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									 1                                       Town of Middlebury
 2                                   SELECT BOARD MEETING
 3                               Municipal Building Conference Room
 4                                     Tuesday, June 28, 2011
 6                                           DRAFT
 8                                          Meeting Minutes
10   Members Present: John Tenny, Victor Nuovo, Janelle Ashley, Craig Bingham, Nick Artim, Dean
11   George, and Travis Forbes.
13   Staff Present: Town Manager Bill Finger, Town Planner Fred Dunnington, Police Chief Tom
14   Hanley, and Town Treasurer Jackie Sullivan. Several members of the community were present
15   at the meeting, which was reported by John Flowers of The Addison Independent and televised
16   on MCTV by Dick Thodal.
17                                          1. Call to Order
19   John Tenny called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.
21                              2. Approval of Minutes – June 14, 2011
23   Dean George moved to approve meeting minutes for June 14, 2011; Janelle Ashley seconded.
25   Correction: Page 3, Line 136: substitute “abstaining” with “recused”
27   Minutes approved as amended with 6 members in favor, none opposed, and 1 member
28   abstaining (Travis Forbes). MOTION PASSED.
30                                       3. Approval of Agenda
32   Addition:
33       4.a. Summer Intern Report/Introduction: Ryan Kim
35   Victor Nuovo moved to approve the agenda with noted addition; Craig Bingham seconded.
36   Motion carried with 7 members in favor, none opposed. MOTION PASSED.
38                                        4. Citizen Comments
40   Laura Asermily extended an invitation to the open social-networking event set on the third
41   Tuesday of every month at 51 Main in downtown Middlebury from 7 to 9 p.m.
42   is a global movement that aims to convene people in cities around the world in informal monthly
43   sessions known as Green Drinks. Middlebury Green Drinks was launched on June 21st at 51
44   Main with a focus on biking. Guests were invited to tell their bike commuting or touring stories
45   and to imagine what could come next to expand bike use and safety in the Middlebury area.
46   Cargo bikes will be the theme of the next Middlebury Green Drinks on Tuesday, July 19th from 7
47   to 9 p.m. As before, it will feature free snacks, drink discounts and door prizes from local shops
48   and groups.
50                        4.a. Summer Intern Report/Introduction: Ryan Kim
52   Ryan Kim, recently hired to fill the Town’s Economic Development summer internship position,
53   introduced himself to the Board. Having completed 23 interviews of the 30-40 business owners,
54   college personnel, and townspeople he will contact in an effort to hear their perspectives, Ryan
55   is currently working on the data-gathering phase in preparation for a final report to be presented
56   to the Board within two weeks.
      Select Board Meeting Minutes
      Tuesday, June 28, 2011
 59                     5. Discussion – Counseling Service of Addison County:
 60                             Tentatively Proposed Methadone Clinic
 62   Robert Thorn, Executive Director of the Counseling Service of Addison County, together with
 63   Bob Bick, Director of Outpatient Services at the Howard Center in Burlington, led a discussion
 64   regarding the growing problem of opiate use and addiction in Addison County, and the serious
 65   gap in terms of drug treatment as noted in a recent Court Diversion assessment survey.
 66   Although the Counseling Service offers early intervention and substance abuse programs, it
 67   does not offer medicated treatments; therefore, in order to address the problem, Robert Thorn
 68   has been collaborating with the State and Bob Bick at the Howard Center, which provides
 69   methadone maintenance therapy for those with opioid dependence. He noted there are
 70   currently 16 Addison County residents on a waiting list. Mr. Bick advised that the Howard Center
 71   is highly regulated and structured by the federal government, and currently serves
 72   approximately 250 patients, with a 95-97% compliance rate for all drugs, including marijuana.
 73   (Management Report attached) He added that many clients’ addiction is the result of pain
 74   medicines prescribed following surgical procedures.
 76   John Tenny emphasized the need for a well-managed umbrella of service, otherwise the
 77   community is diminished, and care must be taken to respond to the community as a whole. Bob
 78   Thorn assured the Board that the needs of the community are consistent with the intent and
 79   mission of the Counseling Service. Next steps will be to consider the funding perspective in
 80   designing a 100-person program, continue consulting with both the State and Howard Center in
 81   forming a work plan, defining numbers, detailed analysis, budget, logistics, staffing
 82   requirements, training, community education, and timeline.
 84   On behalf of the Turning Point Center of Addison County, Craig Bingham extended an invitation
 85   to work in partnership with the Counseling Service in its efforts. Mike Fisher, outreach worker for
 86   the Parent/Child Center for 25 years, confirmed that in his experience there is a desperate
 87   problem in the community that needs to be addressed.
 89   On behalf of the Select Board, John Tenny thanked the Counseling Service and looks forward
 90   to continuing the discussion.
