	was	a	           will	be	the	Men’s	turn	and	with	it	being	an	
was	clearly	evident	that	we	have	some	way		         fantastic	host	venue	for	the	19	countries	that	     Olympic	qualifying	event	we	are	expecting	
to	go	to	match	the	standards	produced	by,		         took	part	including	China	and	Cuba’s	strong	        an	even	bigger	line	up	than	this	year .	
in	particular,	the	Italian	team .	                  women’s	team	that	were	invited	over	under	          We	are	already	developing	new	ideas	for	
                                                    the	UK	Sport	International	Memorandum	of	           improvements	for	next	year’s	event	including	
We	are	now	finding	that	many	existing	clubs,	       Understanding .	With	over	100	competitors	          developing	the	children’s	activity	sessions,	
who	have	until	now	been	operating	outside	          taking	part	it	proved	to	be	an	impressive	          spectator	residential	deals	and	many	more .	
of	the	BJA,	are	looking	to	come	across	to	          tournament .	                                       Ensure	you	add	the	22nd	&	23rd	September	
us	due	to	the	benefits	of	initiatives	like	the	                                                         2007,	Fighting	Films	GB	World	Cup	for	men	
UKCC	and	our	Club	Accreditation	(Clubmark)	         Being	host	to	a	World	Cup	also	gave	a	unique	       in	your	diary	now .	
scheme .	In	order	to	make	this	process	as	          opportunity	for	the	Great	Britain	team	to	
painless	as	possible	Dermot	Heslop	and		            experience	a	high	level	tournament	on	home	         Junior british open
myself	are	working	closely	with	these	groups	       soil .	The	British	team	consisted	of	27	players,	
to	facilitate	that	transition .	We	are	confident	   including	six	times	World	medallist	Karina	         The	Junior	British	Open	was	held	at	The	
that	this	will	prove	to	be	a	very	significant	      Bryant	and	European	bronze	medallist	Sarah	         Triangle	on	9th	July,	and	was	followed	by	a	
development                                         Clark,	as	well	as	young	newer	talent,	many	         three	day	Junior	International	Training	Camp	
                                                    of	whom	will	be	experiencing	their	senior	          at	Bisham	Abbey .	The	competition	attracted	a	
Finally,	as	ever	the	support	of	Eddie	Awford,	      international	debut .	Britain	managed	to		          good	number	of	competitors	including	many	
Mark	Beecher	and	in	the	second	part	of	the	         get	four	medals,	one	silver	and	three		             foreign	delegations .	However	it	became	
year	Andrew	Moshanov	has	been	invaluable	           bronze	medals .	                                    apparent	that	we	have	outgrown	this	venue,	
to	me	and	I	would	like	to	steal	a	line	here		                                                           which	can	only	hold	three	mat	areas .	For	2007	
to	thank	them	all .	Next	year	is	the	crucial		      With	over	a	thousand	spectators	attending	          we	will	be	moving	to	the	new	K2	venue	in	
one	as	far	as	the	implementation	of	the	UKCC	       the	home	crowd	were	extremely	supportive	           Crawley	which	can	comfortably	hold	four	mat	
goes	and	I	will	be	relying	on	them	again	           to	all	the	GB	players .	The	shouts	of	support	      areas	and	still	has	the	proximity	to	London	
during	that	period	for	their	continued		            and	banging	of	the	thundersticks	created	           in	order	to	maintain	the	attractiveness	for	
help	and	advice .                                   an	electric	atmosphere	especially	during	the	       foreign	players .	
                                                    British	medal	fights .	The	event	also	was	a	
Dave Duffy                                          huge	success	for	the	visiting	countries	and	
BJA Coaching Officer                                they	have	already	promised	to	return .	


vI british open                                  national age band Championships	

The	VI	British	Open	was	held	on	the	10th	        The	National	Age	Band	Championships	
July	after	the	Junior	Open	at	the	triangle .	    took	place	in	a	new	high	profile	venue	–	
The	event	was	not	as	well	attended	as	it	has	    iceSheffield .	It	took	a	lot	of	hard	work	by	many	
been	in	previous	years	and	this	was	mainly	      BJA	staff	and	commission	members,	working	
due	to	the	time	of	year	as	well	as	the	event	    alongside	the	venue	staff	to	ensure	the	ice	
being	mixed	with	a	junior	event .	In	an	         arena	was	successfully	turned	into	a	Judo	hall .	
effort	to	promote	VI	Judo	and	increase	the	      The	advantages	of	the	venue	were	that	all	
participation	of	the	event	we	have	made	         eight	mats	were	easily	fitted	in	one	area	with	
the	VI	British	Open	a	stand	alone	event	in	      good	spectator	seating	ensuring	great	views	
November	and	also	included	a	3	day	training	     for	all	mats .	In	order	to	allow	the	competition	
camp	immediately	after	the	event .	The	2006	     to	grow	and	gain	some	sustainability	a	three-
VI	British	Open	will	be	held	at	the	new	multi	   year	deal	has	now	been	agreed	with	the	venue	
million	pound	Dartford	Judo	Club	on		            and	Sheffield	Events	Unit,	who	have	also	
4th	November .		                                 committed	to	assist	with	funding	in	order	to	
                                                 make	the	event	more	financially	viable .	
british open
                                                 elite performance squad trials
Due	to	the	introduction	of	the	Fighting	Films	   (senior and Junior)	
GB	World	Cup	on	our	events	Calendar	the	
British	Open	was	rescheduled	to	December .	      What	was	called	the	Youth	Trials	and	National	
Despite	the	number	of	entries	being	slightly	    Grand	Finals	in	2005	was	renamed	the	Elite	
lower	than	previous	years	the	competition	       Performance	Trials .	The	Senior	and	Junior	
was	of	high	standard	in	many	of	the	weight	      Elite	Performance	Trials	took	place	on	the	
categories .	Without	doubt	the	highlight	        12th	November	and	14th	January	respectively	
of	the	day	was	the	–90kg	final	of	Winston	       at	Walsall .	Both	events	were	well	attended	
Gordon	and	Bobby	Rich	which	captured	            and	ran	smoothly .	
the	spirit	of	past	British	Opens .	With	the	
40th	Anniversary	coming	up	next	year,	lets	      events Commission
hope	we	a	get	back	to	that	and	see	more	
established	as	well	as	up	and	coming	British	    What	was	the	Competitions	Commission	has	
talent	raising	the	game .		The	event	has	out	    now	been	renamed	the	Technical	Officials	
grown	the	Triangle	venue	and	has	been	           Commission	as	a	new	Events	Commission	has	
moved	to	the	new	K2	venue	in	Crawley .		         recently	been	created .	The	Technical	Officials	
As	part	of	the	40th	Anniversary	celebrations	    Commission	now	have	a	similar	role	as	the	
the	event	will	have	a	relaunch	and	will		        refereeing	commission	and	will	concentrate	
be	re	branded .	                                 on	the	development	of	tournament	officials	
                                                 however	will	still	have	an	active	role	with	
                                                 National	Events .	The	new	Events	Commission	
                                                 has	been	created	to	try	and	address	other	
                                                 areas	of	hosting	events	including	media	&	
                                                 publicity,	event	presentation,	developing	
                                                 event	sponsorship	deals,	liaising	with	other	
                                                 commissions	regarding	event	scheduling	etc .		
                                                 There	are	still	spaces	available	on	the	Events	
                                                 Commission,	if	you	are	interested	in	being	a	
                                                 member	of	this	new	commission	then	please	
                                                 contact	Yvonne	Froggett	at	Head	Office	on		
                                                 yvonnefroggett@britshjudo .org .uk .

                                                 Yvonne Froggett
                                                 Events Manager

                                                                                                                      Annual Report 2005-2006


general                                             opportunities	available	at	British	Judo	was	       Advertising	in	the	first	three	editions	of	
                                                    recently	featured	in	Sponsorship	News .	           the	magazine	has	started	off	successfully,	
The	role	of	Commercial	Manager	was	created	                                                            and	we	have	offered	annual	packages	at	a	
in	May	2005,	with	the	aim	of	generating	            Throughout	the	year	a	number	of	meetings	          discounted	rate	to	our	regular	advertisers	to	
more	income	for	the	Association	through	            have	been	held	with	sports	sponsorship	            thank	them	for	their	support .	We	are	now	
three	main	streams	-	sponsorship,	advertising	      agencies	about	different	properties,	and	          working	hard	to	secure	advertisers	from	a	
and	the	British	Judo	Trust .                        we	have	had	serious	discussions	with	two	          wider	circle	of	companies,	and	regular	mailers	
                                                    major	companies	about	an	overall	corporate	        are	sent	to	advertising	and	PR	agencies	to	
The	first	part	of	the	year	was	spent	pulling	       partnership	deal .		This	work	is	ongoing	and	we	   see	if	advertising	in	the	magazine	would	be	
together	information	and	facts	and	figures	         hope	to	see	some	positive	results	very	soon .      suitable	for	any	of	their	current	clients .	
on	the	main	programmes	that	we	run	in	
order	to	create	‘commercial	properties’		           2006 Fighting Films GB Judo World Cup	             2006 Fighting Films GB Judo World Cup	
that	can	be	marketed	to	potential	partners .		
This	involved	discussions	with	other	sports	        One	of	the	main	priorities	this	year	was	          A	number	of	mat-side	advertising	boards	
about	how	their	commercial	programmes	run,	         the	launch	of	the	GB	Judo	World	Cup	and	           were	sold	at	the	2006	Fighting	Films	GB	
research	into	the	benefits	and	opportunities	       as	you	may	be	aware,	a	deal	was	agreed	            World	Cup,	and	this	added	significantly	
that	other	sports	are	offering	commercial	          with	Fighting	Films	for	them	to	be	main	           to	the	professional	look	and	feel	of	the	
partners,	the	development	of	fact	sheets	on	        sponsors	of	the	event	in	2006	and	2007 .		         event .	The	boards	were	clearly	visible	on	all	
each	main	BJA	programme,	and	the	creation	          This	is	an	extremely	strong	partnership	with	      television	pictures	and	photographs,	and	with	
of	a	commercial	section	on	the	BJA	website .	       great	benefits	for	both	parties,	and	the	          the	highlights	of	the	event	shown	several	
                                                    relationship	got	off	to	an	ideal	start	in	2006	    times	on	Sky	Sports,	they	offered	advertisers	
Another	key	priority	this	year	has	been	to	         with	a	fantastic	event .	As	the	first	Olympic	     great	value	for	money	in	terms	of	securing	
spread	the	message	that	British	Judo	is	now	        qualification	event,	the	men’s	World	Cup	in	       regional,	national	and	international	exposure .
in	a	very	strong	position	to	offer	unique	          2007	promises	to	be	even	better,	and	we	will	
commercial	opportunities	to	potential	              continue	to	work	closely	with	Fighting	Films	      A	number	of	companies	also	placed	adverts	
corporate	partners .	This	has	involved	meeting	     to	ensure	we	develop	and	improve	the	event	        in	the	souvenir	brochure,	and	we’d	like	to	
with	other	sports	organisations	to	brief	them	      from	all	angles .                                  thank	them	for	their	support	of	the	event	in	
on	where	we	are	at	and	the	opportunities	                                                              the	first	year .
we	have	available,	and	establishing	                This	year	strong	support	sponsors	were	also	
regular	contact	with	sports	marketing	and	          secured	for	the	World	Cup	event	in	Renault	        british Judo trust
sponsorship	agencies,	who	are	a	key	factor	         and	Konica	Minolta,	and	we	would	like	
in	the	whole	sponsorship	process .	This	work	       to	thank	them	sincerely	for	their	support .		      We	are	currently	in	the	process	of	setting	
is	ongoing,	and	as	we	were	starting	from	           Hopefully	our	relationships	with	high	profile	     up	the	British	Judo	Trust,	a	registered	
scratch	in	this	area	it	will	take	a	considerable	   companies	such	as	these	will	continue	and	         charity	which	will	raise	and	distribute	
amount	of	time	to	develop	these	contacts		          develop	further	in	future	years .                  funds	to	good	causes	throughout	the	judo	
to	an	ideal	level .	                                                                                   community .	Setting	up	a	limited	company	
                                                    Mr	William	Smith	kindly	agreed	to	be	Patron	       and	then	applying	for	charitable	status	is	a	
sponsorship	                                        of	the	World	Cup	event	each	year	from	2006	        straightforward	but	time-consuming	process,	
General                                             to	2012,	and	we	would	like	to	thank	him	for	       and	we	hope	that	the	Trust	will	be	fully	
                                                    his	generous	support	this	year,	which	helped	      operational	shortly .	
The	five	key	properties	we	have	developed	          greatly	in	making	the	first	ever	GB	World	Cup	
and	are	focusing	on	finding	sponsors	for	are:       the	success	that	it	was .	                         A	separate	brand	will	be	created	to	give	
                                                                                                       the	Trust	its	own	identity,	and	we	will	run	a	
•	The	British	Judo	National	Squad	                  advertising	                                       launch	campaign	to	publicise	and	promote	its	
•	The	Enjoy	Judo	Schools	Programme	                 Matside Magazine                                   work .	Further	details	will	be	available	on	the	
•	The	BJA	Grading	Scheme	                                                                              BJA	website	in	due	course .	
•	Matside	membership	magazine	                      Another	key	development	this	year	has	been	
•	The	GB	Judo	World	Cup                             the	launch	of	Matside	magazine,	a	high	            If	you	know	of	anyone	who	may	be	interested	
                                                    quality	communications	tool	which	enables	us	      in	supporting	British	Judo,	or	for	any	further	
These	properties	are	promoted	through	the	          to	reach	all	of	our	English	members	directly	      information	on	the	commercial	opportunities	
commercial	section	on	the	BJA	website,	and	         on	a	quarterly	basis .	This	is	a	great	asset	in	   available	please	contact	Joanne	Duff	on	01509	
regular	mailers	featuring	further	information	      commercial	terms,	meaning	we	can	offer	            631693	or	joduff@britishjudo .org .uk .
are	sent	to	sports	sponsorship	agencies	to	         companies	the	chance	to	regularly	reach	
provide	them	with	regular	reminders	and	            thousands	of	potential	customers	with	a	           Jo Duff
updates .	An	article	on	the	sponsorship	            targeted	advertising	message .	                    Commercial Manager


matside                                               tv Coverage of the world Championships               The	first	British	Judo	Awards	Night	was	held	in	
                                                                                                           April	at	the	Birmingham	Museum	&	Art	Gallery,	
The	major	improvement	in	communication	this	          It	was	disappointing	that	British	Eurosport	did	     and	was	a	great	success .
year	has	come	from	the	launch	of	Matside	in	          not	cover	the	2005	World	Championships,	
June,	which	is	edited	in-house .	The	magazine	        having	covered	many	World	Championships	in	          marketing
has	received	good	feedback	and	we	hope		              the	past .	Although	this	was	mainly	down	to	
that	it	will	continually	improve	and	evolve .		       problems	relating	to	the	host	broadcaster,	it	       Communications	manages	all	BJA	marketing .	
It	provides	not	only	improved	communication	          was	particularly	disappointing	because	it	caused	    This	year	this	has	included	the	branding	and	
but	also	an	added	benefit	to	membership .             far-reaching	issues	when	trying	to	get	footage	      marketing	surrounding	the	Fighting	Films		
                                                      of	Craig	Fallon’s	fantastic	win	on	other	outlets	    GB	World	Cup	and	the	No	Licence	No		
At	present	the	forty-page	publication	is	sent	        such	as	the	BBC,	ITV	and	Sky .                       Judo	campaign .
just	to	English	members .	I	am	pleased	to	report	
that	the	Welsh	Judo	Association	has	decided	to	       If	a	UK	broadcaster	does	not	buy	the	rights	to		     For	the	Fighting	Films	GB	World	Cup	an	
introduce	Matside	for	its	members	from	June	          a	major	event	such	as	this,	no	other	British	        extensive	marketing	campaign	was	launched,	
2006 .	It	is	hoped	that	Judo	Scotland	and	the	        news	outlet	can	show	the	footage	free	of	            which	included	the	production	of	posters	and	
Northern	Ireland	Judo	Federation	will	come		          charge	(even	for	a	small	amount	of	time) .           flyers,	which	were	distributed	to	clubs	and	
on	board	sometime	in	the	future .                                                                          schools,	as	well	as	leisure	centres	in	the		
                                                      Obviously	this	is	not	a	situation	we	want	to	see	    West	Midlands .	
As	of	April,	registered	Coaches	will	also	receive	    again	as	we	head	towards	Beijing,	and	
Matside	Coach	as	a	supplementary	publication .	       Communications	is	working	with	many	parties	         To	promote	the	event	within	the	area	
Matside	Coach	has	been	specifically	designed	         and	lobbying	the	relevant	places	to	ensure		         advertising	boards	were	used	in	the	City	Centre,	
and	compiled	to	serve	coaching	needs,	and	            that	judo	gets	the	coverage	it	deserves .            outside	the	NIA	and	roadside	on	the	A45	in	the	
provide	a	base	for	the	exchange	of	ideas		                                                                 run	up	to	the	event .	In	addition	advertisements	
and	opinions .                                        london 2012                                          were	run	in	Matside	magazine	with	special	
                                                                                                           offers	for	members .	A	marketing	and	media	
website                                               As	you	can	imagine	there	are	many	requests	          partnership	was	secured	with	BBC	WM	who	
                                                      coming	into	the	Association	in	relation	to	          provided	good	exposure	for	the	event	in	the	
The	website	continues	to	be	a	useful	form	of	         London	2012	and	this	is	likely	to	continue	and	      local	vicinity .
communication	for	immediate	news	and	                 build	in	momentum	over	the	forthcoming	
updates,	and	members	are	encouraged	to	               years .	Communications	is	working	closely	with	      general media relations
regularly	visit	www .britishjudo .org .uk .           the	equivalent	departments	at	partner	
                                                      organisations	such	as	UK	Sport,	Sport	England,	      Throughout	the	year,	other	generic	PR	activity	
fighting films gb world Cup                           the	EIS	and	London	2012	to	help	build	the	           has	included	dealing	with	journalist	enquiries,	
                                                      profile	of	the	event	and	our	sport .	                providing	story	ideas	to	newspapers	and	
The	Fighting	Films	GB	World	Cup	was	                                                                       publications,	media	relations	surrounding	
considered	to	be	one	of	the	best-presented	           Within	the	next	twelve	months	all	clubs	will	be	     positive	international	results,	PR	support	to	
events	ever	held	in	the	UK .                          issued	with	a	promotional	pack,	which	will	give	     clubs	on	regional	events	and	initiatives,	writing	
                                                      advice	on	how	to	make	the	most	of	this	              content/articles	for	magazines,	and	producing	
The	BJA	commissioned	Fighting	Films	(who	
                                                      fantastic	opportunity .                              the	Annual	Report .
were	also	the	main	sponsor	of	the	event)	to	
film	the	tournament	and	provide	a	high	quality	       bJa awards scheme                                    Press	releases	are	sent	to	the	media	to	
highlights	package .	Communications	secured	a	                                                             announce	all	National	squad	selections	for	
30-minute	slot	on	Sky	Sports	for	this	package,	       Communications	launched	the	successful	BJA	          major	international	events	as	well	as	those		
which	was	broadcast	over	a	number	of	days	            Awards	this	year,	which	is	an	initiative	designed	   that	are	sent	out	to	announce	medal	wins .
shortly	after	the	event .	                            to	recognise	the	considerable	efforts	provided	
                                                      by	volunteers	in	our	sport .                         Emma Reed
It	is	hoped	that	Sky	will	stay	on	board	for	the	                                                           Head of Communications
2007	GB	World	Cup	for	Men .	We	intend	to	             It	also	recognises	the	achievements	of	players	
produce	a	one-hour	highlights	programme	for	          through	Player	Awards,	which	are	awarded	to	
this	event,	building	on	last	year,	and	also	secure	   both	junior	and	senior	players	for	competitive	
other	shorter	broadcast	pieces	in	other	outlets .     excellence,	improvement	and	inspirational	
                                                      efforts	at	any	level .

