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December 2003/January 2004
 Volume 44 – Number 11

ACT 2002.
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                                                             Plumbing & Drainage Act 2002. How Does It
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President’s Word
        Think Tank Weekend                                       Through discussions with members in the regional
                                                                 areas, our Training Officer, Gavin Jackson has
        In taking a strategic approach to our role as your
                                                                 ascertained what courses need to be delivered and
        elected representatives, the Council has decided to
                                                                 where. Utilising the training resources of both TAFE
        hold a special meeting for forward planning and
                                                                 and MPAQ itself, the Association is currently
        review of the Association’s current and future
                                                                 working on a proposal to deliver further courses in
        directions. This “think tank” will be held on Sunday
                                                                 regional Queensland in 2004.
        and Monday 15 & 16 February 2004.

        Marine Risk                                              Other Courses of Interest
                                                                 To date the Association has focused on the delivery
        Be careful when doing work that is classified by
                                                                 of technical post trade courses. From the
        your insurer as “marine risk”. It may be that you
                                                                 discussions with the MPAQ membership, there is
        will not be covered under your public liability policy
                                                                 also a need for seminars or courses in improving
        and will need to seek alternative cover.
                                                                 small businesses. Because the needs of many of
                                                                 the MPAQ members will vary, an analysis of the
        One of our members recently discovered that he           needs of small businesses can be conducted, the
        was not covered for the work he was doing on             outcome being the recognising the needs of each
        boats and was advised that his normal insurer            participant. The Association is currently in the
        could not provide coverage. He was then given two        process of seeking funding for such a program
        alternative insurers to contact who quoted $5,000        throughout regional Queensland.
        and $8,000 annual premium to cover him for the
        $10,000 worth of work he did each year!
                                                                 Environmental Plumbing
        Sale of Commercial Road                                  In early 2004 the Association is hoping to have an
        Property                                                 environmental plumbing course available, firstly in
        Following some excellent offers the sale of MPAQ’s       the southeast corner and then eventually in the
        Commercial Road property was finalised at                regional locations.
        $740,000. These funds shall be invested
        separately and Council is seeking professional
                                                                 The course content is only in the draft stages but
        advice for the best form of investment in the
                                                                 would likely include a number of modules to make
        medium term until the property market slows.
                                                                 up a complete course. Participants can attend
                                                                 individual modules or attend the entire course. The
        With regards to the office at Abbotsford Road,           course content would include considerable input
        Bowen Hills Council has noted that a general             from manufacturers and key industry stakeholders.
        upgrade is required to maintain this building and
        will undertake this in the New Year.
                                                                 Seasons Greetings
                                                                 It has been a long and very hectic year in many
        Training for 2004                                        respects and I hope that all members have faired
        In the last twelve months, the Association’s             well with the volume of work that has been
        regional training program has proved to be a             available. Personally I am looking forward to some
        resounding success. We now have the groundwork           quality time over the Christmas break. On behalf of
        to continue with the program into 2004 and               the Council and staff I would like to take this
        beyond.                                                  opportunity to wish you all a very happy and safe
                                                                 holiday season and all the best for the coming
        The Courses delivered in Regional Queensland in
        2003 were Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants,
        Site Assessment and Design for Domestic
        Wastewater Treatment Plants and a Course in              Bob Kimlin
        Thermostatic Mixing Valves

                          Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland     ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No. 11 ❘   December 2003   3
                                                                            Point of View of the
                                                                             Executive Director
Division Meetings                                             Ministers resolved to continue negotiating in good
                                                              faith on future funding, the national Construction
During the month I was pleased to attend a
                                                              Code and User Choice.
number of Division Meetings including, Brisbane,
Redcliffe, Logan and Gold Coast. Thank you to
those members who have attended and provided                  At this meeting the Queensland Minister for
me with valuable feedback as to what you require              Employment Training and Youth, Hon. Matt Foley
from the Association.                                         MP, tabled our letter urging greater funding,
                                                              particularly for Queensland in view of our
                                                              difficulties with high growth in our working age
Over the coming months I hope to attend all
Division meetings and look forward to catching up
with members throughout the state. I feel it is
important to recognise the diversity MPAQ                     The Commonwealth recognised the difficulties
member interests and the fact that we do                      faced by states and territories with high growth in
represent all of Queensland. If you have a point of           their working age populations and supported a
view you wish to have considered and can not                  review to address this issue in the funding
make a local meeting please feel free to contact              allocation in the 2007 – 2009 ANTA Agreement.
me direct.                                                    This is a significant move forward and is the result
                                                              of a collective effort from both industry and
From comments made so far it is clear to me that
many members would like to have greater contact               Developing Work
from the Association and on a more regular basis.             Opportunities
This is especially important in regards to legislation        The Association is keen to develop work
changes and other issues which impact directly on             opportunities for members were ever possible.
your business.                                                This has been evidenced most in recent times by
                                                              the WaterWise Master Plumber programs
In response to this we will review the possibility of         undertaken between MPAQ, local authorities and
producing an email update for members. Please                 the Sustainable Industries Division of the
ensure the office has your email address so you               Environmental Protection Agency.
may be kept up to date in a more timely manner
on matters affecting you and the industry generally.          In an effort to capitalise on the good work done so
                                                              far and identify new opportunities the Association
To check if we have your email address, simply log            will develop a Commercial WaterWise course for
on to and look                     members. In conjunction with this approaches will
yourself up on the Plumbers Fast Find.                        be made to major facilities managers, hotels and
Alternatively you may email the information to us             resorts, caravan parks and industry in general to
at and we will                      make them aware of the commercial advantages
check your records.                                           to be had in undertaking commercial water audits
                                                              and retrofitting water efficient products. We will
                                                              keep members informed on progress in this
ANTA Funding                                                  important area over the coming months.
It was reported last month that we, along with
other industry bodies, unions and the government
wrote to the Federal Minister seeking an increase             Merry Christmas
in funding for the Australian National Training
Authority (ANTA).                                             To all members, family and friends I wish you all a
                                                              very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous
                                                              New Year.
State and Territory governments met with the
Commonwealth on Friday 21 November 2003 to
discuss the 2004 – 2006 Agreement. While the                  Adrian Hart
meeting did not finalise the new Agreement,

4     Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland         ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No.11 ❘   December 2003
Bill Watson Leaves Plumbers
Licensing Board
                 The Plumbers and Drainers Examination and Licensing Board (PDELB) was
                 constituted order the old Sewerage & Water Supply Act 1949 and acted to oversee
                 licensing requirements and standards for plumbers in QLD. From the 1st November
                 this Board has been superceded by a “Plumbers and Drainers Board” under Act 2002.
                 Regretfully the State Government has not re-             • Introducing several new license classes and
                 appointed Bill Watson to the new Board and so              endorsements to address specific health and
                 ends nineteen years of continuous service. Bill            safety concerns;
                 succeeded Bruce Soden in 1984 as the                     • Introducing a seamless computer system for
                 Associations representative and typical of Bills style     issuing photographic licenses;
                 made this presence felt immediately. In 1993 he
                                                                          • Liaising with the Building Services Authority to
                 was chosen by the Board to be their Chairman and
                                                                            issue contractor’s licenses for Plumbers; and
                 remained Chairman until now. He is the only
                 Industry Based Chairman in the boards 54 year            • Introducing reduced fee for retired Plumbers and
                 history. The Board is affiliated with the Australian       electronic payments for licensing.
                 and New Zealand Reciprocity Association (ANZRA)
                 on which Bill has served on their Executive for the      Bill says his greatest enjoyment comes from
                 past six years. He chaired the last ANZRA                helping fellow plumbers around the state with
                 conference on the Gold Coast in October 2002.            licensing requirements and interpretations of our
                 From this Conference he was hand picked to               by-laws. A staunch supporter in keeping our
                 finalise the Training Packages for Plumbing,             licensing system our own identity and protecting it
                 Draining and Gasfitting by the Australian National       against the ongoing challenges of fragmentation of
                 Training Authority (ANTA). This entailed many            our Industry. These are big pair of shoes to fill.
                 interstate meetings ensuring the best out comes
                 for not only QLD but for all Australia. It should also
                 be recorded that during Bills early years on the         The Plumbing Industry shall be forever indebted to
                 QLD Broad he attended ANZRA Conferences at his           Bill Watson’s strong advocacy and commitment.
                 own expense.                                             What a shame the State Government didn’t realise
                 Returning to the PDELB some of the successful
                 initiatives Bill was instrumental in were:               Bruce Wallace

                REAL ESTATE & LIVESTOCK                                                               PTY
                                                                                                                i s Yo u r

                FOR                   SALE

  Enjoying excellent showroom and workshop location and a
  large established client base.

  Asking Price $200,000 Plus S.A.V.

