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Is it true that potatoes are good for lowering your blood pressure?

My granddad used to say that if i ate all my potatoes id never have high blood pressure. Is that true or was he just trying to make me eat my veggies? lol If it is
true, i am one happy Irish man coz i love me potatoes :P

Asked by Shane Jason at Aug 10,2011 16:27

Best answer

No, unfortunately. Though the skin is good fiber and could indirectly have an effect on your cholesterol and cardiovascular health. :) I am Irish as well, and I love
my potato's as well,. they are completely healthy,. you just have to watch what you put on them is all. Take care,

Answer from Jared at Aug 10,2011 16:29


Answer from Come to Meeting at Aug 10,2011 23:09

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