                                                                                                                     Annual Report 2005-2006


Following	the	2005	AGM	it	was	decided	that	        One	of	the	main	criteria	for	membership	of	       The	final	item	that	needs	a	mention	is	the	
as	we	had	now	had	the	post	of	Events	              the	old	NCC	had	always	been	holding	a	BJA	        extreme	lack of Tournament Officials and
Manager	firmly	established	the	National	           Competition	Controllers	award,	it	was	            Referees within the Association .		I	am	sure	
Competitions	Commission	(NCC)	would	be	            suggested	that	this	should	no	longer	be	a	        that	Rueben	will	mention	referees	in	his	
renamed	as	the	National	Technical	Officials	       pre-requisite	and	we	should	include	people	       report	so	I	will	not	dwell	on	that	item .		We	
Commission	(NTOC) .	The	remit	of	the	              with	planning,	presentation	and	publicity	        are	short	of	Tournament	Officials	at	all	levels	
Commission	being	to	formulate	the	pathways	        skills .		With	the	change	of	name	and	remit	of	   of	qualification,	this	makes	it	difficult	for	the	
for	members	to	progress	through	the	various	       the	National	Technical	Officials	Commission	      event	organiser	to	get	sufficient	officials	to	
levels	of	Tournament	Official,	as	this	has	been	   and	the	forming	of	a	new	Commission	(The	         staff	the	tables,	whilst	the	electronic	
in	place	for	well	over	25	years	it	would	seem	     National	Events	Commission	chaired	by	            scoreboards	and	computer	programme	do	
that	we	have	little	to	do .	However	with	          National	Chairman	Densign	White)	the	             help	reduce	the	number	of	officials	needed	at	
greater	importance	and	recognition	being	          Competition	Controller	qualification	remains	     an	event	we	are	still	desperately	short,	it’s	the	
placed	on	volunteers	and	with	Great	Britain	       a	requirement .                                   same	old	(literally)	faces	at	each	event .		
being	awarded	the	Olympics	in	2012	we	must	                                                          We	need	people	to	take	their	place	when	
ensure	that	we	have	as	many	experienced	           With	the	greater	use	of	computer	                 these	volunteers	finally	retire	in	the	future,	
people	as	possible .	                              programmes	at	National	events	such	as	the	        and	we	need	them	now .		The	more	
                                                   British	Open	there	has	been	less	opportunity	     Tournament	Officials	we	have	from	within	
Membership	of	the	National	Technical	              for	members	to	gain	the	experience	necessary	     each	individual	area	the	less	it	costs	the	area	
Officials	Commission	currently	is	myself	as	       to	gain	the	award	of	Competition	Controller,	     in	expenses,	the	area	has	more	funds	at	its	
chairman,	Kath Waddington (Northern Area),         this	being	so	an	additional	level	of	official	    disposal	to	put	back	into	the	grass	roots	of	
Roy Luff (Southern Area) Paul “Smudge”             between	Senior	Recorder	and	Competition	          area	activities .		If	we	could	get	one	
Smith MBE (RAF).	At	the	beginning	of	2006	         Controller	has	been	added,	this	will	be	called	   Tournament	Official	and	one	Referee	in	each	
we	were	joined	by	Elaine Parkinson                 Provisional	Competition	Controller,	by	the	       club	of	each	Area	in	the	Association	it	would	
(Yorkshire & Humberside)	and	Peter Holme           time	you	read	this	report	the	work	on	this	       be	excellent,	even	if	only	half	the	clubs	in	
(North West Area) .		Peter	is	an	“Old	Hand”	at	    level	will	hopefully	be	completed	and	            area	were	able	to	achieve	this	things	would	
this	game,	having	taken	a	couple	of	years	out	     information	circulated	to	areas .                 be	so	much	better	all	round .	Tournament
to	“recover”	from	being	Event	Manager	for	                                                           Officials do not have to hold a judo grade,
Judo	at	the	XVII	Commonwealth	Games,	                                                                they do not even to have ever stepped onto
Peter	is	now	ready	to	give	us	the	benefit	of	                                                        a judo mat and for the lower levels of official
his	wealth	of	experience	once	more .		I	would	                                                       a recreational licence is sufficient .	
like	to	extend	my	thanks	to	them	all	for	their	
support	over	the	past	twelve	months .		                                                              I	would	SINCERELY	like	to	thank	ALL	our	
                                                                                                     volunteers,	in	whatever	capacity	they	
I	would	also	like	to	extend	my	thanks	to	                                                            contribute	to	the	workings	of	the	Association;	
Yvonne, Jo, Julie	and	Emma	and	all	the	other	                                                        you	are	the	REAL WEALTH AND STRENGTH		
staff	at	Head	Office	for	the	help	that	they	                                                         of	the	Association	without	you	the	
have	given	me	over	the	past	twelve	months	                                                           Association	would	not	be .			
and	for	all	the	hard	work	which	they	have	
put	into	the	organising	of	National	Events .                                                         Malcolm Limrick
                                                                                                     Chairman National Technical Officials


Commission members:                            There	is	no	doubt	that	the	development	and	          On	Sunday	4th	September	2005	we	again	
                                               introduction	of	the	UKCC	will	indeed	have	an	        held	the	BJA	National	Coaching	Course		
eddie awford	                                  enormous	impact	on	coaches	and	coaching	             at	EIS	Sheffield	where	it	was	extremely		
Chairman                                       within	our	Association	and	therefore	we	need	        well	supported .
                                               to	be	best	prepared	for	it .	The	Commission	
richard barraclough	                           has	continued	in	its	dual	role	as	it	also	serves	    The	usual	specialist	workshops	took	place	and	
Vice	Chairman                                  as	the	National	Source	Group	(NSG)	for	the	          this	year	we	specifically	introduced	an	
                                               UKCC	and	progress	is	being	made	with	                opportunity	for	coaches	to	obtain	
niki adams	                                                                                         certification	in	sportscoachUK	‘Good	Practice	
                                               configuring	the	modules	that	will	form	the	
Secretary                                                                                           &	Child	Protection’ .	I	am	pleased	to	report	
                                               content	of	UKCC	Level	2	which	will	replace	
                                               the	existing	BJA	Club	Coach	Award .                  that	by	the	end	of	the	day	more	than	40	BJA	
warren schofield	
                                                                                                    Coaches	had	obtained	this	important	
ATD	Liaison	
                                               The	Kata	Working	Party	under	the	direction	          certificate .	The	mat	sessions	during	the	day	
                                               of	their	Chairman	Mick	Leigh	continues	to	           were	conducted	by	our	BJA	Technical	Director	
Clive taylor	
                                               play	a	prominent	role	as	a	specialist	unit	          Dr	Andrew	Moshanov	whose	influence	and	
Kata	Coordinator
                                               within	the	structure	of	the	Coaching	                motivational	techniques	proved	to	be	of	

matthew Clempner	                              Commission .	It	is	widely	recognised	that		          extreme	interest	and	most	warmly	welcomed	

PSA	Coordinator                                Kata	has	an	important	place	in	modern		              by	those	in	attendance .
                                               judo	coaching	and	to	assist	members	of	our	
steve pullen	                                  Association	in	updating	their	knowledge	and	         During	November	I	travelled	to	JudoScotland’s	

Special	Needs	&	VI	Coordinator                 skill	the	Kata	Working	Party	continues	to	           HQ	at	Ratho	where	together	with	Dave	Duffy,	
                                               provide	excellent	service .	                         BJA	Coaching	Officer,	and	Peter	Gardiner,	Judo	
allan mcguiness	                                                                                    Scotlands	Coach	Development	Manager,	we	
WJA	Representative                             As	part	of	this	work	I	have	to	report	that	yet	      piloted	a	modified	BJA	Level	2	(Club	Coach)	
                                               again	during	this	past	twelve	months	the	            Coach	Award	Preparation	Course	using	
Jim toland	                                    number	of	BJA	Kata	Examiners	UK	wide	has	            modules	that	we	were	considering	as	suitable	
NIJF	Representative                            been	increased	and	now	stands	at	forty	four	         for	inclusion	in	the	UKCC	Level	2 .	This	exercise	
                                               in	total .	The	EJU	have	made	no	secret	of	the	       went	off	extremely	well	and	a	good	deal	of	
peter gardiner	                                fact	that	they	intend	to	ensure	all	member	          feedback	followed	that	we	found	on	the	
JudoScotland	Representative                    Nation’s	improve	and	develop	their	Kata	             whole	to	be	quite	constructive	and	helpful .	
                                               provision .	Furthermore	credit	is	also	due	to	       Following	the	Christmas	break	we	returned		
dave duffy	                                    Mick	and	the	members	of	the	Kata	Working	            to	Ratho	in	mid	January	2006	where	we	
BJA	Coaching	Officer                           Party	for	their	efforts	in	ensuring	the	success	     completed	the	assessments	of	all	the	
                                               of	the	European	Kata	Championships	which	            candidates	from	the	December	course	using		
                                               the	BJA	hosted	this	year	at	very	short	notice .	     a	more	robust	assessment	procedure	than		
                                                                                                    was	previously	employed .
The	BJA	National	Coaching	Commission	
                                               Another	specialist	subject	undertaken	by	BJA	
members	have	had	another	busy	year	and	
                                               coaches	is	the	BJA	Personal	Safety	Award	            In	my	opinion	it	is	absolutely	essential	that	
have	been	working	in	conjunction	with	and	
                                               (PSA)	and	in	early	2005	for	this	first	time	since	   our	Association	keeps	pace	with	the	
greatly	supported	by	BJA	Coaching	Officer	
                                               its	inception	the	Commission	ran	a	PSA	              Government’s	initiative	and	this	next	twelve	
Dave	Duffy .	I	therefore	wish	to	record	my	
                                               Assessors	Award	Course	under	the	direction	          months	may	well	be	a	crucial	period,	
most	sincere	thanks	to	the	Commission	
                                               of	Matthew	Clempner	BJA	National	PSA	                nevertheless	be	assured	that	the	BJA	National	
members	for	the	support	and	encouragement	
                                               Coordinator/Assessor .	This	took	place	at	the	       Coaching	Commission	is	as	ever	prepared	and	
they	have	shown	me	and	our	Association .		
                                               Walsall	Judo	Centre	in	the	BJA	Midland	Area	         willing	to	meet	the	challenges	that	lie	ahead .
This	past	twelve	months	has	seen	our	
                                               and	was	attended	by	BJA	PSA	Coordinators	
Association	continue	to	become	more	closely	                                                        Eddie Awford
                                               not	only	from	the	BJA	Areas	but	also	from	
involved	with	sportscoachUK	and	the	                                                                Chairman National Coaching Commission
                                               the	Home	Countries .	It	proved	to	be	an	
introduction	and	development	of	the	United	
                                               enjoyable	and	informative	course	at	the		
Kingdom	Coaching	Certificate	(UKCC) .
                                               end	of	which	seven	new	BJA	PSA	Assessors	
                                               were	appointed .

                                                                                                                         Annual Report 2005-2006


Commission members                                  scheme	reflects	the	trust	and	confidence	we	         national dan gradings
                                                    have	in	our	examiners,	however	to	maintain	
Chairman roy Inman	OBE	8th	Dan	                     the	integrity	of	the	grading	scheme	we		             These	are	continuing	to	be	successful	however	
dave horton-Jones	6th	Dan	(National	                have	also	introduced	a	robust	quality		              there	is	a	still	a	need	to	encourage	the	
Director	of	Examiners	-	Contact	point	and	          control	system .                                     higher	Dan	Grade	and	females	and	we	are	
support	for	AdoE’s)	                                                                                     considering	offering	an	innovative	annual	
dave Clark	5th	Dan	(Special	Projects)	              A	very	successful	Senior	Examiers	(SE)	              “Guaranteed	assessment”	for	all	those	that	
dave hunter	5th	Dan	(Examiners	manual)	             conference	was	held	at	High	Wycombe	Judo	            turn	up	to	fight	in	October .
Kim tilley	4th	Dan	(National	Promotion	             Centre,	(many	thanks	to	John	O’Brien),	in	
Examination	Co-coordinator)	                        January	2006	at	which	the	full	launch	of	the	        We	are	also	currently	investigating	the	
Jim somerville	(NDGR)	National	Dan		                new	Technical	Dan	Grade	Scheme	was	on	               possible	formation	of	a	non-competitive	
Grade	Registra	(assisted	by	his	wife	Norma)	        the	agenda	along	with	other	various	other	           structure	for	Kyu	and	Mon	grades	to	target	
steve lesik	6th	Dan	-	sabbatical	Sep	05	until	      presentations .	A	DVD	was	distributed	to	            the	area	of	drop	out,	where	some	judoka	
Aug	06-	(Technical	and	administration)              help	as	a	guide	for	the	delegates	to	assist	in	      appear	to	be	giving	up	judo	because	of	
                                                    their	research	and	personal	development .	           the	rigors	of	competitive	element	to	gain	
head office support staff	                          Views	expressed	by	our	very	experienced	and	         grades	are	being	introduced	too	early	in	their	
Dermot	Heslop	(Ex-chair)	                           knowledgeable	Senior	Examiners	were	collated	        career .	Research	is	being	carried	out	as	to	
Dave	Duffy	(Coaching	and	Technical	Officer)         and	considered	following	the	conference	at	          the	various	reasons	that	could	be	factors	for	
                                                    subsequent	commission	meetings .	                    this	loss	of	players	with	benchmarking	from	
I	would	like	to	thank	all	members	of	the	                                                                other	International	Associations	and	how	the	
Commission	for	their	outstanding	contribution	      Current proJeCts                                     grading	infrastructure	should	work	within	the	
to	the	BJA	especially	in	the	formulation	                                                                Long	Term	Athlete	Development	policy	being	
and	implementation	of	the	changes	during	           senior examiner assessments                          developed	by	the	BJA .
this	year .	Special	thanks	to	Jim	Somerville	
our	NDGR	(supported	by	Norma),	whose	               It	is	recognised	that	it	is	often	difficult	for	     Consideration	has	been	given	to	the	provision	
painstaking	approach	has	ensured	that	the	          many	high	Dan	grades	and	female	Dan	Grades	          of	study	materials	for	candidates	preparing	
Dan	Grade	register	is	maintained	with	fairness,	    to	have	the	opportunity	to	be	promoted .	            for	promotion	exams:	These	will	include	DVDs,	
accuracy	and	integrity .	Thanks	to	Dave	Duffy	      The	current	solution	is	the	ability	for	SE’s	to	     videos,	an	interactive	web	based	facility	and		
for	producing	many	of	the	new	forms	and	            formulate	a	process	similar	to	the	previously	       a	handbook	of	all	syllabus	techniques .
publicising	on	the	web .	Also	thanks	to	all	the	    trialed	multi-Dan	grade	system	that	after	
work	and	support	from	our	Area	Director	            approval	by	the	Commission	can	be	used	              The	formulation	of	a		qualification		
of	Examiners	and	all	our	examiners	that	are	        for	unique	situations	to	offer	promotion	            sub-committee	who’s	task	is	to	review	
out	there	delivering	the	promotion	system .	        opportunities .	We	are	also	considering	other	       the	pathways	for	gaining	of	a	BJA	
Their	invaluable	assistance	during	the	many	        methods	of	offering	credible	competitive	            grade	qualification	(and	other	Technical	
consultations	held	when	producing	the	              promotion	opportunities .                            qualifications)	by	judoka	from	non		
changes	to	the	Grading	syllabus	enabled	the	                                                             National	Governing	Body	Associations .
formulation	of	a	system	that	produces	grades	       high grade review
of	the	right	quality	and	credibility .                                                                   We	have	reduced	the	revalidation	period	
                                                    There	is	a	system	now	in	force	where	every	          for	Senior	Examiners	from	5	years	to	2	years,	
technical dan grade scheme                          Dan	grade	from	5th	Dan	and	above	that	               where	they	will	be	given	continued	training	
                                                    has	been	in	grade	for	over	six	years	is	             and	support	through	bi-annual	conferences	
An	exciting	new	development	that	is	now	in	         automatically	considered	for	promotion .		           that	need	to	be	attended	once	every	2	years .
place	giving	the	opportunity	for	those	who	         To	assist	this	process	we	are	collating	CV’s	from	
are	unable	(due	to	age,	injury	etc)	to	take	a	      all	5th	Dans	and	above	so	that	the	BJA	records	      Monitoring	of	examinations	and	Examiners	
competitive	route	to	attain	their	Dan	grade .	It	   will	indicate	the	achievements	of	our	judoka	        have	been	robust	throughout	the	year	and		
recognises	the	experience	gained	by	coaches	        and	also	provide	a	history	of	the	Association .      in	the	main	have	been	well	organised	and	
and	caters	for	both	traditional	and	modern	                                                              fairly	run .
skills .	Technical	Dan	Grade	Assessors	have	        Central registration of grades
been	trained	and	appointed	to	implement	this	                                                            A	busy	year!
                                                    All	Dan,	Kyu	and	Mon	grades	are	now	
process .	The	job	descriptions	of	the	Technical	
                                                    centrally	recorded	and	this	will	enable	us		         Roy Inman OBE 8th Dan
Dan	Grade	Assessors	(TDA’s)	and	the	Senior	
                                                    to	have	exact	statistics	on	our	membership .         Chairman Promotions Commission
Examiner	assessment	required	to	examine	
people	under	the	new	Technical	Dan	Grade	


