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                                         BRIng Recycling’s

               news You Can Use and Reuse | Vol. 18, no. 1 WInTER 2009

                                                                                               create a healthier world. So, yes, continue    We have answers, practical tips and lots
                                                                                               to recycle. Follow the guidelines from         of resources to help you reduce waste
                                                                                               your hauler, because the cleaner and bet-      up front so you don’t need to recycle as
                                                                                               ter prepared your recyclables, the more        much. For instance, a ream of paper lasts
                                                                                               value they have. The economic downturn         a whole lot longer and is far more cost
                                                                                               will change the world of recycling, just       effective when you use both sides. Who
                                                                                               as it has the financial and auto industries.   says an envelope can only be used once?
                                                                                               This change brings opportunities as well       Have you seen how local artist Laura
                                                                                               as hard times, and we have a golden            Taylor turns old light bulbs into sparkling
                                                                                               opportunity to make Reduce, Reuse and          Christmas tree ornaments? BRING’s
                                                                                               Rethink as much a part of everyday life as     reuse warehouse is a treasure trove of
                                                                                               recycling. Now’s the time to reduce waste      items that you can use as is or repurpose.
                                                                                               by preventing it upfront, to reuse materi-     A broken wood ladder can become a trel-
                                                                                               als and products that already exist and to     lis. Shower doors can become walls for
                                                                                               rethink how we use, reuse and dispose of       a greenhouse. We love to talk reuse, so
                                                                                               resources. And BRING is here to help!          come in and explore, let your imagination
                                                                                                 There are thousands of easy ways to          romp, and get more ideas from our staff
                                                                                               reduce and reuse at home and at work.          or share your ideas with us.
                                                                                               Does junk mail annoy you? Does excess             Happy Reuse Year!
                                                                                               packaging get your goat? We can help.
Cycling to recycle.

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                            rahm emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff
                                                                                                 demonstration booths galore!

        es, what you’ve heard is true:          meet code, sinks with dents or rust,             Interested in Deconstruction?
        recycling is in crisis. Markets         burned through barbecues and rusted              Come see BRING’s Decon-
        for recycled commodities—the            bicycles. We’re still able to market them,       struction Manager Brandon
papers, cans and bottles we faithfully          but for a fraction of the price. Thankfully      Petitti speak about it at noon on
send to their reincarnation—are notori-         we’re not totally dependent on recycling         Sunday. Admission is free, and
ously volatile. A graph tracking cor-           for revenue; we also earn money resell-          please bring a can of food to
rugated cardboard prices over the last          ing materials for reuse, but the current         help out Food for Lane County.
decade looks like a child’s drawing of          situation has necessitated some serious          Where: Lane County
ocean waves. But volatile doesn’t begin         belt tightening. However, we’re in a better             Convention Center
to describe the freefall that has occurred      position than many. Our diverse income
recently. After many months of record           stream allows us to continue fulfilling our      When: January 23rd – 25th
highs, prices have tanked, and in some          mission to ‘help people understand how                 Friday      5pm – 9pm
cases, markets have evaporated. Given           the stuff we use shapes the planet                     Saturday 10am – 8pm
the gloomy economic outlook in China,           we share.’                                             Sunday      10am – 5pm
Europe and the U.S, those markets                  In our last edition of Used News, we
don’t show any signs of bouncing back           shared eye opening new data from the
in the near future. In some communities         EPA showing that the production of             BRING Partners
recyclable commodities are being ware-          “stuff”, that is, consumer goods, contrib-     with GEARs!
housed for storage, and in some, collec-        utes about 50% of the greenhouse gas
tion of material is being reduced. In Lane      emissions in the US. Now, with crashing           Join GEARs and receive 10% off at
County, recyclables are still moving, but       recycling markets, people are wondering        BRING when you haul your items by
the prices they fetch are very low.             what will happen to recyclers if we don’t      bike. GEARs, the Greater Eugene Area
   The world economic slowdown has hit          keep buying more stuff. While recyclers        Riders, is a non-profit group dedicated to
recyclers, and hit hard. When people            are facing tough times, a trip to the mall     promoting bicycling for both recreation
don’t buy new goods, manufacturers don’t        is not the answer. Neither is turning our      and transportation. The group coordi-
need recycled plastic and metal to fabri-       backs on recycling.                            nates weekly rides, provides safety and
cate them, recycled cardboard to package           We hate to say it (okay, we love to say     skill workshops and works to enhance the
                                                                                               bicycle culture in Eugene. By becoming a
them or paper to invoice them. This is
putting the squeeze on many local busi-
                                                it) but in this topsy-turvy new world,
                                                Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink are         member you reap the benefits of discounts           Inside This Issue
nesses and non profits, including us. We        more important than ever. The four R’s         at local bike shops and area businesses. To         1 Recycling Meltdown
usually earn a nice chunk of our operat-        are a recipe, and just as you would not        become a member or to view a full list of           1 Good Earth Home Show
ing income from the sale of scrap metal:        leave flour out of a cake, no R should be      events and participating businesses go to
                                                                                                                                                   1 GEAR’s
aluminum frame windows that no longer           omitted – we need all four ingredients to
                                                                                                                                                   2 Letter from the Director
                                                                                                                                                   2 New Board Member
                                                                                                                                                   2 Introducing our Board Scholar
BRING Recycling                                 Please read, reuse and recycle this newsletter.
                                                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.            3 Capital Campaign and Donor List
4446 Franklin Blvd.                                                                                                     U.S. Postage               4 Legislative Updates
Eugene OR 97403-2437                                                                                                    PAID                       4 Rain Cycle
                                                                                                                        Eugene, OR                 5 Reuse and Recycling in Lane County
Return Service Requested                                                                                                Permit No. 24
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2 BRIng Recycling Used News | Winter 2009

