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My youtube account's gone weird?

I tried logging in to my Youtube account just now, and youtube keeps telling me that my user name has already been taken even though I am signed up and
everything. My account isn't even new, I've had it about a year. What's going on? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Asked by Charlotte Marriott at Aug 16,2011 09:58

Best answer

If it says your username has been taking, that means that you are doing it wrong. You may have been in the sign up section instead of the log in. Go to youtube
and click the sign in button instead. If that is not the case, make sure you are using the correct email and password. Youtube makes you log in with google
accounts now. You can no longer sign in using an other system. You must have a google account to log in.

Answer from kylem1229 at Aug 16,2011 11:12

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