national refereeing Commission members           The	information	on	the	reports	is	collated	        To	overcome	this	problem,	we	are	introducing	
                                                 and	entered	into	a	computer	database	to	           a	Provisional	Refereeing	Grade,	which	does	
David	Martin	stepped	down	from	the	              record	each	referee’s	performance	and	             not	require	any	examinations	for	qualification .	
Commission	in	November	2005	and	was	             progress .	This	allows	the	NRC	to	identify	        The	holder	must	meet	specified	criteria	of	
replaced	by	Elaine	Down	who	took	on	the	         those	who	have	potential	and	to	arrange	           Grade	etc .	and	can	only	hold	the	status	for	
roles	of	Examinations	Co-ordinator	and	          appropriate	support	and	coaching .                 one	year .	During	that	period	he/she	must	
Minutes	Secretary .                                                                                 decide	whether	to	apply	for	the	Area	Referees	
                                                 It	also	highlights	any	referee	whose	standard	     examination	or	discontinue	in	the	role .
IJf referees                                     is	slipping	and	triggers	coaching	procedures	
                                                 to	help	them	regain	their	previous	level .         The	aim	is	to	allow	suitable	candidates	to	
We	were	pleased	to	congratulate	David	                                                              try	refereeing	under	supervision	before	
Martin	on	achieving	IJF	‘A’	Referee	status	in	   Coaching                                           they	decide	to	commit	themselves	to	a	
an	examination	held	in	February	2006 .                                                              qualification	procedure .
                                                 The	coaching	programme	is	applied	at	
We	also	congratulated	Dave	Stanley	who	          many	events	and	is	based	on	raising	the	skill	     The	programme	will	be	made	available	
was	selected	to	referee	at	the	World	VI	         level	of	all	referees	in	a	constructive	and	       to	Area	Representatives	later	in	2006	for	
Championships	held	in	Bromet,	France .           motivational	manner .	Obviously,	the	coaches	      application	as	required .
                                                 need	to	be	technically	competent	and	also	
An	IJF	‘B’	Examination	will	be	held	in	          have	good	communication	skills	and	we	are	         new database for referees
Scotland	in	October	and	David	McSkimming	        delighted	that	Alan	Rickard,	Roger	Down	and	
and	Jim	Toland	have	been	invited	onto	a	         Neil	Lawcock	have	accepted	an	invitation	to	       A	new	database	has	been	created	at	Head	
coaching	programme	by	the	NRC	to	prepare	        join	the	coaching	team .                           Office,	which	will	retain	details	of	all	
them	as	the	BJA	candidates .                                                                        referees	and	record	their	attendance	at	any	
                                                 All	three	are	experienced	IJF	referees	who	        competition	where	a	Tournament	Licence	has	
senior nationals                                 have	retired	from	active	international	            been	issued .
                                                 refereeing	and	wish	to	use	their	experience	
Our	congratulations	go	to	Ronnie	Tucker	         to	support	other	referees .                        This	will	simplify	the	revalidation	process,	
and	Ron	Cleere	who	both	passed	a	Senior	                                                            which	can	be	done	automatically	every	two	
National	examination	held	at	the	British	        Junior referees                                    years	for	those	referees	who	have	fulfilled	
Open	in	December .                                                                                  the	necessary	requirements .
                                                 The	aim	of	the	Junior	Refereeing	programme	
national ‘a’ exams                               is	to	educate	Junior	players	on	the	contest	       Provision	has	been	made	within	the	system	
                                                 rules	and	the	functions	of	table	officials	        for	the	NRC	to	accommodate	those	referees	
As	an	experimental	trial,	in	2005	the	format	    with	successful	course	members	achieving	          who	do	not	revalidate	for	National	events	
for	National	‘A’	examinations	was	changed	       a	Level	1	certificate .	If	interested,	they	may	   but	are	working	at	Area	level	only .		Access	
to	assess	over	four	major	competitions	          then	progress	further	as	table	officials	and/      to	the	database	is	available	to	the	NRC	and	
instead	of	a	single	examination .	The	system	    or	referees	through	organised	courses	and	         will	facilitate	the	monitoring	of	activity	levels	
proved	very	successful	and	Helen	Davies,	Lisa	   examinations .                                     at	both	Area	and	National	level .		It	will	also	
Harrison	and	Lou	Kerr	all	attained	National	                                                        reduce	the	amount	of	administration	for	the	
‘A’	status .                                     The	programme	is	well	established	and	             NRC	and	allow	more	time	for	concentration	
                                                 supported	in	all	Areas	except	the	North	           on	supporting	and	developing	referees .
The	format	has	been	changed	slightly	for	        West	where	negotiations	for	its	introduction	
2006	with	an	examination	being	held	at	          continue .
the	final	event	(British	Senior	Closed)	for	
those	candidates	who	reach	the	required	         recruitment
standard	during	the	first	three	assessments .	
Applications	from	five	candidates	have	been	     Traditionally,	new	referees	have	been	
accepted	for	the	2006	programme .                recruited	by	holding	a	referees	course	
                                                 followed	by	theory	and	practical	
assessments                                      examinations .

All	referees	are	assessed	at	National	Events	    Due	to	falling	numbers,	it	has	become	
and	graded	A,	B	or	C .	The	grade	achieved	and	   increasingly	difficult	to	find	sufficient	
comments	on	their	performance	are	entered	       candidates	to	make	these	courses	viable .
onto	a	report	sheet	and	the	results	discussed	
with	the	individual .

                                                                                                                    Annual Report 2005-2006

                                                   COMMISSION REPORTS
                                                   INCLUSION COMMISSION

rule Changes                                       Commission members:                               Among	the	several	European	events	the	
                                                                                                     regularly	supported	was	a	new	venture	
The	IJF	are	currently	conducting	trials	           Barry	James	(Chair)	                              hosted	by	the	City	of	Ravenna .	Special	Needs	
internationally	on	proposed	rule	changes,	         Roy	Court		                                       events	are	now	recognised	in	Italy	and	this	
which	eliminate	the	current	red	danger	            Susan	Kirkpatrick	                                was	a	generous	and	successful	meeting .
area .	It	is	anticipated	that	any	changes	         Ian	Rose
will	be	confirmed	at	the	end	of	2006	with	                                                           In	the	spring	another	new	initiative	was	the	
implementation	expected	in	2007 .	This	will	       The	policy	of	the	commission	is	to	address	the	   invitation	for	Roy	Court	and	myself	to	give	a	
entail	appropriate	modifications	to	the	BJA	       most	significant	areas	of	needs	by	treating	      seminar	to	coaches	of	the	Danish	Federation	
contest	rules	and	to	all	theory	examination	       the	VI	as	an	elite	squad	and	defining	the	        in	Copenhagen .	This	was	intended	to	launch	
papers .	                                          requirements	of	each	area	of	Special	Needs .	     Special	Needs	judo	and	cash	in	on	Roy’s	
                                                   Both	groups	need	recruitment	of	coaches	          extensive	expertise .	The	event	was	a	great	
selection                                          and	referees	as	well	as	players .	We	have	        success,	with	17	coaches	being	accredited	by	
                                                   begun	the	process	of	awareness	and	running	       the	National	Body .
We	are	continually	being	encouraged	by	            seminars	to	help	to	prepare	new	interest .
Head	Office	to	select	referees	for	events	                                                           Special	Needs	badges	are	in	production	and	
on	the	basis	of	residence	close	to	the	event	      Meanwhile,	the	dedicated	group	of	active	         will	be	available	soon .
venue	in	order	to	minimise	costs .		While	this	    organisers	continued	to	support	events	here	
policy	is	understandable,	it	does	conflict	with	   in	Britain	and	also	widely	in	Europe .	The	       I	am	delighted	to	say	that	the	board	have	
the	coaches’	constant	demand	for	the	best	         National	VI	Championships	at	the	Triangle	        recognised	the	inclusion	activities	in	their	
referees	to	be	in	attendance	at	all	major	         was	successful	but	failed	to	attract	a	wide	      national	programme	and	are	funding	the	
competitions .	It	also	does	not	allow	for	our	     entry	this	time .                                 British	Open	amongst	other	components .
selection	of	potential	promotion	candidates	
who	require	experience	at	higher	level	            In	May	2005,	a	Special	Needs	Working	             Barry James
events .		All	these	factors	must	be	considered	    Party	meeting	agreed	a	structured	set	of	         Chairman Inclusion Commission
when	selecting	referees	for	competitions .         components	for	an	Special	Needs	handbook	
                                                   for	the	BJA .	These	contributions	were	
policy                                             duly	prepared	and	together	with	a	policy	
                                                   document	for	the	BJA	approved	by	the		
The	NRC	applies	a	policy	of	continually	           board	for	publication	in	the	spring .		
maintaining	and	improving	the	standards	of	        This	is	now	in	hand .
refereeing	in	order	to	apply	the	contest	rules	
as	effectively	as	possible	at	competitions .

We	are	constantly	monitoring	our	
examination,	assessment	and	coaching	
programmes	in	order	to	achieve	these	
objectives .

In	addition,	we	also	aim	to	provide	a	relaxed	
environment	for	referees	so	that	they	can	
enjoy	their	hobby	while	still	providing	a	high	
standard	of	performance .

On	a	final	note	I	would	like	to	thank	all	our	
referees	who	give	their	support	and	work	so	
hard	throughout	the	year,

Reuben Davison
Chairman Refereeing Commission

COMMISSION REPORTS                                 COMMISSION REPORTS

I	am	very	pleased	to	be	able	to	report	another	    Commission members                                    world science of Judo Conference
successful	year .	The	English	Area	Chairmen	
have	met	on	a	regular	basis	during	the	year	       roy Inman	OBE	8th	Dan	Commission	                     I	presented	at	the	4th	World	Science	of	Judo	
and	our	meetings	have	been	well	attended	          Chairman,	BJA	Director                                Conference	in	Cairo,	Egypt	with	Mr	Daniel	
and	were	both	lively	and	productive .	                                                                   Lascau,	EJU	Sports	Director .	Commission	
                                                   peter gardiner	6th	Dan	Commission	member              Chairman	Roy	Inman	and	I	also	presented	
The	meetings	continue	to	provide	a	                                                                      posters	at	the	conference .	The	topics	
forum	for	Area	views	and	any	issues	to	be	         Carl finney	6th	Dan	Commission	member                 were	“Kokusai	Shiaiwaza”	(the	naming	of	
conveyed	directly	to	the	Board .	In	addition	                                                            international	contest	techniques),	and	“The	
                                                   mike Callan	5th	Dan	Education	Director
the	commission	takes	responsibility	for	all	                                                             history	of	British	Judo	archive”	(The	Richard	
Commonwealth	events	and	the	selection	and	                                                               Bowen	Collection) .
                                                   This	year	the	Education	and	Development	
management	of	English	teams .	
                                                   Commission	has	been	busier	than	ever .	Some		
                                                                                                         talented athlete scholarship scheme
                                                   of	the	work	areas	covered	are	outlined	below .
English	Area	Clubs	are	now	starting	to	see	
significant	financial	rewards	from	the	past	and	                                                         Commission	members	have	provided	
                                                   foundation degree sport (sports
continued	hard	work	of	Mark	Beecher	and	                                                                 educational	advice	and	guidance	to	staff	
                                                   performance - european Judo union)
his	team	of	Development	Officers .	To	date	                                                              regarding	the	strategy	and	criteria	for	the		
                                                   level 4 Coaching award
English	Clubs	have	now	received	over	£900,000	                                                           TASS	scheme .
in	funding	from	lottery	awards .	English	Area	     The	Commission	has	been	assisting	with	
rebates	for	the	last	fiscal	year	have	exceeded		                                                         united Kingdom Coaching Certificate
                                                   the	marketing,	recruitment,	delivery	and	
£64,000,	which	is	another	record	high	amount .	    evaluation	of	this	unique	programme .	This	is	        Commission	members	are	working	closely	with	
                                                   still	the	only	course	of	its	kind	to	have	received	   the	BJA	Coaching	Officer	on	the	introduction	
I	am	also	pleased	to	report	that	the	'Terence	
                                                   full	recognition	by	the	European	Judo	Union,	         of	the	UKCC .	Peter	Gardiner	has	been	piloting	
Donovan	Charitable	Trust'	has	again	this	year	
                                                   something	British	Judo	is	very	proud	of .	All	        the	scheme	at	level	2 .	Roy	Inman	and	I	have	
been	able	to	provide	some	modest	financial	
                                                   Commission	members	have	lectured	on	the	              been	working	with	sportscoachUK	staff	on	the	
assistance	to	another	twenty	young	English	
                                                   course	this	year .	Other	lecturers	from	the	judo	     accreditation	process	for	level	4 .
Area	judo	players,	to	help	towards	their	
                                                   world	have	included;	Scott	McCarthy,	Colin	
training	and	competition	expenses .
                                                   McIver,	Andrew	Moshanov,	Simon	Hicks,	Neil	           Mike Callan
                                                   Adams,	Kenzo	Nakamura,	Syd	Hoare,	Envic	              Education Commission
My	thanks	go	to	Dave	Allen	and	David	Etchells-
                                                   Galea,	Hidemi	Soda,	Jeremy	Robinson,	Andrew	
Butler	who	have	kindly	taken	the	minutes	of	
                                                   Jones,	Ben	Andersen,	Daniel	Lascau .	The	new	
our	meetings	and	for	the	help	and	support	
                                                   intake	of	students	for	2006-07	included	such	
that	I	have	received	from	other	Chairmen .	
                                                   judo	luminaries	as	Jane	Bridge	and	Nuno	
Our	sincere	thanks	also	go	to	Donald	Steel	        Delgado .
and	Mark	Beecher	who	have	attended	our	
                                                   BJA	Coaching	Officer	Dave	Duffy	received	
meetings	and	kept	Area	Chairmen	up	to	date	
                                                   the	award	for	top	student	of	2005-06	with	an	
with	all	the	BJA	financial	and	development	
                                                   average	grade	of	over	70% .
matters .

Brian Davies
Chairman English Areas Commission
                                                   The	Education	and	Development	Commission	
                                                   is	contributing	to	the	Enjoy	Judo	Schools	
                                                   initiative	by	providing	educational	advice	
                                                   and	guidance	to	the	staff .	Congratulations	to	
                                                   Mark	Beecher	on	the	continued	success	of	this	
                                                   programme .

                                                                                                       Annual Report 2005-2006


It	has	been	a	busy	year	for	us	and	a	lot	of	        Bob	Thomas	has	been	busy	in	Scotland	and	
progress	has	been	made .                            coached	at	a	Scotland	BJA	Coach	Education	
                                                    Course .	He	also	coached	a	course	in	Ratho	for	
The	first	EJU	Kata	Championships	were	              the	same	purpose	(bringing	Senior	Examiners’	
held	on	4th	November	2005	at	the	Triangle	          knowledge	up	to	speed)	and	was	one	of	the	
Leisure	Centre,	Burgess	Hill,	Sussex .	Mr	Diago,	   coaches	attending	the	Kata	Induction	Day		
Kodokan	9th	dan	(since	promoted	to	10th	            at	High	Wycombe .	He	re-wrote	Judo	
dan)	and	Mr	Murata,	7th	dan	and	curator	of	         Scotland’s	Kata	content	for	their	web	page	
the	Kodokan	Museum,	attended	as	honoured	           on	the	internet .
guests	and	observers .	
                                                    Clive	has	also	been	busy	in	the	Midlands,	
Dennis	Penford	judged	and	Tina	Penford	             running	regular	sessions	in	Kata .
was	British	Team	Manager .	Mick	Leigh	was	
BJA	Co-ordinator .	A	team	of	volunteers	was	        I	would	also	like	to	mention	that	the	Kata	
assembled	by	Mick	Leigh,	to	act	as	stewards	        Working	Party	has	a	junior	certificate	system	
at	the	event .	The	team	consisted	of	Duncan	        in	the	pipeline .		In	addition,	a	Kata	coaching	
Kinnear	and	Alun	Jones	(Nage-no-kata	and	           module	is	being	prepared .	We	now	have	45	
Ju-no-kata),	Martin	Savage	and	Paul	Grady	          appointed	Kata	Examiners	and	almost	all	
(Kime-no-kata)	and	Alex	Reid	and	Paul	              areas	are	covered .
Laverty	(Katame-no-kata) .
                                                    The	Kata	Working	Party	would	like	to	record	
Mick	Leigh	was	appointed	to	the	EJU	Kata	           their	thanks	to	Eddie	Awford	for	all	his	
Commission .	He	also	judged	at	the	June	2005	       support	and	encouragement	and	to	Densign	
World	Masters	Championships	in	Toronto .	           White	for	his	support .	The	staff	at	Head	
Dennis	and	Tina	Penfold	have	been	selected	         Office	were	also	brilliant	in	their	support	of	
to	judge	at	the	2005	World	Masters	Kata	            the	European	Championships .
Championships	in	Tours,	France	and	Tina	has	
accepted	the	position	of	World	Masters	Kata	        Last	but	not	least,	Mick	Leigh	would	like	to	
Commission	Vice	Chair .                             thank	Dennis,	Tina,	Bob	and	Clive	for	their	
                                                    unstinting	support,	year	after	year .
The	2005	Annual	two	day	Kata	course	was	
held	at	High	Wycombe	Judo	Centre	and	was	           Mick Leigh
a	successful	weekend .	Coaches	were	Mick	           Chairman, Kata Working Party
Leigh,	Tina	Penfold	and	Clive	Taylor .

The	2005	British	Senior	Kata	Open	and	British	
Junior	Kata	Championships	were	again	held	
at	High	Wycombe	Judo	Club	and	the	numbers	
were	better	than	average .

Kata	Courses	were	held	on	a	one-day	basis	
were	Kime-no-kata	(Mick	Leigh),	Ju-no-kata	
(Tina	Penfold),	Kata	and	how	it	relates	to	
Shiai	(Mick	Leigh) .	In	January	Mick	Leigh	
coached	a	two-day	Nage-no-kata	and	
Katame-no-kata	course	in	Warren	Point,	
Northern	Ireland .

In	March	2006	Mick	Leigh	travelled	to	Rome .	
The	EJU	Kata	Commission	analysed	the	
scoring	of	the	first	EJU	Kata	Championships	
and	met	the	organisers	of	the	second	EJU	
Championships	(to	be	held	in	Turin,	Italy) .