REAL ESTATE •   LIVESTOCK                           PROPERTY SPECIALISTS •                            AUCTIONEERING

 P Box 173, Emerald 4720                      Fax (07) 4982 1260                          Ph (07) 4982 1711
                                    Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland    ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No. 11 ❘   December 2003   5
             Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002.
                     How Does It Affect You?
    “Oh no!” I hear you say. “Not another new regulation.
                   Not more paper work”.
The Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 commenced                  Notifiable minor work is defined as:
on November 1, replacing the some what dated                  • Emergency Work
Sewerage and Water Supply Act 1949 (SWSA) and                 • Repairing or replacing a plumbing or drainage
the Standard Sewerage Law and Standard Water                    pipe that is broken or damaged, but not if the
Supply Law.                                                     work involves repairing a drain at a connection
                                                                point or replacing more than 6m of pipe or 3m of
The Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 deals only                   a drain.
with plumbing, drainage and on-site sewerage                  • Other work of a minor nature related to and
facilities. All matters to do with local Government             reasonably necessary for, repairing plumbing or
sewerage and water supply infrastructure are now                drainage.
in the Water Act 2000.                                        • Work necessary for replacing a tempering valve,
                                                                water heater, cistern, pump or water meter.
Under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 (PDA)                • Work necessary for maintaining, repairing or
are two sets of regulations, the Standard Plumbing              replacing a backflow prevention device or
and Drainage Regulation 2003 (SPDR) dealing                     thermostatic mixing valve.
with plumbing and drainage work and the
Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003 (PDR)                   (Note: Emergency Work means plumbing or
dealing with licensing of plumbers and drainers.              drainage work that must, because of a failure in
The PDA and its regulations cover much of the                 the plumbing or drainage, be performed to stop a
same subject matter as the SWSA and standard                  continuing risk to health and safety or damage to
laws.                                                         property. Replacing means removing a plumbing
                                                              or drainage item from a place and installing a new
                                                              item of a similar type in the same place).
How does the New Act Affect the Licensed
The question everyone is asking is, how is the new            The Previous Requirements
act going to affect me? Plumbers need not panic.              The Standard Sewerage Law (the previous
The majority of the content of the SWSA carries               requirement) stated:
over to the new PDA. But with any new regulation               46. (2) Performing minor necessary work
there is going to be change.
                                                              The person must give the local government details
                                                              of the work done and a written notice stating that
                                                              the work was completed in conformity with the law
Notifiable Minor Work                                         within 1 month after performing the work.
There has been some concern raised by members
around the state about the “new” requirement to               The previous Standard Sewerage Law defined
submit Notifiable Minor Works Forms (Form 4).                 minor work as sanitary plumbing or sanitary
Firstly it is not a new requirement. Let’s have a look        drainage work that was:
at the requirements under the new act and the                 • Emergency work
previous requirements.                                        • Repairing or replacing a sanitary plumbing or
                                                                sanitary drainage pipe that is broken or damaged,
                                                                but not if the work involves repairing a sanitary
The Current Requirements under                    the
                                                                drain at a connection point or replacing more
Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002
                                                                than 3m of a sanitary drain; or
The Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 states:                    • Unblocking a sanitary plumbing or sanitary
Once notifiable minor work is completed, the                    drainage pipe.
person who performs the work has 20 business                  • Work necessary for performing the maintenance,
days to provide the local government with a                     repair or replacement of a fitting or fixture.
written notice about the work performed in the                • Other work of a minor nature for repairing sanitary
approved form (form 4). The local government                    plumbing or drainage.
may decide to assess the work for compliance.

6     Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland         ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No.11 ❘   December 2003
The previous Standard Water Supply Law                  Confusion about the Definitions used to
defined necessary minor work as water                   describe Notifiable Minor Work
plumbing work that was:                                 There has been some confusion regarding the
• Emergency work                                        definition of emergency work. It has been asked if
• Repairing or replacing a supply pipe that is broken   the definition of emergency work in the PDA 2002
  or damaged, but not if the work involves repairing    includes clearing of a blocked drain as clearing the
  a supply pipe at a connection point or replacing      drain stops the continuing risk to health and safety
  more than 3m of a supply pipe; or                     or damage to property. The answer is no because
• Work necessary for performing the maintenance,        unblocking a drain is defined as “other minor work”
  repair or replacement of a fitting.                   and does not require a form 4. Refer to the
• Other work of a minor nature for repairing water      definition of “other minor work” in the SPDR.
                                                        One example of emergency work would be:
As you can see, the requirements in the previous        A camera is put down a drain and it is found that
Standard Laws were almost identical to those of the     the sewer pipe has a crack along 2 metres of its
PDA 2002. Some councils, but not all are applying       length. A plumber goes to dig up a drain and
the requirements to submit a Form 4 when                replace the two metres only to find that six metres
notifiable minor work is carried out. Why implement     is in such poor condition that if it was not replaced
now and not before, we will leave that up to the        would potentially fail in the near future. In this case,
authorities to answer.                                  the work carried out is considered emergency work
                                                        and a form 4 would be submitted and a council
The Association urges all members to contact their      inspection would not be required.
local authorities to determine the best way to
comply with the requirement to submit Form 4s. It
may be possible to submit these electronically.
Unfortunately we have little consistency with the
local councils.

 TYPE OF WORK PERFORMED                                                               FORM 4 REQUIRED
                                                                                         YES OR NO
 Replacement of a cistern only                                                                   Yes
 Replacement of cistern and pan                                                                  Yes
 Replacement of a council water meter                                                No (refer to Water Act)
 Replacement of a private water meter                                                            Yes
 Replacing a pump used in plumbing and drainage                                                  Yes
 Replacement of a pump on a domestic wastewater treatment plant                                   No
 12 monthly service of a backflow valve                                                         Yes (1)
 12 monthly service of a thermostatic mixing valve                                               Yes
 Replacement of a hot water system (same location)                                               Yes
 Replacement of a storage hot water system with a solar with in
 excess of 6 metres of new pipework installed                                No (Council inspection required)
 Replacement of a pressure relief valve or other part of a
 hot water system                                                                               No (2)
 Clearing a blocked drain                                                                       No (3)
 Installing a temporary water service so further work can
 be carried out                                                                                 Yes (4)

                   Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland     ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No. 11 ❘    December 2003   7
    TYPE OF WORK PERFORMED                                                                 FORM 4 REQUIRED
                                                                                              YES OR NO

 Installing a temporary sewer drain so further work
 can be carried out                                                                              Yes (4)
 Replacing less than 3 metres of sewer drain                                                       Yes
 Replacing 6 metres of sewer drain due to the bad condition of the
 drain but only when you had you identified the need to replace 2 metres.                          Yes
 Replacing a water service in a house
 (in excess of 6 metres of pipework)                                                 No (Council inspection required)
 Replacing a flush valve                                                                           No
 Replacing a tap washer                                                                            No
 Replacing a shower rose                                                                           No

 (1) A form 4 is submitted to council with the backflow report. A note on the form 4 under work
     carried out would state; refer to backflow report.
 (2) Maintenance only being carried out and no actual replacement of the system.
 (3) Defined as “other minor work”
 (4) May be situations where a temporary line may need to be installed for either a drain or water
     service to provide the client with temporary use of these facilities while other work is being
     carried out.

The Rationale behind the Introduction of the                  Approval of Work in
Form 4                                                        Remote Areas
The requirement to submit form 4’s can be seen as a           Regulated work must always be assessed for
way to ensure that the work being carried out is in fact      compliance with the Standard Plumbing and Drainage
done by an appropriately licensed person. Also taking         Regulation (SPDR). The normal process involves the
into consideration the local council’s power to issue         approval of plans, then inspection and approval of
on the spot fines for unlicensed work, licensed               work by a local government inspector. Under the new
plumbers should see closer regulation of both the             requirements there is an alternative process available
technical and licensing aspects of our industry.              to certain rural and remote local governments for
                                                              assessing certain regulated work in their areas.
If councils audit notifiable minor work remains to be
seen, but audits of say 5% of all work carried out            Only local governments specified in schedule 5 of the
would be a positive step for the industry as it would         SPDR are able to choose to use the process contained
detect installations carried out that don’t conform to        in section 86A of the PDA. Forty-one local councils are
the standards.                                                listed.

Work is currently underway to provide licensed                If you carry out work in a council region listed as
plumbers with a way in which a Form 4 could be                remote and, that particular council has adopted the
provided to councils electronically. This will reduce the     assessment procedure for it’s remote area, how do
time spent copying and filling out manually the forms         the new requirements affect you?
then either faxing or posting to the local council.
Electronic lodgment of the form 4 should be available
in the very near future.                                      Firstly, a council can only implement the alternative
                                                              assessment procedure if it decides that the work
                                                              carried out will not increase the likelihood and severity
The Association urges all members to contact their            of harm to the public if the plumbing and drainage on
local authorities to determine the council’s method of        the land does not work effectively. If the council
submitting Form 4’s. Unfortunately we have little             makes this decision, it must tell the Department of
consistency with the local councils and no straight           Local and Planning, and the Department will make this
answer across the state.                                      information available on its website.

