THE STUMP by wuxiangyu


									                           THE STUMP
ISAIAH 6:8-13: “And I heard the voice of Yahuweh saying: `Whom do I send,
and who will go for US?’ And I said: `Here am I—send me!’ And He said: `Go,
and you shall say to this people: Hearing you hear, but do not understand,
and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and
their ears heavy, and shut their eyes, lest they see with their eyes and hear
with their ears and understand with their heart, and shall turn and be
healed.’ Then I said: `Yahuweh, until when?’ And He answered: `Until the
cities are laid waste without inhabitant, and the houses are without a man,
and the land is laid waste—a ruin—and Yahuweh has removed men far away,
and the forsaken places be many in the midst of the land. But, still, there is
a tenth part of it, and it shall be for a burning, like a terebinth tree and like
an oak, whose stump remains when it is cut down. The set-apart seed is the
stump!’ ”

Messiah had been speaking in parables to a large crowd. Excerpts from
Matthew 13:10-17: ―And the taught ones came and said to Him, `Why do You
speak to them in parables?’ And He answered and said to them, `Because it
has been given to you to know the secrets of the Kingdom of heaven, but to
them it has not been given. For whoever possesses to him more shall be
given, and he shall have overflowing, but whoever does not possess, even
what he possesses shall be taken away from him. Because of this, I speak to
them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not
understand…for the heart of this people has become thickened, and their ears
are hard of hearing, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with
their eyes and hear with their ears, lest they should understand with their
heart, and turn back and I should heal them…And, blessed are your eyes for
they see, and your ears for they hear’ ‖.

In Daniel 2 we read that Nebuchadnezzar had a dream. He called for all his
magicians, astrologers and wise men to interpret it for him. But, he would not
tell them his dream--he expected them to not only interpret the dream, but
also tell him what he dreamed. No one could do that, so Nebuchadnezzar was
very angry. Daniel went to him and said he would tell the dream and show him
the interpretation. This pacified the king. Daniel and his three Hebrew friends
sought Yahuweh, who revealed the dream and its interpretation.
Excerpts from Daniel 2:19-22, 27-29: ―Then the secret was revealed to
Daniel in a night vision, and Daniel blessed the Elah of the heavens…Blessed be
the Name of the Elah of the heavens, for wisdom and might are His…He gives
wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to those who possess understanding. He
reveals deep and secret matters. He knows what is in the darkness, and light

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dwells with Him…Daniel answered before the king and said, `The secret which
the king is asking—the wise ones, the astrologers, the magicians, and the
diviners are unable to show it to the king. BUT THERE IS AN ELAH IN THE
HEAVENS WHO REVEALS SECRETS, and He has made known to king
Nebuchadnezzar what is to be in the latter days’ ‖.
Excerpts from Mark 4:22-25: Messiah speaking: ―`For whatever is hidden will
be revealed, and whatever has been kept secret will come to light. If anyone
has ears to hear, let him hear…Take heed what you hear…for whoever
possesses, to him more shall be given: but whosoever does not possess,
even what he possesses will be taken away from him’ ‖.
Matthew 7:13-14: ―Enter in through the narrow gate! Because the way is
wide, and the gate is broad, that leads to destruction and there are many who
enter in through it. Because the gate is narrow and the way is hard-pressed
that leads to life, and FEW are they who find it‖.
Isaiah 1:9: ―Unless Yahuweh of Hosts had left us a small remnant (precious
few), we would have become like Sodom and we would have been made like
The stump is the set-apart remnant that overcomes and endures to the
end—and is alive and remaining to meet Messiah at His coming.
