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Razor Burn/Rash on the crotch area?

The area of my crotch is burning pretty bad. I believe it was caused from me shaving nearly my whole body. I'm applying some A+D original ointment down in that
area. Since I'm a busy person can anyone give me some advice on what I should I be doing during the day? Should I sit down or stand up more often?

Asked by ez_0429 at Aug 09,2011 15:16

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I hate it when that happens. What i would recommend, is when you do shave down there, if you are not in the shower, get a wash cloth and damp it with warm
water and hold it on the area before you shave so it softens up the area. and try not to shave against the direction the hair goes. Its best to shave it in the shower
WHILE letting warm water run on the area. It feels good, and when i get out of the shower i have a perfect smooth shave there. I would not recommend this every
day, if you do it every day it will get irritated. I usually wait until the hair gets about a centimeter long. And sometimes if the skin gets dried out, just apply some
lotion to it. Hope this helped (:

Answer from Luke Ridley at Aug 09,2011 15:26

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