8      Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland       ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No.11 ❘    December 2003
Requesting Approval in Remote Areas                        New Responsibilities for Local
For all regulated work, a plan must be submitted and       Authorities
approved before work can start. Any council, and not       Council Inspections
just these 41, can make the decision not to require
                                                           Under the new Act, if an inspector does not arrive to
plan approval for particular work. See your council for
                                                           conduct an inspection within 1 hour of the time (or
details, or check the Department’s web site where
                                                           time range) set for an inspection; the work can be
there will be a list of councils and the work that plans
                                                           covered. The inspector may require that the plumber
are not required for.
                                                           or drainer sign a form certifying that the work
                                                           complies with the standards. The time is set by
If the council do not require an inspection under the      agreement between the council and the plumber or
new requirements, the plumber must submit a Form           drainer, and either can ask to set a new time.
5 Application for Compliance Assessment – Remote           Remember if you cover work before one hour after
Areas with Compliance Permit submitted at least two        the time set, the inspector can demand you uncover
business days before work starts.                          work or undertake tests to make sure the work
Members operating in remote councils listed in
Schedule 5 of the Standard Plumbing and Drainage           Councils Now Have the Power to Issue Fines
Regulation are encouraged to contact their council to      The PDA and SPDR contain a number of matters,
determine the procedure to take.                           which must be enforced by the local government. In
                                                           order to achieve this, local government plumbing
The MPAQ website                       inspectors are now given a wide range of
contains links to the Act, as well as regulations          enforcement powers and it is their role to ensure the
and forms that can be downloaded.                          SPDR is complied with in all respects. The SPDR
                                                           contains a list of offences and the corresponding
                                                           penalties. They include but are not restricted to:

 OFFENCE                                                                                 PENALTY (Penalty units)
 Restriction on advertising as a licence holder
 Advertising that a person is licensed to perform certain work when they are not.                   100
 Minor Work
 Failure to give written notice, within 20 business days in the approved form,
 to the local government stating the work has been completed                                         10
 Request for compliance assessment of regulated work
 Failure to request compliance assessment in a remote area at least two
 business days before the work starts                                                                20
 Obstruction of Inspectors
 Obstructing an inspector exercising power under the PDA                                             40
 Testable backflow prevention devices
 Owner fails to register the device with the local government and to have
 the device inspected or tested at least once a year                                                 20
 Failure to give the local government written results of the inspection
 or test within 10 business days.                                                                    10

The penalty units listed indicate the maximum fine         person committing the offence of performing,
that can be handed down by a Magistrate.                   directing the performance of, or supervising
Magistrates impose penalties based on the                  plumbing and drainage work without the
circumstances of a particular case, and need not           appropriate licence or not in accordance with
impose the maximum penalty.                                conditions on their licence. This would include
One penalty units is equal to $75.00. Therefore            licensed plumbers carrying out work requiring an
100 penalty units equate to $7,500.                        endorsement without the appropriate endorsement.
                                                           For example plumbers without a backflow
                                                           endorsement carrying out a yearly backflow service.
On the Spot Fines Issued by the Local
                                                           The level of the fine will be $225. These new powers
Local government inspectors will be able to impose
                                                           will allow the local authority to issue fines without
on the spot fines (or infringement notices) for a

                   Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland       ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No. 11 ❘   December 2003    9
going through the courts. Overall this is good news                enforcement powers but must provide more
for licensed plumbers doing the right thing but not                information about its decisions.
good for those people carrying out regulated
plumbing work without the appropriate plumbing
                                                                   Almost all licence types and endorsements have
licence. Look out electricians and landscape
                                                                   been retained, although new country plumber and
gardeners that are carrying out plumbing work
                                                                   water plumber licences will no longer be issued. All
                                                                   qualifications and scope of work for all licences and
                                                                   endorsements are now spelt out in detail in the
Appeals against Local Government Decisions                         Plumbing and Drainage Regulation. A new licence
There will now be access to an inexpensive, fast                   endorsement in Thermostatic mixing valves has now
appeal process against local government decisions                  been implemented.
using the Building and Development Tribunal, instead
of the previous appeals process through the                            Licence Endorsement
Magistrates Court. The Tribunal provides a speedy                      Thermostatic Mixing valve (endorsement on a
hearing for building matters, and this has been                        plumbers licence)
extended to plumbing, drainage, and onsite sewerage                    Prefix shown on licence
facility matters. A referee or referees who are                        TMV
technical experts hear appeals. Legal representation
is not permitted at Tribunal hearings.
                                                                       Successful completion of a course approved by
                                                                       the board
Plumbing Products                                                      Experience
MAP approval                                                           No prescribed practical experience
Any plumbing or drainage item can only be installed                    Scope of Work
or used in plumbing or drainage if it has reached MAP                  Commission, test and maintain thermostatic
certification or interim certification. So essentially, the            mixing valves and issued test certificates
requirements for plumbing and drainage products to
be certified has been retained, but there are new                  Conclusion
provisions allowing for certain items used for fire
                                                                   Overall there has been no radical changes with the
services to have an alternative certification process.
                                                                   introduction of the new act. Although it is important
                                                                   that all members are aware of the recently introduced
Items used in work defined as a fire service do not                changes and have an understanding of how the
need to be MAP certified. The SPDR lists alternative               changes will affect the day to day running of your
test procedures for these products.                                business.

Council Approval of Certain Items
Local Governments inspectors have enforcement
powers where they are satisfied a plumbing or
drainage item is unsuitable for use in a particular
circumstance. While a material, pipe, fitting or                                VISIT THE
apparatus used in water plumbing may have MAP                        MASTER PLUMBERS ASSOCIATION OF
certification; it can not be assumed that it will be                     QUEENSLAND WEB SITE AT
suitable for use in all circumstances. The inspector
may require that the plumbing or drainage item is not          AND DOWNLOAD:
installed or used.
One example would be a metallic pipe material that                 1. PLUMBING AND DRAINAGE ACT 2002
reacts with the water in a particular area. In these
circumstances, council’s have the power to insist on               2. STANDARD PLUMBING AND DRAINAGE
alternative products.                                                 REGULATION 2003
                                                                   3. PLUMBING AND DRAINAGE REGULATION
The Plumbers and                                                      2003
Drainers Board                                                     4. ALL THE APPROVED FORMS
The Plumbers and Drainers Examination and
Licensing Board has now been replaced by the                       5. FACT SHEETS INFORMING LICENSED
Plumbers and Drainers Board. The new board has                        PLUMBERS ON THE CHANGES
similar functions to the previous board. It has stronger

10     Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland             ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No.11 ❘   December 2003
Notice to all MPAQ Gas Fitters

        There have been recent reports of                 Gas Examiner at the Department of
        instances where an oily substance has             Natural Resources and Mines for
        been detected in regulators located on            investigation. The Association needs to
        LPG bottle installations. This oily               determine if this is a statewide issue or if
        substance can build up inside the                 it is only occurring in particular areas.
        regulator causing the diaphragm to
        eventually deteriorate and block the flow
                                                          If you have found cases where an oil
        of gas.
                                                          build up in a LPG gas regulator is
                                                          affecting the overall workings of an
        The Association is currently compiling            installation, please contact Gavin
        information on these occurrences and will         Jackson on (07) 3252 1266.
        forward all reported cases to the Chief

        25 Years of Service
        Caroma Industries
        Congratulation to George Moulos on achieving his 25 year milestone
        from all the staff at Caroma Industries.

        Toolbox Software for
        MPAQ Members
        As from 1st of January Members pay $795 less 10%
        This Includes:
              • Software
              • User support from Toolbox for 6 months
              • On going telephone user support from MPAQ
              • On Site Training for a nominal fee

        Upcoming RDO’s
        Members should note that the RDO's for January are Friday the 2nd and Tuesday the 27th.

        Notice to Members: MPAQ
        Christmas Closing Times
        The MPAQ Office will be closed from the 25th of December and will re-open on the
        5th of January 2004.

                      Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland   ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No. 11 ❘   December 2003   11
                             New Termination Change
                         Redundancy Decision by QIRC
A full bench of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) has recently
released its decision to amend the Termination Change and Redundancy standards
for Queensland.

These amendments will only flow into state awards if a separate application is made by unions to the
QIRC to vary an individual award, on or after the first of December. Members will be advised as soon as
any relevant award is varied to include these changes. Please see table below for revised payment scales.

