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Too Many Facebook Notifications?

Well, I haven't been on Facebook in a few days, so when I now have 37 notifications. I keep clicking the notifications thingy at the top but it won't come down
because there's too many notifications. How can I get rid of the notifications?

Asked by Samantha Purdy at Aug 15,2011 12:18

I usually try to log in then i log out sometimes that works . But im not so sure .can you answer mine

Answer from Penny Sessions at Aug 15,2011 12:26

Best answer

You can go on 'Account Settings' and then select the option 'Notifications' down the left side and view them that way instead :)

Answer from E♥ at Aug 15,2011 12:27

There's really no way to get rid of the notifications. Just click on the icon. Once you do that, they should go away.

Answer from The Incredible Tim at Aug 15,2011 12:32

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