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How many gigahertz and ram do i need to play games on a laptop?

I'm planning on buying a new laptop and was wondering how much ram and gigagertz do i need to play Games like Call of Duty and GTA and Prototype?

Asked by Ade at Aug 15,2011 12:54

if you are buying a Desktop computer you should have 3.2 Ghz and 4 GB RAM minimum if you want a gaming laptop : 1.7 Ghz Minimum and 6 GB RAM
minimum I would recommend Sony VAIO laptop 16,4" F-series :) it is the perfect computer for everything , it has Intel core i7 processor! gaming have never been
more beautiful than on a sony vaio :)

Answer from Ahmed Kashwan at Aug 15,2011 12:59

Best answer

For a laptop, it can be kinda spendy. Generally unless you can get a 3.0+ GHz quad core, It would be better for you to get a 3.0+ GHz dual core (I know that
seems wrong, however many modern games will recommend high powered dual core CPU's after listing a lower powered quad core as a "system requirement")
As for RAM, you can pretty much get 6GB RAM for free, which is all you'll ever need. If you can, upgrade the graphics card to preferably a 1GB card.

Answer from Code Monkey at Aug 15,2011 13:00

6 for a heavy gamer and 8 for an extreme gamer.

Answer from Tazzzz at Aug 15,2011 13:01

A lot. Use this laptop recommender:

Answer from Kat X at Aug 15,2011 13:29

You should focus on a video card. Make sure it has at least 512 MB of VIDEO memory, although 1 GB is better (1024 MB = 1 GB). As for the RAM, get at lease 4
B, with 6 GB being best. For the processor, at least 2.5 GHz.

Answer from LDfamily at Aug 18,2011 09:45

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