                                                                 letter from the director
                                                                    We’ve focused this issue of UsedNews on change, and            a tangible sign of global warming. My mother reports
                                                                 there’s nothing like the New Year to get the ball roll-           that for the past few summers they’ve had a hose ban.
                                                                 ing. Last January, I wrote about some lifestyle changes I         Despite England’s soggy reputation, it rains less here
                                                                 wanted to make. I printed out my goals and stuck them             now, and many more people need water as the population
                                                                 on the wall in my office. Bingo! It worked! Seeing them           increases.
  Vol. 18, No. 1 wINTER 2009                                     each day kept them on my mind, and I managed to keep                 Seeing the effect of global warming on my homeland
  Comments and inquiries may be directed to:                     two out of three—going paperless for all my bills and             reinforces how important it is for organizations like
  Used News, BRING Recycling                                     traveling by bus, bike or foot for most                                                          BRING to help all of us learn
  4446 franklin Blvd., eugene, or 97403-2437                     trips.                                                                                           how to “do more with less.”
  Phone: (541) 746-3023 • Fax: (541) 726-9894
  e-mail:                                   A paperless statement with automatic                                                          With a slowing economy, the
  web address:                            payment is a dream come true for a                                                               need to make the best use of
                                                                 busy person like me. Once you’ve set it                                                          our resources—both financial
  BRING’S MISSIoN:                                               up, it’s a breeze. You can relax knowing                                                         and natural—is greater than
  Helping people understand how the stuff we use shapes          your bills are paid on time, and you’re                                                          ever. The Planet Improve-
  the planet we share.                                           saving paper and energy. It’s a small                                                            ment Center is a wonder-
                                                                 but satisfying step, and if hundreds of                                                          fully successful example of
  STAff                                                          people do it, the environmental savings                                                          how a community working
  Tony averett, Deconstruction                                   really add up.                                                                                   together can create practical
  Kara Brinkman, admin. assistant
  Judy Bryant, financial Manager
                                                                    Making the change to an (almost)                                                              solutions and help to change
  allen Burton, glenwood                                         car-free life turned out not to be the                                                           the future. As you can see
  Tess chase, cashier                                            great big deal I expected. I always                                                              on page 3 of this issue, more
  Damien czech, facilities Manager                               thought of bike commuters as hardy,                                                              than 800 individuals and
  Julie Daniel, Executive Director
  Tammy Daugherty, warehouse assistant Manager                   super-fit types who wore lots of span-                                                           businesses have joined in
  salvador garcia, glenwood                                      dex – not middle-aged women like me                                                              our effort to build the Planet
  larry levinson, retail Business Manager                        who loathe going to the gym and wear “business casual”            Improvement Center. We’re starting on the home stretch!
  Debrah Pate, glenwood
  Brandon Petitti, Deconstruction Manager                        attire. Though I’ve always ridden a bike for pleasure and         If you haven’t yet added your name to the list, we invite
  Michele Piastro, Volunteer coordinator                         occasional errands, I’d never considered using it as my           you to join us.
  colby ramsey, warehouse                                        primary transport. It is now, and I’m really enjoying it.            We’re anxious to finish the Center as soon as possible
  erik rhay, glenwood                                               I’ve discovered that biking to work fills several needs at     so we can focus on doing what we do best – providing
  Jay ritcher, warehouse
  Brian sears, glenwood                                          once—a truly energy-saving, sustainable solution. I get           education and opportunities for people to reduce, reuse,
  sonja snyder, campaign Director                                lots of fresh air and exercise; it’s often faster than driving;   recycle and rethink. In Phase 2, we’ll develop the entire
  carolyn stein, education Director (interim)                    and I never have to search for convenient parking. Biking         back half of the site, significantly increasing our capac-
  Dale stepp, warehouse
  John Tyler, warehouse                                          makes for a more relaxed transition between home and              ity. We have a big task ahead of us, but as we’ve already
  sherry Tillett, cashier                                        work and gives me time to reflect and enjoy the outdoors.         proven, when many people act together, we can create the
  chris walklin, warehouse assistant Manager                     I don’t even mind the rain that much, though we’ll see if         change we wish to see.
  leisha wood, education Director (interim)
                                                                 I still say that by winter’s end. I’m surprised by how much                                                        – Julie Daniel
                                                                 money I’m saving.
  BoARd of dIRECToRS
                                                                    I’m writing this letter in Shoreham, a town on the
  evelyn anderton, Past President
  Dave castillo
                                                                 south coast of England where I spent much of my                        “Only I can change my life.
  carla orcutt, secretary                                        childhood. The effects of climate change are very obvious
  noreen franz-Hovis                                             here. I can see snowy egrets and palm trees from my                     No one can do it for me.”
  chris Halaska, Ph.D.                                           mother’s windows, species I never saw as a child. Both
  ian Hill                                                                                                                                                   Carol Burnett
  carole Knapel                                                  have gradually moved their range north from Spain,
  colin lamb, Board scholar
  Ken Maddox, President
  gail newton, Treasurer
  carla orcutt
  Peter reppe
  emily shack
                                                                 New faces on the                                                                fall General fund donors
                                                                                                                                                      Bob and Barbara edmunds
  april snell, Vice President
  eli Volem
  annie Vrijmoet
                                                                 BRING Board                                                                        l
                                                                                                                                                             ruth eveland
                                                                                                                                                    lost Valley educational center
                                                                   We’re delighted to welcome Eli Volem and Colin Lamb                              Diana Zelaya and Mark Mann
  Design by cindy Parks                                          to BRING’s board of directors. Eli grew up in Eugene,                               fall In-Kind donors
  Printed on 40% post consumer paper, low/no Voc soy inks.
                                                                 earning a BA in International Studies and an MBA                                              Consulting
                                                                 emphasizing entrepreneurship and sustainable business                                  scott Pope, sustainable
                                                                 from the University of                                                                  wealth Management
                                                                                                                                                Bill Bradbury/Climate Change Event
                                                                 Oregon. He works as a
  Services Provided by                                           Green Building Consultant
                                                                                                                                                       eye Beam event services
                                                                                                                                                         first christian church
  BRING Recycling                                                with Earth Advantage, Inc.,                                                              Capstone Project
                                                                 helping residential home                                                                     annah James
  REuSE of BuIldING MATERIAlS:                                   builders construct and mar-                                                            springfield High school
  The Bring warehouse, located at 4446 franklin Blvd.                                                                                                 water Brothers construction
  in glenwood, sells used building materials, bicycles,          ket more energy efficient,                                                                Gallery Postcard
  lawnmowers, canning jars, windows, doors, sinks, plumbing      sustainable homes. Eli’s                                                               shelton-Turnbull Printers
  fixtures and much, much more. We offer disposal of             involvement with BRING                                                                     Vrijmoet Design
  unwanted—yet still reusable—material from remodels,
  construction projects, garage clean outs, etc.                 goes back to his student
                                                                 days when he served as
  Bring provides workshops, activities and presentations
                                                                 an intern to director Julie
                                                                 Daniel. We’ll be putting
                                                                                                                                   ArtChics “do the
  to groups of all ages throughout the county. each year, the
  education program reaches well over 15,000 individuals with
  the reduce, reuse, recycle message.
                                                                 his business and eco savvy to good use on the board. Colin
                                                                 comes to us via the University of Oregon’s Non Profit
                                                                                                                                   write Thing” Again!
                                                                 Management Scholar on Board program, which gives                    The ArtChics, a group of 10 women artists, donated
  dECoNSTRuCTIoN:                                                students earning the non profit management certificate an         their time and talent to create another successful fund-
  Bring is fully licensed and bonded to assist with
  the removal of unwanted structures. from carports to                                                  opportunity to work        raiser for BRING, with the fourth annual “Do the Write
  commercial buildings, deconstruction retains highest                                                  with a community           Thing” card and art sale, held on November 7-8. Proceeds
  reusable value, reduces pollution and conserves energy and                                            non profit as a board      go toward building the Planet Improvement Center.
  natural resources for our community.                                                                                               Our heartfelt thanks to all the ‘Chics:
                                                                                                        intern. Colin is new
  RECyClING, CollECTIoN ANd PRoCESSING:                                                                 to Eugene, having              Dena Amend
  Bring is contracted to process materials collected at the                                             moved here from                Mija Andrade
  lane county central receiving station. we coordinate                                                  Colorado where he              Georgeanne Cooper
  special recycling and waste reduction events such as
  compost bin sales. our staff work to develop new recycling
                                                                                                        worked in the wine             Deborah Dailey
  programs for new materials.                                                                           industry. He’s doing           Keiko Hirono
                                                                                                        his Masters in Public          Mari Livie
  INfoRMATIoN:                                                                                          Administration at
  Bring maintains a video and print library of recycling                                                                               Mary Beth Llorens
  information and trade journals. we are happy to answer
                                                                                                        the University of              Charissa Black McKay
  questions and assist with research. Used News is a quarterly   Oregon, focusing on environmental and renewable energy                Tylar Merrill
  newsletter published by Bring recycling, a nonprofit           policy and is also interning at the University’s Institute of         Linda Sherman
  organization serving lane county since 1971.                   Sustainable Development. Welcome Eli and Colin!                       Linda Williamson

                                                                             For a free subscription to this newsletter, contact us at (541) 746-3023.

                                                                                For a waste-free electronic subscription, send an email request to
                                                                                                                                                                                      BRIng Recycling Used News | Winter 2009                                       3

Capital Campaign update
                                                                                                                                Planet Improvement Center
 RAISED TO DATE: $1,960,000

 WHAT: The Planet improvement center is Bring’s
 new home in glenwood, blending reuse sales
 with hands-on education and demonstrations of
 sustainable building practices.

 WHERE: 4446 franklin Blvd. in glenwood.

  Architect: TBg architects and Planners
  Civil Engineer: Balzhiser and Hubbard
  Structural Engineer: Hohbach-lewin
  Landscape Architect: Phase 1, Kate Mcgee;
  Phase 2, carol schirmer/schirmer
  and associales

 PHASE 2 GOAL: $1.9 million

   Help Complete the Vision:
     Phase 2 increases our capacity to process
   materials and reduce waste by making full use of
   our new facility. Here’s how you can help:
     1) Make a donation or pledge using the                                                                                                      Completing the Vision
        enclosed envelope.
     2) Donate online at and                                       In Phase 2 (left of dotted line), we’ll develop the back half of the site, adding a
        click on “contribute.”
     3) Donate by phone at 746-3023.                                                     second sales pavilion, maintenance shop, materials processing shop, bioswale
     4) Make payments by electronic                                                            and paving. Demonstration gardens, interpretive signs, and artwork
        fund transfer.
     for more information call 746-3023.                                                                          will complete the transformation.

