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White things in my vagina?

So my vagina had been itching and so I took a Mirror and checked it out to find white things do I reached a Finger up and all these white Mini things were on my
finger. They looked like toilet paper that had been there For a day and was rolled really small. What is this and how do I treat it?

Asked by Aria Wings at Aug 16,2011 10:13

You have a yeast infection.

Answer from Nada at Aug 16,2011 10:16

Yeast infection. Your pharmacist can help with this.

Answer from ρερρεssεαsτ at Aug 16,2011 10:17

It's just vaginal discharge. There's northing to worry about unless it smells. It comes in different consistencies and amounts for different women. If you're itching
you probably have a yeast infection. You can get treatment over the counter so you don't need to go to your doctors. Yeast infections aren't neccessarily sexually
transmitted so don't worry.

Answer from Kitty at Aug 16,2011 10:24

Best answer

Get some Monastat from Walmart and follow the directions, you have a yeast infection and it could get worse. If this doesn't help see your doctor.

Answer from cowboydoc at Aug 16,2011 11:59

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