AREA REPORTS                                         AREA REPORTS
LONDON AREA                                          EASTERN AREA

As	usual	the	London	Area	hosted	a	busy	              I	want	to	start	this	report	by	concentrating	      In	terms	of	events,	we	held	a	number	of	
calendar	of	events	during	the	year	including	        on	players	and	their	achievements	during	the	      successful	tournaments	which	included	ones	
coaching	courses,	junior,	senior	and	veterans	       period	of	April	2005	to	April	2006	for	without	    at	Ipswich,	Peterborough,	Littleport,	and	
gradings	and	competitions .	                         them	we	do	not	have	a	sport .                      Cambridge .	I	am	also	pleased	to	report	that	
                                                                                                        Cambridge	University	won	the	annual	Varsity	
Competitively	the	Area	has	continued	to	be	          In	the	2004-2005	report	I	wrote	about	Colin	       judo	match	against	Oxford	in	March	2006 .	
successful	at	all	levels .		At	the	National	Team	    Oates	and	said,	‘This	is	a	player	to	watch	        Indeed,	2006	is	the	year	that	the	Cambridge	
Championships	the	London	Area	Boys	took		            out	for	in	the	future’ .	Indeed,	it	is	nice	to	    University	Judo	club	celebrates	100	years	of	
the	crown	for	the	fourth	successive	year .		         know	I	was	right	as	Colin	became	the	U66k	         existence .	This	makes	it	the	oldest	Judo	Club	
The	Area’s	Women’s,	Girl’s	and	Men’s	teams	          British	Open	Champion	in	December	2005 .	          in	Europe .	
                                                     He	has	gone	on	to	gain	a	bronze	medal	
all	won	bronze	medals .		London	is	well-known	
                                                     in	the	Turkish	Open,	defeating	the	World	          In	addition	to	the	above,	we	have	also	hosted	
for	outstanding	levels	of	achievement	at	the	
                                                     silver	U20	medallist	on	the	way .	Colin	has	       a	number	of	World	Class	Start	Programme	
Junior	National	Championships	and	this	year	
                                                     represented	Great	Britain	in	the	Senior	           training	sessions	at	Bretton	Woods	and	at	the	
was	no	exception	with	the	Area	topping	the	
                                                     Worlds	and	the	Senior	Europeans .	He	was	          Royston	Leisure	Centre .	One	of	the	highlights	
medal	table	for	the	seventh	consecutive	year!	
                                                     9th	in	the	European	U23 .	At	the	time	of	          of	2005	was	a	visit	by	Densign	White	to	
                                                     writing,	Colin	has	been	selected	to	represent	     Norwich,	to	give	a	training	session .	
Area	players	have	represented	Great	Britain	at	
                                                     Great	Britain	at	the	Commonwealth	Judo	
all	levels	throughout	the	year	and	it	is	great	
                                                     Event	in	Northern	Ireland .	This	is	a	fantastic	   In	September	2005	we	again	hosted	the	
to	see	the	span	and	depth	of	talent	stretching	
                                                     achievement	and	in	particular	for	a	player	        British	Masters	event	in	Norwich,	with	
right	through	from	Cadet	to	Masters .		
                                                     from	the	Eastern	Area .	We	are	very	proud	of	      record	numbers	taking	part .	In	addition	to	
These	competitive	performances	would	not	be	                                                            these	events	we	also	ran	a	variety	of	courses	
                                                     him	in	the	East	and	I	say	again,	watch	out	for	
possible	without	the	dogged	determination	                                                              for	coaches,	referees,	table	officials	and	
                                                     this	player	in	the	future .	
and	persistence	of	the	Club	and	Personal	                                                               examiners .	I	want	to	thank	Dave	Southby,	
coaches	who	all	have	my	greatest	admiration	         David	Oates,	Colin’s	brother	has	also	been	        Denise	Oates,	Roger	Brown,	Peter	Bent	
for	their	continued	energy	and	effort .              successful	and	became	the	Irish	Senior		           and	Dave	Martin	for	organising	these	
                                                     Open	Champion	in	October	2005	and		                training	sessions .		Four	successful	Promotion	
The	Committee	continues	to	work	hard	to	             gained	a	bronze	at	the	Welsh	Senior		              Examinations	were	run	during	this	year	and	
make	the	Area	the	success	that	it	is	and	my	         Open	in	October	2005 .                             numbers	attending	have	been	encouraging .	
thanks	and	appreciation	go	to	all	members	                                                              We	have	a	solid	team	of	Senior	and	Area	
for	their	contributions .		In	particular	Jim	        Emma	Paflin	took	silver	at	the	Welsh	Senior	       examiners	and	more	being	trained .	I	
Gillespie,	Helen	Davies	and	Michelle	Holt	           Open	in	October	2005	and	also	gained	a	            welcome	the	move	to	pay	the	BJA	direct,	
deserve	a	mention	for	keeping	us	on	track	           silver	at	the	Lonnel	Tournament	in	Belgium .	      for	all	gradings	of	Novice	to	6th	Mon .	This	
financially,	administratively	and	with	good	         In	November	2005	Emma	came	5th	in	the	             is	an	excellent	idea;	it	makes	a	great	deal	of	
communications .		Ricky	Haines	has	continued	        Swedish	Open .                                     common	sense	and	lifts	a	burden	from	clubs	
to	develop	coaching	activities	within	the		                                                             and	Area	committees .	Well	done	Head	Office!	
                                                     The	Junior	Nationals	was	a	disappointing	
Area	and	Sally	Knight	has	done	a	sterling		
                                                     event	for	the	East	because	we	only	gained	         The	Eastern	Area	would	like	to	thank	Brian	
job	making	sure	gradings	are	effective .	
                                                     two	medals	for	William	Lovell	and	Luke	            Davies	of	the	Budokwai	for	his	continued	
The	London	Area	remains	one	of	the	most	             Turrell .	Tom	Turner	gained	a	bronze	medal	        work	regarding	the	Terence	Donovan	Trust,	
                                                     at	the	Elite	Youth	and	Andrew	Pickerill	was	       which	provides	financial	help	to	young	
stable	and	successful	parts	of	the	BJA	and	
                                                     selected	for	the	World	Class	Start	Programme .	    players .	We	have	been	delighted	to	see	more	
this	is	entirely	due	to	the	untiring	enthusiasm	
                                                     These	young	players	are	the	future	and	we	         clubs	in	the	Eastern	Area	gaining	their	Club	
and	dedication	of	all	the	volunteers,	officials,	
                                                     congratulate	and	celebrate	their	success .	        Mark	recognition	and	we	should	like	to	
individual	members,	parents	and	clubs	who	
                                                                                                        formally	thank	Karen	French	for	all	her	hard	
give	generously	of	their	time	and	expertise	for	
                                                     Not	to	be	outdone	by	the	youngsters	our	           work	in	our	Area	over	the	past	year .	Finally,	I	
the	love	of	our	sport .		I	would	like	to	conclude	
                                                     more	mature	players	also	gained	success .	         should	like	to	end	by	thanking	my	committee	
by	saying	a	huge	thank-you	to	everyone	              Notably,	Micaela	Floyd	gaining	a	gold	at	          for	all	their	hard	work	throughout	the	year,	
associated	with	the	Area	–	without	you	we	           the	European	Masters,	Dave	Horton-Jones	           to	all	the	Area	officials,	the	players	and	all	
would	not	be	what	we	are .                           gaining	a	silver	at	the	European	Masters	          the	parents	who	give	up	so	much	of	their	
                                                     and	Maynard	Floyd	gaining	a	bronze	at	the	         time	and	money	supporting	our	sport .
Lesley-Anne Alexander                                European	Masters .	Dave	Southby	gained	
London Area Chair                                    the	gold	at	the	British	Masters	in	September	      David Etchells-Butler 3rd Dan
                                                     2005 .	Well	done	to	all	these	players .            Eastern Area Chairman

                                                                       Annual Report 2005-2006

AREA REPORTS                                         AREA REPORTS
MIDLAND AREA                                         NORTH WEST AREA

This	was	a	good	year	for	the	Midlands	Area,	         I	am	happy	to	be	able	to	write	that	this	has	
with	young	Craig	Fallon	winning	the	World	           been	another	successful	year	for	the	North	
title	in	2005	and	the	European	title	in	2006 .	      West	Area	of	the	BJA	when	assessed	as	a	
There’s	no	stopping	this	fine	young	athlete,	        whole .		Other	people	have	reported	in	detail	
but	we	don’t	want	stop	him,	just	encourage	          concerning	their	own	areas	of	expertise,	
him	to	keep	it	up .	Who	knows,	the	next	title	       interest	and	responsibility	and	it	is	not	my	
might	just	be	the	Olympics	in	2008 .                 intention	to	add	further	comment	about	these	
                                                     specific	sections .
We	made	some	changes	at	the	end	of	2005	in	
the	way	we	arrange	Area	events,	be	it	courses,	      I	have	always	been	impressed	at	the	way	
grading	or	competitions .	We	now	have	our	           in	which	we	in	the	North	West	manage	to	
own	events	manager,	Mrs	Pat	Hill,	who	makes	         find	so	many	willing	members	to	take	on	
all	the	arrangements	from	booking	the	venue	         positions	of	responsibility,	fulfilling	their	
to	organising	the	accommodation	for	officials .	     varying	roles	admirably	and	giving	so	much	
I	truly	believe	that	it	will	make	all	the	area	      time	in	a	voluntary	capacity .		Perhaps	our	long	
events	run	smoothly .                                standing	practice	of	having	an	Area	Committee	
                                                     made	up	entirely	of	ALL	those	who	accept	
The	Walsall	Campus	at	Wolverhampton	                 responsibility	is	the	reason	for	this	–	those	who	
University,	Walsall	is	now	being	used	to	the	        make	a	contribution	are	the	decision	makers .
maximum	by	National,	Area,	and	some	Club	
events .	Bill	Kelly	and	his	team	run	regular	        Not	only	have	our	sections	performed	well,	
squad	sessions	each	week .                           the	area	is	in	a	very	sound	position	financially,	
                                                     unlike	most,	and	our	treasurer	deserves	
The	Area	competitions,	courses,	and	gradings	        thanks	for	once	again	ensuring	that	we	can	
are	very	well	attended .	Again	I	must	thank	         go	on	to	support	the	area’s	activities	not	only	
area	officials,	for	their	time,	and	the	members	     adequately	but	widely	and	purposefully .
of	the	area	clubs	for	their	support .
                                                     We	are	now	in	the	position	of	having	new,	
The	Midland	Area	Teams	had	a	good	result	            purpose	built	Judo	Centres	in	Kendal	and	St	
with	all	teams	returning	with	medals,	I	must	        Helens	which	add	to	our	previously	existing	
thank	the	Area	coaches	for	all	their	expertise	in	   modern	centres .		The	people	who	have	
team	selection .                                     “driven”	these	initiatives	deserve	our	thanks	
                                                     and	it	is	anticipated	that	judo	will	benefit	
brian perriman                                       greatly	from	this	increasingly	professional	
                                                     structure .
This	year	we	have	lost	yet	another	judo	
stalwart .	A	man	who	has	been	involved	in	           My	thanks	to	everyone	who	has	worked	in	any	
just	about	every	aspect	of	our	sport,	player,	       way	towards	another	good	year	for	this	area .
coach,	committee	member,	chairman	and	
examiner,	and	probably	a	lot	more .	I	have	          Richard Barraclough
known	Brian	since	the	late	70’s	as	a	Midland	        North West Area Chairman
Area	Examiner	and	he	rarely	missed	any	of	the	
Dan	grade	promotions	in	the	Midlands	in	the	
recent	years .	I	will	miss	his	hand	shake	in	the	
morning	at	the	start	of	the	grading,	and	he	
should	be	remembered	for	his	smile	and	sense	
of	humour .

Thank	you	for	taking	the	time	to	read		
this	report .

Roger Houston 6th Dan
Midlands Area Chairman

 AREA REPORTS                                                                                           AREA REPORTS
 NORTHERN AREA                                                                                          NORTHERN HOME COUNTIES

Annual	report	submitted	on	behalf	of	the	Area	     Attendance	at	promotion	examinations	by	             During	2005	Rod	White	became	a	member	of	
Chairman	Mr .	M .	Snowball                         women	of	high	grades	continues	to	be	a	              the	NHC	Committee	in	the	role	of	Director	of	
                                                   concern	and	likewise	we	have	awaited	an	             PSA	–	it	is	always	good	to	add	experience		
2005	was	not	one	of	the	better	years	for	the	      upturn	in	Mon	grade	attendance	following	            to	the	committee	and	we	welcome	Rod		
Northern	Area	with	some	events	cancelled	          the	introduction	of	the	club	technical	grades	       on	board .
for	various	reasons .		Newburn	Leisure	Centre	     1st	Mon	through	to	6th	Mon .	With	the	system	
underwent	major	refurbishment	that	took	up	        being	live	now	for	several	years	it	was	always	      Unfortunately	2005	also	saw	two	of	our		
most	of	the	year	resulting	in	the	cancellation	    anticipated	that	numbers	would	gradually	            most	experienced	and	long	serving	table	
of	two	or	three	events	that	have	been	well	        increase	as	young	people	moved	towards	their	        officials	retire .
established	for	some	years .	Redcar	cancelled	     6th	Mon	and	needed	to	progress	further .	The	
their	event	again	due	to	uncertainty	about	        level	of	upturn	has	not	been	seen	and	it	begs	       Joan	Oke	and	Anne	Kempton	decided	to	
redevelopment	of	the	leisure	facilities	and	       the	question	what	is	happening	to	all	of	those	      hang	up	their	uniforms	to	spend	some	
rising	costs	associated	with	the	running	of	       children	who	have	graded	within	the	club	to	         leisure	time	with	their	families .	They	will	be	
events .	The	knock	on	effect	of	this	and	other	    6th	Mon .                                            sorely	missed	not	only	throughout	the	Area	
events	being	cancelled	was	a	reduced	set	                                                               but	also	at	National	events .	Joan	and	Anne	
of	venues	for	table	officials	and	referees	to	     It’s	not	all	doom	and	gloom,	on	a	positive	note,	    also	worked	extensively	for	other	British	
maintain	their	standards	and	get	trained .         the	area	reintroduced	the	senior	ranking	event	      Judo	Areas	and	I	am	sure	the	loss	of	their	
                                                   successfully	staged	with	the	assistance	of	the	      invaluable	service	will	be	felt .	We	wish	them	
On	a	positive	note	the	Area	received	an	           Parks	Judo	Club	and	this	was	well	attended	          both	a	very	long	and	happy	retirement	and	if	
Awards	for	All	grant	to	purchase	four	sets	of	     and	cost	effective .	The	area	management	            they	ever	feel	like	returning	to	the	fold,	we	
electronic	score	boards,	which	have	proved	        committee	continue	to	work	together	to	              would	welcome	them	with	open	arms .
very	useful	to	spectator	and	judges	alike .		      maintain	a	steady	stream	of	new	coaches,	
There	have	been	some	challenges	from	the	          referees	both	senior	and	junior	as	well	as	table		   We	also	have	two	experienced	officials,	
older	members	who	had	to	come	to	terms	with	       officials .	The	Squad’s	Manager,	Paul	Sheard	and	    Sharon	Kerr	and	Craig	Ringer	who	will	be	
modern	technology	but	most	have	survived .         Area	Coaches	are	determined	to	get	the	WCSP	         taking	their	Senior	Recorder	Qualification	
                                                   up	and	running	on	a	set	pattern	of	training	         so	we	send	our	best	wishes	to	them	for	a	
The	changes	that	all	areas	have	had	to	face	       and	restore	the	position	the	area	has	held	          successful	outcome .
with	regards	to	the	introduction	of	the	World	     within	the	BJA	through	attendance	at		
Class	Start	programme	for	Cadets,	was	not	         National	events .                                    The	area	will	also	be	running	a	Table	Officials	
without	its	teething	problems	and	is	still	                                                             Course .	Many	people	make	comments	that	it	
not	fully	functional	to	the	criteria	set	by	the	   Alan Cawthorne                                       is	always	the	same	officials	at	all	events	and	
Cadet	managers .		With	this	new	programme,	        Area Technical Director of Coaching                  say	there	are	many	others	who	would	like	to	
combined	with	the	changes	to	the	National	                                                              qualify	so	this	will	be	a	great	opportunity	for	
Age	Band	event,	we	have	seen	the	decline	of	                                                            all	those	who	are	interested	to	attend	the	
the	area	squads	system .		One	loss	from	this	is	                                                        course	and	become	a	qualified	official .	We	
the	retirement	of	Cassandra	Johnson	the	Girls	                                                          could	certainly	use	more	officials	and	look	
/	Women’s	Area	Coach	who	reassessed	her	                                                                forward	to	swelling	the	ranks	of	the	NHC	
position	within	judo	as	a	whole	and	decided	                                                            officials	in	the	near	future .
the	time	was	right	to	move	on .	Without	the	
monthly	training	sessions	of	the	squads	it	                                                             My	thanks	go	to	the	members	of	the	NHC	
became	difficult	to	put	together	teams	for	the	                                                         Committee	and	also	members	of	our	highly	
national	events,	the	first	time	for	many	years .                                                        qualified	Sub-Committees	who	ensure	the	
                                                                                                        smooth	running	of	the	Area .

                                                                                                    Annual Report 2005-2006

nhC Committee:                    news on the Coaching front:                        Coaching:

Roy Inman	                        As	usual	during	the	year	I	have	been	              Anyone	interested	in	becoming	a	Coach,		
Chair/Director	of	Coaching        extremely	active	on	the	coaching	front	            or	any	existing	Coaches,	who	would	like		
                                  having	run	courses	and	the	Review	of	the	          any	assistance,	please	contact	Roy	Inman		
Vicky Davis	                      Year,	all	of	which	were	very	well	supported .      at	coaching@nhcjudo .co .uk .
                                  events news:                                       examiners/Kata:
Elaine Down	
Director	of	Refereeing            The	Area	successfully	ran	their	usual	events:	     The	Kata	Courses	run	during	2005	were	very	
                                  NHC	Senior	Open,	NHC	Mini	Mon,		                   successful	and	were	well	attended .		Kim	Tilley,	
Dave Clark	                       NHC	National	Team	Trials,	and	the	NHC		            the	NHC	Director	of	Examiners,	conducted	
Director	of	Development           Junior	Open .                                      the	Courses .		Anyone	interested	in	obtaining	
                                                                                     further	information	on	courses	should	contact	
Kim Tilley	                       The	National	Team	Championships	brought	           Kim	at	examiners@nhcjudo .co .uk .
Director	of	Examiners             forth	a	brilliant	set	of	results	with	the	Girls	
                                  and	Women	taking	gold	and	the	Boys	and	            Examiners	with	any	questions	or	who	require	
John O’Brien	                     Men	the	bronze .		Thanks	go	to	the	Team	           assistance	should	contact	Kim	as	above .
General	duties                    Managers	who	give	much	support	to	the	
                                  players,	Sharon	Cottis,	Kerry	Sandy	and	John	      refereeing:
Rod White	
                                  Cottis	and	Dave	Clark .		Well	done	to	all	the	
Director	of	PSA                                                                      Anyone	who	is	interested	in	becoming	a	
                                  players	and	Team	Managers .
                                                                                     referee	should	contact	Elaine	Down	who	will	
                                  In	2005	the	BJA	decided	to	turn	the	National	      be	only	too	happy	to	assist .	Elaine	can	be	
                                  Age	Band	Championships	into	an	open	               contacted	at	refereeing@nhcjudo .co .uk .
nhC Competitions Committee:
                                  event	and	the	NHC	players	once	more	did	
                                  themselves	proud	although	they	were	of	            development:
Sharon Cottis	
National	Competition	Controller   course	representing	their	clubs	rather	than	
                                                                                     NHC	clubs	who	would	like	any	assistance		
                                  the	area .		Well	done	to	all	the	medal		
                                                                                     or	advice	should	contact	Dave	at		
Jean Cleere	                      winners	from	this	Area .
                                                                                     development@nhcjudo .co .uk .
National	Competition	Controller
                                  Congratulations	to	all	players	from	the	
Ruth White	                       Area	who	were	competing	in	National	and	
National	Competition	Controller   International	Events	during	2005	including	
                                                                                     The	Area	Websites	–		www .nhcjudo .co .uk	and		
                                  of	course	our	Veterans,	who	with	their	
                                                                                     www .nhcjudo-events .co .uk	are	both	up	and	
                                  enthusiasm	for	the	sport,	are	a	good	example	
                                                                                     running	and	receive	lots	of	“hits” .		We	are	
                                  for	all	the	younger	players .
                                                                                     also	planning	setting	up	our	own	shopping	
nhC refereeing Committee:
                                                                                     site	during	2006	to	assist	with	our	fund	
                                  Our	plans	for	2006	are	to	run	the	following	
Elaine Down	                                                                         raising	activity,	so	please	keep	a	look	out		
                                  events:		NHC	Senior	Open,	NHC	Mini	Mon,	
IJF	‘B’	Referee                                                                      for	this .	
                                  NHC	National	Team	Trials	and	the	NHC	Junior .	
                                  Additionally	we	will	be	running	two	Red	Belt	
Ron Cleere	                                                                          If	any	club	wishes	to	have	any	information	
                                  Rumbles	and	an	age-banded	Junior	Open	
Senior	National	Referee                                                              put	on	the	website,	please	send	your	
                                  together	with	a	special	Team	Event	to	raise	
                                                                                     information	to	webmaster@nhcjudo .co .uk .
                                  some	funds	for	an	ex	NHC	player,	Mandy	
Ronnie Tucker	
                                  Costello,	who	sustained	a	severe	injury		          Roy Inman OBE 8th Dan
Senior	National	Referee .
                                  at	an	international	event .	                       Northern Home Counties Chairman