 92              6. Acorn Energy Co-op – Solar PV Array Proposal for Town Property
 93                          Adjacent to Middlebury Police Department
 95   Representing ACORN Energy Co-op, Peter Carothers, Rich Carpenter, Greg Pahl, and Tom
 96   Dunn gave a presentation of the organization’s proposal to install a Photo Voltaic (PV) array on
 97   Town land directly north of the Middlebury Police Department building at the old Wastewater
 98   Treatment Facility on Lucius Shaw Lane. As outlined in the proposed Memorandum of
 99   Understanding (copy attached), the Co-op would agree to provide one-third of the electricity
100   provided by the array (approximately 57,500 kWhr per year) to the Town each year for 10 years
101   at standard CVPS rates and provide a refund averaging $1,000 per year during the first 10
102   years, increasing in year 11 to $1,200 per year, and in year 16 to $2,400 per year. The Town
103   would agree to sign a 25-year lease for the Co-op’s LLC to utilize the one-acre at a cost of $1
104   per year. If approved, construction would begin in early fall, and solar electricity generated by
105   year’s end. Craig Bingham moved to approve the Memorandum of Understanding; Victor Nuovo
106   seconded. Motion carried with 7 members in favor, none opposed. MOTION PASSED.
      Select Board Meeting Minutes
      Tuesday, June 28, 2011
111                             7. Request for Funding Town Plan Writer
113   Planning Commission Chair Nancy Malcolm and Town Planner Fred Dunnington requested
114   funding to hire a temporary part-time plan writer to assist in writing the new Town Plan, which
115   has been in development for several months. In an effort to bring a single voice to the complex
116   document, Fred suggested that hiring a temporary plan writer be part of the budget in future
117   years. In researching costs incurred by other towns (copy of letter attached), Nancy suggested a
118   $50/hour rate, and 100 hours for a total of $5,000. Town Manager Bill Finger noted the position
119   could be funded from savings realized from the assistant manager’s vacant position over the
120   past three months. Dean George moved to approve funding a part-time town plan writer for 100
121   hours for a total of $5,000; Victor Nuovo seconded. Motion carried with 7 members in favor,
122   none opposed. MOTION PASSED.
124       8. Discussion – Changes in Middlebury Area Land Trust (MALT)/Town Objectives
126   Victor Nuovo reported that Middlebury Area Land Trust (MALT) Executive Director Josh Phillips
127   recently resigned, and because the agency does not have the resources to hire a new executive
128   director, MALT is considering hiring a program director and allowing the Board to take on some
129   of the executive director’s functions. The MALT Board of Directors will hold a retreat in early
130   August to reassess and make recommendations in going forward.
132                    9. VTrans Response viz. Speed Limit Reduction Requests
134   In response to the Select Board’s request to the State Agency of Transportation to reduce the
135   speed limit on a section of Route 7 north at the intersection with Grandview Drive, and Route 7
136   South between Boardman and Cady Roads it has been determined by the State that no change
137   to the existing speed limit in the two areas is warranted (copy of letters attached). In regard to
138   the section of Route 7 north at the intersection with Grandview Drive, however, a Traffic
139   Committee meeting will be held in Montpelier July 6th, after which a final decision will be made.
140   Board members authorized the Town Manager to attend the committee hearing to testify on
141   behalf of the Town, as well as to talk about the issue of signs and pedestrians.
143                           9.1 ACTR – Bus Shelter Message Sign Grant
145   Dean George reported that ACTR has received a grant for an LED scrolling message board to
146   be installed at the downtown bus shelter, the first of two additional boards for bus shelters in
147   Adirondack Circle and New Haven. The message boards will allow dispatchers to update
148   current routes. ACTR has asked the Town for permission to access electricity from the panel
149   located near the bus shelter to operate the message board. Janelle Ashley moved to approve
150   ACTR’s request; Victor Nuovo seconded. Motion carried with 7 members in favor, none
151   opposed. MOTION PASSED.
153                     10. Fire Department Feasibility Study Committee Report
155   Nick Artim reported that he and Bill Finger attended the Fire Department Feasibility Study
156   Committee earlier in the evening at 6 p.m., which is ongoing. The committee is making progress
157   on presentation materials to relay the needs and modifications to the existing stations. Bill
158   added that recent survey work has determined actual boundary lines for the Community House,
159   Post Office and expansion of Fire Station #1, which has resulted in some reservation on the part
160   of the Community House for relinquishing more property than originally planned. Further
161   discussions will take place at a July 8th meeting.
