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using somone else pictures on facebook?

so my mate is 13 and uses other peoples pictures on facebook BUT NOT UNDER THERE NAME and she started getting adds from the people who she done it
to and her frineds and shes scared the police are gonna get invole dhwat can they actually i mean once photos are on facebook there on there no one owns them
so what can the police actually do?

Asked by Lucy Turner at Aug 10,2011 10:09

No law against it, it's common courtesy to use only you're own pics

Answer from Neil Spencer at Aug 10,2011 10:11

Best answer

The picture you have seen is not really true. You must know your chatter through dialog but not in pictures alone.

Answer from Agus Six at Aug 10,2011 10:14

Actually the photos belong to the person who it is off. When you take a photo you own copyright of it, no matter what. So them people have a right to complain
and ask for the photo to be removed. Besides being made to remove it the police probably wouldn't do anything unless they think your friend is pretending to be
someone they're not and are committing a crime

Answer from Amy at Aug 10,2011 10:14

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