     Period of Service                       Redundancy Payment
                                                        Current                          Proposed
     Less than 1 year                                      Nil                              Nil
     1 year but not more than 2 years               4 weeks pay                         4 weeks pay
     2 years but not more than 3 years              6 weeks pay                         6 weeks pay
     3 years but not more than 4 years              7 weeks pay                         7 weeks pay
     4 years but not more then 5 years              8 weeks pay                         8 weeks pay
     5 years but not more than 6 years              8 weeks pay                         9 weeks pay
     6 years but not more than 7 years              8 weeks pay                        10 weeks pay
     7 years but not more than 8 years              8 weeks pay                        11 weeks pay
     8 years but not more than 9 years              8 weeks pay                        12 weeks pay
     9 years but not more than 10 years             8 weeks pay                        13 weeks pay
     10 years but not more than 11 years            8 weeks pay                        14 weeks pay
     11 years but not more than 12 years            8 weeks pay                        15 weeks pay
     12 years but not more than 13 years            8 weeks pay                        16 weeks pay

Under the decision, the Full bench has decided to alter some exemptions such as the less than 15
employee’s rule. For example, the exemption will apply to employers who employ employees (whether
casual, part-time or full-time) working a total of fewer than 550 hours per week on average, Monday to
Sunday excluding overtime.

For further clarification, members should contact the Industrial Relations Department on
(07) 3251 2444.

            Electronic Detection of Underground Services
         • Colour CCTV camera inspections
         • Colour video tapes & still photos
         • Electronic location of pipes & cables up to 8 metres in depth!
         • Audio – Acoustic pinpointing of water leaks
         • Fully portable, can go anywhere
         • Written reports

12     Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland   ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No.11 ❘   December 2003
Termination of Employment

         PLUMBING INDUSTRY (QLD                              CASUAL EMPLOYEES
         & WA) AWARD 1999                                    Casual employees do not receive monies paid
                                                             to full-time employees due to the nature of
         FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES                                 their employment. Notice also differs, in that
         Notice                                              casual employees are not required to give one
         • One day’s notice of termination of                day’s notice when terminating employment of
           employment by an employee is to be given,         their own accord.
           or one day’s pay shall be forfeited.
         • A tradesman is allowed one hour prior to
                                                             There are strict laws governing apprentices. If
           termination to gather, clean, sharpen, pack
                                                             your employee wishes to terminate his or her
           and transport their tools.
                                                             employment it is important to call Amy Wilson
                                                             at MPAQ for further information.
         Payment on Termination
         Payment due on termination of employment is
         of interest to most firms. The award provides       BUILDING AND
         for the following payments to be made to            CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY
         employees who have terminated their                 AWARD- STATE 2003
         employment of their own accord:
         • Payment for annual leave owed including
           leave loading                                     FULL TIME EMPLOYEES
         • Rostered Day Off accumulation and;                Notice
         • Public Holidays                                   • One day’s notice of termination of
                                                               employment by an employee is to be given,
         • Redundancy*
                                                               or one day’s pay shall be forfeited.
                                                             • A tradesman is allowed one hour prior to
         It is important to remember that monies due           termination to gather, clean, sharpen, pack
         to employees on termination of employment             and transport their tools.
         should be paid at the time of termination.
         Where this is not practicable, monies owed
         should be sent by reg istered post or               Payment on Termination
         transferred into the employee’s bank account        • Where appropriate notice is given, all monies
         if they are normally paid by electronic funds         due at the time of termination must be paid
         transfer. This must be done within two working        at the time of termination
         days or time spent waiting beyond two working
         days will be paid at ordinary rates, at eight (8)
                                                             The award provides for the following payments
         hours per day up to one (1) week’s pay.
                                                             to be made to employees who have
                                                             terminated their employment of their own
         Redundancy                                          accord:
         It is important to note that the award provides     • Payment for annual leave owed including
         for redundancy/severance payments under               leave loading
         clause 34. Redundancy is defined as a               • Rostered Day Off accumulation and;
         situation where an employee ceases to be
                                                             • Public Holidays
         employed by an employer, respondent to this
         award, other than for reasons of misconduct or      • Redundancy*
         refusal of duty. This means that in most cases
         a full-time employee will receive redundancy        • Where money is not paid at time of
         pay, regardless of which party terminated the         termination, the employer will have 2
         employment.       For   an    employee’s    full      working days to send the monies by
         entitlements see clause 34 in your award, or          registered post
         for further information, phone MPAQ.

                         Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland   ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No. 11 ❘   December 2003   13
• If the monies are not posted during this time,        entitlements see clause 4.6 in your award, or
  time spent waiting beyond the 2 working               for further information, phone MPAQ.
  days will be paid for at ordinary rates at the
  rate of 8 hours pay per day up to 1 week’s            APPRENTICES
  pay                                                   There are strict laws governing apprentices. If
                                                        your employee wishes to terminate his or her
                                                        employment it is important to call Amy Wilson
Redundancy                                              at MPAQ for further information.
It is important to note that the award provides
for redundancy/severance payments under
clause 4.6. Redundancy is defined as a                  CASUAL EMPLOYEES
situation where an employee ceases to be                Casual employees do not receive monies paid
employed by an employer, respondent to this             to full-time employees due to the nature of
award, other than for reasons of misconduct or          their employment. Notice also differs, in that
refusal of duty. This means that in most cases          casual employees are not required to give one
a full-time employee will receive redundancy            day’s notice when terminating employment of
pay, regardless of which party terminated the           their own accord.
employment.       For   an    employee’s    full

14   Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland    ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No.11 ❘   December 2003
Install a Rheem
    Details available at plumbing supplies stockists.
StarCash Cards are subject to Caltex Australia’s Conditions of Usage. Offer ends 27 February 2004.
                          A Guide To: Identifying Growth
Over the next few issues Wilson HTM Financial Adviser              water conservation and reuse, exacerbated by recent
Warwick Foot will look at current themes in the stock              drought conditions.
market and how investors can advantage from them.
                                                                   CDS Technologies and it’s Products
Update on last Edition
                                                                   CDS Technologies Limited develops and manufactures
Last month I discussed growth stocks and how investors             solutions for the multi billion dollar global wet weather
should look at these types of companies now the global             flow market (stormwater and waste water treatment).
economic cycle is improving. In this edition I will discuss        The company’s products are founded on patented non
a particular company in a sector which is likely to exhibit        blocking screening technology for solid/ liquid
strong growth over the next few years – namely the                 separation.
global water treatment market.
                                                                   CDS was established in 1994 and has invested heavily
Background on the Recent Interest                                  in R&D to develop its waste water treatment units for
                                                                   stormwater drains and sewer overflow areas
Rate Rise                                                          incorporating its Continuous Separation technology.
In the past few volumes of this publication I have
                                                                   CDS’ competitive proposition is its patented technology
noticed a column detailing the UN World Water
                                                                   that allows its filters to treat large volumes of waste
Development Project. The column has outlined what an
                                                                   water effectively without blockages. Conventional
important resource water is globally through various
                                                                   products often have great difficulty in trapping all waste
statistics relating to water quality and society’s demand
                                                                   and keeping the screen free from blockages at the same
for it as a commodity in both developed and developing
                                                                   time, particularly in the event of a severe storm. CDS’
                                                                   stormwater product the Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT)
                                                                   comes in a range of sizes, and a unit servicing one
Given the drought we have just experienced in Australia            hectare, effectively collects on average about a tonne of
we need no reminder of the importance of water.                    pollution per year.
Given this importance we are likely to see significant             CDS has also developed a new product called the Fine
expenditure by international bodies over the next few              Solids Separator (FSS) which uses a chemically assisted
years. The identification of companies in sectors where            separation process, used downstream from gross solids
spending will increase can provide very good returns for           separation, which gives a clear stream for disinfection
investors. We believe an Australian company in this                and a sludge for disposal. That is the FSS can turn
market named CDS Technologies Limited can tap into                 polluted water into water which can be disinfected and
the growth potential in this market.                               used for water reuse applications such as agriculture.

Global Water Regulation                                            These types of products mean CDS has strong market
Requirements Stimulating Demand                                    positions ranked number one in the Australian and US
                                                                   stormwater markets with shares in the Australian and
The World Bank estimates that the global water industry            US stormwater markets of 35% and 20% respectively.
(water utilities, water treatment and waste water
operations) will require US$1 trillion of investment by            Outlook for the Company
                                                                   CDS managed to increase profits by 275% last year to
Demand for water treatment solutions has been                      record Net Profits after tax of 4.5 million dollars after tax.
increasing and is growing in acceptance as a                       Given it’s highly regarded waste water management
cornerstone of Government environmental policy                     technologies and solutions are well positioned to
globally.                                                          benefit from increased global funding and attention
                                                                   directed towards addressing the pollution and reuse of
For instance in the US, the Federal Government passed              water, as competition for this dwindling resource
the Combined Sewer Overflow Control bill legislation in            increases and people become more aware of the need
2001, which allocates about US$1.5 billion per year in             to conserve water.
CSO funding beginning in October 2001.
                                                                   I appreciate there is a lot of information contained
The UK, Japanese and Singapore Government’s are all                above but if any readers have further questions on CDS
assessing spending on water treatment projects in the              technologies or the stockmarket in general please
next few years.                                                    contact me on 3212 1317.
                                                                                                          Warwick Foot
More recently the Australian government has publicly                                          Authorised Representative
discussed the need to legislate measures to improve                                        Wilson HTM Financial Adviser

16     Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland             ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No.11 ❘   December 2003
Philmac Expands Threaded
Fittings Range
        Leading Australian pipe fittings specialist, Philmac, has expanded its range
        of threaded fittings to include 2” to 4” diameter products.

