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What's wrong with me ?

I have nausea and my head hurts and I I've been omitting my eyes out! What's wrong with me? I just came back from a BBQ

Asked by Joyce at Aug 14,2011 19:08

Oh, no! Better not omit your eyes!

Answer from Aiko Chikiruku at Aug 14,2011 19:09

Could be food poisoning? Do you mean vomiting your eyes out?

Answer from Clairejp at Aug 14,2011 19:10

Best answer

If you mean vomiting, you're likely suffering from food poisoning. Leaving food too long in the temperature "danger zone" (40 °F - 140 °F) causes foodborne
bacteria to grow to levels that can cause illness.

http://www.fsis.usda.gov/factsheets/Danger_Zone/index.asp Take Pepto Bismal, stay hydrated with an ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution), and seek medical
treatment if you see any blood. ********************

The "Simple Solution" - Home made Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) Recipe Preparing 1 (one) Liter solution using Salt, Sugar and Water at Home Mix an oral
rehydration solution using the following recipe. Ingredients: Six (6) level teaspoons of Sugar Half (1/2) level teaspoon of Salt One Liter of clean drinking or boiled
water and then cooled - 5 cupfuls (each cup about 200 ml.) Preparation Method: Stir the mixture till the salt and sugar dissolves.


Answer from Spark at Aug 14,2011 19:15

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