Brilliant Graphics Group Earns UL Approval; Installs LED Light Box

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Brilliant Graphics Group Earns UL Approval; Installs LED Light
Box Fabric Sign displays at Huntsville, Alabama Airport

Pittsfield, MA – After months of research and development
working hand in hand with Underwriters Laboratories Brilliant
Graphics Group, a distributor of Matrix Frames, recently installed
Matrix Frame Displays at the Huntsville, AL airport. Each of the
fabric signs was six feet by ten feet in size and included a Brilliant
Graphics custom built LED light box.

Matrix Frame is an aluminum framing system for fabric printed
graphics. This system allows you to change your graphic simply
and efficiently. The unique benefits of the Matrix Frame are the
ease of assembly, superb graphic detail of fabric prints, plus the durability and longevity of both frames and
prints. Since Matrix Frame is a versatile light weight system, it reduces shipping, installation and damage
expenses, without a sacrifice of visual appeal.

The light boxes were custom built by Brilliant Graphics. Brilliant’s LED light boxes feature an ultra thin acrylic
light panel that nests perfectly into the aluminum Matrix Frame. Benefits of the light panels are low energy
consumption, long life span (70,000 hrs) and even light distribution for optimal visual impact. Plus Brilliant’s
light boxes are now UL Listed in the United States and Canada.

Being UL listed means that an independent laboratory (UL) has reviewed the product specifications and
vetted the product and all its components and have met or exceeded UL’s high safety standards. As of
today, Brilliant Graphics Group is the only Matrix Frame Distributor with a UL Listed and approved Light Box.

Brilliant Graphics Group is a large format digital graphics company that specializes in graphic design, 3D high
resolution scanning, direct to media printing, Fine Art Reproductions, photo laser imaging, digital die cutting,
UV coating and film lamination. The Matrix Frame line was added to Brilliant’s product portfolio in early
2010. Brilliant Graphics started in 2008 as a subsidiary of Sampco Companies. Sampco Companies was
founded 1986 by Michael O. Ryan.

Today, Sampco Companies, headquartered in Pittsfield, MA has 5 national U.S. based operations. The
company has 300 dedicated employees and services the building materials industry segments markets
which includes roofing, ceramic tile, hardwood, brick, stone , flooring and architectural ceiling tile to name a

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