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Do I buy a Laptop or an i-pad?

I'm not IT literate. I would like to have a computer that I can take (almost) anywhere. Would I be better off buying a Laptop or an I-Pad (or similar)? What are the
advantages/disadvantages of each?
Thanks for your answers. It seems that a Laptop is probably best for me. But do I go for Windows or Apple?

Asked by RICHARD C at Aug 10,2011 16:44

Buy an laptop. Ipads are cool and all but it's annoying cause they always have a brand new one each year. It's a waist.

Answer from Jenny Rainwater at Aug 10,2011 16:45

Best answer

Laptop. An Ipad can really only get on the internet and use apps. It has no real file system that you can access and it does not play well with other devices. I love
my Ipad, but it is no replacement for a laptop.

Answer from ChrisB at Aug 10,2011 16:47

IPad, u can carry almost evrywher and there is internet connection Laptop, there is Internet and a bigger screen, and some laptops r small, so u can carry around
So i guesss, LAPTOP!

Answer from Shy Ra Lina at Aug 10,2011 16:51

It depends on what you do on them really. I have an iPad and a Laptop. I use to have a netbook, but replaced it for the iPad. The iPad is good for web browsing,
youtube and for the Apps available on iTunes. Laptops can do much much more, but it does depend on what you want it for. I use my iPad of games, web
browsing, movies, web coding and Documents. It is pretty good for these however getting documents transfered to a Windows Laptop/Desktop can be very
annoying. Also iPad do not support Flash, so you cant play Flash Internet Games or view Flash Website (e.g. Also to have an iPad
you MUST have some kind of computer Desktop or Laptop. When you first get the iPad it requires that you plug it into the computer to register the iPad and you
also need iTunes to control and update all the Apps for the iPad. Laptops however can take a while to boot up, iPads are on at the press of a button, So if your
looking for something you may need to use instantley and dont want to wait for 3-5 mintues for the computer to boot up, then I would say get an iPad. If your
looking for something where you can write notes, play games, create a small presentation, watch movies and listen to music, then I would recommend the iPad. If
you need something that requires much more then I would go for a Laptop as they are more powerful and more accessible. Hope this helps Ben

Answer from Ben at Aug 10,2011 16:58

I think that you should get a laptop because it has a lot more functions, storage, and will come in as more useful in the future than the iPad. I would recommend a
Sony because they are reliable and have really good graphics. You can try this laptop recommender:

Answer from Kat X at Aug 10,2011 18:08

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