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Laptop charger will not stay on?

I have a Toshiba laptop, the charger stop working. It charge the computer for several seconds than the charger goes off. I bought a new charger and it still doing
the same thing.

Asked by Stephany#100 at Aug 10,2011 05:24

Best answer

there may b a loose connection at inside the adapter soo contact service center

Answer from anji rajesh at Aug 10,2011 05:41

where did you buy the new charger? if you bought it off ebay or amazon then the charger is probably the issue since it was so cheaply made. you should look into
getting a new charger if that is the case. if the laptop is able to power on the laptop and the laptop can run for hours without any problems, then the problem is the
charger. if the laptop is unable to turn on then that means the charger is the problem. return the charger and look into getting a new one as soon as possible. if
you end up looking online for a new charger i would personally suggest you visit topmicrousa they are very reliable and have yet to disappoint if you have any
more questions feel free to send me an email and ill be happy to help \(^_^)/

Answer from Jenna Nguyen at Aug 10,2011 19:05

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