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Is there a way to make your Facebook unsearchable to just certain people? ?

Asked by sssssα at Aug 10,2011 22:02

yep, hit the block button on their profile and you'll go poof from facebook to them. it's mutual, though, so you won't be able to search them, either.

Answer from ♥delitebrite at Aug 10,2011 22:03

Go to the certain person's profile and look around for block/report somewhere on the page click it and block them. If you do this they won't see yourr profile and
you can't see theirs.

Answer from Shelby at Aug 10,2011 22:04

Best answer

Yes, go to your settings and put the settings to "Friends of Friends" or as private as you want it to be. You can also block certain people if you don't want them to
see your page. You can limit the areas that can search you and which networks like if you are part of a school, etc. Hope this helps!

Answer from Dimple.xo at Aug 10,2011 22:04

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