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ok-why-do-certain-spots-on-you-re-body-jiggle-or-move-on-its-own by newbabytopic


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Ok.Why do certain spots on you're body jiggle or move on its own?

Like just recently, I looked in the mirror, and my pec right next to my nipple, started to move, it is where the sternam is in the middle of the chest, and it started to
move all weird, 2 times. But thats not the only itme. ALL the time it happens, sometimes I see it, but most of the time I feel it somewhere on my body. And if you
pay attention to it, it stops? But if you dont, it can go on forever? WTF is that? Seriuosly.

Asked by Am I Cool Yet? at Aug 15,2011 19:51

Best answer

idk but only my belly jiggles haha still working to lose it.i think you might be twitching

Answer from James Rex at Aug 15,2011 19:56

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