This	year	has	been	a	continuation	of	the	         Our	one	cloud	on	the	horizon	with	the	                  This	year	the	area	committee	decided	to	
successes	of	last	year,	except	one,	the	same	     Coaching	is	the	E .I .S .	This	started	off	very	well	   bring	in	an	award	scheme	for	area	members .	
problem	as	last	year,	competitions .              but	with	various	problems	cropping	up	we	               This	is	to	reward	all	participants	in	judo,	
                                                  are	concerned	that	the	BJA	do	not	seem	to	              not	only	the	elite	players	but	all	those	who	
I	will	start	with	the	continuing	successes .      be	as	committed	to	the	centre	as	they	have	             continue	to	support	judo	in	our	area .	This	will	
                                                  been .	We	will	have	to	wait	and	see	on		                cover	competition	officials,	referees,	coaches,	
The	Area	club	membership	continues	to	            this	point .                                            ordinary	players	etc .	Details	of	the	scheme	
improve,	18%	last	year,	26%	this	year,	                                                                   will	be	released	as	soon	as	they	are	finished .
from	our	position	3	years	ago .	If	this	trend	    Our	accounts	continue	to	be	strong	thanks	
continues	we	will	need	a	separate	page	in		       to	the	efforts	of	our	Treasurer,	John	Bunyan,	          I	must	in	my	report	thank	Eric	Theaker	for		
the	newsletter	to	cover	our	Area	clubs .	This	    who	manages	to	balance	what	the	Area	                   his	efforts	with	the	newsletter,	not	always		
trend	has	also	shown	itself	in	our	Area	club	     needs	to	stay	solvent	against	what	is	needed	           as	easy	job	when	you	have	to	consider	Area	
team	championships,	which	was	a		                 to	keep	our	committed	programmes	alive	and	             and	National	policies .	These	policies	you		
very	successful	event .                           well .	We	also	managed	to	purchase	three		              may	not	always	agree	with	but	I	think	that	
                                                  new	scoreboards	for	the	area .                          Eric	has	struck	a	good	balance	with	his	
Our	coaching	shows	further	improvement	                                                                   editorials	when	he	sometimes	can	give		
with	six	more	players	passing	their	coach	        Now	for	the	continuing	worry	for	our	area,	             an	alternative	view .
award,	and	the	re-validation	of	our	existing	     competitions .	We	are	still	not	receiving	
coaches .	This	is	thanks	to	Seth	Birch	who	       enough	entries	to	some	of	our	events	to	                As	my	report	has	to	be	limited	I	must	thank	
agreed	a	coach	award	scheme	with	the	BJA .        make	a	viable	proposition .	Thanks	to	the	              Peter	Monahan	who	assists	in	many	ways	
                                                  tremendous	efforts	of	Elaine	Parkinson	and	             including	events	and	the	supply	of	a	very	
With	the	increased	work	due	to	the	agreed	        Peter	Simpson	we	have	only	had	to	cancel	               good	venue	for	our	meetings .	Finally	I	thank	
coaching	programme	the	area	committee	            one	of	our	events	this	year .	This	is	a	trend	          our	Chairman	Colin	Cleavin,	who	has	guided	
decided	to	appoint	three	Area	education	          that	has	been	developing	for	a	few	years	and	           us	through	another	year	of	general	success	
officers	(non	paid	of	course)	one	of		            we	feel	that	it	is	in	part	due	to	the	changes	          and	will	I	am	sure	keep	us	all	in	line	for	many	
each	County .                                     in	policy	the	BJA	has	introduced	over	the	last	         more	years	to	come .
                                                  few	years .	
We	advertised	these	positions	in	our	                                                                     Alan Stanbra
newsletter	and	I	am	pleased	to	report	that	       Also	the	BJA	programme	of	events	for	this	              Yorkshire and Humberside Area Secretary
Seth	has	had	a	few	replies	and	is	at	present	     year	came	out	late	forcing	us	in	the	area	
dealing	with	this	matter .                        to	re-programme	our	own	events .	We	fixed	
                                                  our	programme	in	October	last	year	and	
Our	Area	players	continue	to	bring	honour		
                                                  immediately	sent	it	off	to	the	BJA	HQ	but	
to	the	area	with	12	national	and	
                                                  it	seemed	to	make	no	difference,	their	
international	medals .
                                                  programme	totally	ignored	ours .	A	further	
                                                  complication	is	the	number	of	events	each	
Seth	is	at	present	in	discussions	with	the	new	
                                                  year	seems	to	increase .	I	suppose	this	is	a	
BJA	Technical	Director	on	our	new	Coaching	
                                                  better	choice	for	the	players,	but	means	some	
Plan	which	we	hope	when	finished	will	bring	
                                                  events	will	ultimately	go	to	the	wall .
in	more	good	results	for	the	area .

                                                  We	cannot	continue	with	this	trend	without	
Many	thanks	must	also	go	to	John	Burkhill	
                                                  major	problems	arising,	so	this	will	need	
on	the	Coaching	side	for	the	organising	and	
                                                  serious	consideration	in	the	future .
running	of	the	Goole	Leisure	Centre,	the	hub	
of	our	Coaching	programme,	without	whose	
help	Seth	would	find	it	extremely	difficult,	
if	not	impossible	to	continue	this	excellent	
Coaching	programme .

                                                                                                                       Annual Report 2005-2006

 AREA REPORTS                                                                                          AREA REPORTS
 WESTERN AREA                                                                                          SOUTHERN AREA

At	the	Area	AGM	this	year	2006	I	was	pleased	     We	held	a	really	enjoyable	Coaching	Seminar	         The	area	has	had	a	very	significant	change	in	
to	see	another	good	turnout	of	the	               last	September	and	will	do	so	again	this	year .	     its	available	venues	and	resources	this	year .	
membership,	it	does	demonstrate	the	              It	was	organised	by	Peter	Salter	and	his	            We	congratulate	Alan	Richard	on	the	opening	
enthusiasm	that	is	ever	present	in	the	           Coaching	team,	our	invited	guests	were	as	           of	the	new	Croydon	Club	and	Alan	Roberts	
Western	Area .	Again	the	Area	has	enjoyed	a	      ever	very	active	throughout	the	weekend .	           on	the	Dartford	Club .	Those	who	have	
good	year	competitively	and	proved	that	it	is	    One	of	the	Guests	was	Danny	De	Costa	and	            been	in	judo	a	while	will	appreciate	how	
a	formidable	match	for	all .	                     he	gave	his	usual	thoroughly	enjoyable	              much	dedication	and	persistence	brought	
                                                  session .	Roy	Inman	gave	a	great	insight	of	his	     these	to	eventual	fruition .	The	prospect	of	
We	have	some	very	talented	players	in	the	        current	work	in	applying	names	to	the	               many	area	and	national	events	in	such	good	
Counties	and	this	is	reflected	in	the	numbers	    various	techniques	that	have	been	used	at	           venues	is	very	encouraging .	Another	really	
that	are	currently	in	the	National	squad	         World	and	European	level	for	some	time	but	          significant	advance	was	the	completion	of	K2,	
training	programmes .	                            have	never	been	categorised	before .	He	was	         a	marvellous	venue	right	in	the	geographic	
                                                  ably	assisted	by	Rosie	Felton	and	Richard	           centre	of	the	S .A .	It	is	capable	of	holding	our	
We	have	held	a	number	of	events	that	are	an	      Phillips;	a	very	interesting	session .	Further	we	   biggest	events	and	many	National	ones	too .	
ongoing	part	of	the	calendar	of	the	Western	      had	Mark	Beecher,	Karen	French	and	Joyce	            Crawley	has	such	a	variety	of	transport	and	
Area .	The	Seminar	in	September,	John	Bath’s	     Malley	who	all	gave	very	informative	group	          accommodation	that	it	will	serve	well .	We	
Breen	Weekend,	is	a	very	enjoyable	event .		      sessions .	I	look	forward	to	a	repeat	this	year,		   have	now	acquired	four	mat	areas	for	K2	so	
Of	course	there	is	the	Devizes	Open,	which	       I	am	sure	that	this	will	be	so .                     ensuring	that	we	can	have	good	control	over	
has	been	running	in	the	West	now	for	over	                                                             our	judo	resources .
twenty	years	and	is	always	a	calendar	date	       I	am	sure	that	my	Area	is	not	alone	in	
not	to	be	missed .	Plus	a	host	of	other	well	     concerns	in	the	numbers	of	members	putting	          There	have	been	many	area	activities	as	
organised	events,	put	together	by	the	            themselves	forward	for	positions	such		              always	with	coaching	courses,	team	events,	
dedicated	team	that	run	all	the	activities	in	    as	Refereeing	and	Competition	Officials .		          club	activities	and	individual	successes .	
my	Area .	Thank	you	for	your	efforts .            Try	as	we	may	it	always	seems	to	be	an	uphill	
                                                  struggle	to	enthuse	members	to	enter	these	          Alan	Roberts	was	honoured	by	the	BJA	and	
Somerset	put	on	three	courses	for	the	Child	      fields,	maybe	someone	out	there	has		                also	selected	as	England’s	senior	coach	for		
Protection	requirements	during	the	year	and	      a	different	approach	that	is	successful,		           the	Commonwealth	Championships .
they	were	well	attended .	These	are	of	course	    if	so	get	in	touch	please,	share	your	secrets .	
a	vital	part	of	the	modern	coaching	system	                                                            Judo	has	been	revitalised	in	Guernsey	and	
and	the	Area	actively	encourages	the	             Finally	but	not	least	the	Area	awarded	the	          Ben	Jones	was	also	honoured	for	his	work .
participation	of	these	opportunities .	All	the	   Dave	Hayler	Trophy	this	year	to	Peter	Salter	
Counties	of	this	large	Area	have	had	a	           for	his	administration	and	Chairmanship	of	          Marcia	and	Chris	Mullen	have	left	us	(nearly)	
successful	year	and	many	have	combined	with	      the	Coaching	commission	of	the	Area	at		             to	live	in	Norfolk	so	we	have	Co-opted	
their	various	talented	players	to	continue	to	    the	AGM	in	April	which	was	well	deserved .		         Graham	Skelly	to	be	Area	Secretary .
make	the	Area	a	successful	unit .	At	the	Elite	   It	is	always	a	difficult	task	to	single	out	one	
performance	trials	we	had	Marcus	Bascombe,	                                                            Mick	Leigh	directed	the	European	Kata	
                                                  person	when	so	many	do	the	work	they	do	to	
and	Jack	Willingham	both	taking	gold .		                                                               Championships	in	K2	for	the	first	time		
                                                  keep	our	Area	running	the	way	it	does,	this	
Gary	Hall,	Sally	Conway	won	silvers,	and	                                                              in	England .
                                                  was	an	excellent	choice .	Thank	you	everyone	
Scarlett	Woolcock	taking	a	bronze,	well		         in	my	Area	for	your	continued	support	and	
                                                                                                       Throughout	our	wide	range	of	events	we	
done	to	you	all .                                 your	work	throughout	the	year .
                                                                                                       thank	the	many	helpers	not	only	from	the	
                                                                                                       S .A .	but	from	many	other	parts	of	the	country	
                                                  Dave Allen
                                                                                                       who	help	to	make	the	opportunities	for	
                                                  Western Area Chairman
                                                                                                       players	to	have	their	judo .

                                                                                                       Thank	you	also	to	our	various	officials	who	
                                                                                                       by	their	efforts	make	all	these	events	happen	
                                                                                                       and	give	a	full	range	of	opportunities	to	our	
                                                                                                       members .

                                                                                                       Barry James
                                                                                                       Southern Area Chairman


At	the	end	of	2005,	JudoScotland	came	to	the	    In	order	to	develop	a	programme	of	activities	      Our	new	Coaching	Development	Manager,	
end	of	its	current	development	plan,	            targeted	at	female	participants,	a	number	of	       Peter	Gardiner,	came	on	board	in	August	
“Maintaining	the	Momentum” .	In	2005	            sessions	were	held	around	the	country .	These	      2005	and	immediately	made	a	strong	impact	
JudoScotland	worked,	in	partnership	with	        were	well	attended	and	it	is	envisaged	that	        on	the	coach	education	targets .	The	first	pilot	
SportScotland,	to	develop	the	next	4	year	       again	more	work	will	be	done	on	this	area	in	       course	in	the	UK	was	held	in	Ratho	at	the	
strategic	plan	–	“Making	the	Grade”	and	         the	next	year .                                     National	Judo	Academy	with	positive	
build	upon	the	foundations	of	the	previous	                                                          response	from	the	36	candidates	who		
strategy .                                       Our	elite	level	players	continue	to	make	the	       took	part .	
                                                 GB	team .		In	2005	alone,	with	our	partners	
JudoScotland	continually	finds	it	challenging	   the	Scottish	Institute	of	Sport,	they	assisted	     Our	new	Chief	Executive	Officer,	Mike	Scott,	
to	recruit	and	retain	volunteer	officials		      JudoScotland	by	providing	support	to	14	judo	       took	up	post	in	April	and	was	initially	heavily	
and	has	been	looking	at	initiatives	as	how		     players	where	each	player	went	through	an	          involved	in	recruiting	new	staff	into	post	and	
to	support	our	volunteer	base	and	appreciate	    introduction	process	at	the	start	of	the	year	      to	supporting	the	board	in	the	change	to	the	
the	invaluable	work	and	commitment		             which	involved	medical	profiling	and	               new	constitution .	Subsequently,	Mike	was	
they	give .	                                     performance	planning	for	the	year	ahead,	           then	very	much	involved	in	continuing	to	
                                                 based	on	the	individual’s	needs .                   develop	policies	and	procedures	within	
In	2004	JudoScotland	was	able	to	achieve	                                                            JudoScotland	and	to	produce	the	
membership	levels	of	slightly	over	the	6000	     The	High	Performance	Coach,	Nigel	Donohue,	         aforementioned	‘Making	Grade’	strategic	
mark .		In	2005	we	have	been	able	to	build	      left	The	Scottish	Institute	of	Sport	to	pursue	     document	that	will	lead	JudoScotland	over	
upon	that	and	JudoScotland’s	levels	are		        other	personal	interests .	JudoScotland	would	      the	next	four	years .
now	over	the	7000	mark	for	current	and	          like	to	thank	Nigel,	as	the	Institute	Coach,	for	
active	members .                                 his	dedication	and	commitment	to	developing	        Throughout	2005,	there	were	a	number	of	
                                                 all	performance	Judo	players	over	his	many	         new	staff	members	that	came	on	board	and	
In	2005	one	of	the	Board’s	continuing	           years	in	Scotland .	JudoScotland	wish	him	all	      quickly	made	a	strong	impact	in	delivering		
disappointments	was	the	continuing	              the	very	best	for	the	future .                      all	aspects	of	JudoScotland’s	administration	
uncertainty	over	the	sustainability	and	                                                             work .	Over	and	above	our	new	Coaching	
operational	effectiveness	of	the	National	       On	the	positive	side,	the	SIS,	together	with	       Development	Manager,	JudoScotland	also	
Rock	Climbing	Centre	in	Ratho,	within	which	     JudoScotland	and	its	partners	managed	to	           welcomed	on	board	Hazel	as	our	
we	house	the	National	Judo	Academy .		This	      secure	two	new	coaches	–	Graeme	Randall,	           Administrator	and	Jodie	as	our		
disappointment	has	meant	that	JudoScotland	      High	Performance	Coach	and	Darcel	Yandzi,	          Membership	Secretary .	
has	had	to	deal	with	many	complex	issues	in	     Technical	Coach	into	post .	JudoScotland	
relation	to	the	Ratho	Centre .		At	the	end	of	   thanks	them	for	their	work	to-date	and	will	        In	the	course	of	general	business	during	2005,	
2005,	the	Adventure	Centre	was	finally	          work	closely	with	them	for	future	                  some	of	the	key	areas	of	work	were	done	on	
bought	by	City	of	Edinburgh	Council .	As	a	      performance	development	in	the	lead	up	to	          modernising	the	office,	continuing	to	develop	
consequence	of	this,	all	development	matters	    2012	and	beyond .                                   the	web-site	and	new	database	and	putting	
of	the	centre	passed	to	their	nominated	                                                             in	place	a	new	JudoScotland	constitution		
operator	Edinburgh	Leisure .	JudoScotland	       JudoScotland	has	aspirations	to	develop	            and	bye-laws .
continued	to	be	in	open	and	constructive	        world	class	judo	players	and	with	the	support	
dialogue	with	Edinburgh	Leisure	and	its	other	   of	the	Scottish	Institute	of	Sport,	have	been	      The	Board	would	like	to	thank	all	volunteers,	
partners	to	find	solutions	for	the	NJA	to	       able	to	expose	up	and	coming	players	to	            our	staff	and	to	the	players,	parents	and	our	
achieve	its	potential .	                         international	training	camps	and	                   partners	for	their	continuing	support	and	
                                                 competitions	around	the	world .		This	              who	have	contributed	to	the	success	of	
Our	Development	Officer,	Joyce,	continued	       invaluable	experience	at	such	an	early	stage	       JudoScotland .		We	are	sure	we	will	be	able		
with	Club	visits	as	a	high	priority	and	         of	development	will	continually	help	Scottish	      to	build	upon	our	core	issues	and	emerge	
developed	continuing	dialogue	with	all	clubs/    players	strive	for	future	success	at	European,	     stronger	to	face	the	future .
members	and	other	external	partners              World	and	Olympic	level .
                                                                                                     William Berry MBE, 7th Dan
A	number	of	Masters	sessions	were	held		         A	number	of	activities	were	based	around	the	       Chairman of the Board
over	the	course	of	the	year	and	also	Joyce	      Junior	Development	and	Transition	group	            JudoScotland
developed	starter	courses	within	the	schools,	   programme	and	once	again	it	is	with	
subsequently	giving	out	in	the	region	of	        continued	commitment	and	hard	work	from	
1,500	certificates	on	the	back	of	these		        all	the	Lead	and	Staff	coaches	to	take	all		
taster	sessions .                                the	above	groups .	We	are	indebted	to	their	
                                                 organisation,	time	and	commitment	they		
	                                                all	put	into	the	sport .

