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Poison Ivy. How do i get rid of it?

Asked by Tess at Aug 15,2011 09:45

hand sanitizer.

Answer from BakeNasty at Aug 15,2011 09:45

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As soon as you think you may have been exposed to poison ivy, wash anything and everything that may have touched the plant. This includes your hair, your
body, your clothing, your pets, and any equipment that touched or could have touched the plant. Wash your clothing separately from other clothing or materials
not exposed to the plant. If you think the poison ivy may have touched your hands, or if you've been handling exposed materials with your bare hands, be sure to
scrub thoroughly between your fingers and beneath your fingernails. If you're camping, or spending a long period of time outdoors, clean all of your equipment
with fresh water and soap. In addition to soapy water, use a solvent like rubbing alcohol (isotropy alcohol) to help separate the urushiol oil from your skin and
equipment. Washing thoroughly will remove some of the urushiol before it can further contaminate you or your things, and may help to reduce your oncoming
poison ivy rash.

Answer from SBurnam at Aug 15,2011 09:50

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