After all the nuclear burning, persecution for 3 ½ years of tribulation, after all
the fleeing and hiding, and enduring, the set-apart seed that remains is the
stump. The stump is the set-apart seed (remnant) who represent the whole
House of Ya’cob – all twelve tribes. WE ARE IN THE DAYS OF THE BURNING OF
Luke 18:8b: ―…when the Son of man comes will he find faith on the earth?‖
Excerpts from Malachi 4:4-6: ―Remember the Torah of Moses…My laws and
right-rulings…and he (Eliyahu) shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the
children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite
the earth with utter destruction‖. (Italics mine)
Both passages have to do with the guarding and teaching of Torah. If Messiah
does not find any visible evidence of obedience to His Father’s Covenant being
guarded on the earth when He comes, then there is no remnant in His image
and likeness, so He will destroy the earth totally. But, from the foundation of
the world, He chose a remnant that would preserve ―faith‖—the guarding and
teaching of what He has commanded us. (Revelation 12:17; 14:12)
Refer to the article: ―The Remnant‖. And, go over the Scriptures in the two 2-
page Scripture sheets, ―All Flesh‖ and ―No Flesh Saved But a Remnant‖. In
these Scriptures we clearly see our day—and know that unless Messiah
intervenes, no flesh will remain alive on earth. Before the stump can be
destroyed because of Lucifer’s plans--Yahushua returns.
Several years ago, I was 38,000 feet up in an airplane, reading Gary Kah’s
EnRoute to Global Occupation. He told about how only the very top Luciferic
elite knew the plan for the world government. He said that even a 33rd Degree
Mason had to be invited into the inner circle before they were told the secrets

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of Lucifer. It is an elite club that knows the inside secrets. I was thinking about
how Yahushua Messiah spoke clearly to the twelve disciples. But, then, He only
took three into His confidence when He revealed His most personal secrets.
(Matthew 17:1-8) When He went to raise Jairus’ daughter from the dead, He
only allowed Kepha, Ya’cob and Yohanan (Peter, James and John) to come with
Him. He sent out all the faithless who had gathered to mourn the dead girl. He
cannot operate outside of pure faith. (Mark 5:35-42; Hebrews 11:6)
Only the few know the secrets of Lucifer. And, only a few are needed to pull
off the take over of planet earth by his ―son of the destroyer‖. The secrets of
Masonry are given to only a selected, specifically invited, few within the 33 rd
degree of the Scottish Rite. Thus, in the world of Yahuweh and Yahushua, They
take only a few into Their innermost confidence, for only a few are needed to
pull off Their plans.
What does the stump-remnant possess that will be increased? What do the
others not possess that will strip them of everything? The remnant possesses
passionate love of the Truth! Those who passionately love Truth get it from
the Spirit of Yahuweh, and drop all man-made falsehood as soon as they hear
His Truth. Those that do not learn from Yahuweh’s Spirit cannot come to the
Messiah of Israel—who is Truth embodied. (John 6:44-45)
To those who obey the Truth with zeal and love, will be given more—more
knowledge, more understanding, more wisdom, deeper relationship with
Yahuweh, and more interaction with Him in mutual trust. Those that have no
love of the Truth will be given a great delusion that will result in their eternal
damnation. (II Thessalonians 2:8-12) There is only one source of absolute
Truth – and only one Teacher worthy to teach it—the Spirit of Yahuweh. (John
16:13; I John 2:27)
Daniel and his friends were tried and tested, and came out of the fiery furnace
and lion’s den with overcoming victory. They knew that Yahuweh would reveal
to them the secrets they needed to stay alive. (Daniel 2)
Amos 3:7: ―For the Master Yahuweh does nothing unless He first reveals His
secrets to His servants the Prophets.‖ Today, the prophets who are taught by
Him are hearing Him clearly. Others can simply speculate, based on their own
thinking. We must never go by the speculations of man, who is not taught by
Yahuweh. You must never go by your own reasoning, but only what the Spirit
has taught you.
Before the foundation of the world, Yahuweh knew the thoughts and acts of
everyone born on earth. Based on this foreknowledge, He put in the Book of
Life. In this Book are the names of those whom He knew would bear fruit--
―thirty-fold, sixty-fold and one hundred-fold‖.
Romans 8:29 -- from The Hebraic Hebrew Roots Version Scriptures: ―And from
the first, He knew them and marked them out with the likeness of the
image of His Son…‖
This remnant is now moving into that image by letting go of everything that
does not match the image of Messiah.

