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On facebook I don't want one person to see my statuses?

Is there a way to block them from seeing my statuses (just one of right now)?
I don't want to/can't block them. they are my family.but they've been getting on me about stuff i post on my statuses (ie. Off to the mall!, Heading to the beach!.)

Asked by MissKayleeBee at Aug 15,2011 01:47

Go to privacy settings and yu can select that one persom from seeing your status or wall postss and so onn .

Answer from Erik Quintanilla at Aug 15,2011 01:48

Next to where you type your status there's a little padlock, click that and you can pick who you want to stop seeing your status :)

Answer from lovehearts at Aug 15,2011 01:49

Yes, you can block them. Just go to their page andyou should have that option. If not, don't be frends with tem and make your security settings to th point where
non- friends can't see your wall.

Answer from Taryn Allen at Aug 15,2011 01:49

Best answer

Yes it is the limited profile. Go to your privacy settings

Answer from Bradley at Aug 15,2011 01:50

Best answer

You go on your account settings and go to wall post or it might be on your privacy settings so try both and then go on customize and type the persons facebook

Answer from Noor Agha at Aug 15,2011 01:50

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