                                                                                                       Annual Report 2005-2006


monitoring and evaluation of                       coaching	development	incorporates	special	
programmes and policies                            attention	to	child	protection	issues	as	a	
                                                   fundamental	aspect .
The	WJA	is	supported	by	the	Sports	Council	
for	Wales .	Its	policies,	governance	and	          Coaching
finances	reflect	the	priorities	of	SCW,		
which	may	sometimes	appear	to	diverge		            At	the	end	of	2005,	the	WJA	lost	the	National	
from	those	of	other	Home	Countries .               Coach,	Valeri	Vostrikov,	who	returned	to	
                                                   Russia	for	family	reasons .	However,	just	as	the	
Nevertheless,	the	WJA	seeks	within	this	           implications	of	that	loss	were	being	absorbed,	
framework	to	work	as	an	integral	part		            the	news	that	Neil	Adams	would	be	filling	
of	the	BJA	making	its	contribution	to		            the	post	was	announced	and	this	has	
British	Judo	felt	within	the	BJA .                 revitalised	the	WJA .		Neil	has	quickly	made	an	
                                                   impact	and	there	is	genuine	enthusiasm	for	
At	the	end	of	2004,	the	WJA	underwent		            the	future	amongst	coaches	in	Wales .
a	management	audit,	as	a	result	of	which	
2005	has	brought	major	changes	in	its	             Plans	are	now	well	developed	for	qualifying	
management	structure .	Steps	have	been	            all	coaches	under	the	UKCC .	Posts	have	been	
taken	to	reduce	the	size	of	the	Board	of	          created,	to	be	filled	in	early	2006,	for	people	
Directors .	Commissions	with	responsibilities	     to	co	ordinate,	train	and	assess	to	UKCC	
for	specific	aspects	of	judo	have	been	created;	   standards .		This	step	is	widely	welcomed	in	
as	a	result	of	this	new	staffing	structure	have	   the	WJA .
been	implemented .
                                                   volunteer recruitment
At	the	same	time,	there	has	been	an	effort		
to	make	the	most	of	the	opportunities	             The	need	to	continually	attract	new	
presented	to	work	within	the	BJA	or	               volunteers	to	become	Directors,	Coaches,	
alongside	the	BJA	where	that	is	more	              Referees	and	Officials	continues .	Both	formal	
appropriate .                                      and	informal	recruitment	campaigns	are	
                                                   under	way	with	some	signs	of	success .
                                                   the future
The	WJA	produces	a	monthly	newsletter,		
sent	to	all	clubs,	giving	details	of	current	      At	the	end	of	2005,	a	new	four	year	Strategic	
issues,	news	about	members	and	clubs,	results	     Plan	was	presented	to	the	Sports	Council	for	
of	competitions	and	forthcoming	events .           Wales .	It	aims	to	greatly	increase	the	numbers	
                                                   of	players	within	Wales,	particularly	within	
The	WJA	web	site,	welshjudo .com,	continues	       schools,	to	raise	the	standards	of	Judo	within	
to	develop .	Areas	on	the	web	site	enable	         Wales,	increasing	the	number	of	Welsh	
quick	access	to	contacts,	the	calendar,	entry	     players	worthy	of	representing	Great	Britain	
forms	and	competition	results .		The	monthly	      and	to	make	Judo	a	sport	accessible	and	
newsletter	can	be	downloaded	from	the	web	         attractive	to	all	wanting	to	play	sport	in	
site,	as	can	details	of	member	clubs,	with	        Wales .
their	practice	times	and	contact	details .	
                                                   The	plan	has	been	accepted	by	the	Sports	
Feedback	from	readers	suggests	that	the	web	       Council	for	Wales	and	funding	approved .	
site	is	effective	in	assisting	potential	new	      With	attainable	targets	in	view,	there	is	a	
members	to	find	clubs	and	for	competitors		        renewed	enthusiasm	for	the	future	within		
to	find	competitions	in	Wales .                    the	Welsh	Judo	Association .

Child protection                                   Ray Harrington
                                                   Chairman WJA
Raising	the	profile	of	child	protection	issues	
continued	throughout	2005,	with	all	clubs	
and	coaches	receiving	information	and	advice	
at	some	level .	Preparation	for	changes	to	


The	year	2006	has	been	instrumental	in	            Commonwealth tournament 2006                      The	document	is	available	via	the	NIJF	
providing	the	building	blocks	for	the	NIJF	                                                          website,	www.nijf.org.		Our	policy	requires	
to	continue	to	progress	and	modernise	as	          The	Federation	has	an	excellent	opportunity	      all	coaches,	officials	and	volunteers	working	
the	National	Governing	Body	for	judo	in	           to	build	on	its	experience	in	hosting	            with	players	under	the	age	of	eighteen	years	
Northern	Ireland .		Judo	has	the	potential	        international	judo	events	with	its	successful	    of	age	to	attend	one	of	our	child	protection	
to	continue	to	grow,	reflected	by	increased	       bid	to	host	the	2006	Commonwealth	                workshops .	For	further	information,		
membership	throughout	2006 .	This	is	a	direct	     Tournament .	Special	thanks	must	go	to	           to	organise	a	course	in	your	area/club,		
result	of	the	hard	work	of	the	Federations	        the	bid	team,	Richard	Briggs,	Terry	Watt,	        or	for	details	of	upcoming	workshops	please	
coaches,	officials	and	volunteers .                Ailsa	Miller	and	Gavin	Abel	for	successfully	     contact	Russell	via	the	NIJF	office	or	refer		
                                                   presenting	Northern	Ireland	as	a	host	nation	     to	the	NIJF	website .
The	NIJF	has	been	selected	in	the	group	of	        and	winning	the	votes	of	the	Commonwealth	
five	Northern	Ireland	One	Stop	Plan	sports .	      Executive	Committee .                             future
We	are	well	placed	to	fulfil	our	targets	based	
on	the	objectives	laid	out	by	UK	Sport	and	in	     northern Ireland squads                           Due	to	the	increase	in	funding	from	the	
conjunction	with	the	British	Judo	Association .	                                                     Sports	Council,	new	full-time	and	part-time	
This	project	comes	at	a	perfect	time	for	          The	junior,	senior	and	masters	squads	            posts	will	be	allocated	in	the	New	Year	which	
Northern	Ireland	judo	as	we	have	the	structures	   recorded	impressive	wins	at	Irish,	British	and	   will	help	deliver	a	commitment	to	UK’s	One	
in	place	to	devise	and	implement	change	and	       international	level .	Highlights	include	Terry	   Stop	Plan .
a	highly	committed	and	experienced	group	of	       Watts	and	Joyce	Malley	and	Lisa	Bradley	Gold	
coaches	and	other	officials	to	ensure	continued	   at	the	British	Masters	Championships	and	         I	believe	that	the	Federation	can	continue	
success	of	the	NIJF .	                             International	Judo	Tournament .                   to	develop	into	one	of	the	biggest	and	
                                                                                                     strongest	sporting	bodies	in	Northern	
The	overall	vision	for	the	NIJF	is	to	become	      Northern	Ireland	also	had	good	                   Ireland .	I	would	like	to	thank	everyone	for	
one	of	the	top	five	commonwealth	judo	             representation	on	British	squads	in	2006	         their	assistance	and	support	throughout	the	
nations .	To	help	achieve	this	goal,	the	NIJF	     with	British	Masters	squad	members,	British	      period	of	my	office .	Particular	thanks	must	
presented	a	successful	bid	to	host	the	2006	       University	squad	members	and	British	Cadet	       go	to	Robin	Newitt,	Honorary	Treasurer,	
Commonwealth	Tournament .	As	host	country,	        squad	members .                                   Lisa	Bradley,	Honorary	Secretary,	Richard	
we	hope	to	build	on	our	bronze	medal	in	                                                             Briggs,	Director	of	Examiners,	Jim	Toland,	
the	2006	tournament	and	turn	the	5th	places	       Child protection                                  Director	of	Coaching,	Ailsa	Miller,	Director	
into	medals .	Northern	Ireland	will	have	the	                                                        of	Competitions,	Russell	Brown,	Lead	
                                                   One	of	the	key	initiatives	has	been	the	          Child	Protection	Officer	and	Ciaran	Ward,	
opportunity	to	field	a	strong	and	complete	
                                                   provision	of	child	protection	services,	          Development	Officer .		Well	done	and	keep		
team	of	male	and	female	competitors	and	
                                                   including	PEC’s	checks,	to	our	membership .	      up	the	good	work .
also	give	our	younger	players	the	opportunity	
                                                   This	has	included	the	development	of	the	
to	see	elite	judo	on	their	doorstep .	2006	
                                                   Northern	Ireland	Judo	Federation	Child	           On	behalf	of	the	Federation	I	would	like	
will	also	see	the	first	youth	and	masters	
                                                   Protection	Policy	under	the	guidance		            to	pay	a	special	thanks	to	Ann	for	her	
commonwealth	tournament	run	alongside	
                                                   of	Russell	Brown,	our	NIJF	Lead	Child	            dedication	and	good	work	in	the	NIJF	office .
the	senior	event .	This	will	provide	increased	
                                                   Protection	Officer
opportunity	for	our	players	to	represent	
Northern	Ireland	at	Commonwealth	level	                                                              Robert Irwin
                                                   “The Northern Ireland Judo Federation             Hon. Chairman
and	importantly	for	youths	to	get	exposure	
                                                    upholds the principle that all children
to	future	senior	commonwealth	players .		The	
                                                    whatever their age, culture, disability,
rest	of	the	report	highlights	some	of	the	main	
                                                    gender, language, racial origin, religious
successes	for	the	Federation	in	2006:
                                                    belief and/or sexual identity have the right
                                                    to protection from abuse. The members,
Commonwealth tournament 2006
                                                    staff and volunteers of the Association are
To	date	19	Countries	and	300	plus	                  committed to the welfare and protection
Competitors	are	booked .		This	is	a	good	           of children so that they can enjoy sporting
opportunity	for	our	young	players	to		              activities in safety without fear, threat
progress	and	hopefully	impress	National	            or abuse.”
Coaches	and	Selectors .


                                                                                                                            Annual Report 2005-2006


I	would	like	to	begin	my	report	by	saying	            take	the	BSJA	over .	In	fact	we	have	had	an	          judoka .		We	will	also	be	looking	into	the	
thank	you	to	the	British	Schools	Judo	                excellent	working	relationship	with	the	BJA	at	       provisions	for	extending	grassroots	judo .		
Association’s	“Management	Committee”	for	             every	level .	Each	of	the	BSJA	commissions	work	      I	personally	believe	that	for	many	years	we	
all	the	hard	work	that	they	have	contributed	         together	with	their	counterparts	in	the	BJA .	        have	been	slightly	held	back	from	developing	
throughout	the	past	year .	Also,	I	need	to	offer	     There	will	always	be	teething	problems	and	           the	BSJA	grassroots	judo	due	to	the	volunteers	
thanks	to	the	table	officials,	referees	and	          difference	of	opinions,	but	there	have	been	no	       who	contribute	so	much	of	their	time	to	the	
coaches	who	have	made	a	vast	contribution	            major	problems	as	yet,	and	everything	is	going	       administration	side	of	the	Association,	which	
to	schools	judo,	without	these	loyal	volunteers	      fine .		It	would	be	nice	if	people	looked	at	the	     involves	them	being	to	tied	down	in	the	day	
the	BSJA	would	not	be	able	to	operate .               positive	side	of	the	move	forward	for	judo,	          to	day	running	of	the	association,	which	is	
                                                      instead	of	just	homing	in	on	the	negative	side,	      preventing	them	from	giving	their	valuable	
It	seems	unbelievable	that	yet	another	year	has	      then	I	am	sure	the	harmony	in	judo	would	be	          time	to	the	future	development	of	schools	
passed .	In	fact	sometimes	it’s	hard	to	realise	      greatly	improved .	Please	remember	nobody	            judo .		It	is	therefore	important	for	the	BSJA	to	
how	much	in	the	world	of	judo	is	changing .		         likes	change,	but	sometimes	we	have	to		              seek	the	professional	help	of	the	British	Judo	
It	changes	so	fast	that	you	hardly	have	the	          accept	it .                                           Association	to	provide	the	administrated	side	
time	to	catch	your	breath,	but	that’s	the	pace	                                                             of	running	schools	judo	and	for	us	to	get	on	
of	life	today .	I	have	spoken	many	times	of	          As	a	national	schools’	organisation	the	BSJA	         with	what	we	know	best,	the	hands	on	judo	
changes	and	how	we	sometimes	find	it	hard	to	         has	always	had	to	follow	the	guidelines	              side	of	the	sport .
accept,	because	we	all	feel	comfortable	where	        from	the	National	Council	for	School	Sport	
we	are,	and	then	settle	into	the	comfort-zone .	      (NCSS) .	They	give	advice	to	all	schools	sports	      The	present	chairman	Densign	White	and	
We	probably	feel	reluctant	to	move	out	of	            associations	on	how	to	proceed	for	the	benefit	       Board	of	Director	of	the	BJA	have	given	the	
the	comfort	zone	and	think,	“why	should	we	           of	young	children	taking	part	in	school	sport .	      BSJA	full	support	in	everything	that	we	have	
change”,	but	alas	it	happens	in	all	walks	of	life	    It	would	therefore	be	unwise	for	the	BSJA	to	         asked	of	them .	At	no	time	have	they	ever	
including	sport,	and	like	everything	else	life	       ignore	the	guidelines	given	by	the	NCSS .	They	       suggested	that	anyone	taking	part	in	BSJA	
moves	on	as	“time	waits	for	no-one” .                 recommend	that	all	schools	sports	associations	       events	should	take	out	a	BJA	license,	or	that	
                                                      should	work	closely	with	their	adult	National	        they	have	ever	become	politically	biased	
It	would	be	nice	for	the	BSJA	to	operate	like	        Governing	body	for	their	particular	sport .	          towards	pupils	who	are	members	of	other	
we	did	in	the	60s	to	the	90’s	with	the	same	          Therefore	it	would	be	un-wise	for	the	BSJA	           Associations	entering	any	of	BSJA	school	
philosophy	as	the	BSJA	founder	President	Brian	       to	go	against	these	recommendations,	hence	           events .	I	quote	“the	British	Judo	Association”	
Saunders	intended .	His	intention	was	for	every	      our	closer	relationship	with	the	British	Judo	        has	never	interfered	in	the	function	of	the	
child	to	be	able	to	take	part	in	judo	at	school .		   Association,	the	national	governing	body	for	         British	Schools	Judo	Association,	whatsoever” .
This	being	an	ideal	I	totally	support,	however,	      judo	in	the	United	Kingdom .		There	will	be	
even	though	I	wish	everything	could	be	the	           some	people	who	will	say	what	about	the	BJC	          Continuing progress
same	as	it	has	always	been,	unfortunately	            and	AJA	and	others?		To	answer	this	question,	
there	is	no	such	thing	as	utopia .		I	believe	                                                              Even	though	we	had	a	very	successful	year	in	
                                                      I	would	like	to	point	out	that	the	BSJA	“do	
that	the	founder	of	judo	Jigoro	Kano	would	                                                                 many	areas	of	the	association’s	activities,	I	was	
                                                      not	have	individual	members”	we	only	have	
be	a	little	disappointed	at	the	way	judo	has	                                                               still	a	little	disappointed	that	we	were	unable	
                                                      affiliated	educational	establishments	and	all	
changed	over	the	recent	decades .	It	is	just	like	                                                          to	launch	our	summer	camp	this	year .		I	would	
                                                      children	who	attend	these	schools	and	colleges	
the	previous	generation	of	parents	who	would	                                                               be	grateful	if	coaches	within	our	membership	
                                                      are	eligible	to	take	part	in	BSJA	events,	and	
say,	the	parents	of	today	do	not	have	the	same	                                                             would	come	up	with	ideas	on	how	we	can	
                                                      we	have	never	barred	any	children	from	
control	over	their	children	as	we	did	in	our	                                                               create	a	pilot	scheme	for	the	camp,	please	let	
                                                      taking	part	in	our	events,	providing	their	
day .	But,	we	all	know	that	parenting	skills	have	                                                          us	know	your	views .
                                                      establishment	is	affiliated .	It	is	also	important	
changed .	The	point	that	I	am	trying	to	make	         to	say	at	this	point	that	the	National	Governing	
                                                                                                            star award
is	that	we	cannot	stop	progress	whether	we	           Body	has	always	given	the	BSJA	help	and	
like	it	or	not,	and	it	is	my	belief	that	the	BSJA	    support	at	all	our	events,	for	which	we	are	          We	are	still	enjoying	our	success	with	the	Star	
also	has	to	change	to	comply	with	the	current	        truly	grateful .	                                     Award	Scheme,	which	helps	to	support	the	
trends	and	together	with	the	constraints	and	
                                                                                                            BSJA	financially .	We	would	like	to	think	all		
burden’s	of	legislation .	                            This	coming	academic	year	the	commissions	of	
                                                                                                            the	schools’	and	clubs’	who	have	supported		
                                                      the	BSJA	will	be	concentrating	on	working	in	
                                                                                                            the	scheme	in	the	past	will	continue	to	do		
british schools’ Judo association –                   closer	harmony	with	the	national	governing	
                                                                                                            so	in	the	future .	
british Judo association                              body .	The	commissions	will	not	be	making	
                                                      any	radical	changes;	however,	we	will	look	           Competitions
I	would	like	to	try	and	up	date	you	on	the	
                                                      at	how	to	make	the	organisation	operations	
philosophy	of	the	link	between	the	BSJA	and	
                                                      more	professional,	with	the	help	of	the	              There	are	two	commissions	of	the	BSJA	
the	BJA .		Some	people	will	always	look	at	the	
                                                      British	Judo	Association .	This	will	include	BSJA	    and	BJA	that	have	almost	fully	integrated	
negative	side	and	say	the	BJA	is	taking	over	
                                                      administration,	such	as,	financial	implications,	     and	working	well	together,	this	being	the	
the	BSJA .		This	is	simply	“not	true”,	it	is	only	
                                                      membership	co-ordination,	championship	               Competition	Commission,	which	has	proved	
what	some	people	will	want	others	to	believe .	
                                                      structure,	development	policy	and	creating	           to	be	very	successful	this	year,	with	the	
The	BJA	has	never	forced	or	threatened	to	
                                                      an	international	pathway	policy	for	talented	         BSJA	adding	the	special	needs	tournament,	


