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How to cool down my laptop?

I have a Compaq Presario CQ62 and am having lots of overheating problems. My Core temperature is 109 and on Speedfan whatever Temp1 is it is 124 i have
had lots of problems it is out o warranty and im not going to replace aything i would like to fix it for under 10 $
I have a cooling pad a good one and i have cleaned it out and shut it off

Asked by Stepbros 101 at Aug 12,2011 11:15

Buy a cooling pad. make sure your fans are all working.

Answer from Anonymous Anonymous at Aug 12,2011 11:16

submerse in cold water

Answer from Nick at Aug 12,2011 11:17

All laptops need vents! make sure you keep the vents uncovered, and put it on a hard surface when using it. Make sure it has good ventilation.If that doesn't work
it must mean you're over-working it or something.

Answer from Life is Lies at Aug 12,2011 11:17

Best answer

A laptop cooling pad can cost $10. Go to best buy, or order one online. Or open it up and clean out the dust, there will be lots. That should bring your core temps
down 30 degrees.

Answer from Andrew at Aug 12,2011 11:17

it will cost more than $10, get real.

Answer from Michael B at Aug 12,2011 11:17

you can buy a cooling pad on stores.Place your laptop on a good condition of temperature.^^

Answer from allan at Aug 12,2011 11:22

Keep it off soft things such as carpet, beds, or couches Buy a cooling pad Take off any case (especially when charging) Put is in shade Put it infront of a fan or
airconditioner vent (if you have one) Don't keep it on for to long. (use it for what you need then turn it off) Don't burn or rip any CD's or DVD's Don't run any large
program for to long

Answer from Michael Watson at Aug 12,2011 11:26

Can you try liquid cooling?

Answer from Salman at Aug 12,2011 11:32

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