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Fun things to do on a mac?

I just got a Mac and I wanted to know if there was anything cool and different that I could do on it other than internet, photo booth, and the other average things
normal PCs can do. Thanks!

Asked by Holly at Aug 12,2011 13:24

Best answer

You could always write jokes bashing Microsoft and PC's :) But seriously, the Mac is an awesome platform to do anything multimedia related - explore your
creative side. Is there something you do as a hobby / interest already? Do a search for an app on the Mac that will help you with it, etc. No end to what you could

Answer from Ash Peters at Aug 13,2011 12:02

hmm. 1) press control, alt, command 8. it inverts the screen :) 2) activate Corners under Expose and Spaces under System Preferences (on the Apple drag-down
menu). this will make it so that when you drag your cursor to the corners of the screen, different things pop up in the middle! 3) download free apps. just go to the
App Store and search "free" and then sort by popularity. there are some cool ones! 4) you can make the computer talk if you go to Applications > Utilities >
Terminal and type "say 'what you want it to say' " and press enter :) kinda funny.

Answer from Meredith at Aug 14,2011 04:34

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