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Stomach virus or Acid Reflux (gerd)?

Everyone in my house (pretty much) but me, has had the stomach virus this week. I woke up this mornin with my gut "burning" so-to-say. Like it feels hot like it's
filled with throw up. But I'm not nauseous. I know I have gerd or acid reflux but that hasnt bothered me n months. Also I do not have diarrhea n I haven't thrown
up. I am gassy but it doesn't have that awful stomach virus stench. So anyone have any idear? Plz n thanks :)

Asked by Tessa at Aug 16,2011 14:14

These symptoms can come from both and since your family is sick and your reflux hasnt bothered you in a while Ill bet it is a mild form to the intestinal virus going
through yor family. Hope you dont get the full blown bug!

Answer from Googler at Aug 16,2011 14:27

Best answer

What do you usually taken when you have acid reflux? Try taking some and see if it goes away. If not then you know it's not acid reflux.

Answer from Rhapsody at Aug 16,2011 14:49

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