                                 Thank you for Helping us Build the Planet Improvement Center!
                                                                                         Donors contributing through December 5, 2008
RETHINKERS ($250,000+)                       Pacific continental Bank                     John lawless and lori Macedone                  Jan wulling                               Holly and J. norton cabell                linda eaton
gray family fund of the oregon               Rex Foundation                               nena lovinger and robert emmons                 anonymous (6)                             frank calciano                            Karin edla
 community foundation                        sanipac                                      lunar logic, inc.                                                                         andrea callahan                           Barbara edmonds
                                                                                                                                          in Memory of
REFORMERS ($100,000+)                        siuslaw financial group                      Ken and George Maddox                                                                     cameron Mccarthy gilbert                  Bob and Barbara edmunds
                                                                                                                                          nancy Mccroskey Hayward
 lane county Board of commissioners          springfield creamery                         Deb and Joe Mailander                                                                       and scheibe landscape architects llP    David edrington and B.K. robinson
                                                                                                                                          ruth Miller and Dick Hayward
 Meyer Memorial Trust                        rose e. Tucker charitable Trust              Kate Mcgee                                                                                robert canaga                             sharon edwards
                                                                                                                                          Mary Hayward Jensen
 M. J. Murdock charitable Trust              Tykeson family charitable Trust              greg Mclauchlan and linda fuller                                                          gaylene carpenter                         Debra ehrman
                                                                                                                                          Tom Hayward
 Marion sweeney, Kate and cama laue          Umpqua Bank                                  gretchen Miller and sarah Hendrickson,                                                    george and fanny carroll                  Kaethlyn and Jerry elliott
                                                                                                                                          carey and Denny Mcnally
                                             U.s. Bank                                      in honor of Margaret J. and Paul a. Miller                                              Terry and anne carter                     gene and Barbara emge
RESTORERS ($50,000+)                                                                                                                        and Tricia Hayward
                                             Vik construction                             Patricia Moore                                                                            lisa cassidy                              anita engiles
 Tom and Kris Bowerman fund                  woodard family foundation                    Michael Mooser                                 RECYCLERS (up to $999)                     robert and rose Marie cassidy             audrey erickson
   of the oregon community foundation                                                     Paul nicholson and Virginia lo, in honor        Dave ackerman                             Kenar charkoudian                         Essex General Construction, Inc.
 collins foundation                         REUSERS ($1,000+)
                                                                                            of auntie yang and the yang family            richard ahrens                            Pete chism                                Diane etzwiler and rob Thallon
 edwards Mother earth foundation             Tom agamenoni
                                                                                          laura niles and robert Benedict                 David allaway                             Bill cirino                               nancy eyster
 Jerry’s Home improvement center             gil and laura avery
                                                                                          Deborah noble                                   american concrete cutting                 robert and annabel clark                  fawn creek glass
 The Kresge foundation                       chuck Bader and lois safdie
                                                                                          John norrena                                    frank and Dorothy anderson                george and Brenda clarke                  gary and Deanna feldman
 spirit Mountain community fund              steven Baker
                                                                                          Mary and Bob o’Brien                            cheryl anson                              nancy and scott clarke                    Joseph fenech
 Don and Dolly woolley                       Ted and Marie Baker
                                                                                          o’callaghan family foundation                   aqua serene                               nicole, Kevin and Kari clarke             Doug and Trisha ferguson
                                             ruth and John Bascom
                                                                                          carla orcutt                                    sue archbald                              Michael cockram                           ferguson enterprises
RENEWERS ($25,000+)                          Thomas H. and sarah K. Bascom fund
                                                                                          oregon community foundation                     ame arden                                 adam cole                                 Margot fetz
 Beverage recyclers of oregon:                 of the oregon community foundation
                                                                                          oregon country fair                             Jill Bagalso                              stanton and Joan cook                     Julie fischer
  columbia Distributing co.                  rudy Berg
                                                                                          organically grown co.                           chuck and gwen Bailey                     James coons and Mary nuwer                Jane and latham flanagan
  Mt. Hood Beverage co.                      ross Bondurant
                                                                                          Penny Palmer and Jan Becker                     roger Bailey                              frances cooper                            arlys flattum
  Pepsi cola Bottling co. of eugene          roberta and Tim Boyden
                                                                                          cynthia Pappas and george grier                 Jeff Baldwin                              Terry and lynne copperman                 flavio and gary’s Quiznos sub
  Premier Distributing inc.                  Doug Brown and annie fulkerson
                                                                                          Paul’s Bicycle way of life                      roanne Bank                               gary cornelius                            forrest Paint
  western Beverage co.                       The Burgdorfer family
                                                                                          Pfs Med                                         Tom and Patti Barkin                      elaine Twigg cornett and Zane cornett     rachel foster
 Michael and Katherine coughlin              Burley Design cooperative
                                                                                          Jack and Janis Piper                            M. B. Barlow                              Deborah coulthard,                        linda frederick
 UsDa forest service                         Dave castillo
                                                                                          susan Polchert and stephen Mcgirr               Beverly Barr                                in honor of lorraine Boose              Don french
 weyerhaeuser company foundation             robert castleberry and Joyce Thomas
                                                                                          Presentation Design group                       Jeanne and Kenny Barr                     sally cowan                               Karen french
                                             liz and neil cawood
REBUILDERS ($10,000+)                                                                     floyd and suzi Prozanski                        Barbara Bateman                           Mary and Brian Cox                        susan levine friedman
                                             Timothy and Joan conley
 evelyn anderton and Janet anderson                                                       r.w. family fund of                             Jan Beardsley                             Martie crist                              Janette friel
                                             Joan and Marvin cypress
 fred and sandra austin, in honor of                                                        the oregon community foundation               friends of Jon Belcher and Peggy whelan   Alex and Diana Cuyler                     earl and sally fullerton
                                             Julie Daniel
   Dr. roberta Boyden                                                                     rainbow Valley Design & construction            larry and Peggy Bellinger                 Dandy Printing                            David and Duane funk
                                             Bill and Julianne Deskin
 Philip and florence Barnhart fund                                                        James and ginevra ralph                         Max and Vicki Beninga                     laoni Davis                               steve gab and Hillery Kyablue
                                             Dex Media East, LLC
   of the oregon community foundation                                                     anna raphaelidis                                Dr. M. Jeanine Bennett                    lydia Deane                               richard and Judith gabriel
                                             sherri and Keith Dow
 chambers family foundation                                                               Peter reppe and ann Kneeland                    Margaret Keyes Bennett                    Marie Deatherage                          nancy gallagher and Kathleen smith
                                             eugene rainwater
 coquille Tribal community fund                                                           Rexius                                          Peter and Dorothy Bergquist               linda Decaccia                            gordon gallic
                                             farwest steel
 eugene water and electric Board                                                          John reynolds                                   Bergsund Delaney architects               colleen Dechiara                          Paul garrick and lyn gilman-garrick
                                             Don and laurel fisher
 ann cahill fidanque                                                                      lance and sarah robertson                       Bgleason Design and illustrations         Peter Defazio and Myrnie Daut             Jerry and carol garringer
                                             anne forrestel
 Jack gray and Mary Jo wade                                                               Dan robinson                                    Tony Biglan and georgia layton            Barbara Dellenback and David ouellette    Judy gault
                                             nathaline frener
 charles and Deborah larson                                                               royal refuse                                    Jeff and Jana Black                       robert Despain                            sara geddes
                                             funk/levis and associates
 libertyBank                                                                              Ken sandusky                                    enga Bloom                                alain Despatie                            Heidi gerson
                                             gale roberts company
 gail newton                                                                              satre and associates                            caroline Boekelheide                      steven and elizabeth Deutsch              craig gibons
                                             randy and suzanne garitty
 northwest Door and sash                                                                  roger schaljo and Janise augur                  shawn and Melva Boles                     David DeVore                              liz gimenez and russ Bowman
                                             Kathy ging
 oregon watershed enhancement Board                                                       aaron shonk                                     John and Betsy Borchardt                  Barbara Dewey                             nancy golden
                                             Mary globus and gary Harris
 The roberts foundation                                                                   Marty w. and Mary lou smith                     Bob and Merle Bottge                      abigail Deyoung, rohan Theiss and         sue goldish
                                             good company
 Jim and Barbara sly                                                                      sonja and Bill snyder                           Deb Brewer, in memory of Joan saries        laura Theiss in honor of Julie Daniel   Hannah and Dan goldrich
                                             chris Halaska
 sustainable wealth Management                                                            Bobbye sorrels                                  Beth Bridges                              alan Dickman                              Bill goldsmith and Pearl wolfe
                                             Terrell Halaska,
 TBg architects and Planners inc.                                                         sperling foundation                             richard and sally Briggs                  Wendy Dixson                              cheryl good
                                               in honor of chris Halaska
 cary Thompson and Joan Kleban                                                            Molly and Jonathan stafford                     william a. Brigham construction           annie Dochnahl                            Barbara graham
 anonymous                                                                                states industries                               James l. Brock                            Kathie Dolan                              Kitson and Peter graham,
                                             nancy Hamren in honor of
                                                                                          staton companies                                ruby Brockett                             Kathrine Domingo                           as a gift to lana lindstrom
REDUCERS ($5,000+)                             Bring workers and board
                                                                                          Mike sullivan                                   Brookrod                                  christine Donahue                         Jeff and Julie greenwald
 Mabel armstrong                             James P. and e. nadine Harrang
                                                                                          sumo sushi                                      Brown contracting, inc.                   Maggie Donahue                            Pete gribskov and laurie
 artchics                                    rosaria Haugland
                                                                                          Think electric                                  Bonnie Brown                              David Donielson and Heather Henderson      swanson gribskov
 Balzhiser and Hubbard engineers             John Hire
                                                                                          Tyree oil, inc.                                 richard Brown in honor of                 Bob Doppelt and Peg Bloom                 Melinda grier and Jerry lidz
 Mel Bankoff and Meg Blanchet                Hohbach-lewin, inc.
                                                                                          rick Varnum and Denise Jessup                      Deb Mailander                          laurie Doscher                            sarah grimm and Brian fuller
 robin and roger Best                        noreen franz-Hovis and scott Hovis
                                                                                          Peter and Josephine von Hippel                  rosalie Brown                             Jim and Dottie Dougher,                   Margaret guitteau
 lew Bowers and susan fries                  Jane and David Huntington
                                                                                          annie Vrijmoet                                  Terri Brown                                in memory of alice soderwall             annette gurdjian and Dennis clay,
 Bill and lynn Buskirk                       Jerry Joffe and Pat Broderick
                                                                                          Todd walcott                                    warren and grete Brown                    Down to earth                              in honor of antranik gurdjian
 Doug clark and shelley winship              art and anita Johnson
                                                                                          wells fargo Bank                                Dan and Judy Bryant                       Marlene Drescher                          Habitats, inc.
 audrey garrett and craig seidman            John and sherold Kaib
                                                                                          James and sally weston                          Julie Bryant and Bill roach               claire and ort Dross                      Hannelore Hagen
 Hamilton construction company               Karyn Kaplan
                                                                                          Pam whyte and ron saylor                        Builders electric                         Jimi Duke
 lora and Martin Kelley family foundation    alice Kaseberg and rob Bowie
                                                                                          Kathi wiederhold and Kent Howe                  Mary Mccauley Burrows                     Barbara Dumesnil
 Bill Klupenger                              Morris P. Kielty general contractor, inc.
                                                                                          Betsy wolfston                                  Diana Bus                                 larry and sandie Dunlap
 chris Meeker and erika leaf                 nowell King and erik fisher
                                             lane county cultural coalition
                                                                                          susan wolling                                   william Byrd                              earth Day artists                         Continued on page 4
 Monaco coach corp.
4 BRIng Recycling Used News | Winter 2009

legislative updates: It’s the law, Baby!
l                                                                                                                         Rain Cycle
                                                                                                                          Is biking in the rain this winter feeling a bit
E-waste Mandate                                                                                                           daunting? Here are a few tips to keep you dry.
   Beginning January 1, 2009 Oregon will join 10 other states when our very own e-waste
                                                                                                                          n Fenders, Fenders, Fenders! Full-size fend-
law takes effect. Oregon E-Cycles is a statewide program, financed by manufacturers, that
                                                                                                                            ers front and back will keep your legs and rear
provides responsible recycling of unwanted computers, monitors and televisions. That means
                                                                                                                            mud-free and considerably drier.
                                     that individuals, small businesses, households and non-
                                     profits can recycle seven or fewer items at a time for no                            n Raingear! There are a lot of options avail-
                                     charge at participating collection sites. That’s great news.                           able to you, and they range from very cheap to
                                        Old electronics are piling up at an alarming rate and                               very expensive. If you are not sure yet about
                                     Oregonians have millions of pounds of computer moni-                                   your dedication to riding in the rain, do not go
                                     tors and televisions stored in their homes and garages.                                out and spend a bunch of money. With good
                                     With no-cost recycling available, the valuable materials                               fenders, your regular rain coat and a pair of
                                     contained in electronics such as copper, gold and                                      rain pants will keep you dry. As you develop
                                     aluminum can be recovered, lessening the need for the                                  a hankering for wet-weather riding, you may
                                     extraction of new materials. Recycling also keeps the                                  want to invest in more breathable rain-gear so
toxic substances found in electronics such as lead, cadmium, and mercury out of our land-                                   that the downpour doesn’t occur both inside
fills and incinerators. Stricter controls will also take effect on January 1, 2010 when the                                 and outside your clothes. Ponchos are a good and inexpensive choice for breathability,
disposal of unwanted electronics in landfills will be prohibited in the state.                                              while expensive Gore-Tex will be warmer. Gaiters (leg and foot coverings), while not
                                                                                                                            cheap, can be indispensable in preventing saturated shoes and shins.
For more information on e-cycling                                                                                         n Slow down! Braking takes longer in the rain, and the safest way not to misjudge how
   DEQ’s Oregon E-Cycles Web site is your best source for information, including collec-                                    quickly you can stop, and retain your ability to respond to possible accident scenarios,
tion sites, fact sheets, the full text of Oregon’s Electronics Recycling Law, and a sign-up for                             is to ride slower. This will also help you to maintain a lower body temperature and
periodic e-mails about the program:                                         keep you from sweating underneath all that rain gear.
   In Lane County, televisions, computers, monitors and laptops will be collected at the
                                                                                                                          n Avoid puddles and wet leaves. Puddles can hide all sorts of ills and are often deeper
following transfer sites: Glenwood, Vida, Veneta, Florence, and Cottage Grove. These
                                                                                                                            than they appear, while leaves are slippery and treacherous.
items and more are also collected at Next Step Recycling, located at 2101 W. 10th in
Eugene. For more information about hours and services, visit                                   n Goggles or helmets with visors really improve visibility, and if you find yourself strug-
                                                                                                                            gling to see with rain drops in your eyes, this is a simple solution.
Bottle Bill                                                                                                               n Visibility!! Just as it is harder for you to see in the rain, it is harder for drivers too.
  The Oregon Bottle Bill of 1971 was the first container deposit legislation adopted in                                     Make it easier and safer by having proper bike lights, wearing a bright colored safety
the United States. The Bill required that all carbonated beverage containers be returnable                                  vest and adhering reflective tape to backpacks and carriers.
in Oregon with a minimum refund fee. This year the landmark legislation will add water
                                                                                                                            The most important thing to remember is that, like walking and driving, biking in the
bottles to the deposit law.
                                                                                                                          rain is different than in dry weather and carries with it different hazards and joys. Give
  Currently, only 32% of water bottles are recycled in the state. In 2005, Oregonians
                                                                                                                          yourself time to learn these cautiously and slowly, taking extra time with your commute
threw a whopping 125 million water bottles into the trash. Adding water bottles to the
                                                                                                                          and doing a few “practice runs” when you don’t actually need to be anywhere. That way
refund program will encourage recycling, help conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gas
                                                                                                                          you will be able to proceed safely and confidently. Enjoy!
emissions and reduce solid waste and littering.