      Select Board Meeting Minutes
      Tuesday, June 28, 2011
164                 11. Community Center/Town Office Steering Committee Report
166   Victor Nuovo moved to accept meeting minutes from the Community Center/Town Office
167   Steering Committee for June 21, 2011 (copy attached); Nick Artim seconded. Motion carried
168   with 7 members in favor, none opposed. MOTION PASSED. Bill Finger reported that a
169   roundtable meeting is scheduled at the Middlebury Inn on July 12th at which representatives
170   from numerous public and semi-public organizations will be present to determine strengths of
171   interests in the committee’s approach. In addition, Bill and Nick Artim are scheduled to meet
172   tomorrow, June 29th, with representatives from CCV.
174                                     12. Hydro Progress Report
176   Bill Finger reported that Middlebury Electric, LLC has submitted a new application to the Federal
177   Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to which the Town’s counsel, Matt Manahan, will file a
178   response, continuing the Town’s opposition to the Traditional Licensing Process favoring
179   instead the Integrated Licensing Progress that provides more opportunity for the Town to
180   participate as decisions are being considered by FERC. John Tenny invited any questions from
181   the public on the hydro matter.
183                13. Report on Monthly Meeting with Middlebury College Officials
185   John Tenny reported that Town and College officials met today, June 28, 2011. Discussion
186   topics included the abatement process in connection with the pending Vermont Center for
187   Emerging Technologies (VCET) tax appeal; the municipal redevelopment effort; fire department
188   project and the two-stage bonding approval process; economic development activities regarding
189   lands jointly owned behind the Ilsley Library and related issue of replacement parking. The next
190   scheduled meeting is planned for August 24th.
192                                      14. FY11 Budget Report
194   Bill Finger reviewed a draft of the budget projections for fiscal year 2011 (copy attached), which
195   indicates a total revenue projection of $112,703, and a total expense projection of -$29,424,
196   leaving an unapplied fund balance of $30,841, and net surplus (deficit) of $114,120 as of June
197   27, 2011. Bill also presented a spreadsheet of unbudgeted expenses authorized by the Select
198   Board for 2011-2012 (copy attached), not including the gazebo repair of $11,000 and appraisal
199   of the co-op property for $4,500, together with his recommendations for covering the expenses,
200   totaling $282,103. Bill noted that the Health Insurance Committee has worked with insurance
201   representatives to review a variety of plans. The net result is to switch non-union employees as
202   of August 1st to a high-deductible plan with the same benefits. The first five months will realize
203   an estimated $30,000 savings for the Town, depending on the deductible for union employees.
204   The switch from CIGNA to Blue-Cross/Blue Shield will result in approximately $23,000 through
205   December 31st. Union negotiations are to resume next year, at which time premium costs will be
206   discussed January 1st. Bill acknowledged the Health Committee for their hard work and efforts.
208                                 14.1 FY12 Water & Sewer Budgets
210   Town Treasurer Jackie Sullivan reviewed the water and sewer budgets for fiscal year 2012
211   (copies attached). Jackie noted that the sewer budget fell short $10,000 while the water budget
212   reflects a surplus of $4,000. Jackie suggested expenses and/or rates be looked at in order for
213   both the water and sewer budgets to balance. Further discussion deferred until Director of
214   Operations Dan Werner returns from vacation.
      Select Board Meeting Minutes
      Tuesday, June 28, 2011
217                15. Set Special Select Board Meeting Date to Set FY12 Tax Rate
219   Select Board members will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, July 6, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. to
220   set the FY12 tax rate.
222                                  16. Approval of Check Warrants
224   Upon review, Craig Bingham moved to approve check warrants as presented (copies attached);
225   Nick Artim seconded. Motion carried with 7 members in favor, none opposed. MOTION
226   PASSED.
228                                    17. Town Manager’s Report
230   In response to concerns raised by some citizens regarding the tall grass growing on the islands
231   in the downtown roundabout, Bill Finger advised that the Town will trim the grasses which have
232   responded beyond expectations to the excessive spring and early summer rains.
234   The Town has received the appraisal for the co-op land.
236   An email received by the Town today from VTrans indicated there was a derailment in
237   Middlebury last night on June 27th near the wastewater plant. There was no report of any cars
238   tipping over in the incident.
240                                   18. Board Member Concerns
242   Janelle Ashley inquired about the decision-making process regarding tree placement in the
243   downtown area. Janelle also advised that the west side of Halpin Road is in need of roadside
244   mowing.
246   Craig Bingham noted the upcoming Festival on the Green, July 10-July 16th, and invited
247   everyone to the grand finale Street Dance, which he and his wife, Beth, will host on Saturday,
248   July 16th.
250   Travis Forbes asked when Happy Valley Road will reopen. Fred Dunnington advised the project
251   is very close to completion.
253   The Select Board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
255                                         19. Adjournment
257   The Board adjourned at 9:50 p.m.
260   Submitted by,
261   Peggy Connor, Board Clerk


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