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how do i get my scanner to work again?

i have a PC and a scanner that is properly connected to it and worked perfectly before. but recently i re programed my PC to windows 7 and now when i try to
scan photos to my computer, it wont scan. all the scanner says is "waiting for PC". what should i do? any suggestions?

Asked by TACO at Aug 12,2011 05:47

You'll need to go to the website of the manufacturer of the scanner, my friend, and see if there's a Windows 7 driver available for it. (I wouldn't try holding your
breath though, unless it's a fairly new scanner.)

Answer from micksmixxx at Aug 12,2011 07:23

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Sounds like a driver issue - granting that your connections are correct and secure. Download the right driver from the scanner's company website like Mick said. If
there isn't a driver upgrade, you could try downgrading your operating version. This is very common problems with upgrades and peripherals.

Answer from peak at Aug 12,2011 19:57

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