  Capital Campaign donors continued…
  eldon Haines and linda rose,            Karen and Jeff Kline                   Jeffrey and Marcia Mitchell              Donna riddle                             Barry smith                               David west
    in honor of Jan Dymond                Kirk Kneeland and linda ague           Johanna Mitchell                         Mike riley                               Hazel smith                               edmund weston
  Michal Haller                           stana Knez                             nadine Mitchell                          ernest and Jane rimerman                 KJ smith assoc. Marketing                 Peggy whelan
  rob Handy                               renae and Don Knight                   richard Mitchell and Denice goodheart    Paula rini                               Timothy smith and Kenton Kullby           izzy whetsine
  l aurel K. Hanley                       Carolyn Knox and John Bergland         sheldon Mittleman,                       rising Moon organics                     solarc architecture & engineering         nancy whitfield
  Philip Hanna                            Jim Kocher                               in memory of ethel Mittleman           eliza roaring springs,                   solonsky Trust                            Victoria a . whitman
  william and Martha Harris               george and c ynthia Kokis,             David Monk                                  in honor of the marriage of           Michael and carman souther                Kurt Willcox
  Holly Hartmann                             as a gift to Kallee Davisson        Pamela and rick Moon                        annie Dochnahl and roger Bailey       Marta spangler                            John and Hannah wilson
  Barbara Hasbrouck                       esther Konop                           carolyn Moran                            Martha roberts                           Jack spaulding                            sue wineland and charles spencer
  allison Hassler and John Bennington     ed and Barbara Kousky                  John Moriarty and Kit Kirkpatrick        Larry Robidoux and Thelma Soderquist     Jeri stark                                                   infree-a
                                                                                                                                                                                                             robin and Mark winfree-andrew
  Patricia Hathaway                       Barbara and stanley Kull               Judy Moseley                             Dan and Kay robinhold                    Jim and nancy stark                       Jeff and nancy wing
  ralph Hatleberg                         frank and Mary l acy                   Mary and rick Mowday                     Janet robyns and george Jones            Jeremy starr                              Bob winship and Mary gorjance
  louise Hayes                            gordon l afer                          eleanor Mulder                           Jo rodgers and Ted Purdy                 lynn stearney and Jonathan Jost           David wollner
  indra and stanley Hayworth              sabin l amson and Bev Holman           Jane Murphy                              Bill and Mary ann rodgers                l aura and rich stevenson                 Kenneth and Mary wong
  Heartwood carving inc                   l ane Transit District                 Jean Murphy                              Thomas and linda roe                     carol stineman and greg Howarth           warren wong
  george Hecht                               commuter solutions                  Karen Murphy and charles Tebbutt         Julie rogers,                                     traub-s
                                                                                                                                                                   Jane straub- stanley                      connie and Harry wonham
  Kathryn Heerema                         Harold and adrienne l annom            Brad and sally Myers                        in memory of connie Brown             Hugh stump                                Marianne wood
  sloan Heermance                         Dianna l arsen                         James nakadate                           M.n. rogers
                                                                                                                          M.n                                      Kathleen sullivan                         ronald J. wood
  richard Heil and Kay gidley             richard l arson and Barbara cowan      Jean names, in honor of annie Vrijmoet   anna lyons roost                         Donna and norman sundberg                       Danburg-w
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mark Danburg-wyld and Jennifer wyld
  shirley Henderson                       gaelen l aue                           Michele neal and Bill ekstrand           l a rosa                                 susan supriano                            Maggie yokum
  Patricia Henry- schneider               Tim l aue                              Mary newell                                        ft-r
                                                                                                                          nancy oft- rose and Michael r . rose     Merrily and l arry sutton                 nancy young
  James and elizabeth Hilgendorf          linda lee                              Barbara newman                           Janet rosencrantz, in honor of              in honor of nathaniel grier            Diana Zelaya and Mark Mann
  Jude and Jerome Hobbs                   roger and Pamela leonard               nancy nichols                               John and allison Bennington           swanson Bros lumber company               alan Zelenka and susie smith
  Kelly Hoell, in honor of:               Dawn lesley                            Tette nordfeldt and Joe Valasek          Tony rosta and ilona Koleszar            s ynthetech                               lee Zwagerman
     Mr. and Mrs. frank H. Hoell, Jr.     levi strauss foundation                randy nowell                             Tony rosta, in honor of Joe and Betty    John Tamulonis                            anonymous, in honor of the marriage of
     Dick and amelie Hoell                anne Marie levis                       David o’Brien                            ann rosta, pioneer recyclers             Jean and wayne Tate                         Peter reppe and ann Kneeland
  David Holland                           christine lewandowski                  Teressa o’caer                           John rowell and sheri Pyron              Mary Taylor                               anonymous gift to past
  John Hoops                              linda lewis and Marty Kaufman,         Timothy o’Dell and sonja Jensen          Dick and Jeanne roy                      nathaniel Teich,                            Deadwood residents
  Zoia Horn and Dean galloway               in honor of Joy gall                 Karen olch                                               rganics/c
                                                                                                                          royal Blue organics/café Mam                in honor of lt. cmdr. Benjamin Teich   anonymous (75+)
  robert Horner and Polly ashworth        cary and gretchen lieberman            chris orsinger and Becky smith,          cathy russell and Mel Mann               Patricia Thomas and russ Mecredy
                                                                                                                                                                                                             in Honor of roger schaljo
  Judi Horstmann and Howard Bonnett       rob lilley and sarah Brendler            in honor of annie Vrijmoet             robert s. russell                        ron Thomas
                                                                                                                                                                                                             and Janise augur
  David and Donna Hosfield                nathan linquist                        rowland orum                             Joe and Jeri russin                      Paulette Thompson
                                                                                                                                                                                                             greg Hazarabedian
  Kess and Barbara Hottle                 living Tree Paper                      oveissi and co.                          reynold r ydberg                         sue Thompson
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Kathleen nemetz
  Housing guide                                                       Mci
                                          Michelle lodjic and Kelly Mciver       elizabeth Pace                           sacred Heart Medical center Dietitians   elizabeth Thorin
                                                                                                                                                                                                             eileen and Bruce o’neil
  sara Hubbe,                             frank and Donna long                   Palmer Parker                            ralph saltus                             Mark Thornton
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ginny and warner Peticolas
     in memory of gery Hubbe              David loveall Photography              alice Parman                             ann samsell                              Peter and l aura Thurston
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ilisa rookeley
  Julie Huff                              lynne c. lucas                         caroline Passerotti                      Paul sassone irrigation services         Virna Tintiangco
  robert Huffman and Mary Miller          David luebke and yoshiko shioya        carole Patterson                         saturday Market                          ellen Todras and Mark niedelman           in Memory of Barbara walton
  Vicki Huffman                           renate Mackenzie                       ruth anne Paul                           Jeffrey savage                           Trudy Toliver                             carolyn and frear Hawkins
  geoff and Therese Hughes                eggert Madsen construction             edgar Peara,                             Norma Sax and Dick Stewart               nancy Toth and J. shiao                   Mary anne McMurren and Jeff sprague
  richard Hughes and l ana lindstrom      greg Manning                             in honor of Michael Mattick            V. scarpaci                              Devon Trottier and Perry Burdon           Virginia Visser
  Julie Hulme                             Judith Manning                         edgar Peara,                             Margo schaefer, in honor of              ann Tryk
                                                                                                                                                                                                             in Memory of Zachary Zakon
  greg Humphrey                                                          Dic
                                          Jessie Marquez and Donald Dichiara       as a gift to Joyce salisbury                                            Bring
                                                                                                                             Julie Daniel and the women of Bring   Marjorie Tull
                                                                                                                                                                                                             sue archbald
  Joseph and Jo anne Hynes                         Mca
                                          Joanne Mcadam                          nir Pearlson architect, inc.             Matthias schaefer                        Dee and Dave Tvedt
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Julie aspinwall- l amberts and
  Howard ingber construction                      Mca
                                          Penny Mcavoy                           Karen Perkins and David simone           nancy schafer                            ellen Tykeson
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                                          Patricia Mccourt                         in honor of lucile corrigan            Jane scheidecker,                        Uponor wirsbo co.
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  sue Jakabosky                                  Mcg
                                          Keith Mcgillivary                      neil and linda Peterson                     in honor of Mel Bankoff               Barb wolfston Urrutia
                                                                                                                                                                                                             richard and casy cann- figel
  connie Jaqua                                                Mcg
                                          John and ardyth Mcgrath                galen and charlene Phipps                Meg schellenger                          clair Van Bloem
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Kurt and Jacque corey
  Patricia Jaqua                          Jill and gary McKenney                 anita Pierce and Hilary fisher           naomi, areyna and skyler schmidt               Brunt/w
                                                                                                                                                                   Van Brunt/ west Design
                                                                                                                                                                                                             l aurie cracraft
  frederick Jasmer                        craig and Marilyn McKern               David and Kitty Piercy                   schnitzer steel                          Donald and carol Van Houten
                                                                                                                                                                                                             linda Danielson
  Don Jefferis                                                         Mcl
                                          linsey, Jesse and Michael Mclennan     sandy Poinsett                           chris and Judith schoap                  John Van l andingham
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jimi Duke
  V. K. Jensen                            Mary anne McMurren and Jeff sprague    Julia Pommert and iain Johnson           ford schumann                               and Martha walters
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jeanne flink
  Pamela Joffe                            in honor of:                           scott Pope and Diane greenwood           sara and alan schwake, in honor          chris Veloon and Ken Johnson
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Joy gall
  John Deere l andscapes                     Judy clark, Jill Hoggard green,     Porter construction                         of grandchildren Madison and shane    cathy Verret,
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  arthur and anita Jones                     colleen o’connell, sandy scheetz,   nicolas Porter                                             D.c
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  christopher Jones and Julie Polhemus       Barry sternberg, Katie Vendrasco,   sharon and Michael Posner                celia scott                              l awrence and lucy Vinis
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     in honor of the Davis family         sally J. Mills                         Jackie rice                              luther skeels                               in honor of luke and Kelsey
  george and eunice Kjaer                 charles and Dian Missar                Kathy rice                               nancy slagle                             Brad and Marjorie welch
  John Kline                              steve Mital                            william and shirley richards             Paul and roz slovic                      randall and Deborah wells
                                                                                                                                                                                                          BRIng Recycling Used News | Winter 2009                                                   5

