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My earphone hole on my laptop is broken?

Last night my sister tried to force her speakers into my earphone hole, and this morning when I tried to put my earphones in they now only go in halfway, and
can't go in anymore. Nothing plays through them when I put them halfway in. Is this something they can fix if I take it to the dell place I got it from? And would it be
expensive to fix?

Asked by Meg at Aug 10,2011 14:02

Would'nt be expensive to fix, £20 at the most ($40). Try forcing them in at different angles, there must be a valid reason why they only go half way in. Give your
sis a slap

Answer from Wombat at Aug 10,2011 14:06

Best answer

They can fix this but it is usually prohibitively expensive. i would buy a usb sound card and use that. it is like a little usb thumb drive with an earphone jack.

Answer from Matt S at Aug 10,2011 14:09

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