which	took	place	at	the	University	of	              program,	which	hopefully	will	be	a	follow	on	         however,	there	are	still	a	small	band	of	coaches	
Wolverhampton .	The	individual	event	was	a	         from	the	Star	Award	Scheme .		This	will	be	an	        who	seem	to	be	placing	a	great	deal	of	
joint	effort	between	the	BSJA	and	BJA,	which	       excellent	step	in	the	right	direction	for	children	   pressure	on	their	young	players .	I	sometimes	
was	held	at	the	University	of	Bath,	this	also	      who	are	in	the	Key	Stage	4	of	the	curriculum .        wonder	if	some	coaches	are	there	to	help	
proved	to	be	a	very	successful	event .	                                                                   and	support	their	players,	or	visa	versa .	It	is	
                                                    general secretary                                     important	for	coaches	to	realise	that	these	are	
International                                                                                             young	children	they	are	dealing	with	and	not	
                                                    With	regards	to	the	position	of	General	
                                                                                                          adults .	Surely	if	they	have	been	competitors	
The	International	Commission,	which	was	the	        Secretary	of	the	BSJA,	I	personally	think	these	
                                                                                                          they	will	know	what	it	is	like	to	take	part	in	
other	commission,	which	has	been	working	           positions	need	to	be	fully	paid	positions .	I	
                                                                                                          a	competitive	contest,	with	all	the	stress	and	
in	close	harmony	with	the	BJA	World	Class	          am	not	just	talking	about	the	BSJA;	it	should	
                                                                                                          anxiety	that	is	involved	and	therefore	this	
start	potential	program,	which	now	provides	        be	the	norm	for	anyone	who	is	performing	
                                                                                                          should	be	taken	into	consideration	when	
a	pathway	for	schools	boys	and	girls	to	attain	     this	very	necessary	function	for	judo	on	a	
                                                                                                          they	are	at	mat	side	with	their	players .	Please	
senior	international	progression .                  voluntary	basis .	All	these	people	who	hold	
                                                                                                          remember	your	player’s	look	up	to	you;	“they	
                                                    these	thankful	positions	are	on	call	24	hours	
                                                                                                          copy	what	you	do”	if	you	shout	and	bawl	
finance                                             a	day .	I	am	just	thankful	that	we	have	always	
                                                                                                          at	player	and	referees	alike,	then	you	are	
                                                    had	excellent	general	secretaries	in	the	BSJA;	
The	financial	constraint	of	the	association	has	                                                          surely	setting	a	bad	example	as	a	coach	and	
                                                    otherwise	we	would	not	have	existed	for	
been	well	monitored	and	looked	after	by	the	                                                              role	model .	To	be	a	coach	it	is	not	just	about	
                                                    nearly	50	years .	I	am	grateful	that	we	still	have	
national	treasure,	who	has	balanced	the	books	                                                            teaching	judo	techniques	and	taking	players	
                                                    an	excellent	secretary	who	has	stayed	loyal	and	
and	kept	us	on	an	even	keel	and	for	this	we	                                                              to	judo	competitions,	it	is	about	helping	them	
                                                    conscientious	throughout	the	last	few	years .		
are	truly	grateful .	The	biggest	problem	in	                                                              to	achieve	their	potential	as	judo	players	and	
                                                    I	think	it	is	the	last	job	that	anyone	wants	to	
this	area	has	been	the	insurance	side,	which	                                                             this	includes	etiquette	and	respect,	it	is	also	
                                                    do,	after	all	who	would	want	to	write	minutes	
is	now	becoming	a	minefield	for	all	sports	                                                               about	setting	examples	for	your	students	to	
                                                    and	have	people	checking	your	work	through	
administrators .	In	this	area	our	treasurer	has	                                                          follow,	therefore	before	you	shout	and	ball	at	
                                                    the	minutes	for	spelling	mistakes,	grammar,	
been	most	articulate	in	her	endeavors	to	                                                                 your	players,	referees	or	table	officials	please	
                                                    and	sentence	construction	etc .	
protect	the	well	being	of	both	the	players	                                                               stop	and	think	what	signals	are	you	sending	
and	administrators	alike,	which	she	has	done	                                                             out	to	young	people .	Remember	even	your	
                                                    Talking	about	general	secretaries,	I	would	
thoroughly	to	the	satisfaction	of	us	all .                                                                body	language	could	affect	your	players	
                                                    like	to	mention	that	two	former	BSJA	
                                                                                                          performance,	as	well	as	give	other	people	
                                                    secretaries,	have	both	just	recently	gone	
membership                                                                                                (spectators)	a	bad	impression	of	our	sport .	
                                                    through	major	surgery .	Simon	Hicks	has	had	
                                                    a	brain	operation	to	remove	a	tumor	and	is	
Affiliation	of	membership	has	changed	slightly	                                                           I	think	on	the	whole	judo	coaches	are	
                                                    receiving	chemotherapy	and	hopefully	making	
again	this	year;	this	is	due	to	the	changing	                                                             sometimes	under	valued	and	I	know	they	are	
                                                    steady	progress .	Geoff	Edmondson	OBE,	has	
philosophies	of	Government	and	Local	                                                                     very	passionate	committed	people;	however,	
                                                    undergone	a	triple	heart	by-pass	and	is	now	
Government	policies,	such	as	the	changing	                                                                it	is	a	shame	that	some	coaches	are	probably	
                                                    following	a	series	of	health	exercises .		
power	of	Local	Education	Authorities	(LEA’s) .		                                                          setting	a	bad	example	without	realising	it	at	
                                                    We	would	like	to	wish	them	all	the	best		
It	is	important	to	note,	that	the	ultimate	                                                               the	time .	I	think	most	coaches	in	the	sport	have	
                                                    and	a	speedy	recovery .
power	of	controlling	and	decision	making	in	                                                              all	been	guilty	of	being	over	enthusiastic	when	
schools	is	now	being	eroded	from	LEA’s,	as	                                                               it	comes	to	a	competitive	situation	whether	it	
                                                    Coach player Concerns	
most	schools	are	individually	funded	and	the	                                                             is	on	or	off	the	mat .	This	includes	me	as	well .	
decision	making	is	now	firmly	in	the	hands	         It	is	not	my	aim	to	target	people	within	the	
of	head	teachers,	who	are	now	responsible	                                                                On	a	final	note	I	would	like	to	mention	Owen	
                                                    sport	of	judo	and	I	am	fully	aware	that	judo	
for	making	their	own	decisions	with	regards	                                                              Lowery,	a	former	international	schoolboy	
                                                    coaches	are	the	backbone	of	the	sport,	for	
to	schools	policy .	Therefore	the	BSJA	needs	                                                             captain,	who	unfortunately	had	a	serious	
                                                    if	there	were	no	coaches	there	would	be	no	
to	alter	their	affiliation	fees	to	coincide	with	                                                         accident	at	the	peak	of	his	judo,	which	cut	
                                                    judo .	It	does	concern	me	however,	that	some	
individual	schools .                                                                                      short	his	judo	career .	I	have	tried	to	keep	in	
                                                    coaches’	behaviour	towards	their	players	and	
                                                                                                          touch	with	Owen,	and	I	know	that	the	North	
                                                    indeed	referees	and	officials	at	competitions,	
development                                                                                               West	Area	of	the	British	Judo	Association,	
                                                    is	not	in	the	best	interest	of	the	sport .	I	have	
                                                                                                          have	always	welcomed	him	at	their	judo	
                                                    already	explained	the	changing	face	of	judo .	
The	progress	and	development	has	been	                                                                    competitions .	Owen	you	are	always	in	our	
                                                    I	still	believe	even	for	the	changes,	judo	still	
excellent	with	both	the	BSJA	and	the	BJA	                                                                 thoughts,	even	though	we	know	that	you	are	
                                                    has	many	values	that	have	an	important	place	
working	very	closely	to	provide	a	sound	                                                                  a	very	staunch	Liverpool	supporter,	but	I	do	not	
                                                    in	our	sport	(etiquette	and	respect) .		This	is	
foundation	for	the	benefit	of	schools	judo .	                                                             hold	that	against	you .
                                                    the	part	that	sells	judo	to	educationalists	and	
There	have	many	meetings	over	this	last	year	
                                                    allows	it	to	operate	in	schools	and	colleges .
and	I	believe	that	we	are	moving	forward	                                                                 Malcolm Collins.
in	the	right	direction .	The	chairman	of	this	                                                            Chairman British schools Judo Association
                                                    Firstly,	I	must	state	that	the	majority	of	coaches	
commission	is	working	very	hard	in	trying	
                                                    are	excellent	role	models	for	their	competitors;	
to	forge	forward	with	the	Junior	Leaders	

                                                                                                                        Annual Report 2005-2006


organisation                                        indeed	the	Sports	Board	has	asked	us	to	invest	     amCan
                                                    a	little	more	money,	as	our	reserves	are	not	
The	RAF	Sports	Board	continues	to	support	          producing	any	value	for	judoka	in	the	RAF .         The	British	Forces	Team	again	picked	up	the	
RAF	Judo	as	one	of	the	39	recognised	                                                                   International	Team	Trophy	from	the	AMCAN	
sports,	and	has	provided	generous	financial	        CompetItIons/events                                 for	the	7th	time .		Additionally,	our	personnel	
assistance .		All	of	the	Committee	posts	have	                                                          fought	against	the	Ontario	Select	team	and	
remained	unchanged,	with	the	exception	             raf Championships                                   won .
of	the	Equipment	Officer,	Sgt	Dave	Yorke-
Summerskill,	who	has	left	the	RAF .		Sadly,	we	     The	RAF	Championships	was	held	at	our	Home	         Commonwealth tournament
will	shortly	lose	our	Tournament	Director,	         for	Sport,	the	Defence	College	of	Aeronautical	
Warrant	Officer	Andy	Scott,	as	he	leaves	the	       Engineering	Cosford,	in	September	2005 .		          Two	of	our	personnel,	Sergeant	Mick	Jones	
Service	this	year .                                 Cosford	provides	excellent	sporting	facilities	     and	Mr	David	Horton-Jones,	won	gold	
                                                    and	dedicated	sporting	accommodation	for	           medals	in	the	Commonwealth	Tournament	
raf sports board                                    service	sports .                                    in	Londonderry,	in	the	U66kg	under	45	year	
                                                                                                        veteran’s,	and	the	U81kg	over	50	year	old	
Under	Air	Vice-Marshal	Chris	Davison	as	            Inter-service Championships                         veteran’s	respectively .		This	is	a	tremendous	
Director,	and	Group	Captain	Ian	Atkinson	as	                                                            result,	and	is	great	publicity	for	the	sport	at	
Deputy	Director,	and	with	Steve	Parlor	(an	         In	March	2006,	the	RAF	hosted	the	Inter-            veteran	level .
ex-RAF	2nd	Dan	judoka)	in	his	new	post,	the	        services .		The	RAF	Ladies’	team	won	the	Inter-
Sports	Board	has	undertaken	a	number	of	            service	crown	again	this	year,	with	the	Dan	        other Competitions
initiatives	to	help	out	with	Service	sports .		     grade	and	Kyu	grade	mens’	team	being	pipped	
These	include	a	new	corporate	branding	to	          by	the	Army .		In	the	individual	events,	the	RAF	   Over	the	past	year,	RAF	competitors	Corporal	
cover	all	stationery	and	clothing,	negotiations	    won	four	gold	medals,	four	silvers	and	three	       Fred	Harris	and	Senior	Aircraftman	Rob	Sabella	
with	the	Charities	Commission	to	retain	our	        bronzes .		Generous	sponsorship	was	received	       have	competed	in	just	about	every	ranking	
charitable	status,	bulk	purchase	of	medals,	        from	NAAFI,	for	which	all	three	services	are	       tournament,	including	the	West	of	England,	
centralized	administration	and	production	of	       very	grateful .                                     Heart	of	England,	Scottish	and	Welsh	Open,	
colours	awards,	rationalising	of	insurance,	and	                                                        and	the	British	Trials .		Fred	has	placed	at	least	
professional	assistance	with	website	presence	                                                          5th	in	every	competition,	and	won	gold	in	the	
and	publicity .		In	particular,	they	have	struck	                                                       West	of	England .
a	deal	with	Gilmour	Corporate	Clothing	
at	www .rafclothing .com	to	provide	good	                                                               Coaching
quality	clothing	at	bulk	prices .	Three	RAFJA	
                                                                                                        Our	coaches	increased	from	5	to	15	in	the	RAF,	
personnel	attended	the	third	RAF	Sports	Board	
                                                                                                        and	registered	clubs	increased	from		
Conference	at	RAF	Halton	in	May	2006 .	This	
                                                                                                        six	to	eight .
was	also	attended	by	Air	Chief-Marshal	Sir	Glen	
Torpy,	Chief	of	the	Air	Staff,	which	was	a	great	
                                                                                                        Sqn Ldr Mel Anderson
coup	for	the	Sports	Board,	and	is	indicative	of	
                                                                                                        2nd Dan
his	support	for	sport	in	the	RAF .
                                                                                                        General Secretary


The	Sport	Board	has	given	us	funding	to	
support	our	operating	costs,	and	provided	
extra	funding	for	clothing,	judo	suits	and	
overseas	tours .		They	have	also	helped	
us	get	BAE	SYSTEM	Sporting	Excellence	
awards	for	two	of	our	players	fighting	in	
the	Commonwealth	Tournament	-	Sergeant	
Mick	Jones,	and	Corporal	Phil	Morris .		Overall	
funding	has	been	over	£7000 .		Our	grateful	
thanks	to	the	RAF	Sports	Board	and	to	BAE	
SYSTEMS .		We	have	also	made	a	small	amount	
of	money	hiring	our	mats	out	to	other	martial	
arts	organisations	for	specific	events .		
Our	finances	are	very	healthy	at	the	moment	-	

AFFILIATES                                                                                              AFFILIATES
POLICE SPORT UK JUDO                                                                                    ROYAL NAVY JUDO ASSOCIATION

Another	great	year	for	Police	Sport	UK	Judo	        We	ran	two	national	gradings	each	very	well	        The	continuing	operational	tempo	has	meant	
(PSUK),	this	annual	report	refers	to	the	period	    attended	with	players	grading	up	to	5th	Dan,	       this	has	been	a	difficult	year	for	RN	Judo .	
April	2005	to	April	2006 .		We	had	three	players	   these	continue	to	be	very	popular	with	police	      Despite	this,	some	of	our	players	have	made	
competing	in	the	Police	World	Championships	        and	non	police	BJA	members,	PSUK	see	this	as	       tremendous	efforts	to	attend	events .		Of	
held	in	Quebec	during	July,	Andy	Moss,	and	         an	important	service	together	with	our	coach	       particular	note	is	AEM	Clement	who	came	
Neil	Read	from	Cheshire	Police	and	Stuart	          education	courses	which	we	will	continue		          home	from	Iraq	for	a	long	weekend	to	attend	
Hyde	Metropolitan	Police,	Stuart	gained	a	very	     to	offer .                                          one	of	our	events .	
creditable	fourth	place	with	Andy	and	Neil	
each	coming	fifth	after	losing	their	bronze	        Police	Sport	UK	Judo	continued	its	support	         Marine	Sherrington	has	now	been	given	a	full	
medal	fights	to	two	Russians .                      in	the	development	of	Barbados	Judo	by	
                                                                                                        time	judo	position	by	the	Royal	Marines .	This	
                                                    sponsoring	the	Barbados	National	Coach	Ian	
                                                                                                        is	already	producing	the	results	we	hoped	for,	
Lothian	and	Borders	Police	hosted	the	Police	       Weithers	for	a	two	week	period	in	March,	Ian	
                                                                                                        with	him	taking	golds	in	the	British	Open	and	
National	Championships	at	Edinburgh	in	             was	able	to	attend	a	three	day	PSUK	coach	
                                                                                                        Commonwealth	Tournament .	
September,	a	very	well	organised	and	attended	      education	course	run	by	Neil	Adams,	Chris	
event	followed	by	a	memorable	presentation	         Hunt,	Andy	Moss	and	Matt	Clempner,	this	was	
                                                                                                        The	Royal	Navy	has	its	own	Sports	Lottery .	This	
dinner .	It	was	pleasing	to	see	some	younger	       held	in	Manchester	as	a	BJA	revalidation	event	
                                                                                                        has	provided	considerable	financial	support,	
players	making	their	way	into	the	British	Police	   attracting	over	100	players	and	coaches .		Ian	
                                                                                                        which	allowed	us	to	join	a	Joint	Service	team	
squad,	in	particular	Lauren	Slater	of	West	         was	also	able	to	benefit	from	technical	sessions	
                                                                                                        to	the	USA	and	Canada	where	we	entered	
Yorkshire	Police .                                  at	Team	Bath,	thanks	to	the	kind	invitations	
                                                                                                        two	major	competitions	and	trained	at	several	
                                                    of	Mike	Callan	Director	of	Coaching	and	Roy	
November	saw	us	back	at	the	Greater	                Inman	Head	of	High	Performance	Coaching .	          clubs .	We	also	appeared	on	Canadian	Breakfast	
Manchester	Police	Training	School	holding	          Ian	continued	to	expand	his	coaching	               Television	but	the	highlight	of	the	trip	was	the	
a	three	day	BJA	licensed	Coach	Education	           knowledge	with	guest	sessions	at	Japan	Arts	        Joint	Service	team	winning	the	International	
Course,	Neil	Adams	was	the	main	coach,	this	        Centre	Judo	Club	Bristol	and	Western	Super	         Trophy	at	the	AMCAN	tournament	in	the	USA .
being	part	of	the	continuing	support	Neil	is	       Mare	Judo	Club .
giving	to	police	judo	and	other	BJA	members	                                                            The	Royal	Navy	and	the	other	Services	offer	
in	his	role	as	a	National	Police	Coach .	We	are	    Police	judo	are	now	busy	preparing	for	the	         a	great	opportunity	where	not	only	can	you	
extremely	lucky	to	have	Neil’s	support	we	          European	Police	Championships	to	be	held	           develop	a	rewarding	career	but	also	widen	
gladly	pass	on	to	BJA	members .                     in	Russia	during	March	2007,	part	of	these	         your	judo	experiences .	It’s	well	worth	thinking	
                                                    preparations	was	a	team	match	and	training	         about .
We	wish	Neil	every	success	with	his	new	role	       session	at	Bath	University	on	17th	May	with	
as	the	National	Coach	of	Wales,	PSUK	Judo	          Team	Bath,	again	our	thanks	to	Mike	Callan	for	     Our	Players	are	distributed	throughout	
and	the	Welsh	Judo	Association	have	agreed	         arranging	this,	which	is	just	the	start	of		what	   the	UK	and	worldwide,	which	can	create	
a	Memorandum	of	Understanding	which	has	            we	expect	to	be	a	long	and	fruitful	connection	     communication	problems .	All	ships	now	have	
strengthened	the	existing	bond	with	Wales	          with	Team	Bath	and	the	excellent	coaches	now	       internet	and	e-mail	so	to	keep	all	our	players	
originally	forged	by	Alan	Petherbridge	9th	Dan	     working	with	Mike	at	Bath,	the	set	up	there	        informed	we	have	set	up	our	own	website .		
MBE	who	continues	to	work	with	police	judo .        is	very	impressive	and	an	example	to	all	as	to	     Please	drop	in	and	have	a	look	at		
                                                    how	to	run	a	successful	academy .                   www .rnjudo .com .

                                                    Chris Hunt                                          Being	a	small	area	we	rely	on	help	from	the	
                                                    Police Sport UK Judo
                                                                                                        officials	in	other	areas .	I	would	like	to	thank	
                                                                                                        everyone	who	has	contributed	to	Navy	Judo	
                                                                                                        and	look	forward	to	meeting	you	all	again	in	
                                                                                                        the	future .