Reuse and Recycling in lane County                                                                                                                                                                                               KEy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 $ fees may apply. call for information.
 save money! save resources! How? By taking advantage of                                                  save you $1 on garbage fees when you bring at least 10
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  illegal to throw away as garbage.
 all the opportunities to reuse and recycle in lane county.                                               lbs. of separated recyclables. curbside haulers usually offer
 a lot of stuff can be taken to one of the 16 county Transfer                                             discounts for recycling, too.                                                                                          GLENWOOD = glenwood central
 sites (see map below). Most recycling is not just free, it can                                           Remember: reusing is even better than recycling.                                                                       receiving station (see map below).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SOME/ALL indicates that some or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 all county Transfer and recycling
PAPER PRoduCTS                                                        ElECTRoNICS ANd APPlIANCES  $                                            Styrofoam™ (Block foam) $                                                        sites accept this item, always at the
                                                                     It is illegal to throw away household appliances as garbage under          NextStep Recycling, 686-2366; or contact your local
Corrugated Cardboard and Brown Paper Bags ALL
                                                                          Oregon law.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 discretion of staff. call the county at
Flatten; only 3-ply; no waxed, no food contamination.                                                                                              UPs store — free.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 682-4120 or BRING Recycling at
                                                                     Air Conditioners $ ALL                                                     Tyvek Envelopes
Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap ALL
                                                                     St. Vincent de Paul, 687-5820
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 746-3023 for details.
Recyclable (if non-metallic) or reusable:                                                                                                       Tyvek Recycling Hotline, 1-866-338-9835
MECCA, 302-1810                                                      CDs, Floppy Disks, and Cases GLENWOOD                                      Bring’s business office (call first), 746-3023                                   THRIFT STORES include goodwill
                                                                     NextStep Recycling, 686-2366                                            “Other” (rigid plastic mix, e.g., lawn chairs, buckets,                             (345-1801), The Salvation Army
High-Grade Office Pack SOME
Computer/copy machine paper, fax paper, envelopes, light-colored     Cell Phones and PDAs GLENWOOD                                            rubbermaid® containers, play structures, toys, etc.)                               (343-3341), and st. Vincent de Paul
   office and school paper, etc.; staples, windows, adhesives OK.    NextStep Recycling, 686-2366; County Electronic                          weyerhaeuser recycling, 744-4119                                                   (345-0595).
                                                                       Recycling, 682-3111; drop boxes at REI, UO
Low-Grade Mixed Paper ALL                                              Bookstore, asUo office, Uo Telecom office, and                                                                                                            HIGHLIGHTED items are generally
Magazines, junk mail, catalogs, egg cartons, gift wrap, cereal and     Kennedy Middle school.                                                   GlASS                                                                            recyclable curbside—call your hauler
   6-pack boxes, etc.
                                                                     Christmas Lights                                                           Bottles, Jars and Jugs ALL                                                       for details.
Junk Mail ALL                                                        NextStep Recycling, 686-2366                                               For recycling: rinse clean, remove lids. Labels OK.
Recyclable curbside; remove any samples. Prevent it—call                                                                                        For reuse: BRING, 746-3023 (only canning jars, vases, antiques);
   BRING, 746-3023.                                                  Computers and Peripherals GLENWOOD                                            The Glass Station, 342-1701 (jars, with or without lids)
                                                                     NextStep Recycling, 686-2366; County Electronic                                                                                                       Pesticide Containers (empty)
Milk, Soy and Juice Cartons ALL                                        Recycling, 682-3111                                                      Vases, Drinking Glasses                                                    Try oregon agriculture assoc., 1-503-370-7024
Rinse and let air-dry; remove plastic parts/straws.                                                                                             for reuse: Bring, 746-3023; Thrift stores (see KEY
                                                                      Dishwashers, Clothes Washers and Dryers $ ALL                                                                                                        Prescription Drugs
                                                                                                                                                   above).                                                                 Unless clearly stated otherwise, these should not be flushed down
Newsprint ALL                                                        If motor is removed, both the appliance and motor can go in Scrap
Loose or place in brown paper bag.                                        Metal for free.                                                       Windows and Window Glass                                                       the toilet.
The Mission, 344-3251                                                 Schnitzer Steel, 686-0515                                                 for reuse: call Bring for details, 746-3023                                call your pharmacy or white Bird clinic
                                                                      St. Vincent de Paul, 687-5820                                             for recycling: JnB Transport accepts commercial                            (342-1295) to see if they can use them.
Phone Books ALL
                                                                                                                                                   quantities of window glass. call Bob or Kirk                            Sharps (medical needles, scalpels, etc.) ALL
Cancel the ones you do not use. Ask your hauler if recyclable        Hot Water Heaters ALL
                                                                                                                                                   at 689-0726                                                             Place in a red, rigid container with a screw-top lid
   curbside.                                                         Recycle as scrap metal at County Transfer Sites,
                                                                        682-4120.                                                               Shower Doors                                                               (like a detergent bottle).
 Shredded (not cross-cut) ALL                                        Schnitzer Steel, 686-0515                                                  call Bring for details, 746-3023
 Curbside O.K. Place in paper bag, staple once and label
“shredded paper”                                                     Microwave Ovens ALL                                                                                                                                   HouSEHold ITEMS ANd “SofT GoodS”
 commercial quantities: international Paper, 744-4100                NextStep Recycling, 686-2366                                               wood ANd yARd-RElATEd                                                       Books GLENWOOD
                                                                     Cascade Microwave, 686-2482                                                                                                                           Textbooks, hard/paperback, computer manuals; NOT wet or moldy.
Tyvek (see Plastic)                                                                                                                             Brush, Yard Debris $ SOME
                                                                     Phones and Phone Equipment GLENWOOD                                        Grass, leaves, weeds, branches 20” diameter and less;                      St. Vincent de Paul, 345-0595; Weyerhaeuser Recycling, 744-4100
Magazines ALL                                                        NextStep Recycling, 686-2366                                               compost/mulch at home.                                                     Furniture GLENWOOD
Remove plastic packaging to recycle;                                 County Electronic Recycling, 682-3111                                      Lane Forest Products, 345-9085; Rexius Forest                              For recycling, must be 100% wood and hardware no bigger
donate to social service agency waiting rooms.
                                                                     Printer, Inkjet, Fax and Other Cartridges                                      Products, 342-1835                                                         than a thumb. For reusable non-upholstered furniture, call
st. Vincent de Paul, 345-0595
                                                                     NextStep Recycling, 686-2366                                               Grass Clippings and Leaves SOME                                                BRING, 746-3023.
                                                                     rapid refill, 334-4465; cartridge city, 302-1444                           (see Brush, Yard Debris)
METAlS                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Carpet THRIFT STORES
                                                                     Refrigerators and Freezers $ ALL                                           Pallets                                                                    Thrift stores ONLY if new and stain-free. If older and/or stained, use
Aluminum (cans, foil, trays) ALL                                     St. Vincent de Paul, 687-5820                                                                                                                              to smother weeds, protect garage floor, soundproof rooms, or list
Rinse clean of any food/contamination.                                                                                                          Pacific Pallet, 688-2887; Eugene Pallet Services,
                                                                     Small Appliances (toasters, irons, blenders)                                 485-0549                                                                      in “freebie” postings.
Tin Cans ALL                                                         NextStep Recycling, 686-2366                                                                                                                          Candles, Wax, and Crayons
Rinse clean of any food/contamination. Labels and lids OK.                                                                                      Wood, Dimensional Lumber and Plywood,
                                                                     Televisions GLENWOOD                                                       Reusable GLENWOOD                                                          Goodwill Industries, 345-1801; MECCA, 302-1810
Aerosol Spray Cans ALL                                               NextStep Recycling, 686-2366                                               Dimensional lumber 4’ or longer. Plywood sheets, nails OK.                 Clothing GLENWOOD, THRIFT STORES
If EMPTY, recycle in County scrap metal bin—remove caps, do not      County Electronic Recycling, 682-3111                                      Bring warehouse, 746-3023
    flatten or puncture.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ceiling Tiles
                                                                     Stereos, Radios, etc. GLENWOOD                                             Wood, Not Reusable (some restrictions apply) $                             Armstrong World Industries, 1-888-CEILING
If NOT empty, take to County Hazardous Waste, by
                                                                     NextStep Recycling, 686-2366                                               SOME
    appointment, 682-3111                                                                                                                                                                                                  Luggage, backpacks, totes (used)
                                                                     County Electronic Recycling, 682-3111                                      Rotten wood, pegboard; NO railroad ties.
Scrap (70% or more metal) ALL                                                                                                                                                                                              aaa offices in eugene or gateway Mall will donate
                                                                     Stoves $ ALL                                                               Rexius Forest Products, 342-1835; no railroad ties or
Barrels, toasters, bed frames, bikes, etc.;                                                                                                                                                                                  these to a foster care program, 484-0661 or
                                                                                                                                                    pressure treated wood. lead-free painted wood oK.                        741-8200
containers must be visibly punctured from all sides.                 VCRs and DVD Players GLENWOOD                                                  Lane Forest Products, 345-9085; no railroad ties,
Schnitzer Steel, 686-0515                                            NextStep Recycling, 686-2366                                                   pressure treated and painted oK.                                       Mattresses and Box Springs $ GLENWOOD
                                                                     county electronic recycling, 682-3111                                                                                                                 Only if clean and dry.
Propane Tanks $ ALL
st. Vincent de Paul, 345-0595                                        Video Cassette Tapes and Cases GLENWOOD                                                                                                               st. Vincent de Paul, 345-0595
                                                                                                                                                CHEMICAlS ANd HAZARdouS wASTE
                                                                     NextStep Recycling, 686-2366                                               Common household hazardous waste is taken free of charge by                Shoes (all brands) THRIFT STORES
Hot Water Heaters ALL
See Electronics and Appliances.                                                                                                                    Lane County Hazardous Waste. Call 682-3111 to make                      (athletic shoes only) recycle at niKe store, 342-5155
                                                                     PlASTIC                                                                       an appointment.                                                         Tile, Broken
VEHIClE–RElATEd                                                      Bottles, Tubs, and Jars ALL                                                Batteries ALL                                                              MECCA, 302-1810
                                                                     Rinse, discard lids, no #6 plastic (#6 = most takeout containers           Most batteries (car, watch, rechargeable, NiCad, mercury, lithium,
Antifreeze, Oil Filters ALL                                                                                                                                                                                                Tile, Reusable GLENWOOD
                                                                         and foam).                                                                 lead-acid) free to recycle.
Highly toxic but free to recycle at all county sites!                                                                                                                                                                      Bring warehouse, 746-3023
                                                                     Plastic Bags SOME                                                          Alkaline batteries less than 10 years old are considered safe in
Auto Batteries  ALL                                                 Clean and dry only (includes dry cleaner bags, shrink wrap; NO                 the garbage.
Illegal to throw away as garbage under Oregon law.                                                                                                                                                                         oTHER
                                                                        ziplock or bubble wrap)                                                 Fire Extinguishers (any size) $                                            Asphalt and Concrete $ GLENWOOD
Battery X-Change, 689-9134                                           weyerhaeuser recycling, 744-4100                                           national firefighter, 1574 w. 6th, eugene,                                 Lane County Disposal Sites, 682-4119
Motorcycles (wrecked, broken, or unwanted)                           Plastic film, Pallet Wrap and Lumber Wrap SOME                             485-3566, or by appointment at Glenwood, 682-3111.                         Delta Sand and Gravel, 688-2233
cyclepsycho Motorcycle recycling, 461-9279                           weyerhaeuser recycling, 744-4100                                           Fluorescent Light Tubes and Bulbs GLENWOOD                                 Building Materials GLENWOOD
 Motor Oil  ALL                                                     Six-Pack Rings SOME                                                        Most lighting and hardware stores will take those under 4 ft. long.        lumber, bricks, doors, windows, cabinets, flowerpots,
Illegal to throw away as garbage under Oregon law.                   Recyclable as bags/film (see above) or donate to BRING’s                   NextStep Recycling, 686-2366; county Hazardous                               garage doors, hardware, plumbing, and more,
curbside recyclers accept motor oil in labeled,                         education program.                                                         Waste, by appointment, 682-3111                                           Bring warehouse, 746-3023
non-breakable containers with a screw-top lid.
                                                                     Plastic Plant Pots and Trays GLENWOOD                                      Paint GLENWOOD                                                             Hearing Aids and Eyeglasses
Tires $  ALL                                                        Remove all dirt.                                                           county Hazardous waste, by appointment, 682-3111                           Key Bank, 725 a street, springfield, or oregon lions
Illegal to throw away as garbage under Oregon law.                                                                                                                                                                           Sight and Hearing Foundation, 800-635-4667
                                                                     Packing Peanuts                                                            Pesticides and Fertilizers GLENWOOD
Big B Tires, 746-4193, and many les schwab locations
                                                                     Try BRING’s Materials Exchange list at                                                                                                                Natural Wine Corks
                                                                                                                                                county Hazardous waste, by appointment, 682-3111
                                                                                                                                                                                          no plastic, composite, or metal closures, Bring
                                                                     accepted by UPs stores and other mailing services.                                                                                                      warehouse, 746-3023