        Philmac’s Product Manager – Threaded Fittings, Ms         engineered to maximise sealing performance, and
        Narelle Johnstone, said the development of the            the hexagonal body makes it easy to install.
        new range was in response to market demand,
        predominantly in the rural and irrigation markets,        In line with market requirements, Philmac threaded
        but also from plumbing and industrial sectors.            fittings are suitable for working pressures from
                                                                  PN10 (1000 kPa, 145 PSI) for 3” to 4” and up to
        Philmac threaded fittings are manufactured from           PN16 (1600 kPa, 235 PSI) for sizes up to 2”.
        high performance, UV resistant polypropylene              A new “no risk” 20 Year Warranty has been
        material that prevents moisture absorption and            introduced with the launch of the expanded range,
        sustains product dimensions. The chemical and             providing a quality guarantee for Philmac’s
        corrosion resistance provides reliable, long life         manufactured threaded fittings range.
        connections suitable for diverse applications and is
        a cost effective alternative to metal fittings. The
        precision BSP tapered threads have been

        The No Dump Blocking Plate
        Leaving the glamorous life of a Foreign Exchanger Trader behind to pursue a private
        passion, Aussie Inventor Doug Grevett, went to the dark side of the construction industry.
        “After the things I had seen and smelt on building        design so we were able to design and build a
        sites, preventing the use of toilets until they were      prototype quickly,” Andrew said.
        plumbed, became an obsession of mine,” Doug said
                                                                  Building a prototype was challenging as not every
        “Workmen just don’t seem to care if a toilet is           toilet is the same. They vary considerably in length
        actually plumbed before they use it. I remember 50        and depth.
        toilets, freshly delivered by the manufacturer, left in
        the middle of a work site being used,” he said.           The design of the device is now complete and
                                                                  christened ‘the no dump blocking plate’.
        These unhygienic practices place workers at a high
        risk of diseases such as hepatitis A & B.                 It is made of steel and is fitted to the inside rim of the
                                                                  toilet bowl using rotating brackets. The plate is held
        And that is how a journey to invent a disabling device    on to the brackets using tamperproof screws.
        for toilets began. Quickly leading to interest from
        builders and from people with those problems many         “My vision would be for every plumber to have a
        don’t talk about; such as the dog’s obsession of          plate in the back of the van and every toilet to be
        drinking form the spare toilet and the Eating Disorder    fitted with one until they are fully plumbed,” Doug
        Association interested in the plate as deterrent to       said.
        help combat eating disorders such as bulimia.
                                                                  Currently the plate is being sold over the Internet and
        “Even when I was on an adrenaline high buying and         by word of mouth. “The plan is to have it in the
        selling the Deutschmark, in the back of my head was       major retailers but at the moment the up front cost
        the toilet plate,” Doug said.                             of having the product on the shelf in hardware stores
                                                                  has been a deterrent,” Doug said.
        But he wasn’t alone in his fascination. His brother in
        law Andrew McDonald, a successful special effects         “We are looking forward to building our own business
        artist for movies, couldn’t resist the force of a good    around the plate,” Andrew said.
        idea and joined him.
                                                                  For further Information contact: Lisa Maguire,
        “Doug came to me with the problem and some                Triton Foundation on (03) 8665 5234
        ideas. My background is computer- aided industrial

                           Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland      ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No. 11 ❘   December 2003   17
                                                                                      My Virtual Home

Recently the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland has become involved with a
software development / web site project that could revolutionise the way people build their
homes. The project is called My Virtual Home and has attracted a lot of attention from
governments, industry bodies and consumers. It is a project that members should keep an eye
on because as it develops it has the potential to become formidable commercial force in the
building Industry.

WHAT IS MY VIRTUAL HOME?                                   HOW DOES IT WORK FOR
It is a unique combination of a sophisticated              PLUMBERS
internet site and software system that combines to         My Virtual Home uses very easy to use technology
form a very effective business improvement and             that can provide plumbers with a means to
communication tool that can be used by anyone              communicate on a business to business and
with a home PC.                                            business to customer level as well as the following
The MVH software enables homeowners to simply              • An      industry      specific      website   –
put their house plans into their computer using a   — dedicated to
very easy drag and drop system that is accurate to           manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and service
0.1mm. They can then walk through their home in              providers in the building industry.
3D format and make any changes they wish to                • An on line directory listing your business in a
make and then communicate with all areas of the              geographical context.
building industry regarding products and services.
                                                           • A business to consumer communication tool that
                                                             allows customers to communicate with you via
They can then access the MVH database that will              email for quotations and general information
list thousands of products from all types of                 about you and your business.
manufacturers and download products they are               • A visualisation tool that allows homeowners to
interested in. Products can then be viewed in their          email you their plans, you can view them in a 3D
house in a 3D format. They will be able to email             format and they can outline the work they would
their plans off to consultants and tradespeople for          like you to quote on.
quotes. They will be able to see all structural and
                                                           • A service information brochure that provides you
decorative changes before they spend a cent on
                                                             with your own web page where you can list your
products or services.
                                                             company’s      credentials,   projects    you’ve
                                                             undertaken and your contact details etc.

18    Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland      ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No.11 ❘   December 2003
• An on-line catalogue that can link you to suppliers   • Make changes and improvements visually –
  — such as Caroma — where you can view their             plumbers can make changes to customer plans
  products in a 3D format                                 visually to show them more efficient ways of
• A business to business communication tool that          renovating their existing plumbing system.
  allows you to communicate with suppliers and
  retailers in the plumbing industry                    • Continued easy access – your customer will be
• Your business and skills are listed on a directory      able to book mark your contact details within their
  that is accessed by hundreds of thousands of            own private home directory. This ensures that
  people.                                                 they can easily find you again when they next
                                                          require the services of a plumber.

TO PLUMBERS OF USING                                    WWW.MYVIRTUALHOME.COM.AU
                                                        The MVH Website provides users with valuable
                                                        building industry associated information within the
There are numerous advantages to plumbers
                                                        following categories:
listing with MyVirtualHome. Some of the major
advantages are listed as follows:                       • Industry Information — where the Master
                                                          Plumbers Association of Queensland is listed —
• Industry accreditation – all Master Plumbers’
                                                          here you can find out more about products and
  listed will have a Master Plumbers Association of
                                                          services from Australia's leading industry
  Queensland logo that will allow consumers to
  immediately recognise your business as one with
  high credibility and integrity.                       • Search — where you can locate a product,
                                                          supplier, tradesperson or service in your area.
                                                        • My Community forum — where you can chat to
• Time saving – customers can email their plans
                                                          others about home renovating or building.
  and job outline to you. You will have to do less
  site visits for quoting purposes and customers will   • MyVirtual Home — where you can take a sneak
  not need to take valuable time off work to explain      peak at the MyVirtualHome software.
  the details of their job to you. Most of the          • The Environment — where you can access
  negotiations can be done via email and                  valuable information about building issues that
  telephone.                                              affect the environment.
                                                        • My Virtual Home — where you can find out more
• Less mistakes – customers will be able to down          about our amazing software.
  load plumbing products such as taps, sinks toilets
  etc and view them in their own home therefore
  decreasing the chance of disappointment with          AUS INDUSTRY GRANT
  the way the product looks in their home after         The Australian Government, through AusIndustry
  installation.                                         and COMET, have backed MyVirtualHome with
                                                        Technology and Consultant grants. AusIndustry
                                                        have just approved a further grant of approximately
• Improved efficiency – plumbers will be able to        $2.5M for a portion of the next phase of
  use state of the art technology to communicate        development.
  with customers, supplier and retailers. They can
  view and order products on line which will enable
  them to spend more time on the job – making
                                                        FRANCHISE SYSTEM
  money — and less time in their car driving
                                                        My Virtual Home will be delivered and serviced by
  between suppliers, retailers and on site projects.
                                                        a traditional franchise sales force that is in place in
                                                        your area and set up to assist you on the Website.
• Improved productivity – by using the time saving      For more information visit the website at
  devices listed above plumbers will be able to
  save valuable time which means they will be able
  to take more work on or spend that extra time on
  the golf course

