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Nasal Spray?

I just now read on the bottle that it says to not use it for more than three days straight but I have been using it for weeks! I can't breathe through my nose without
it! Please help me?

Asked by Natalie Seaver at Aug 12,2011 12:07

Best answer

you need to stop immediately. people have been getting addicted to the stuff for decades. it can cause permanent damage to your sense of smell among other
problems just go with a stuffy nose for a while. get some nose strips for when you sleep. im sure you can look up lots of alternatives.

Answer from PAKU at Aug 12,2011 12:32

If U use it any more against indications, U r making Urself ready for nasal surgery.

Answer from Dr.dhananjaya Bhupathi at Aug 12,2011 14:24

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