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The concept of choosing by foreknowledge is also a vital part of the whole of
Scripture, with I Peter 1:2, Ephesians 1:4; and Romans 8:29 standing out. The
writing of the Book of Life before the foundation of the world stands out, with
Scriptures like: Philippians 4:3; Revelation 3:5; 13:8; 17:8; 20:12, 15;
21:27; 22:19, as well as passages like Exodus 32:31-32. This verse in the King
James Version uses the word ―predestinate‖, where as the above phrase
―marked them out‖ is used. The expression ―marked them out‖ is from the
Aramaic translation. The word ―predestinate‖ in Greek means: ―to limit in
advance‖. He limited, set apart, marked, a remnant for this last hour from all
the twelve tribes, that He foreknew He could trust to overcome and be
blameless before Him! This includes martyrs, and all who have been, and who
will remain faithful to Him. (Refer to the article: ―Morphing Into Two Different
Types of Humans‖) (II Corinthians 3:17-18) We are all called to submit to the
Spirit’s changing us into the image of Messiah!
This ―marking‖ or setting apart of a trusted remnant is found in many
Scriptures—Deuteronomy 15:16-17; Ezekiel 9:1-11; Revelation 3:12, 7:1-8;
14:1-5; and 22:3-5.
In the King James Version of Romans 8:28, so often glibly quoted when people
are going through trouble, we read: ―And we know that all things work
together for good to those who love God--to them who are called according to
His purpose‖. The word ―purpose‖ means: ―to set forth, especially as the
showbread in the Temple is exposed before Elohim‖. The showbread was called
―the bread of the faces‖. Twelve loaves were set on racks, rising above the
table, set to the right inside the Dwelling Place. Each loaf had twelve sides to
it—the loaves representing the twelve tribes of Ya’cob—the twelve ―faces‖ of
Ya’cob’s seed. Therefore the chief purpose of Yahuweh, to which we are called
is to be a part, is the restoration of the whole House of Ya’cob back to the
Torah… and we are seeing this in our day. (Acts 3:19-21) Thus, all things work
together for good to those who are involved in the plans of Yahuweh and
Yahushua to restore the ten tribes—just as Messiah commanded His disciples in
Matthew 10:5-7, to only go to the ―lost sheep of the House of Israel‖.
It is the primary reason why Messiah came--Matthew 15:24. The thirty, sixty
and hundredfold are intricately involved in this part of the ―restoration of all
things‖ –
In the parable of the seed sowing in Mark 4:1-20, there are four groups. The
first three groups, at some stage after hearing the Word, only go so far, and
turn away from the Truth. The first two groups are never re-born by the Spirit--
never been transformed--never become a new creation. They hear, but for
different reasons, the Word is not allowed to bring them to the new birth. The
first group rejects Truth right away. The second group receives it, but it is an
intellectual belief-system--there is no transformation by the Spirit.
Refer to the article: ―The True New Birth‖ to learn the forty Scriptural things
that the Spirit does instantly when a person commits their life to Yahushua, in
faith. Once born of the Spirit, there are characteristics that prove that one has

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been born from above. At the new birth one receives a new nature--the nature
of Messiah. They become a ―new creation‖—II Corinthians 5:17. As ―newborn
babes‖, they crave the Truth from His mouth. The true ones seek to be
―breast-fed‖, not bottle-fed. One of the titles of Yahuweh is ―El Shaddai‖,
often translated as ―The Almighty‖. But, in Hebrew it actually means ―the
many-breasted One‖. Are you taking in your spiritual food, by which to grow
into the image of Messiah, from His Spirit, or are to running to man to bottle-
feed you? Cow-milk ―formula‖ is not good for a human baby’s body, and
neither is the formula of man’s religion good for man’s soul and spirit! Unlike a
newborn human baby, you have the privilege of choosing which source of
nourishment you want to receive. Human breast milk gives the baby immune-
system-building properties not found in formula milk. When we take our food
from the breast of Yahuweh, we receive pure nourishment that builds our spirit
and soul, so that we do not get the disease of sin, rebellion and apostasy. Just
remember: Man’s ―formula‖ contains pollutants and defilement, for whenever
man tries to improve on Yahuweh’s methods, he fails horribly.
