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Breakdown this IP address?

IP address: Subnet mask: What is the host portion of the IP address? Network portion of the IP address? (i.e 10.220 net / 35.7 host)
Obviously this is not correct.
That is incorrect Jimmy

Asked by victor v at Aug 11,2011 06:12

Try this site: http://bit.ly/mUIAjB. I think I can help here.

Answer from Aca Maca at Aug 11,2011 06:16

The first three octets is the network address and the final one is the host address, so identifies which network the machine belongs to and is
the address of the host itself.

Answer from Jimmy at Aug 11,2011 06:21

Best answer

Is this a test? :) Class A Network. Subnet bits = 15 Subnets = 32768 Hosts = 510/subnet Subnet = Broadcast IP = Valid IP addresses
: - Do I win a gold star? :)

Answer from Diamond Daniels at Aug 11,2011 07:15

hi- just to add a bit more detail about the subnet mask: - first octet (first 8 bits) of the subnet mask is the network portion - the second octet and most of the third
octet (bits 9 through 23) are the subnet portion of the subnet mask - bits 24 through 32 are the host portion of the subnet mask bosscbt.tv has about 28 video
tutorials on subnetting if you are interested in learning more.

Answer from MikeL at Aug 11,2011 14:08

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