                                                                     QuESTIoNS? CoNfuSIoN?                                       we’re your recycling hotline! you can also refer to the Brown Pages
                                                                     CALL BRING AT 746-3023.                                     in the front of your Dex phone book, or call the County at 682-4120.

lane County Transfer and Recycling Sites                                                                                                      For information on rural disposal and recycling sites, hazardous waste and paint disposal,
                                                                                                                                              or other Lane County Solid Waste Department issues and services, call 682-4119.

                                                                                                                  Sharps Creek:                                                Cottage Grove:                                             Low Pass:
                                                                                                                  74540 sharps creek road (946-1029)                           78760 Sears Road (942-8986)                                22377 Highway 36, Cheshire (998-8215)
                                                                                                                  culp creek, sat. only, S 8-6, W 9-5                          Wed. thru Sat., 8-6 All year                               fri. and sat., S 8-6, W 9-5

                                                                                                                  Swiss Home:                                                  Creswell:                                                  Mapleton:
                                                                                                                  13711 Highway 36 (268-4841)                                  34293 Cloverdale Road (895-3274)                           13570 Highway 126 (953-0217)
                                                                                                                  S Fri. and Sat., 8-6                                         Wed. thru Sat., 8-6 All year                               sat. only, S 8-6, W 9-5
                                                                                                                  W sat. only, 9-5                                                                                                        Marcola:
                                                                                                                                                                               Florence:                                                  38935 Shotgun Creek Road (933-2823)
                                                                                                                  Veneta:                                                      2820 N. Rhododendron Drive (997-6243)                      wed. thru sat., S 8-6, W 9-5
                                                                                                                  24444 Bolton Hill road (935-1297)                            Mon. thru Sat., 8-6 All year
                                                                                                                  Mon. thru Sat., 8-6 All year                                                                                            McKenzie Bridge:
                                                                                                                                                                               Glenwood Central Receiving Station                         55805 McKenzie HWY, Blue River (822-3748)
                                                                                                                  Vida:                                                        3100 East 17th Ave. (682-4120)                             S Sat., 8-6, Mon. and Thu., 1-6
                                                                                                                  44041 Canal Lane, Leaburg (896-3643)                         Oct.–Mar. Mon. thru Sat: 8am–6pm                           W sat., 9-5, Mon. and Thu., 1-5
                                                                                                                  wed. thru sat., S 8-6, W 9-5                                 Apr.–Sept.: Mon. thru Sat. 8am–6pm; Sun.:
                                                                                                                                                                               8am–5pm                                                    Oakridge:
                                                                                                                  Walton:                                                                                                                 48977 Kitson Springs Road (782-3923)
                                                                                                                  18585 Transformer Road (935-5348)                            London:                                                    Wed. thru Sat., 8-6 All year
                                                                                                                  sat. only, S 8-6, W 9-5                                      73111 london road (942-0120)                               Rattlesnake:
                  Hours and Days subject to change without notice.                                                                                                             sat. only, S 8-6, W 9-5                                    82572 Rattlesnake Road, Dexter (937-3403)
                S = Summer hrs. May–Sept. W = Winter hrs. Oct.–April                                                                                                                                                                      wed. thru sat., S 8-6, W 9-5
6 BRIng Recycling Used News | Winter 2009

upcoming Volunteer Projects
BRING your own Bag
Donations Fund Friends of
BRING Projects
                                                                                                 VoluNTEER SPoTlIGHT
   Master Recycler and BRING
                                                                                                 Ludvig Ellingsen
ambassador Cris Bisch has spear-                                                                    Ever try to get a roofer when it’s raining? Well,
headed a project which incorpo-                                                                  there are exceptions. When Ludvig Ellingsen, a
rates her desire to raise funds for                                                              specialist in roof waterproofing, heard about BRING’s
BRING’s Planet Improvement                                                                       green roof project, he jumped right in, providing
Center with her interest in reducing                                                             invaluable help on a very challenging project.
the use of disposable shopping bags.                                                                BRING’s office building is the site of a 4,000
For just “a buck a bag,” you can buy                                                             square-foot planted green roof. Any roofing job is a
a reusable bag at BRING and help                                                                 challenge, but even more so when most materials are
support other Friends of BRING                                                                   donated or reused and labor is mostly volunteer. And
projects. Five hundred bags were     Volunteer Cris Bisch says, “No to plastic                   did we mention the rain?
donated by these partners: Market    and Paper.”                                                    Ludvig is the kind of worker we all dream about.
of Choice, Fred Meyer, Capella                                                                   Not much for talk, he gets on the job and keeps working until it’s finished. He
Market, LANEapex and Target. Office Depot on West 11th Avenue donated BRING                      worked many hours and weekends, cutting and laying heavy (donated) land fill liner,
logo labels, which Friends of BRING volunteers attached to each reusable bag.                    heat-welding seams, and training and supervising other volunteers.
                                                                                                    Ludvig says he doesn’t plan to retire, unless his feet are in the sand with a cold beer
Tour of Recycled Homes and Gardens                                                               in his hand. Retiring, he is afraid, will slow him down. He believes that if people
                                                                                                 would address the issues in their own backyards and give back to the organizations
  Watch for the upcoming Tour of Recycled Homes and Gardens in summer 2009,
                                                                                                 that benefit them, we could all make our community and planet a better place.
co-sponsored by Friends of BRING and the EcoBuilding Guild. Far from an ordinary
tour, this tour will focus on reuse and ecobuilding in action—providing homeowners,
builders and remodelers with countless ideas on how to save resources and reuse materi-
als creating unique, affordable and beautiful pieces.
                                                                                                Thanks to our wonderful volunteers!
                                                                                                Friends of BRING
                                                                                                cris Bisch, clifford Bisch, Dianna Bressler, sam Burchell, rick Diggs, Joyce engles, larry
                                                                                                engles, Benjamin Dykstra, Michael estvold, ryan galewood, laurel georger, David gerber, amy
                                                                                                gurzick, ryan Hannum, John Hattenhauer, savannah Hepner, Jeannie Howell, Dan Howes,
                                                                                                linda Howes, seth Keeneleum, lorraine Kerwood, lois litvin, renee Mitchell, John orbeton, sue
                                                                                                orbeton, Hal Petersen, shawn Priest, Janet rapaport, Brian sears, Joyce Thomas, lani Timm,
                                                                                                Tara Velarde, Phyllis weare, Patty weller, Darien wilde, chris woody, Julia Zukerman.