The truly re-born ones discern falsehood when they hear it. They produce
―fruit‖ that will be rewarded--thirty, sixty, or one hundred fold. The third
group comes to salvation but they turn away from it when there is persecution,
or life becomes too hard. This third group are found in II Peter 2:20-22;
Hebrews 6:1-6; Luke 9:62 -- they begin in belief, but become entangled with
the world and/or their own fleshly sin nature, and end up apostate.
Revelation 3:5 speaks of those whose names are erased from the Book of Life.
There are hundreds of verses in the Word warning people who begin by faith to
continue, or else they will be rejected from entering eternal life in His
Kingdom. Refer to the article ―Guard Your Salvation‖.
I see that the majority of ―believers‖ only have a belief system. But, when it
comes to commitment, to responsibility, to obedience, to leaving all to follow
the Master’s requirements for disciples—they turn away their ears from hearing
the Truth. Very few die to the ―self-driven‖ life. So few know the Master in
intimate friendship. Even now many who say they believe in Messiah, are
denying the truth of His imminent second coming. They want to continue their
life as they have created it--and do not want His return interfering.
The burning is coming – 2010 will begin it. The stump will remain unmoved.
Hebrews 12:25-29; 13:12-14: ―Take heed, not to refuse the One speaking.
For if those did not escape who refused the warning on earth, much less we,
who turn away from Him from heaven, whose voice shook the earth then, but
now, He has promised saying `Yet once more, I will shake not only the earth,
but the heavens’. And this `Yet once more’, makes clear the removal of what
is shaken—as having been made—so that the unshaken things might remain.
Therefore, receiving an unshakable kingdom, let us hold the favor, through
which we serve Elohim pleasingly with reverence and awe. For indeed, our
Elohim is a consuming fire…And so Yahushua also suffered outside the gate, to
set apart the people with His own blood. Let us, then, go to Him outside the

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camp—bearing His reproach. For, here on earth we have no continuing city,
but we see one to come”. His true remnant stays mobile—unencumbered.
Luke 6:46-49: ―Why do you call me, `Master, Master’ and do what I say?
Everyone who comes to Me and hears My Words and is DOING them…is like a
man building a house who dug deep and laid a foundation on a rock. And
when the flood came, the stream burst against the house, but was unable to
shake it, for it was founded on the rock. But the one hearing and not doing, is
like a man whose house is built on the earth without a foundation, against
which the stream burst, and immediately it fell. And the ruin of that house was
However, having a copy of the Scriptures that gives straightforward severe
warnings and instructions for pleasing Yahuweh and Yahushua, very few so-
called ―believers‖ in the West, even obey a tiny fraction of what is required for
following the Master in true discipleship. Yet, many think they will not only
have everlasting life and a position in the Kingdom, but also be a part of the
end-time remnant, or even the ―Bride of Messiah‖. Please refer to the Bridal
characteristics in: ―The Two Witnesses, The Bridal Remnant, The Forerunning
Companies, and the Fleeing Remnant‖, and ―Morphing Into Two Different Types
of Humans‖. His Bride is blameless before Him. She has none of ―self‖ left in
her. She has died to everything of this world that she might only please her
coming Bridegroom. Our of over 6.6 billion people now on the earth, she is
represented symbolically by 144,000 from all the tribe of Jacob.
Very few ―do‖ His commands. His commands for discipleship, from the word
―go‖, entail absolute submission to Him as a bond slave, in covenant
relationship. It is an eastern concept to leave all to follow a teacher. That is
why the Third World, with their eastern mentality, has some of the strongest
disciples of Yahushua of anywhere in the world. The word ―disciple‖ means ―a
taught one‖. The disciple of Yahushua are taught by Yahuweh’s Spirit. Those
not taught by Yahuweh’s Spirit are not disciples of Yahushua. (John 6:44-45)
Only the “stump” can claim Psalm 91’s promises—for they live in verse 1--in
His Presence. They, then, receive the promises that will allow them to still
be alive when all the burning is finished—burning from Lucifer’s attempted
takeover and Yahuweh’s judgment. The stump has endured and overcome by
faith—these are tested, tried, and trained people.
