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Urgent urgent ! myspace question?

does anyone know how to get into a myspace that is only viewable by friends ? i really need to know if this person placed exposed pictures of me :( omg please
dont judge just help. i would do the same for ANYONE
ex boyfriend .
no mutual friends

Asked by taylove at Aug 12,2011 18:39

If you have a mutual friend you should just ask them.

Answer from Catherine at Aug 12,2011 18:40

ppl still use myspace smh.

Answer from Michael L at Aug 12,2011 18:41

Best answer

Well you could contact one of their friends and ask if they will give you their login information. Then if there is a violation, notify myspace via email and they will
remove the content.

Answer from andrew lee at Aug 12,2011 18:41


Answer from Brigitte B at Aug 12,2011 18:47

I'm surprised that anybody still uses MySpace anymore. Most of the people I know who had accounts left long ago, either deleting or abandoning them. I left for a
number of reasons. Mostly because of spammers and layout changes, but also because everyone I know uses Facebook instead. It's been over a year since I
accessed my MySpace account, and I'm much happier without it. I would suggest leaving MySpace for Facebook as soon as possible, create an account tonight
if you can! MySpace is dead!

Answer from Stark at Aug 12,2011 19:06

Click on My Stuff, then in the drop down click on Privacy. Then you will see options as to how you want to people to be able to see your page. I'm breaking the link next, so you can copy it, so in case the link doesn't work or doesn't show you can copy
and paste the two parts together, into your address bar of your browser. Just make sure that you have no spaces in the link if you have to copy and paste it into
your browser address bar.

my/settings/account/privacy Also just as an extra step if you haven't done it already, go to his profile and block him, that will prevent any further future contact
from him. To block him click on the little arrow pointing down on the right hand side, and you will see the option to block him from being able to message you. Edit
point; I'm not here to judge but offer help to those who happen to come here looking for answers or offer a direction where users might get help.

Answer from Wendigo at Aug 12,2011 21:58

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