                  Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland     ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No. 11 ❘   December 2003   19
                      Plumbing & Drainage Act 2002:
                          A Government Perspective
Improved licensing requirements and better work approval processes for
Queensland plumbers took effect from 1st November 2003.
Minister for Local Government and Planning, Nita              will help ensure a higher quality in plumbing and
Cunningham said the new plumbing laws will help               drainage work across the state."
ensure that the work plumbers and drainers
undertake in Queensland is of the highest possible
                                                              Mrs Cunningham said the new plumbing laws also
                                                              set deadlines for councils to make decisions or
                                                              conduct inspections for plumbing work. "Having
"By bringing in these new requirements, the                   the same rules for council approvals across
Queensland Government is demonstrating its full               Queensland will help plumbers who have
commitment to protecting the safety of                        complained that the different rules for different
Queenslanders."                                               areas of the state has made it hard for plumbers
                                                              to work across council boundaries," she said.
Mrs Cunningham said the new licensing regulations
rationalise existing licence classes and set out more         "Plumbers will also receive more information
clearly the qualifications necessary to obtain a              about council decisions, and be able to settle
plumbers and drainers license.                                disputes with councils through a quick appeal
"Plumbers and drainers will not be required to
upgrade their licenses or pay any additional fees             Mrs Cunningham said the new regulations were
as a result of the legislation," she said.                    introduced following widespread consultation
                                                              across the state with plumbers and drainers and
                                                              my Department conducted state-wide training
"However, it will give State and Local Governments
                                                              sessions on the new regulations.
better controls over rogue plumbers, and will better
support the quality plumbers and drainers that
practice in our communities. Plumbers will have to            "These regulations are not so much about making
take responsibility for delivering quality work.              new rules. It is more about introducing a modern
                                                              legislative framework for plumbing and drainage
                                                              to replace the outdated existing Act that was
"The legislation also requires that plumbers use
                                                              introduced in 1949."
only approved products as part of their work, and
perform according to technical standards, which

Golf Club
Gails 21/11/03 Sponsored by P.H.D
A Grade Winner                       Runner up                                       N.T.P
J. Patterson                         J. Grimm                                        D. Ellwood, S. Johnson, B. Guest
                                                                                     & B. Brouwers

Runner up                            Visitor Winner                                  Next Game Redcliffe
D. Ellwood                           K. Winders                                      12/12/03
                                                                                     DUX Day
B Grade Winner                       Secret Pairs
P. Courtney                          G. Hartley, J. Brouwers

20    Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland        ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No.11 ❘   December 2003
Frequently Asked Questions
                         Answers to Common Techical Questions
                             by Technical Officer Gavin Jackson
   In part four of frequently asked questions, we will look at the installation of water
   services below ground.
   Recently in areas with a sandy soil, water services                Now to the backfilling. AS 3500.1.2 1998 states:
   are failing and it is not until the homeowner does                 5.12 B EDDING AND BACKFILL The water
   receive a water bill that firstly the owner is made of
                                                                      services shall be surrounded with not less than
   aware of the problem and can then repair the leak.
   In many cases it is found that the cause of the                    75mm of compacted sand, or fine grained soil, with
   problem is improper backfilling causing the pipe to                no hard edged object permitted to come in contact
   either rupture or fittings to fail. So what are the                with or rest against any pipe or fitting.
   requirements when backfilling a water service.
   Firstly we should look at the minimum cover of the
   service.                                                           Any backfill within 300mm of the top of the pipe
                                                                      shall be free of builders waste, bricks, concrete
   AS 3500.1.2:1998 Water Supply — Acceptable
   Solutions states:                                                  pieces, rocks or similar material which would be
   Note: Water services with flexible joints laid below               retained on a 75mm sieve.
   ground in sandy conditions may require a minimum
   cover of 600mm.
  Table 5.4                                                           Unless specified to the contrary, copper and
  Location                        Minimum cover measured              stainless steel pipelines may be installed in soil
                                    below ground surface              excavated from the trench in which it is to be
                                        level in mm
                                                                      installed, providing the soil is compatible with
  Subject to vehicular traffic                  300                   copper and stainless steel and free from rock rubble.
  Under houses or concrete slabs                75
  All other locations                           225

                                                                  MPAQ Training
   Good news for Regional                                             to members in Brisbane and Gold Coast. These courses will
   Communities                                                        be provided at funded rates and delivered after hours to
   Thanks to the efforts of the Master Plumbers Association of        reduce the impact on your businesses. Once we have a
   Queensland, with the funding assistance of the Building            schedule, members will be made aware of the courses and
   Construction Industry Training Fund, regional Queensland           dates via the journal.
   has seen a dramatic increase in the number of plumbing
   contractors with new post trade qualifications.                    Licence Endorsements
   In the last twelve months the Association has been                 Have you recently completed a course through the
   responsible for the training of:                                   Association and are you entitled to a licence endorsement.
   • 92 plumbers in the servicing of domestic wastewater              The Association has received word from the Plumbers
     treatment plants.                                                Licensing Board about the low level of licence endorsement
   • 95 plumbers in the design of domestic wastewater                 applications even though we have had over 200 plumbers
     treatment plants.                                                attend courses with an end of course endorsement
   • 89 plumbers in the servicing of thermostatic mixing valves.      outcome. If you have received a certificate on the
                                                                      completion of the course and are now undertaking work in
   This means that regional communities now have tradesmen            that particular scope of work i.e. servicing of backflow
   with the skills and qualifications that would have possibly        prevention devices and haven’t actually applied for your
   been sourced from elsewhere.                                       endorsement on your licence, you will are working without
                                                                      the appropriate licence and not complying with the
   A special thanks goes to all the members in the regions who        Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002.
   helped make the courses such a success and to all those            The Association urges all members to apply for their
   members that attended MPAQ training courses in 2003.               appropriate endorsements. Any member that has
   Well Done.                                                         completed a course in the following is entitled to an
   2004 Training Program                                              • Backflow Prevention
   The Association will be continuing the efforts of 2003 into        • Thermostatic Mixing Valves
   2004 and beyond. Members in SouthEast need not feel left           • Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants (servicing)
   out. By early next year we will have a list of courses available   • Domestic and Residential Sprinkler Systems

                         Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland            ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No. 11 ❘   December 2003   21
                                                                                Awards Explained
                  By Master Plumbers’ Industrial Relations Principal, Amy Wilson

An employee’s leave entitlements will vary depending on the award and length of employment. The
following is a brief guide on determining annual leave entitlements.

Plumbing Industry (QLD & WA) Award 1999

Period of Leave              23.1       • A period of 28 consecutive days (exclusive of public holidays)
                                        • Given and taken as leave annually after 12 months of
                                         continuous service (less period of annual leave) with an
Method of taking leave       23.2       • 28 consecutive days or
                                        • Two separate periods of not less than 7 consecutive days
                                        • To be given and taken within 6 months from the date when
                                          right to annual leave has accrued.
                                        • If not taken in 6 months from the date it has accrued, either
                                          the employee or the employer may give at least 4 weeks
                                          notice of the dates, when all or part of the leave will be taken
Leave allowed before due date 23.3      • An employer may allow an employee to take any amount of
                                          leave before it becomes due
                                        • In doing so, the employee cannot take further leave in
                                         advance of their accrued balance until after the date the
                                         employee becomes entitled to the leave that was taken in
Payment in advance          23.6.1      • An employee going on annual leave, will be paid in advance
                                          their current weekly wage rate for the period of annual leave
                                        * Don’t forget employees are entitled to leave loading at a rate of 17.5%
Annual close down            23.7       • An employer giving leave in conjunction with the Christmas –
                                          New Year holidays, may at their option, either:
                                        a) Stand off without pay during the period of leave any
                                           employee who has not yet qualified under 23.1 or
                                        b) Stand off for the period of leave any employee who has not
                                           qualified under 23.1 and pay him/her (up to the period of
                                           leave then given) at a rate of 1/12 of an ordinary week’s
                                           wages in respect of each 38 hours of continuous service
                                           (excluding overtime).
                                        • Employers must              give at least 2 month’s notice to the
                                          employees of               their intention to close down their
                                          establishment at            the Christmas–New Year period for the
                                          purpose of giving          the whole of annual leave due to all.

Building and Construction Industry Award – State 2003
Annual Leave Entitlements

Period of leave               7.1       • Every employee (other than casual) is entitled to the
                                        a) Not less than 4 weeks.
                                        b) Not less than 5 weeks if employed on shift work where 3
                                           shifts a day are worked over a period of 7 days per week.

22   Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland   ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘    No.11 ❘   December 2003
                                          • Such leave is exclusive of public holiday’s
Payment in advance            7.1.2       • Payment shall be made prior to taking annual leave,
                                            and will be calculated based at the ordinary wage rate
                                            in addition to leave loading
Leave allowed before due date 7.1.10      • Employee may take annual leave before accrued time
                                          • The qualifying period for further annual leave shall not
                                            commence until expiration of 12 months in respect of
                                            the leave allowed was taken
Annual shut down             7.1.11       • An employer may close down an enterprise for a period
                                            of at least 21 consecutive days
                                          • Employer may grant the balance of the annual leave
                                            due to an employee in one continuous period in
                                            accordance with a roster
                                          • Provided that by agreement with the majority of
                                           employees concerned, an employer may close down
                                           an enterprise for a period of at least 14 consecutive
                                           days (including non-working days) and grant the
                                           balance of annual leave due to the employee(s) by
                                           mutual arrangement
                                          • 2 months notice must be given of the intention to do so.