Matthew 5:8: ―Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see Elohim‖. The
word ―pure‖ means ―single eyed‖—or ―single minded‖. They have no other
agenda but His…they are pure of thought and purpose. Their mind is on His
will, not their own.
It is time to face the truth about our own life! The time of the burning is very
near, which includes the leveling America to the ground, as well as other
nations--the time of nuclear holocaust, biological and chemical warfare.
Abba Yahuweh has impressed on me the turning point of 2010.
But, also, I am getting much confirmation from those who are hearing Him
about 2010, from Passover onward. Last Yom Teruah 2009/2010, we entered

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the second year of the last seven-year cycle before Messiah comes. Just as we
focus on Shabbat each week as not only an ending of a week but also the
beginning of another week, so every seventh year of a seven-year cycle is
especially set apart. It is the ―shmittah year‖. Refer to the article: ―The
Shmittah Year Prophecy‖.
The Beast system (the ―New World Order‖) is rising at a fast pace. The
Illuminati motto is: ―Out of chaos, order‖. They will soon unleash the chaos
needed to bring the ―order‖. And, so, the time for the Beast to incarnate the
son of Lucifer is less than 2½ years away.
The dividing of the Land of Israel is near, and the securing of Jerusalem by
United Nations troops for the Beast to come and rule, is also near. Thus, the
rise of the Beast’s world government is happening at an alarming rate. The
take over and destruction of the only remaining world superpower is
progressing right on schedule.
The time of ―great tribulation‖ has to come. There has to be pressure
applied so that the servants of Lucifer will drop their masks of respectability,
and can be separated from the servants of Yahuweh. The word ―tribulation‖
comes from the Latin word ―tribulum‖, which is a farm instrument that puts
pressure on harvested wheat, so that the chaff is broken off and can blow
away. The ―chaff‖ – the outer casing of the wheat kernel - is picturesque of the
sins, lusts of the flesh, and turmoil of the mind and emotions, that cling to the
wheat—the true remnant of Yahuweh. Without this ―pressure‖, most of us
would continue in our carnal prison and lose our eternal rewards.
II Corinthians 6:14-7: Yahuweh calls a remnant out of all defilement, so that
He can ―receive‖ them as His children. Most of those who think of themselves
as righteous and good will find themselves totally taken over by the Beast
system—for they have not prepared their mind and emotions by letting the
―mind of Messiah‖ take control. The natural mind of the average person will
shut down in the face of severe beating, torture, or death. Only those few—the
stump—whose root is established firm in the life of the soil of His Word and His
Presence, will overcome all. The remnant lives out of their re-born spirit that
contacts the eternal realm of Yahuweh—and they draw from His life force into
themselves. In 1997, when I almost died of malaria in Tanzania, I lost the
ability to even think of my own name, yet I could talk, and even preach 2 hours
at a time in a church propped up in a chair with pillows, because I heard His
voice in my spirit, and repeated what He said.
Get before Yahuweh in humility and submit all to Him. If you have not truly
been born of the Spirit—born from above--according to the Word, then submit
yourself to Messiah Yahushua. (John 3:3, 5) Free yourself so that you can daily
obey the Master. Get busy with Abba’s business. Let go of all that is attaching
you to the control of Lucifer’s system. Free yourself of anything that will keep
you from following the Lamb in obedience--without compromise, without
balking, without excuses. Allow His discipline to help you die to ―self‖. Let
teach you what you need to know.

