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what the hell is Hep C?

I know its a disease in the liver, i knoiw its blood borne. I got it from shooting up but I know I never sharedd a needle cuz I wouldn'nt do it with anyone I was
always alone. So how could it have came from the needle?

Asked by shOrtc@kes at Aug 12,2011 17:49

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clarissam - Hepatitis C is a form of liver inflammation that causes primarily a long-lasting (chronic) disease. Acute (newly developed) hepatitis C is rarely observed
as the early disease is generally quite mild. Spread mainly by contact with infected blood, the hepatitis C virus (HCV) causes most cases of viral liver infection not
due to the A and B hepatitis viruses. The most common way of transmitting hepatitis C is when blood containing the virus enters another person's circulation
through a break in the skin or the mucosa (inner lining) of the mouth or genitals. It can be sexually transmitted. Those at increased risk of developing hepatitis C
include anyone who gets a tattoo or has his or her skin pierced with an infected needle. The sharing of personal items should be avoided, particularly those that
can puncture the skin or inside of the mouth, such as razors, nail files and scissors, and even toothbrushes. Condoms should be used for either vaginal or oral
sex. In summary, for you, the hepatitis C virus infection may well have come from another source and not from the sterile new needles you used.

Answer from norton g at Aug 12,2011 18:23

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