                                                                                                Capital Campaign                                Transitions Students
                                                                                                renee Benoit                                    Tracy freel
                                                                                                Josh coen, Brainstorm                           Matthew Koonz
                                                                                                ruth Miller and Dick Hayward                    roland wallace
FOB (Friends of BRING) are busy planning upcoming events.                                       Ben rippe                                       amore spindler
                                                                                                Jodi sommers
Artful Volunteers                                                                               Pam Taylor, Unique Properties                   Green Roof
                                                                                                rachel winslow                                  rudy Berg
   Twenty years ago, a group of friends began gathering on a regular basis in Lynn                                                              chris Biwer
Pedersen’s studio to play, learn and create with clay. The weekly sessions yielded many         Posse/Capstone Project                          ludvig ellingsen
ceramic items and provided a time and place for shared laughter and support. Although           Kate Bollons                                    Barbara shaw
the group no longer meets regularly, the friendships have endured, along with their desire      Doug Brown                                      sarah and aaron whitney/HaBiTaTs
to collaborate creatively. When one member mentioned the group to BRING Executive               sue Dickman
Director Julie Daniel, a productive partnership was born.                                       Judy evitt                                      BRING Gallery and Postcard
   The result of that partnership                                                               annie fulkerson                                 Alex D’Souza
can now be seen at the entry-                                                                   Joanie Kleban                                   Donna Doperoy
                                                                                                lynn Pedersen                                   Kate Hillers
way to BRING’s office, where
                                                                                                elaine Pruett
colorful glass mosaic capstones                                                                 ellen siegel
finish off the low concrete wall                                                                renee stacey
leading up to the front door. The                                                               Daphne stone
artists spent the summer making                                                                 Margie Templeton
the capstones with glass donated                                                                Judy Volem
by Springfield High School’s
art room and glass artist Annah
James. Water Brothers Con-
struction installed them.                                                                     BooK REVIEw
   Now dubbed “the Posse”             “Posse” members, from left: Daphne Stone, Renee         Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls by nigel Dunnett and noel Kingsbury
by Daniel, the group will help        Stacey, Annie Fulkerson, Judy Volem, Ellen Siegel,
                                                                                                 Rooftop gardens and planted roofs have been used by many cultures for various advan-
curate future shows at the            Judy Evitt, Kate Bollons, Sue Dickman and Elaine
                                                                                              tages. Planted roofs are great for the environment: they insulate our buildings, increase roof
BRING Gallery. Their goal is          Pruett. Missing from the photo are Lynn Pedersen,
                                                                                              life, cut down on storm water drainage, increase the amount of oxygen in our air, and keep
to build community with other         Joanie Kleban, Margie Templeton and Doug Brown.
                                                                                              heat pollution in cities down. In addition ecoroofs bring nature into our direct surroundings,
non-profit groups and schools to                                                              can provide food, and are nice to look at. They also make for interesting projects.
showcase art created with a deep environmental awareness. They are looking forward               Only recently have living roofs begun to surface in modern construction. The ecoroof
to collaborating with the Young Writers Association’s Glitterary Festival and North           community recognizes two types of planted roofs: Intensive (wherein a wide variety of
Eugene High School’s garden project for an Earth Day show in April                            plants exist and where the roof is in regular contact with people, thus requiring regular
                                                                                              maintenance), and Extensive (which is designed to support itself with minimal mainte-
                                                                                              nance and is not in regular contact with people). The focus of this book is upon Exten-
lIBRARy NEwS                                                                                  sive ecoroof purpose, construction method, and plant species selection.
                                                                                                 The author is fairly fluid in style and easy to stay with. The book itself is an excellent
   For this rainy Oregon winter, the BRING Resource Library presents our version of
                                                                                              blend of technical and practical information for anyone interested in either learning
the zealous gardener’s off-season seed catalog: books for planning. Gather ideas for an
                                                                                              about the subject or constructing an ecoroof themselves. Someone who knows next to
environmentally-friendly remodel from Green Remodeling and Natural Remodeling For
                                                                                              nothing about the subject could grasp exactly what is being put forth, while someone
the Not-so-Green House; learn the fundamentals of healthy landscaping from Sustain-
                                                                                              who is experienced surely will gain additional insight on this amazing topic.
able Landscape Construction; or read about solar-oriented construction from a variety of
perspectives. While you’re at it, map out next spring’s garden, complete with a home-                                                                                     – Christopher Biwer
made cold frame—materials and design available at BRING.
   If indoor arts and crafts are your cup of tea, take a look at our selection of books and
other references that present creative ways to reuse materials that might otherwise be
discarded. Make a rag rug or a necktie wreath; build a stool from wheel rims; create a          Help Reduce donation Envelope waste
planter from a piano—all courtesy of Treasures from Throwaways.
                                                                                                Do you hate seeing the donation envelopes inserted in UsedNews go to waste? we
   Current community events and news related to sustainability continue to be an
                                                                                                do. return envelopes make giving easy, and without them, few people get round to
important feature of the library. Take a moment to glance at the bulletin boards to learn
                                                                                                mailing us those badly needed donations. inserts are an all or nothing proposition—
what’s happening in our area. There are many ways to participate in the sustainability
                                                                                                they have to go in every newsletter or none at all. we’d love to have unused envelopes
effort right here in Lane County! Stay active year-round with BRING and the numerous
                                                                                                returned to us for reuse. you can drop them at our office or at the cash register in the
other groups and individuals who are building our green community, and be a part of a
                                                                                                store. Don’t waste more resources mailing them to us unless you have a bunch! Thanks
renewed commitment to a healthy planet in the upcoming new year.
                                                                                                to thoughtful UsedNews reader and BRING donor Karen for setting the example.
                                                                             – Lani Timm
                                                                                                                                  BRIng Recycling Used News | Winter 2009                  7

Kid’s Creativity Shines
                                                                                                      PeTer rePPe

                                                                                                      Dear Eco-Meister,                        need to be warm to serve its purpose.
                                                                                                                                               Like, for instance, when you are
                                                                                                      I am writing you to settle a             sleeping. It takes as much energy to
                                                                                                      dispute that my husband and I            re-heat your home as you saved when
                                                                                                      are having over winter heating           it was cooling off after you turned
                                                                                                      efficiency. I say that it makes          the thermostat down, so there is a net
                                                                                                      more sense to leave the heat             zero impact to re-heating your home
                                                                                                      on at a steady temperature, like         and hours of pure energy savings as
                                                                                                                                               you snooze or work. Investing in a
Students at the smash hit conference, Hope in Action, test a water filter system they                 driving at a steady pace is more
                                                                                                                                               thermostat with a timer is a great way
made from an assortment of used materials in BRING’s Re-use Challenge workshop.                       gas-efficient, but my husband            to save the headache of remembering
                                                                                                      claims that turning it off at night      to turn the heat up or down, and you
Mr. Creativity in the warehouse                                                                       and reheating in the morning is
                                                                                                      most efficient. I am tired of get-
                                                                                                                                               could set it to turn up a short time
                                                                                                                                               before you normally rise, therefore not
   Dale Stepp is BRING’s fix-it, fabricate-it and invent-it guy. You can see his creative             ting up in the freezing cold and         shedding an ounce of your personal
touch all over the Planet Improvement Center. The wonderful, red “BRING hand”                         I just know I am right! Please           comfort while you save the planet.
gates next to our driveway? The shopping carts made from bike and wheelchair parts                    help.                                       While we’re discussing this topic,
used by customers to                                                                                                                           there are some things I would like to
carry treasures to their                                                                              Sincerely,                               add. Insulation is where it is at. Rub-
vehicles? The rotating                                                                                Temperature Tantrum                      ber stripping and caulking of all the
hardware display racks                                                                                                                         drafty nooks in your home (i.e. doors,
made from old sinks?                                                                                  Dear Tantrum,                            attics, and windows) and installing
The handsome counter                                                                                     I am afraid to say that in the case   double or even triple paned win-
by the cash register?                                                                                 of home heating your husband is the      dows (or at least solid and insulating
All made by Dale.                                                                                     eco-correct one. Although we have        window coverings) will reduce your
Dale puts the fun in                                                                                  learned that ‘slow and steady wins       energy use significantly. A few simple
functional.                                                                                           the race’ and doesn’t burn up excess     steps and you will be on your way to
   If you ask Dale what                                                                               energy, such as your example of driv-    happy heating!
he likes best about his                                                                               ing at a steady pace being the most      Yours truly,
job, he’ll say he likes to                                                                            fuel-efficient, there are some cases
                                                                                                                                               The Eco-Meister
find creative solutions.                                                                              where it just doesn’t make sense to
He’s always trying to                                                                                 use more when you could be using
find ways to incorporate                                                                              less. In the case of driving, you have   Have a question for the EcoMeister?
used materials in artistic                                                                            to use fuel in order to get anywhere.    He’ll do his best to get back to you soon
or functional projects.                                                                               You don’t have the option of pull-       with an answer directly and/or through
Says Dale, “I try to see                                                                              ing over and turning off your engine     a future Used News. Send your ques-
the possibilities and                                                                                 (well, actually…) although this would    tion, name (unless you prefer anonym-
turn something old into                                                                               certainly be the most fuel conserva-
                                                                                                                                               ity) and where you’re writing from
something with a changed life purpose.” The counter by the cash register uses curved                  tive measure. However, you do have
“glu lam” beams from a church, wood siding from a barn and shelves from Safeway for                   that option when heating your home,
                                                                                                                                               to: or 4446
example. Dale takes his work seriously. He constantly asks himself “Is this good enough               because your home does not always        Franklin Blvd., Eugene, OR 97403.
to be functional and safe for staff and customers to use?”
   Dale designs and engineers things himself, and works with ideas furnished by others.
Paul Clark of Metanova Studios came up with a design for the bike/wheelchair carts and
                                                                                                             TIP         If hosting a potluck or dinner go with durable
David Wollner inspired the glu-lam counter.
                                                                                                      CO            S     dishes. reusing is always better than one-use
   We know lots of our customers are handy fabricators and inventors too. Come look at           E
our constantly changing array of merchandise and let your creative juices flow! Stumped                                   disposables. if your own collection is limited, ask your
for ideas? We have “reuse recipe” cards, invented by another creative genius, Facilities                                    guests to bring their own place settings or check
Manager Damien Czech, with instructions on making dozens of fun and funky items.                                            with Kelly Bell, lane county Master recycler Program
   Check out the recipe box by the cash register.                                                                           coordinator to reserve a free-to-borrow set of durable
   As Dale says, “The more we all reuse, the better off we all will be” so be sure to let us                                dishes. or call 682-2059.
know what fun or functional thing you’ve made from BRING materials. You can inspire
others to experience the joy, cost savings and environmental benefits of
                                                                                                                   Stop Idling! every moment you spend idling your car’s
creative reuse.                                                                                                 engine means needlessly wasting gas, as well as rougher
                                                                                               wear on your vehicle. idling for more than 10 seconds wastes more gas
                                                                                               than is needed for startup. overall, americans idle away 2.9 billion gallons
Kudos to…                                                                                      of gas a year, worth around $78.2 billion.
… The university of oregon outdoor Program’s Bike loan Program, which
   takes abandoned bicycles, refurbishes them with all the goodies and loans them to
   student’s for one or multiple terms, along with helmets and bike maintenance educa-
   tion. Thanks to this program, students are on the move in a sustainable way! For            Agent of Change is
   more information go to:
                                                                                               Coming to Eugene!
                                                                                                 starting in february the center for
Kudos to…                                                                                      Earth Leadership in Portland is expanding it’s free six session course aimed
… The 108 members of the Mayor’s Carbon Challenge! By pledging to take one                     at helping participants identify and implement a sustainability initiative within
   or more actions to reduce carbon emissions the participants have reduced 238,521 lbs        their circle of influence.
   of CO2 and saved $13,542.00! Intrigued? Want to learn more?                                   The specific topics covered include:
   Go to
                                                                                                 1.    Theories for cultural change; key role of the circle of influence.
                                                                                                 2.    Mindset of the agent of change; clarifying your vision.
                                                                                                 3.    Understanding your circle of influence; first steps to effect change.
         “It is not the strongest of the species that                                            4.    implementing your plan.
         survives, nor the most intelligent, but the                                             5.    inviting others; creating a core group.
                                                                                                 6.    Maintaining momentum.
               one most responsive to change.”                                                   for more information go to advance registration is
                                       Charles Darwin                                          required, for registration information contact emily cain at (503) 227-2315 or
8 BRIng Recycling Used News | Winter 2009