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Do not blame others for your problems – face yourself and pray Psalm 139:23-
24. We will all stand alone before the judgment seat of Elohim.
The word ―stump‖ also appears in Isaiah 11:1-2a: ―A Rod [―net-ser‖: a shoot
that comes out of the life of the root from a stump] shall come forth from the
stump of Jesse and a Sprout from his roots shall bear fruit. And the Spirit of
Yahuweh shall rest upon Him…‖
Messiah is the shoot that comes forth from Jesse’s stump. His root goes deep,
back past Adam to its life-source—Yahuweh. Though also Levite, Messiah is ―the
Lion of the tribe of Judah‖. Messiah’s human lineage came through a tiny
remnant that carried the ―royal seed‖ down from Seth, son of Adam, through
Noah, through Noah’s son Shem to Eber, through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
through Judah, and through King David, youngest son of Jesse.
The remnant ―stump‖ of Isaiah 6:13 that remains after all the nuclear
holocaust and destruction of the earth, has its roots deep in the life of
Yahuweh, and come forth bearing the same fruit as Messiah Yahushua.

Let us look at the ―STUMP‖ from another prospective: There are many threes in
the Word that carry the same message. In Isaiah 6:9-10 we see the same
groups as in Matthew 13:10-17. There is a tenth that remains after the burning
and destruction of the earth. They stay faithful to Him and produce fruit to His
honor. They are rewarded according to their works when Messiah returns. Yet,
they are also destroyed in the world holocaust as either martyrs or as part of
the general destruction of all. Then there are the 100-fold who are the stump.
Isaiah is instructed to speak to those of the first three groups of Mark 4:1-20.
The ―fruitless ones‖ are mentioned in John 15:2, 6. ―Every branch in Me who
bears no fruit, He (Yahuweh) takes away”… “If anyone does not stay in Me,
he is thrown away as a branch and dries up. And they (the angels) gather
them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned”. (Italics mine)
Matthew 13:32-43 also gives this division—the tares are burned—those looking
like wheat but are fakes—and the wheat is gathered into His barns.
Only the fourth group produces genuine fruit, and is thus rewarded with
eternal life in the Kingdom. The stump represents the hundredfold producers
of the fourth group. Yahuweh has to have a remnant left through the burning.
Mark 4:8, regarding the fourth group: ―And other seed fell on good soil that
yielded a crop that came up, grew, and yielded a crop—some thirty-fold,
some sixty-fold, some a hundredfold”.
Matthew 19:25: ―And everyone who has left houses, or brothers and sisters,
or father and mother, or spouse or children, or lands, for My Name’s sake,
shall receive a hundredfold and shall inherit everlasting life‖.
There are many groups of threes in the Word that symbolize completion. The
number three is the number that represents ―a beginning, a middle, and an
end‖—completion. The Hebrew word for Bride is ―kalah‖. It means ―a
completed woman‖. The number three is Messiah number—representing the
completion of the plan of Elohim from before the foundation of the world—

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Yahushua and His Bride together for eternity! This is why Lucifer chose the
numbers 3, and 33, as his numbers—to make his pathetic statement in an
attempt to claim victory over Yahuweh. The overcoming victorious conclusion
is found in Revelation 11:15-18: ―The Kingdoms of this world have become
the Kingdom of our Master and of His Messiah, and He shall reign forever
and ever! HalleluYah!
The tabernacle/temple was constructed in three parts: the outer court, the
inner court/Dwelling Place, and the Most Set-Apart Dwelling Place—and was
fashioned according to the pattern of the Temple of Yahuweh in heaven. The
outer court is where the sacrifices took place—where the altar was. It was for
ministry to individual people. It is where the laver was, picturing the washing
by the Word of those forgiven by the blood of the lamb. The outer court was a
noisy place—people talking about different things. It was also a place for
teaching. It was a place for worship, too. It was the place where people
congregated to get something from Elohim. The inner Dwelling Place was
where the priests ministered to Yahuweh in front of the veil. To the right of
the entrance was the table of showbread (bread of the faces)—representing the
Word of Elohim to the twelve tribes. To the left was the seven-branch
candlestick – the menorah – representing the light of the world—Messiah—and
His assemblies who were to be lights to the world. (Revelation 1:20) In front
of the veil was the altar of incense. In Isaiah 6, an angel took coals from this
altar in heaven and touched the lips of Isaiah and his mouth prepared to speak
for Yahuweh. In Revelation the coals poured upon the earth from the heavenly
altar of incense are symbolic of the prayers of the set-part ones, which add
fuel to the fire of Yahuweh’s judgment as He comes to avenge the evil done to
His people.