Members should be aware that an application to amend the Plumbing Industry (QLD & WA) Award
1999 was heard on Monday 3 December by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission
(AIRC). The application was to increase some allowances, however, members should note that this
has slightly affected the weekly wage rate for plumbers. The changes to allowance are as follows
and are operative from December 8, 2003:

CLAUSE      ALLOWANCE                                                PREVIOUS RATE             NEW RATE
10.6        Tool – Plumber/gasfitter                                        $21.50               $22.10
            Tool – Licensed drainer                                          $5.30               $5.40
11.5        Meal                                                             $9.60               $9.90
22.3.2      Living away from home – distant work (1) per week              $335.80              $338.80
            (2) per day                                                     $48.00               $48.40
22.4.1      Travel expenses – forward journey                                $9.60               $9.90
22.7.2      Camping (1) per week                                           $130.70              $134.50
            (2) per day                                                     $18.80               $19.30
30.2        Compensation for tools and clothes                            $1242.60              1276.20

                              Corporate Mobile Phone
                              & Fuel Schemes
                              Mobile phones and accessories supplied on behalf of
                              Telstra and Optus and accounts maintained at corporate
                              rates. Fuel and Phone accounts are invoiced as a one
                              monthly account for your account keeping convenience.
                              Fuel cards with Shell, BP and Caltex/Ampol.
                              Contact MPAQ on 3252 1266.
                              For Fuel ask for David and for Mobile Phones ask for Stuart.
                              Members are advised that MPAQ receives commission for these services.

                   Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland    ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No. 11 ❘   December 2003   23
            Marketing Your Plumbing Business
                                                                By Jeffrey R Bloom & Associates
Creating and building a successful plumbing business is easy when you know how.
This issue of the Queensland Master Plumber we'll introduce the four key areas to
work on to transform your brokerage into a profit centre, rather than barely earning
you a wage.

Here they are: 1. Marketing                              Systems are what allows you to have other people
                 2. Sales                                running the business (and earning you money)
                                                         while you spend time with the kids, take a well-
                 3. Systems
                                                         earned holiday, or enjoy other hobbies — and have
                 4. Life Coaching                        the time and money to enjoy it. Many plumbers
                                                         work too hard and have too little to show for it.
Over the next four issues we'll look at each of          Come with me and I'll show you how to reverse
these areas in turn, and reveal practical ways to        that trend. You'll also learn how to avoid most of
integrate them into your business. By way of             the mistakes business owners make when
introduction, let's summarise each of them.              systemising their businesses.

Marketing is the life blood of any business. A full      Life Coaching is about being accountable in every
90% of the success or failure of your business is        area of your life for the results you achieve — taking
directly related to your ability to market and sell      total responsibility. Any area of life that doesn't
your plumbing services. Yet, many plumbers               work for you, you've allowed yourself to play the
unfortunately see marketing as something to be           victim — circumstances you've either created or
done as a last resort when the work runs out!            allowed. That's a fairly strong statement, yet people
                                                         with a serious commitment to success always seek
                                                         ways to identify their limitations, then transform
Here's a simple tip to make your business                them into those that will empower them to create
profitable — PUT MARKETING FIRST!                        a life and a business they absolutely love. We'll
                                                         look at ways to take control of your present
Successful plumbing business owners dedicate at          situation and make it work for you.
least 2 to 3 hours per week marketing themselves.
Next edition we'll look at numerous ways you can         Obviously, we'll go into each of these four topics in
effectively market your business. And the best           more detail, one each issue. Stay tuned! For now,
news is... most of them are free!                        if you would like to have a free no-obligation chat
                                                         about how to grow your plumbing business' sales
Sales is what pays the bills (and how much you           and profits at least 30% to 100% within the next
pay yourself), yet most plumbers hate selling,           12 months, call my office on (07) 3839 2243, fax
because they see it as being pushy, pressuring or        (07)    3839       3224     or     email    us     at
manipulative...and nothing could be further from         jrbassoc@ comcen and we'll go from
the truth. We'll look at an approach to selling that     there.
is fun, easy, natural, and has customers almost
throwing money at you. Be warned! You may even           Jeff Bloom, Director
start to enjoy selling after you read this
                                                         Jeffrey R Bloom & Associates


                     FORD • TOYOTA • HOLDEN • MAZDA
                                  • AND MANY MORE!

            CONTACT PETER HANLON 1300 551 161

24   Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland    ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No.11 ❘   December 2003
Division Minutes

MPAQ Central DIVISION                     The next meeting of the MPAQ              harnesses as directed thus                      issues and next years A.G.M to be
                                          Central Division will be held at the      resulting in the company being                  held over a weekend in holiday
Date:  10th November 03
                                          Keppel Bay Sailing Club on the 1st        fined.                                          time.
Venue: Frenchville Sports Club
                                          December 2003, commencing at            • Glen would like to see the                    • Members thanked Michael Freriks
                                          7.30pm.                                   employee fined for the breach.                  of Reece Brendale for hosting our
Opening and Attendance
                                                                                    We believe the MPAQ should take                 meeting. All were impressed by
The meeting was opened at 7.30pm
                                          Sponsor: Stramit Building Products        this matter up with the relevant                the new shop and show room
by D. Quinn as Chairman in the
                                          Speaker: Louis Ghensi                     authority.                                      display.
presence of the following members:
R. Roser, S. Quinn, C. Hill, R. Weaver,
                                          Closing                                 Closing                                         Next Meeting
H. Boswood, M. Verheyden, T.
                                          There being no further business to      The meeting closed at 10.00 p.m.                The     location  of    the    next
Guinane and K. Wassman.
                                          discuss the Chairman declared the                                                       Redcliffe/Pine   Rivers    Division
                                          meeting closed at 10.15pm.              MPAQ REDCLIFFE /                                meeting will be advised as soon as
Sponsor: Mick Kellow, from WH&S
                                                                                  PINE RIVERS DIVISION
Apologies                                 MPAQ NORTH                              Date:  25th November 2003
Apologies were received on behalf         QUEENSLAND DIVISION                     Venue: Reece Brendale
                                                                                                                                  There being no further business to
of G. Ward.                               Date:  4th November 2003
                                                                                                                                  discuss the Chairman declared the
                                          Venue: Townsville RSL                   Opening and Attendance
                                                                                                                                  meeting closed at 9.00 PM.
Confirmation of Previous Minutes                 Jezzine Room                     The meeting was opened at
Resolved that the minutes of the                                                  7:15pm by Joe McCoy, as Chairman
previous meeting be accepted as a         Opening and Attendance                  in the presence of the following                LOGAN DIVISION
true record.                              The meeting was opened by the           members: J. Mole, K. Slade, J.                  Date:  29th October 2003
Proposed: M. Verheyden.                   following members: B. Costello, J.      Ritchie, G. Kosior, A. Hart, G. Ugden,          Venue: PHD Loganholme
Seconded: R. Weaver.                      Ede, B. Kimlin, G. Bird, P. Plumb, P.   P. Maxwell and G. Bergman.
                                          Bird, K. Rebetzke, M. Rach and B.                                                       Opening and Attendance
Business Arising from Previous            Sorohan.                                Apologies:                                      Gary Elwood, as chairman in the
Minutes                                                                           Apologies were received on behalf               presence of the following members,
• Nil                                     Apologies                               of:                                             opened the meeting at 8.30pm: G.
                                          M. Wilshere.                            • N. Berry                                      Elwood, S. Fluerty, D. Drake, R.
Finance Report                                                                                                                    Brouwers, N. Hough, P. Edwards, D
Comments: As read.                        Special Guest                           Confirmation of Previous Minutes                Yarrow, J. Mahon, C. Poynton, K.
Proposed: R. Roser.                       David Benson from QBSA.                 Resolved that the minutes of the                Wright, B. Watters and T. Kitson
Seconded: C. Hill.                                                                previous meeting be accepted as a
                                          David gave a very informative talk      true record.                                    Apologies
Correspondence                            on contractors (Domestic and                                                            Apologies were received on behalf
Inwards:                                  commercial) and QBSA insurance.         Proposed: J. McCoy                              of C. Lindner and P. Johnson.
• Meetings notice from MPAQ.              Insights into reasons for QBSA          Seconded: J. Mole
• Group report for October 21st.          licences and answered many                                                              Confirmation of Previous Minutes
Outwards:                                 questions.                              Business Arising from Previous                  Resolved that the minutes of the
• Minutes of the previous meeting.                                                Minutes                                         previous meeting be accepted as a
• Meeting notices to members.             Thank you David for braving our         • Nil                                           true record.
• Thank you letter to Mellisa O’Brien     meeting.
  from Brasshard.                                                                 Finance Report                                  Proposed: G. Elwood
                                          Correspondence                          Balance:  Tabled                                Seconded: R. Brouwers
Proposed: M. Verheyden.                   Inwards:                                Comments: To be confirmed by
Seconded: C. Hill.                        • Group report                                    treasurer                             Business Arising from Previous
                                          • Treasures Report:                                                                     Minutes
Committee Reports                         • As Tabled.                            Correspondence                                  • R. Brouwers spoke on B.C.C.
• Nil                                                                             Inwards:                                          Contracting to the public, and
                                          General Business                        • MPAQ – Acceptance letter for                    Aqualoc tap products.
General Business                          • Brian Costello has experienced          Solar Pro
• Keith had concerns over the               some minor problems with the                                                          Finance Report
  removal of survey pegs on his             plumbing and drainers office.         Social Reports                                  As tabled
  property, after council work had        • Glen Bird would like to wish          • Christmas Break up party at Pine
  been carried out. The council has         Adrian Hart success in the new roll     Rivers Bowls Club on the 5th of               Correspondence
  acted to rectify the problem.             of executive director.                  December 2003.                                Inwards:
• John Druery is concerned about          • Glen has had a run in with work                                                       • Receipt of monies for the golf day
  the quality of workmanship that is        place health and safety. He has       General Business                                  from sponsors and players.
  carried out on roofs, that owners         met all requirements but his          • New     council    forms  and
  would probably not be aware of this.      employees are letting him down          procedures discussed                          Outwards:
Next Meeting                                and failing to wear their roof        • A. Hart spoke on current MPAQ                 • Invoice for golf day sponsors.

