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im not sure if my usb has a virus?

so a couple months ago my laptop had got a bunch of virus's and i had plugged my usb up to the laptop to see if it would still work. i had lost the usb for a while
and just found it and i want to put it in my laptop but im scared it might put virus"s on it again the usb currently wont work so i was going to format it so im
wondering if i should go to a library to format it and not risk my laptops safety
if i plug the usb into the laptop to sweep it or scan it will virus get transfered to my laptop

Asked by Mr.Miyagi94 at Aug 13,2011 01:24

Best answer

you could put it in and just erase your hard drive and have back up discs for everything

Answer from Sawce Boss at Aug 13,2011 01:26

A virus that would spread like that is likely to be hidden as an executable file so look through all of your files for suspicious .exe, .jar or .bat files. There are more
but these are most common. It is quite unlikely you have a virus on your USB but if you're really worried then you could back up all of the files you can't
redownload and format it. This would definitely wipe the USB but there is a chance you would put the virus file back if it was a file that you backed up. You could
always just do a virus scan of your removable drive.

Answer from Luke at Aug 13,2011 01:38

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