The outer and the inner court are places of busyness…places of ministry, places
of receiving from Yahuweh, and giving worship to Him. The activities in these
two places well represent the characteristics found in guests and attendants in
a wedding.
The newly married Bride and Groom go into the private chamber--the chupa—
where they are alone in their intimacy for seven days. In the eternal state, the
married Yahushua and His Bride live in the Most Set-Apart place in Father’s
City—the place of His Presence. It is into silent aloneness of the Presence of
her Beloved that the Bridal remnant now feels most drawn. It is the time of His
―courting‖. He is revealing His most intimate thoughts and secrets now to the
Bride that He trusts totally. The Bride has already made herself ready!
The Bride has led many to salvation, and taught His Word to many in the outer
court. She has ministered to Him in worship. He has trusted her to do many
assignments for Him in many places. She has been a faithful servant. She has
ministered to Him in the inner court, attending the things that please Him. She
will ―do exploits‖ for Him in the days of the anti-messiah, for she knows Him
and truss Him to take care of her. But, at His coming, she will be drawn into
the Most Set-Apart place, where she will reign with Him forever.

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The Most Set-Apart Place is separated from the things of man by a thick veil. In
heaven, Yahuweh sits enthroned between the cherubim on the Ark of the
Covenant. In the tabernacle/temple on earth, His Spirit abode between the
cherubim as a visible cloud. Only once a year could the High Priest go behind
the veil into His Presence to offer sacrifices for the nation. Messiah, the
Passover Lamb, was also the Lamb of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), and, as
the High Priest, at His resurrection, He took His own blood before Yahuweh and
sprinkled it on the mercy seat in heaven.
The born-again ones have their part in one of the three areas of His Temple,
whether thirty-fold, sixty-fold, or a hundredfold: The ―saved‖ thirty-fold
congregate in the outer court… for they have received forgiveness of sin by the
blood of the lamb, and are washed by the ―water of the Word‖, but they have
no part or interest in going further. They get what Elohim offers for their
salvation, and then go forth to obey Torah in their daily lives. The faithful
priests, trained and set-apart by Yahuweh, chosen before the foundation of the
world, could go between the outer court and minister in the inner court to
Yahuweh. They are the sixty-fold—the ones who represent the people before
Yahuweh. They are like the attendants in a wedding, who minister between the
guests and the Bride and Groom. But, the only one allowed into Yahuweh’s
Presence was the High Priest—particularly called, chosen, set-apart, and
trusted by Yahuweh to do his job as instructed. Messiah’s death and
resurrection did not put an end to these three sections. As High Priest, He
opened up the right of His hundredfold to live in His Presence—those blameless,
highly trained and set-apart—who will minister to Him alone as His Bride, in His
Presence forever (Revelation 22:3-5).
There are three groups in a formal wedding. Messiah’s wedding will include
guests, attendants, and He and His Bride.
In a wedding party the majority are the guests. Notice in the wedding at Cana:
The guests were happily getting drunk, eating, dancing, talking, and overjoyed
to be there. But, when it is all over, they go back to the own homes.
In Matthew 22:1-14, we read that He sends out His servants into the ―highways
and the byways‖ to gather guests—that His House might be filled with guests.
The guests wear a ―wedding garment‖—the garment of salvation/the ―robe of
righteousness.‖ (Isaiah 61:10) The guests are the ones who have been ―saved‖
because of their faith in the blood of the lamb—those of the ―outer court‖.
Guests are spectators. They watch what goes on and enjoy the wedding feast.
They receive salvation from Yahushua. They are rewarded for their works.
Some of the guests are servants who prepare the feast and serve it. These
faithful good servants that the Master finds so doing, receive much reward.
