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How do I remove the hard drive in a Vaio VGN-s4xp?

Not sure how to access it. Looked in the back, seems not to be there.

Asked by day090 at Aug 11,2011 19:45

Turn off, unplug power adapter, remove battery, remove hard drive cover on bottom of laptop, release clip at each side or screws and lift up at 45% angle and out,
reverse for assembly, install new original operating system onto new hard drive using system recovery disc set made for the lap top. How to Upgrade, Repair,
Disassemble a Sony Laptop or Notebook

Answer from Bassman1 at Aug 11,2011 19:50

Best answer

The hard drive is located under the keyboard, on the left under where the lights are for the wifi, battery etc. To get in, you have to undo the screws at the back of
the laptop. Then remove the keyboard (be careful. there is a cable. Don't yank.Look closely and you can see how to disconnect it) Next the top plastic cover and
then you can see the hard drive. (be careful. there are 4 wires/plugs you need to undo. Don't yank. ) Rest should be obvious.

Answer from Gnad Mr. at Aug 11,2011 19:51

Remove the obvious screws at the back and try to get in the laptop. Dont pull anything too hard. It might break any attached wires.

Answer from Sunil Lokugamage at Aug 11,2011 20:25

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