                                                           Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland          ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘    No. 11 ❘    December 2003         25
General Business                         the           Internet         at          Guest Speaker                           • Our thanks to Keith from PHD
• Peter Edwards raised a concern (What’s            • Gary Elwood spoke on the golf           Loganholme for another top night
  that there is no plumber on the        new). Can down load forms and                day to be held at Riverlakes 5th
  QBSA board, would like MPAQ to         all associated paper work.                   December the day will be limited      Next Meeting
  investigate the possibility of       • Meeting advised that Geoffrey                to 72 players.                        The next meeting of the Logan
  having a plumber appointed to          Ewing and Kylie no longer work             • Member Noel Hugh spoke on the         Division will be held at S. Fluerty’s,
  the board. Also raised a concern       for MPAQ, and that Mr Adrian Hart            Variety Club Bash for 2004, and       15 Fiona Court, Rochedale on
  that private certifiers are giving     has been appointed to replace G.             gave an overview of the Variety       26/11/2003.
  wrong information to the public        Ewing as CEO.                                Club’s activities. Noel is looking
  about plumbing and drainage          • David MacKenzie has resigned                 for crewmembers and more              Closing
  rules.     Has had problems            from council.                                sponsors for this bash.          If   There being no further business to
  convincing customers that the        • Discussion held on the recent                interested contact Noel.              discuss the Chairman declared the
  work has been done the                 changes at head office. Members            • It was moved Rob Brouwers and         meeting closed at 10.55pm.
  standards.                             of Logan are very concerned as to            Seconded Gary Elwood that this
• General discussion on new              what is happening at head office,            year, the Variety Club receives
  plumbing laws and regulations          and as to what direction we as an            Logan Division donation of
  coming into force on 1/11/2003.        association are heading.                     $1000.00 raised from the golf
• Forms 1 – 7 are now available on                                                    day.

26    Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland       ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No.11 ❘    December 2003
 MPAQ’s Industry Associates
AAP Industries P/L                           Fluidflo Pty Ltd                                 Rocla Pipeline Products
Abey Australia P/L*                          Hi-Rise Pump Repair Service                      Rye Australia*
Alliance Sales and Marketing                 Hirco Manufacturing P/L                          Saxon Sales*
Aquadux P/L*                                 Humes                                            Shorco Sykes Hire
Aquaknect Flexibles (A/ASIA) P/L*            Icon Industries                                  Solahart Industries Underwood
Aqualoc Qld*                                 Interbath Australia                              Southcoast Automotive Group
Aquasavers                                   James Hardie FRC Pipes*                          Storm Plastics (SA) P/L
Argents Australia P/L                        Jem Australia P/L                                Stramit Industries*
Austral Plumbing Supplies                    John Sivyer Holden                               Stratco (Qld) P/L
Australian Leak Detection                    JT Keysell                                       Suntop Enterprises P/L
Bendigo Bank Ltd                             Kembla Tube & Fittings*                          Tacron Australia P/L
BHP Building Products                        Kenny Industries P/L                             Taylex Queensland P/L
BIGA Training Inc                            Key Plastics P/L*                                Technicon Industries P/L
Brisbane & North Point Institute of TAFE     Kleenmaid P/L                                    Thermon Australia P/L*
Brisbane Wholesale Hardware P/L              Leaf Free Gutter Guard                           Tom Stoddart P/L
CO.E.S. Australia                            Loctite Australia P/L                            Tontine Fibres
Caroma Industries*                           Megasealed Bathrooms Australia P/L               Townsville Plumbing & Hardware Supplies P/L
CF & T Washroom Equipment                    Moody & Winter Sales P/L                         Tradelink Plumbing Supplies
Classic Australian Building Products         Oasis Sales                                      Tyco Backflow Systems*
Colonial Sheet Metal                         OneSteel Fire Systems                            Vinidex Tubemakers P/L*
Con-Serv Corporation (Aust) P/L*             Origin Energy Asset Management Ltd               Waterworks Australia P/L*
Crane Copper Tube*                           Philmac P/L*                                     Webforge (QLD)
Cuno Pacific P/L*                            Plumbers Hardware Distributors                   Wilson HTM
Davis Engineering*                           Queensland Pipe & Cable Location Service P/L     Zip Heaters (Aust) P/L*
Dorf Clark Industries Ltd*                   Ramtaps P/L*
Dux Manufacturing*                           Red Telecoms P/L                                 * Members of MPAQ Manufacturers Forum
Ecosol P/L*                                  Rehau Pty Ltd
Enware Australia P/L*                        Reliance Worldwide*
Ergon Energy P/L                             Rheem Australia P/L*
Everhard Industries P/L*                     Rinnai Australia P/L
Firepipe Supply P/L                          Robert Bosch Australia

                                                                                      Life Members
 MPAQ’s Council
                                                                                      WP Brouwers                            T Morris
The Executive                                                                         G Cottee                               M Nelson
President                                  Councillors                                REA Davies                             J Porter
Bob Kimlin                                 Shane Barnes                               CG Gayler                              GC Richardson
Monitor for Gold Coast                     Monitor for Brisbane City                  F Huysing                              NF Sharman
& Far North Queensland                     Tel 07 4039 0716                           DJ Murray                              BS Soden
Tel 07 4725 0611                           Fax 07 4039 0757                           MJ Moor                                WB Watson
Fax 07 4725 5983
                                           Alf Jackson
Senior Vice President                      Monitor for Toowoomba                      Trustees
Nev Berry                                  Tel 07 4165 4413                           G Cottee                           B McGrath OAM
Monitor for Fraser Coast & Redcliffe       Fax 07 4165 4413
Tel 07 3203 6996
Fax 07 5441 5596                           Darryl Quinn                               Meritorious Service Members
                                           Monitor for Mackay & Bundaberg
Junior Vice President                      Tel 07 4939 2319                           B McGrath OAM                      D Powell
Russell Fingleton                          Fax 07 4939 2319                           T Morris                           B Wallace
Monitor for Gladstone & Sunshine Coast                                                B Pocock                           A Chapman
Tel 1300 652 880                           Bruce Wallace
Fax 07 3252 3435                           Monitor for Central Highlands & North
                                           Queensland                                 MPAQ Representatives
Treasurer                                  Tel 07 3397 3126                           Plumbers’ & Drainers’              Water Industry
John Porter                                Fax 07 3394 3419                           Examination &                      Training Association
Tel 07 5532 6933                                                                      Licensing Board                    Nev Berry
Fax 07 5532 6576                                                                      David Mackenzie                    Construction
                                                                                      Nev Berry                          Training QLD
Past President
                                                                                      Gas Licensing                      Bill Watson
Bill Watson
Monitor for Central & Logan                                                           Advisory Committee
Tel 07 3273 2333                                                                      Bill Watson
Fax 07 3273 3188                                                                      MPA Ltd
                                                                                      Bill Watson

                                                 Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland    ❘   Vo l . 4 4 ❘   No. 11 ❘    December 2003   27
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