                                                                                                          Gallery News
                                                                 BRING Gallery welcomes                                      times from 3 pm - 5:45 pm on Fridays (January 9, 16,
                         BRIng                                   two new managers!
                                                                                                                             and 23) and from 1 pm - 3:45 pm on Sundays (January
                                                                                                                             4,11,18, and 25). Working with materials from BRING
                         Recycling                                                    “Through my work at BRING
                                                                                                                             and found objects, our managers will apply their varied
                                                                                                                             arts and crafts expertise to demonstrate creative reuse.
                         Warehouse                                                 Gallery, I hope to make a difference
                                                                                   on a personal level as well as increas-
                                                                                                                             Please come join in the fun.
                                                                                                                               This is a one of a kind opportunity to show off your
                                                                                   ing sustainability awareness in the
                                                                                                                             creative reuse skills. You’re invited to bring in an
                                                                                   community. My goal is to really engage
         Reusable Building                                                         people who come to view the exhib-
                                                                                                                             example of reused or recycled work for exhibition during
                                                                                                                             the month of January, and also to work in the Gallery
     Materials at Bargain Prices                                                   its. I would like to see interactivity
                                                                                                                             during open studio. Look for a schedule of demos and
                                                                                   through thought provoking or useful
                                                                 Nicole                                                      lectures on BRING Gallery’s website
                                                                                   pieces that help cut through any art/
                                                                 Smedegaard,       audience divisions. Art as a method of
  donating your unwanted but usable                              BRING Gallery     outreach can elicit a visceral response
  building materials is tax deductible to
                                                                 Co-Manager        and I want to pursue the idea thatart     “Counterpoint”
  the extent allowed by law. For a full list of                                    can be both sustainable, creative and a   February 4th through March 27th
  what we accept, visit us at http://www.                                          tool for public awareness.”                  This show features two local artists who collect
                                                                 Volunteer) or call us at                                                        – Nicole Smedegaard    detritus with the dual purpose of cleaning up the envi-
  746-3023.                                                                                                                  ronment while creating beautiful, interesting art objects.
                                                                                     “BRING Gallery draws connections        The public is invited to attend an opening reception
                                                                                   between art and social change, two of
  Shopping at the Planet improvement                                               my major interests. I want to under-
                                                                                                                             on Saturday,
  center reduces waste, greenhouse                                                                                           February 7th from
                                                                                   stand how the community views the         2 pm to 4 pm.
  emissions, and saves you money. Here are                                         Gallery and what people would like to        Isaac of Equiweld
  some of the things you can expect to find in                                     see happening in the space so it serves   explores the back-
  our warehouse:                                                                   the needs of community stakeholders.      woods of Oregon
                                                                 Liz Lawrence,     I am interested in pushing common         looking for heav-
                                                                 BRING Gallery     ideas of recycled/environmental art       ily littered areas.
  Aluminum Siding                 Lumber                         Co-Manager        and creating thought-provoking, criti-    He photographs
                                  Light Fixtures                 (Americorps       cal exhibits that become a major part     the sites to docu-
  Bathroom Cabinets                                                                of the public dialogue in Eugene.”
                                                                 Volunteer)                                                  ment their state,
  Bookcases                       Mirrors
                                                                                                          – Liz Lawrence     transports the ‘raw
  Cabinets                        Paneling                                                                                   material’ back to
  Canning Jars                    Piping                                                                                     his studio and
  Cabinet Doors
  Compost Bins
                                                                 upcoming Exhibitions                                        transforms it into
                                                                                                                             sculptural pieces.
                                  and Accessories                “New Leaves”                                      
  Doors                                                          January 3rd through January 31st                               An urban artist, Matthew Gerlick scours the streets
  Door Handles and                Screens                                                                                    of Eugene on the lookout for litter and discards to
  Hardware                        Screen Doors                      BRING Gallery is conducting an experiment in             fashion into wall hangings. Gerlick’s work reflects his
                                  Shelves                        creative reuse with our January exhibition. Starting        interest in changing consumer obsessions with newness
  Electrical Boxes                Sinks                          with an empty gallery, the space will be filled with        and plastic. One of his goals for the show is to spend no
  Electrical Fixtures                                            a community exhibit through a series of lectures,           money on materials whatsoever, only time and effort.
                                  Tools                          demonstrations, and open studio times. A celebratory
  Faucets                         Tables                         closing reception will be held on Friday, January 23rd
  Fiberglass Siding
  Flower Pots
                                  Tubs                           from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.                                    Coming in April
                                  Tiles                             Workshop events include: transforming used light
  Flooring                        Toilets                        bulbs into exquisite ornaments with Laura Taylor;             In partnership with the Young Writers Association,
                                                                 constructing an Adirondack chair, an easel, and a stage     North Eugene High School, and Child’s Way Charter
  Garage Doors                    Utility Sinks                                                                              School of Culp Creek, BRING Gallery will be
                                                                 from BRING materials with Dan Howes, and a slide
  Galvanized Siding               Unexpected                                                                                 exhibiting a children’s reuse art show centered on the
                                                                 lecture on the spiritual inspiration behind the Mayan,
  Gutters                         Treasures                                                                                  theme of “home,” April 1st to May 29th.
                                                                 Latino, and African themed artwork of Ellen Gabehart.
                                                                    BRING Gallery will be hosting free, open studio
  Kitchen Cabinets

                                                                 warehouse words
                                                                 Think ReUse!                                                your bathroom, build
                                                                                                                             a kid’s playhouse or
                                                                   Have tough                                                brighten up a dark corner
                                                                 economic times put a                                        with a reclaimed light
                                                                 dent in your pocketbook?                                    fixture, you’re bound to
                                                                 Are you looking for low-                                    discover something that
                                                                 cost ways to remodel, fix                                   will be just perfect for the
                                                                 or fabricate? Welcome to                                    job. With many people
                                                                 the Used Materials                                          looking to save money
                                                                 Warehouse at the Planet                                     and help the environ-          Wow! Trim for only $1 a
                                                                 Improvement Center.                                         ment, there’s never been
                                                                                           Oh my, granite slabs at just                                     piece. Finally I can redo
                                                                   You’ll find a wealth of                                   a better time to stop by
                                                                 low cost, used build-     $5 a square foot. These                                          the living room!
                                                                 ing materials and new     are gorgeous.
                                                                 surplus stock items.
                                                                                                                                                              BRING. So head on down
          Stock changes daily                                    Whether you want to re-tile
                                                                                                                                                              and check us out before
   If we don’t have it today, we’ll probably have it tomorrow.                                                                                                you tackle that project.
                                                                                                                                                              And please, send us
                                                                                               Just what I needed!
                                                                                                                                                              pictures when you’re done.
      oPEN SEVEN dAyS A wEEK                                                                   An OSHA approved                                               We love to see the creative
     Hours vary seasonally—call 746-3023                                                       oily rag bin! Wow,                                             ways our customers use
       4446 Franklin Blvd—in Glenwood                                                          these things are $90                                           the materials they
                                                                                               new, but they’re only         My goodness, I finally           find here.

          don’t dump It,
                                                                                               charging $20 at BRING!        found new lights for the
                                                                                                                             RV, and only $10 each!

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