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Computer help?!?!?!?'?

Okay, so when I open my laptop (MacBook pro) it gets to the screen where I type in my password, and when I do and hit enter it does the loading sign and it
won't go into the desktop. It just stays at the checking the password loading part. How can I fix this? I already Closed it and tried holding down the power button

Asked by Taylor Blue at Aug 16,2011 04:10

try giving it some time to load up, I dont know if you know this, but the more stuff you download onto a computer, and the more start up items you have on your
computer, the longer itll take to load up

Answer from brendon h at Aug 16,2011 04:12

Best answer

When you start up, try holding down the shift key. Normally, that will launch you into OS X Safe Mode. If that loads the OS, then try running disk utility in the
Applications - Utilities folder. You can also access Disk Utility by loading the the original system restore disk that came with your Mac. Insert the CD, then power
on your computer while holding down the "C" key. That prompts the computer to try to boot from the CD drive. If able, you can then try running the disk utility from
there. hope this helps!

Answer from Mckenzie Adlham at Aug 16,2011 04:13

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