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How do I block people from seeing my friends on facebook?

I remember the old privacy setting that blocked people from seeing your list of friends on your wall but every time they change the privacy settings things
disappear or are moved to an impossible place to find. I do this when I add people that I don't want being nosy lol So if you could explain exactly where it is in
privacy settings and if it still exists that would be great. thanks : )
there is no settings. it just says my account and then the only option is privacy settings and in privacy settings I don't see anything talking about my profile just like
customize settings when it comes to my photo albums and being tagged.

Asked by incubabe at Aug 11,2011 01:31

Well, you can't now anymore you'll just have to block that person so you can no longer see them or defriend them and change your privacy settings so that they
cant see your friends.

Answer from Devin at Aug 11,2011 01:38

Please read the following steps: Log in to you facebook account Click Settings -> Privacy Settings -> Profile-> Basic -> Friends ->Customize. Anonymous

Answer from Jiang Ho at Aug 11,2011 01:42

Best answer

Since May 2010 Facebook offers again the possibility to stop showing your list of friends on your profile. This guide will show you how to do it: Good luck!

Answer from Rom Cartridge at Aug 11,2011 08:44

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