                                                                                                        CPO John Thacker
                                                                                                        Sec RNJA

                                          Annual Report 2005-2006


	             CLUBS	2005	   CLUBS	2004	   CLUBS	2003	   CLUBS	2002
LONDON	           37	          37	            38	          40
SOUTHERN	         134	         137	          135	          132
NHC	              78	          77	            75	          72
MIDLANDS	         82	          82	            87	          92
NORTHWEST	        73	          74	            80	          76
NORTHERN	         34	          32	            34	          34
Y&H	              32	          30	            27	          28
WESTERN	          91	          87	            85	          79
EASTERN	          33	          35	            39	          40
BSJA	              0	           0	            0	            2
BUJA	             20	          17	            19	          20
ARMY	              5	           3	            2	            2
NAVY	              4	           3	            0	            0
RAF	               5	           8	            6	            7
N/IRELAND	        36	          33	            29	          22
SCOTLAND	         109	         101	          106	          104
WALES	            75	          56	            58	          61
POLICE	AA	         2	           2	            2	            1
TOTAL	            850	         814	          822	          812

    BJA MEMBERSHIP STATISTICS 2005-2006 & 2004-2005

	                          LONDON	       SOUTHERN	            NHC	           MIDLANDS	      NORTHWEST	   NORTHERN	          Y&H	        WESTERN	      EASTERN	     (direct	to	BJA)	
	                         2004/	 2005/	 2004/	 2005/	 2004/	 2005/	 2004/	 2005/	 2004/	 2005/	 2004/	 2005/	 2004/	 2005/	 2004/	 2005/	 2004/	 2005/	 2004/	 2005/	
	                         2005	 2006	 2005	 2006	 2005	 2006	 2005	 2006	 2005	 2006	 2005	 2006	 2005	 2006	 2005	 2006	 2005	 2006	 2005	 2006	
JNR NEW MALE               288    252   1317   1456    724       745         661    672     614   791    218   229   287       300     541    696    272    367      13      11

JNR NEW FEMALE             71     71     438    476    265       286         291    281     224   276    91    113   100       109     211    253    86     110      2       4

JNR REN MALE               294    275   1407   1406    797       813         743    718     746   702    221   214   315       332     686    642    384    379      9       8

JNR REN FEMALE             74     64     444    374    246       280         279    273     254   258    95    103   103       97      252    231    114    111      0       3

SNR NEW MALE               88     92     202    190    122       141         165    144     98    102    39    36    79        55      113    113    43     59       3       3

SNR NEW FEMALE             26      8     36     47     28        33          26     37      16    10     6     9     15        11      42     19     10     12       1       0

SNR REN MALE               226    253    720    724    493       507         587    602     409   432    189   187   235       246     420    429    184    204      1       2

SNR REN FEMALE             36     46     155    168    104       112         123    122     86    83     55    38    45        35      95     114    46     44       0       1

KANO NEW MALE               6      1     153    141    64        110         12      9      26    38     27    23    30        25      100    101    68     44       0       0

KANO NEW FEMALE             0      1     41     38     13        28           4      5      8      8     10    6     15            8   24     29      9      5       0       0

KANO REN MALE               1      0     75     55     14        24           5      4      6      8     1     4     11        12      27     31     40     25       1       0

KANO REN FEMALE             1      0     10     16      4            4        1      0      0      3     3     1      0            4    4     12      4      6       0       0

SEN INTRO NEW MALE          0      0      2      4      0            1        3      2      4      2     0     1      0            0    0      1      0      2       0       0

SEN INTRO NEW FEMALE        0      0      0      1      0            0        1      3      0      1     0     0      0            0    0      1      0      1       0       0

SEN INTRO R1 MALE           0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      1     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

SEN INTRO R1 FEMALE         0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

SEN INTRO R2 MALE           0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

SEN INTRO R2 FEMALE         0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

SEN INTRO R3 MALE           0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

SEN INTRO R3 FEMALE         0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

JUN INTRO NEW MALE          0      7     97     85      5        33          14     34      25    38     0     4      0            2    2     120     0      0       0       0

JUN INTRO NEW FEMALE        0      1     21     10      2        12           1     15      10    12     0     1      0            1    0     56      0      0       0       0

JUN INTRO R1 MALE           0      1      1      0      0            1        0      0      0      2     0     0      0            0    0      5      0      0       0       0

JUN INTRO R1 FEMALE         0      0      2      0      0            0        0      0      1      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

JUN INTRO R2 MALE           0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

JUN INTRO R2 FEMALE         0      0      0      1      0            0        0      0      0      1     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

JUN INTRO R3 MALE           0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

JUN INTRO R3 FEMALE         0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

RECREATION NEW MALE         0      1      1      5      4            5       14     11      1      2     0     1      3            3   10      7      2      2       0       0

RECREATION NEW FEMALE       1      1      7      9      3            2        7     13      3      1     2     4      0            4    4     10      0      1       0       0

RECREATION RENEW MALE       1      0     13     16     13        10          13     18      2      7     2     3      5            4    8      9      2      2       0       0

RECREATION RENEW FEMALE     1      0     14     15      8        13          24     24      5      7     2     2      1            1   17     14      3      3       0       0

REC. UPGRADE MALE           0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

REC.UPGRADE FEMALE          0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

SCHOOLS LICENCES MALE       0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

SCHOOLS LICENCES FEMALE     0      0      0      0      0            0        0      0      0      0     0     0      0            0    0      0      0      0       0       0

TOTALS                    1114   1074   5156   5237    2909      3160        2974   2987   2538   2785   961   979   1244      1249    2556   2893   1267   1377     30      32

                                                                                                                                                   Annual Report 2005-2006

      WALES	        Scotland

(direct	to	BJA)	 (direct	to	BJA)	         ARMY	             NAVY	             RAF	               BUJA	          SCHOOLS	              PAA	          ENJOY	JUDO	 TOTALS	 TOTALS
2004/	   2005/	   2004/	   2005/	   2004/	   2005/	   2004/	   2005/	   2004/	   2005/	   2004/	     2005/	   2004/	   2005/	   2004/	   2005/	     2004/	   2005/	   2004/	   2005/	
2005	    2006	    2005	    2006	    2005	    2006	    2005	    2006	    2005	    2006	    2005	      2006	    2005	    2006	    2005	    2006	      2005	    2006	    2005	    2006
  2        21       0          1     15           1     0           0    20          20    38         42        0       192      16          23       0        9      5026     5828

  2        10       0          1     10           2     0           0     4          8     11         11        0       97        4          11       0        0      1810     2119

  4        1        0          1      7           4     0           0    14          23    17         23        0       16       33          29       0        0      5677     5586

  2        0        0          0      6           1     0           0     4          2      4            8      0        1       10          8        0        0      1887     1814

  6        8        1          1     45       40        9       12        1          1     57         78        0        1        7          2        0        0      1078     1078

  0        3        0          0      8           6     3           3     2          0     19         20        0        0        2          2        0        0       240      220

  6        8        0          0     22       21       14       14       16          13    101        126       0        1        9          17       0        0      3632     3786

  2        2        0          0      3           3     2           4     1          0     22         23        0        0        4          7        0        0       779      802

  0        0        0          1     16           4     0           0     9          2      1            0      0        1        3          0        0        0       515      500

  0        0        0          1      4           4     0           0     4          0      0            0      0        1        1          0        0        0       133      134

  0        0        0          0      5           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        1        1          0        0        0       187      164

  0        0        0          0      1           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          1        0        0       28       47

  0        1        0          0      1           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0       10       14

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           1     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        1        8

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        0        1

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        0        0

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        0        0

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        0        0

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        0        0

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        0        0

  0        0        0          0      2           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0       145      323

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0       34       108

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        1        9

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        3        0

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        0        0

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        0        2

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        0        0

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        0        0

  0        0        0          1      1           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          1        0        0       36       39

  0        0        0          1      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0       27       46

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     1          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0       60       69

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0       75       79

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        0        0

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0            0      0        0        0          0        0        0        0        0

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0                  26       897       0          0        0       35       26       932

  0        0        0          0      0           0     0           0     0          0      0                  45       884       0          0        0       32       45       916

  24       54       1          8     146      86       28       34       76          69    270        331      71       311      90          101      0       76      21455    24624

     gradIng statIstICs - 1st - 9th mon                                                                                                                                                                    APPENDIX 3
                               1st mon      2nd mon      3rd mon      4th mon      5th mon      6th mon     7th mon     8th mon     9th mon
                                                                                                                                                                                      GRADING STATISTICS
     area                      m      f     m      f     m      f     m      f     m      f     m      f    m      f    m      f    m      f

     London                    66    18     57    20     50    15     85    19     24     8     38    14     1     0     4     3     6     1
     Southern                 510    149   621    226   389    123   478    157   279    65    349    121   100   36    99    26    60    23
     Kent                      0      0     0      0     2      0     0      0     0      0     0      0     0     0     0     0     0     0
     Surrey                    0      0     0      0     0      1     0      0     0      0     0      0     0     0     0     0     0     0
     Northern	Home	Counties   316    139   316    98    236    99    239    102   141    54    189    63    40    17    68    17    41    18
                                                                                                                                                DATED FROM 1 APRIL 2005 TO 31 MARCH 2006

     Midlands                 264    133   294    131   188    75    248    85    117    34    185    85    24    15    44    11    44    17
     Northwest                437    156   374    139   250    114   238    98    153    44    161    67    41     9    63    27    45    17
     Northern		                60    33    119    50     60    32     98    42     52    17     64    28    22    10    21    11    12     7
     Yorkshire	&	Humberside   129    47    127    57     88    25    101    37     63    22     73    21    13     4    17     6    20     2

     Western                  198    63    207    77    202    80    155    51     83    27    172    65    31    15    53    17    22    18
     Eastern                  185    43    158    47    109    34     98    28     92    16     97    26     9     7    25     8    27     8
     Northern	Ireland          1      0     2      1     2      1     5      0     2      0     7      2     0     0     0     0     0     0
     Wales                     0      0     4      1     0      0     0      0     0      0     0      0     0     0     0     0     0     0
     Army                      1      0     1      0     1      1     0      1     4      7     0      0     0     0     0     0     0     0
     Royal	Navy	JA             0      0     0      0     0      0     0      0     0      0     0      0     0     0     0     0     0     0
     R .A .F                   9      3     20     4     12     5     4      1     3      1     3      1     0     0     0     0     0     0
     B .U .J .A                33     6     28     5     25     2     14     6     5      2     8      3     1     1     4     0     0     0
     Police	Athletic	Assoc     14     5     6      3     8      7     10     4     0      0     5      1     1     0     1     0     0     0
     BJA	in	Schools           311    187    89    63     45    21     22     8     4      3     14     0     0     0     0     0     0     0
     Enjoy	Judo                42    10     21     5     0      0     0      0     0      0     0      0     0     0     0     0     0     0
     grand total              2576   992   2444   927   1667   635   1795   639   1022   300   1365   497   283   114   399   126   277   111
     gradIng statIstICs - 10th - 18th mon                                                                                                                                                   APPENDIX 3
                              10th mon   11th mon   12th mon   13th mon   14th mon   15th mon   16th mon   17th mon   18th mon
                                                                                                                                                                       GRADING STATISTICS
     area                     m     f    m     f    m     f    m     f    m     f    m     f    m     f    m     f    m     f

     London                    3    5     4    3     3    1     4    1    2     0    2     0    1     0    3     0    1     0
     Southern                 60    17   42    17   28    4    28    11   20    6    8     5    15    5    3     4    1     0
     Kent                      0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0
     Surrey                    0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0
     Northern	Home	Counties   48    18   28    13   21    14   23    13   9     9    7     8    10    3    2     3    4     0
                                                                                                                                 DATED FROM 1 APRIL 2005 TO 31 MARCH 2006

     Midlands                 35    14   27    13   15    9    24    3    13    4    4     4    12    3    5     2    5     5
     Northwest                29    18   23    13   31    6    26    6    13    5    15    7    3     3    1     2    1     1
     Northern                 19    6     9    6     7    10    9    7    7     3    2     0    5     1    4     3    2     2
     Yorkshire	&	Humberside   17    5     9    1     4    2     6    3    0     4    4     3    1     3    0     3    0     0

     Western                  28    12   27    10   24    14   17    2    8     3    7     2    5     0    1     0    3     1
     Eastern                  22    3    12    4     9    2     8    1    5     1    4     2    0     2    0     0    3     0
     Northern	Ireland          0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0
     Wales                     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0
     Army                      0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0
     Royal	Navy	JA             0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0
     R .A .F                   0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0
     B .U .J .A                0    0     1    0     0    0     0    0    1     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0
     Police	Athletic	Assoc     0    0     0    1     0    0     0    0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0
     BJA	in	Schools            0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0
     Enjoy	Judo                0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0
     grand total              261   98   182   81   142   62   145   47   78   35    53   31    52   20    19   17    20    9
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Annual Report 2005-2006
     gradIng statIstICs - 9th - 1st Kyu                                                                                                                                                    APPENDIX 3
                              9th Kyu    8th Kyu    7th Kyu    6th Kyu    5th Kyu    4th Kyu    3rd Kyu   2nd Kyu     1st Kyu
                                                                                                                                                                      GRADING STATISTICS
     area                     m     f   m      f   m      f   m      f   m      f   m      f   m      f   m     f    m      f

     London                   3     0   12     1    7     0    8     1    7     1    6     2    3     1   10    1    19     2
     Southern                 4     0   45     7   45     6   34     2   19     6   18     8   23     8   27    10   39     9
     Kent                     0     0    0     0    0     0    1     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0     0
     Surrey                   0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0     0
     Northern	Home	Counties   1     1   15     7   38     6   23     5   18     2   16     2   24     3   24    9    39     7
                                                                                                                                DATED FROM 1 APRIL 2005 TO 31 MARCH 2006

     Midlands                 1     0   17     3   29     8   26     1   17     5   16     8   21     4   23    5    28    11
     Northwest                5     3   20     2   25     6   22     5   11     6   23     4   21     4   13    7    26     1
     Northern                 2     1    8     1   11     2   12     1   11     5   13     1    3     1   10    1    10     4
     Yorkshire	&	Humberside   6     1    9     2   16     1   10     0   16     1   11     1    7     1   12    0     5     1

     Western                  1     0   18     2   12     3   10     6    7     5   11     7    9     7   21    6    16     8
     Eastern                  4     0   16     1   11     2    7     3    9     0    7     2    5     1    7    1    10     1
     Northern	Ireland         0     0    1     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0     0
     Wales                    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    1     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0     0
     Army                     1     1    6     1    7     2    4     0    1     0    2     0    3     0    0    0     0     1
     Royal	Navy	JA            0     0    0     0    1     0    0     1    2     1    0     1    0     0    0    0     0     0
     R .A .F                  0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0     0
     B .U .J .A               4     1   15     4   17     6   15     2    6     2   10     4   10     1    5    1    14     2
     Police	Athletic	Assoc    0     0    0     0    1     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0     0
     BJA	in	Schools           0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0     0
     Enjoy	Judo               0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0     0    0    0     0     0
     grand total              32   8    182   33   220   42   172   27   125   34   133   40   129   31   152   41   206   47
                                                                                                                            Annual Report 2005-2006


A	total	of	201(199)	Dan	Grade	promotion	           men                           1 Kyu      1 dan        2 dan         3 dan           4 dan       total
forms	from	89(84)	gradings	was	received	           2000	                          895	       282	            111	         49	           15	        1352
in	2005,	last	years	figures	are	within	the	        2001	                          904	       242	             87	         37	           22	        1292
brackets .		At	four	of	the	gradings	there	were	    2002	                          1035	      325	            135	         58	           25	        1578
only	three	candidates	and	at	one	there	was	        2003	                          979	       288	            124	         55	           26	        1472
only	four .		The	value	of	gradings	such	as	        2004	                          987	       304	            135	         57	           37	        1520
these	could	be	questioned .                        2005	                          1035	      335	            116	         39	           20	        1545

                                                   women                         1 Kyu       1 dan           2 dan        3 dan        4 dan       total
                                                   2000	                          213	            18	          -	           -	           -	         231
                                                   2001	                          207	            13	          -	           -	           -	         220
                                                   2002	                          236	            24	          3	           -	           -	         263
                                                   2003	                          212	            35	          6	           3	           -	         256
                                                   2004	                          276	            30	          3	           1	           -	         310
                                                   2005	                          251	            20	          3	           2	           -	         276

In	2005	there	were	420	(482)	promotions	to	        men - promotion to:             1d       2d          3d           4d          5d           6d     7d    8d
and	within	the	Dan	Grades,	359	(406)	men	and	      By	points	accumulation	        116	       42	        13	          2	          7	           -	      -	   -
61	(76)	women .		Last	year's	figures	are	within	   By	completion	of	line-up	      124	      	28	        7	           3	          3	           -	      -	   -
the	brackets .		The	promotions	were	made	up	       Non-competitive	promotion	       3	       1	         1	           -	           -	          -	      -	   -
as	follows:                                        Competitive	conversion	          1	       5	         1	           -	           -	          -	      -	   -
                                                   Non-competitive	conversion	      1	       -	         1	           -	           -	          -	      -	   -
                                                   Honorary	                           	      	         -	           -	           -	          -	      -	   -

                                                   women - promotion to:           1d       2d          3d           4d          5d           6d     7d    8d
                                                   By	points	accumulation	         24	       5	         -	           1	           -	          -	      -	   -
                                                   By	completion	of	line-up	       26	       -	         -	           -	           -	          -	      -	   -
                                                   Non-competitive	promotion	          -	    1	         -	           -	           -	          -	      -	   -
                                                   Competitive	conversion	          2	       2	         -	           -	           -	          -	      -	   -
                                                   Non-competitive	conversion	         -	    -	         -	           -	           -	          -	      -	   -

                                                   The	freeze	on	non	competitive	promotions		            	           	1st	Kyu	to	1st	Dan		          346
                                                   imposed	at	the	end	of	the	year	affected	the	          	           1
                                                                                                                     	 st	Dan	to	2nd	Dan	            90
                                                   number	of	grades	awarded	in	this	category .           	           2
                                                                                                                     	 nd	Dan	to	3rd	Dan		           32
                                                                                                                     	 rd	Dan	to	4th	Dan	            11
                                                   	                                   	      	          	           4	th	Dan	to	5thDan	             8

                                                   There	was	a	total	of	49	points	scoring	events	received	and	checked .	

                                                   May	I	again	request	Competition	Controllers	and	Senior	Examiners	to	check	grades	at	the	time	of	
                                                   booking	in .		Considerable	trouble	has	been	caused	by	members	entering	under	a	grade	they	have	
                                                   assumed	before	that	grade	has	been	registered .		Any	points	they	may	have	scored	have	been	
                                                   declared	invalid	and	so	equally	have	points	scored	against	them,	this	is	unfair	on	members	and	
                                                   leads	to	a	considerable	amount	of	unnecessary	work	which	is	easily	avoided .		Unfortunately	some	
                                                   members	do	pre-empt	their	grades	and	continue	to	pre-empt	their	grades	unless	their	grade	is	
                                                   checked	at	the	booking	in	point .

                                                                                                                           Densign White
                                                                                                                             Board of

     Please Note:
                                                    Reuben Davidson                Dave Clark             Roy Inman              Brian Davies                Malcolm Limerick             Barry James            Eddie Awford
                                                     Board Member                Board Member           Board Member              Vice Chair                  Board Member               Board Member            Board Member
                                                                                                                               Board of Directors

                                                                                                                                 Chief Executive
                                                                                                                                 Scott McCarthy

     Darker shaded boxes denote VACANT positions.
                                                    Performance                      Membership        Corporate Affairs   Technical Director         Development               Head of            Events             Commercial
                                                      Director                         Director            Director        Andrew Moshanov              Director             Communications       Manager              Manager
                                                    Colin McIver                     Julie Moores        Donald Steel                                 Mark Beecher             Emma Reed       Yvonne Froggett          Jo Duff

             Elite Performance                                Programme              Membership         Bookkeeper          Coaching Officer              Club                                                      Merchandising
                    Coach                                      Manager                  Officer        David Blowfield        Dave Duffy              Development                                                   Sales Manager
                     TBD                                     Dave Sanders           Clare Newman                                                      Karen French                                                        TBD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   APPENDIX 5

                            HP                                Programme              Membership            Secretary        Admin Officer                 Club
                           Coach                             Administrator             Officer         Deidre Heffernan         Nicola                Development

                       Darren Warner                         John Bramall            Brian Slater                           Burlington Hall          Graham Bayley
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    AS OF 31 MARCH 2005

                                   HP                        Start Manager           Membership                                                         Volunteer
                                  Coach                      Rowena Birch              Officer                                                           Manager
                               Kate Howey                                            Garry Ramp                                                       Simon Buttery

                                  HP                       Start Administrator        Membership                                                       Club Links
                                                                                                                                                       Laura Jane
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    BRITISH JUDO STAFF STRUCTURE

                                Coach                        Trevor Sitlinton           Officer
                              Mac Abbotts                                          Leigh-ann Osborne                                                     Adams

                                          HP                                                                                                       Schools Development
                                         Coach                                                                                                            Officer
                                       Diane Bell                                                                                                     Dermot Heslop

                    VI HP                                                                                                         Schools Development          Schools Development
                   Coach                                                                                                              Joyce Malley                 Dave Martin
              Steve Gawthorpe

                                                                                                                                  Schools Development          Schools Development
                                                                                                                                      Wayne Lakin                  Barry Gibson

                                                                                                                                      Schools Coach                   Schools Coach
                                                                                                                                       Mick Green                         TBD

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