(Luke 12:36-37) The foolish virgins (guests) of Matthew 25:1-12 were
unprepared and so are shut out of the feast. Shem Tov’s Hebrew Matthew
25:1: ―…ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet a Bridegroom
and a Bride‖. They were returning from their ―nuptials‖ to the wedding feast,
and five were prepared for the feast, and five were not. Unfortunately, these

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―lazy fools‖ as Hebrew Matthew calls them, are the majority of so-called
Revelation 21:24 tells of the eternal position of the guests--―the saved‖--on
the new earth who walk in the light of Abba’s city—the New Jerusalem.
The second group represents the attendants who minister to the Bridegroom
and the Bride. An attendant is a go-between between the guests and the Bride
and Groom. Scripture refers to them as ―friends of the Bridegroom‖ or ―the
kings of the earth‖. (John 3:29; Mark 2:19; Revelation 21:24-26)
Matthew 17:3: In the ancient Hebrew wedding ceremony, Moses is considered
the attendant of the Bride, and Eliyahu is considered the attendant of the
In Revelation 21:24,26, the attendants are called ―the kings of the earth‖.
They represent the people of the earth before the throne of Yahuweh. They
rule on thrones in Messiah’s Kingdom for 1,000 years, and in the eternal
Kingdom of Yahuweh on the renewed earth, they are the Kings that still rule
over the ―saved‖ of the earth.
Matthew 19:28-29 gives the reward of the reigning Apostles, who are ―friends
of the Bridegroom‖--His attendants in His 1,000-year Kingdom--and regarding
the nature of the hundredfold ―stump‖ group.
The guests cannot come into the hovering City—the ―Renewed Jerusalem‖--for
they did not guard the Covenant of Yahuweh in their lifetime, nor did they
obey His personal commands to them as servants. They receive salvation from
Him, but they did not eat at the Master’s table. (Refer to Matthew 15:22-28)
Revelation 22:14, from second century manuscripts: ―Blessed are those
DOING His commandments, so that the authority shall be theirs unto the
tree of life, and to enter through the gates of the city‖.
Even the guests bear thirty-fold fruit, and are thus rewarded according to their
obedience to the Master. This is best seen in the persecuted believers of the
Third World who know little more than John 3:16, but die with joy for the sake
of the One who died for them. The martyrs will rule and reign with Messiah
1,000 years, but then will take their position on the new earth when Yahuweh
comes. (Revelation 20:4-6) In the 1,000-year Kingdom and under Abba’s rule
on the new earth, there will be many different positions--each based on the
faithfulness of the servant. (Matthew 25:21)
Only servants have the right to enter the City—Revelation 22:3. The Bride is
the group in Revelation 22:3-5. She is also clarified in such passages as:
Revelation 3:12, 7:1-8, 14:1-5, 12:14-17, and 14:12. She never leaves her
Husband’s side. She is the Bride of Psalm 45:6-15—the wedding Psalm.
In any wedding, neither the attendants nor the guests go home to live with the
Bride and Groom. They go to their own homes.
The threes among the disciples: Messiah made a big distinction between the
disciples. There were the seventy--Luke 10:1--who went out to minister in His
Name. But, He specifically chose twelve to whom He revealed His identity, His
death and resurrection, and His Abba’s Name. These went on to fulfill be His
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Then there were the three—Kepha, Ya’cob and Yohanan--whom He took up on
Mt. Hermon, where He was transfigured, and showed them His Deity. Then
there was the one—Yohanan--who had the privilege of laying his head of
Messiah’s chest and hearing things that the others did not hear. He was called
―the disciple whom Messiah loved‖. To him was given The Revelation of
Messiah Yahushua.
There are other examples of the threes, but I will stop here.
I have given you much to take before Yahuweh’s Spirit. Go over all the
Scriptures I have given here in context, and let Him take you to other
Scriptures, as you sit alone and talk to Him, asking Him questions, and listening
to His answers! Don’t rob yourself of His Presence and His Teaching! We each
have our jobs to do for the Master. Our eternal position depends on how well
we do.
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